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Jorus Taidan

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Jorus Taidan
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Not documented
Father Not documented
Spouse Not documented
Siblings Not documented
Children Not documented
Born Not documented
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions Guardsman
Prior Service Chairman of COMPNOR
Imperial Navy
Awards Not documented

Jorus Taidan is currently serving the Throne as a Guardsman. Before that he was the Chairman of COMPNOR for the Galactic Empire and the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau for the New Imperial Order. Standing 6ft tall, Taidan shows his age of 42, most of it which has been spent in Imperial service. Grown to him over the years as trademarks is his grey hair, a towering stance and, most of the time, a stern expression.


Coming from one of the lower families of Kuat, Jorus joined the Imperial Academy, and the Imperial Navy, at the comparably low age of 16. One of his first assignments was as XO of the Carrack-Cruiser IMS Gallant within the 1st Transport Fleet, where he quickly befriended its CO and Fleet XO, then-Ensign Zarlock. Following Zarlock's transfer to the 1st Assault Fleet, he requested and got granted to also transfer and stay as XO throughout the following ship assignments of his friend and mentor. After Zarlock left the Imperial Navy for the Imperial Security Bureau, he asked Jorus to follow him and work as his aide-de-camp, what Jorus willingly agreed to. Shortly before the usurpation of the throne by Count Uebles, then-ISB-Lieutenant General Zarlock resigned, and their ways split. After the usurpation, Jorus also resigned from Imperial service, retiring to Kuat to try and live as citizen of an Empire he increasingly saw as a mere shadow of its former self.