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Regional Government

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Regional Government
Active ca. Year 1-Present
Leadership Council of Moffs
Headquarters Coruscant
Regions Emerald
Council of Moffs
Emerald Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan
Amber Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
Ruby Grand Moff Icarus Carinae
Insignia RegGov-Med.png
Government Galactic Empire

Regional Government is an Imperial civilian branch to ensure proper management of the Empire. The Emperor delegates authority for the localized management of sectors, systems, and planets to a complex series of Imperial Governors that form a hierarchy to manage the application of Imperial law, development programs, and the safety of the Empire in a regional capacity; providing flexibility for the diverse and different needs that each planet and system presents. These governors, falling under the auspices of an Inner Circle member appointed as the High Moff.


The mission of the Regional Government is to exercise planetary, system and sector management to ensure the safety, prosperity, and continued development of the Galactic Empire in-line with The Throne's directives. Regional Government seeks to achieve its mission through:

  • Working with the various branches of the Empire to ensure a consistent and adaptable ‘whole of government’ approach is taken to the administration of Imperial territory.
  • Managing government and non-government development of each planet within the Empire.
  • Managing government and non-government development of each system within the Empire.
  • Directing military units to ensure the protection of Imperial planets, systems, citizens, infrastructure and resources.
  • Providing expert and timely advice to the Imperial High Command on localized developments and issues.

Regional Government Construction Project


The contemporary Regional Government is largely the result of reforms implemented by Thomas Cherokee upon his appointment as Executor in Year 10 Day 60. This reorganisation resulted in the new post of High Moff and created the Council of Moffs. The Empire was subdivided into a variable number of Imperial Sectors, each overseen by a Moff to whom the Emperor delegated responsibility for the protection and good governance of the territory. Prior to this reform it was often hard for the Emperor to consult with all of the Sector Governors on matters of the day to day administration of Imperial Sectors, or to have the ability to consult in detail regarding issues facing the multiple Sector Governors. The newly created Council would guide the Regional Government and allow for greater coordination of effort.

In addition to the Imperial Sectors were the Oversectors which had a greater need for attention to detail, organisational skills, governing experience, and operational expertise, which was provided in the form of a Grand Moff. Oversectors could be formed in response to situations such as consistent enemy attack, large geographic disposition with a higher number of planets, or locations of special projects. Often on the frontiers of Imperial territory, Oversectors were granted extensive military resources to bring the area more fully under the Imperial Governor’s control.

With minor adjustments this structure remained in place until Year 17 Day 323 when Emperor Guinar Ndengin announced the creation of three new Regions to replace the former Imperial Sectors. Because of the sheer size of these new Regions they would be permanently subdivided into Oversectors. The new Oversectors would supervise the general governance of Imperial controlled worlds, freeing the Regional Command to focus on more strategic concerns.


Due to the number of planets and systems falling under the banner of the Empire it is impractical for the central government to directly administer the Empire. To this end, the sectors controlled by the Empire have been grouped into three Regions, each of which is larger and more prosperous than many independent governments. The Regional Governors each have a seat on Council of Moffs; a component of Imperial High Command that ensures they share knowledge, expertise, and are provided opportunities to discuss issues effecting or potentially affecting their territories.

The High Moff

To oversee the Council of Moffs and act as Chair of the Council, the Emperor may appoint a High Moff who acts as the first line for addressing the issues of the Regional Governors. As the identified conduit of affairs for the Regional Government, the High Moff is a singular point of information and day to day management of Regional Government, and through this appointment is considered the de facto leader of the Regional Government branch. While the Emerald Region contains the focal point of the Galactic Empire's government, Imperial Centre, it is not required for the High Moff to retain the governorship of that region.

The Grand Moffs

Dividing the territory of the Galactic Empire into vast Regions, it is the Grand Moff who administers these geographic swathes in the Emperor’s name. A Grand Moff assumes the responsibility for the disposition and application of the military forces, and is the primary political representative and arbitrator of the collective systems, worlds, and colonies within that expanse of territory. It falls to the Moff to oversee the mediation of the peace, address such issues as taxation as defined by the Imperial Treasury, and to represent the needs of the populace to the Council of Moffs, or to arrange for relief to be granted through the Imperial Government. Subordinate to the Grand Moff are two Sector Adjutants, who are responsible for administering their respective Oversectors.


  • Amber
    • Kuat Sector
      • Barma
      • Baronos
      • Belnar
      • Haldeen
      • Humbarine
      • Kilbanis
      • Kuat - Capital
      • Shelsha
    • Corporate Sector
      • Chorlian
      • Corporate
      • Mortex
      • Sith Worlds - Capital
      • Tynquay
      • Wyl
  • Emerald
    • Coruscant Sector
      • Arkania
      • Azure
      • Bormea
      • Coruscant - Imperial\Sector Capital
      • Darpa
      • Delle
      • Dolomar
      • Fakir
      • Farrfin
      • Kanchen
      • Kliap
      • Krenher
      • Lytton
      • Ollonir Boundaries
      • Shwuy
      • Torranix
      • Uoti
      • Wyloff
    • Deep Core Sector
      • Deep Core Security Zone - Sector Capital
      • Koro-Teta
      • Sector 5
  • Ruby
    • Corellian Sector
      • Byblos
      • Corellian - Sector Capital
      • Duluur
      • Duro
      • Emmo
      • Morobe
      • Parfadi
      • Parmorak
      • Quanta
      • Testarr
      • Varvenna
    • Tapani Sector
      • Abregado
      • Atrisian CW
      • Botor Enclave
      • Daupherm States
      • Herglic Space
      • Illodia
      • Phu
      • Questal
      • Sern
      • Tapani - Sector Capital
      • Weemell

Port Authority

The Imperial Port Authority is a sector-bound agency which provides space traffic control and maintains infrastructure critical to the transportation network and hyper-lanes within Imperial Territory. It is tasked with safeguarding all traffic between Imperial space and planetary bodies and space stations within the Empire and also plays a vital role in security.

Established by Emperor Charon in Year 3, the Imperial Port Authority (IPA) has jurisdiction under Imperial Law, to prevent the entry of restricted items into Imperial Territory as well as any smuggling activities and are permitted powers of search and seizure of any suspicious vessel, vehicle or person found in Imperial territory, which includes all hyper-lanes running through it.