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Michael Beckhart

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Michael Beckhart
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Doaba Guerfel, Corellia
Mother Alice Christina Beckhart
Father Michael David Beckhart
Spouse None
Siblings Tyler Gilbert Beckhart, Nicole Rose Beckhart
Children NONE
Galactic Involvement
Faction Eidola
Positions Unknown
Prior positions Imperial Navy, Imperial Army

Army Adjutant
Legion Commanding Officer
Legion Executive Officer
Legion Adjutant
Imperial Navy
Director of RADIN
Fleet Chief of Staff
Operation Adjutant

Affiliation Enemy, Traitor

Michael David Beckhart was a Captain of the Imperial Navy when he defected to Eidola.


APPEARANCE: Corellian by birth. He walks with a fine tuned arrogance and holds himself as a competent officer. He is approximately 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing about 180 pounds. His eyes are a clear blue, complexion is white. Hair is brown to dirty blonde with a few hints of grey. He has a scar running across his left eye lid that touches onto his cheek. Several tattoos mark his body; Serenity across his shoulder blades, Family crest on right upper arm, helmeted skull with the quote ‘I would rather die in honor then live in shame’ on his left upper arm, lower right has the word ‘honor’ lower left has the word faith. He wears a small ring on his right pinky etched ‘faith’.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Some things pertaining to Beckhart’s past are classified however these are authorized for Public distribution:

Imperial Navy: Attained Rank of 03 Lieutenant, 2nd Imperial Fleet -Commanded the Widowmaker Imperial Army: Attained Rank of 03 Captain, Imperial Army Adjutant AHC --- Break in Service --- Imperial Army: 2nd Imperial Legion, Executive Officer Imperial Army: 3rd Imperial Legion, Commanding Officer (September 2nd 2009) Classifed Station --- Imperial Army: 2nd Legion - Acting Commanding Officer - First Lieutenant, Major Imperial Army: 2nd Legion Liaison

PREJUDICES: Despises aliens. Has known issues with transgressions with superior officers resulting in loss of position and/or rank.

WEAKNESSES: His mouth. He speaks his mind, let’s others know, regardless of rank and position what he thinks on a given subject, this has drawn him up issues in the past and undoubtedly will do so in the future.

INTERESTS: Archaeology and Anthropology. Although he has a prejudice against non-humans, Beckhart is a student and detective of history, whether the pursuit is subjugation or advancement of his own knowledge he is well versed in history, art and culture throughout the Galaxy.


Beckhart at desk on board unspecified cruiser.