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Imperial Archives
Leader Vacant
Foundation Date Year 9 Day 175
Type Information Database
Professions Galactic Documentation
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Emblem EV1deEy.png
Motto "Scientia, Ordo, Potestas." - ("Knowledge, Order, Power.")
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Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Imperial Archives is a national library headquartered on Coruscant that contains a public database that may be accessed by Imperial citizens anywhere in the galaxy. The Archives contains a multitude of corridors and rooms, several of which are public research areas containing info-consoles and archaic documents for public use. The chief archivist is responsible for all sections of the Imperial Archives and is appointed by the Director of the Imperial Information Service, who in turn reports to the Minister of Culture.


The Archives is a fathomless collection of ancient knowledge and research dating back thousands of years, the Archives serves as a repository for journals and artifacts and is open at all hours to all Imperials citizens in need of information. The Archives also contains several vaults of varying degrees of security. The main vault is perhaps the most heavily guarded room in the Archives. Stormtroopers and other Imperial officials stand guard at the vault 24 hours a day, and its contents are not publicly listed. Other rooms in the Archives hold scale models of different planets, like Coruscant, Corellia, and Naboo, and there is also a room near the center of the Archives that contains a large starmap. Apart from the public research areas the Archives also contains conference rooms, and private studies for the Imperial Archivists who painstakingly document the Galaxy day and night. Both the Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence also operate in the Archives.

Public Research Halls

The First Hall

The First Hall, also known as the "Grand Public Research Hall" or the "Drayson Hall" after the first Galactic Emperor, is the main entrance to the Archives due to the great, hand-carved wooden doors at its front displaying the Imperial Crest in thin metal. Above the doors runs the phrase "Knowledge, Order, Power". The First Hall contains COMPNOR's great records on philosophy and manuscripts detailing the downfall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Personal journals of over ten million Imperials are also held here. Two smaller wings break away from the First Hall; the 1st, the "Ancient History Research Wing", and the 2nd, the "Imperial Military Archives".

The Second Hall

The Second Hall, or the "Piett Hall", named after the fifth Emperor, runs perpendicular to the first and third halls. It contained data dedicated to mathematical and engineering sciences. Works related to the topics on hyperspace and how to achieve it and construct engines and vehicles capable of such feats are among the blue-glowing stacks. Floor plans of the Galaxy's government buildings and other points of interest are found here, along with many manufacturers' weapon designs and other engineering feats by MInd.

The Third Hall

The Third Hall, or the "Bonias Hall" after the third and tenth Galactic Emperor, is directly opposite the first and filled with information on the geography and culture of each and every known planet. Including starmaps of interstellar and planetary regions, and detailed analysis on specific civilizations are updated and stored here. The Imperial Regional Government often contributes to this section, adding new planetary details as worlds are discovered and documented.

The Fourth Hall

The Fourth Hall, or the "Charon Hall", honoring the eighth Emperor, running on the same plane as the second is also split into two smaller wings; each dedicated to zoological research relating information on every known species of flora and fauna in the Galaxy.

The Imperial Gallery

The Imperial Gallery, Imperial Archives Gallery, or "Cherokee Gallery" after the eleventh Galactic Emperor, is a large new wing to the rear of the Imperial Archives that was commissioned by Imperial Art collector Crueya Vandron and developed under the approval of Vizier Galdarzz Aalon in mid year 12. The Gallery now houses some of the Galaxy's finest paintings, sculptures, holographic art and other curios.

The Imperial Archives Central Chamber

The Command Center

Near the epicenter of the Archives is the aptly-named Command Center, or "Central Chamber", the access point from which any Archivist can explore the Archives. Advanced terminals in the Command Center allow Archivists to access any of the hundreds of rooms in the Archives, narrowing down their searches to a specific area. Carpeted in red, the chamber's center piece is a large database station used by the Deputy Director and Principal Librarian of the Imperial Archives to keep record of the documents stored in the stacks and those who access them. Foot traffic in the Command Center is typically banned and no less than a COVERT security clearance is required to enter. The Command Center itself is a massive, circular chamber with arching doorways stretching to the ceiling, and grants anyone inside the area a physical view of all the public areas.


The Imperial Archives boasts the largest information database that can be accessed anywhere in the Galaxy; on datapads, holonets and other info-consoles. The database is the premier Galactic source of information on all aspects of the Galaxy. This includes information about the Galaxy at large - such as planetary, spacecraft, technology and species details - as well as personal and psychological information of both Imperial and non-Imperial individuals. Historical events such as wars and battles, political upheavals, poignant social events as well as a record of various galactic cultural endeavors, within such mediums as art, music, theater and science.

Leadership and History


The Imperial Archives are managed and maintained, which includes the reviewing, organizing and security of the articles within, whilst making sure they don't violate any Imperial protocols and are appropriate for the Galactic Public, by the chief archivist of the Imperial Archives under the guidance of the Director of the Imperial Information Service and, ultimately, the Minister for Culture. The chief archivist is responsible for the Archives' general administration and to report its accounts to the Director of IIS.

The official job title of the chief archivists has changed several times in the past decade, including but not limited to the Principal Librarian of the Imperial Archives, Director and Principal Librarian of the Galactic Archives (during its brief renaming), Director and Principal Librarian of the Imperial Archives, and Chief Editor of the Imperial Archives. Known chief archivists include: