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Ruby Region

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Ruby Region
Oversectors Corellian Oversector
Tapani Oversector
Galactic Sectors Byblos

Corellian - Corellian Oversector Capital

Atrisian CW
Botor Enclave
Daupherm States
Herglic Space
Tapani - Tapani Oversector Capital

Grand Moff Ashakira Moon
Historical events
Infrastructure Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Army
Imperial Navy
Regional Government
Ministry of Industry

Controlled By Galactic Empire

The Ruby Region

Residing almost exclusively within the Core and Colonies areas of the galaxy, the Ruby Region is often seen as the cultural peak of the Galactic Empire. Stretching across the Imperial Corellian and Tapani Oversectors, the Region is steeped in historic significance and a deep culutral appreciation for the finer things in life.

As the location of the original discovery of the near-magical healing qualities of Bacta, the Tapani Oversector has attracted the most advanced medical universities and corporations, making medical advancement and care a bedrock of the Region's economy. Complimenting this is the area's famed dynastic schools of artisans and thespians which have made Tapani a well-known centre of culture and high quality artworks for the galaxy.

Adding to the rich history and culture of the Ruby Region is the vast and ancient Corellian society; whose sense of adventure and advancements in space-travel saw the greatest explorers reach across the galaxy and cement the position of humanity as the most influential and capable civilisation the galaxy has ever seen.

Tapani Oversector

Tapani Oversector resides many light years to the south of Coruscant, spanning parts of the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim, and forms the western half of the Empire's Ruby Region. This oversector represents an important new frontier in the Empire’s battle to spread order and civilisation throughout the galaxy. Protected by the steadfast men and women of the 3rd Imperial Fleet and the 3rd Legion, each year sees new settlements and industries rise up as all benefit from the peace that only Imperial administration can bring.

Within the 12 galactic sectors and 43 systems, of which the Empire directly controls 6 and 25 respectively, a vast array of planets fill the void of space. From Abregado to Botor, Thyferra to Atrisia, worlds with a history of conflict, triumphs to be celebrated and problems to be solved confront the able Imperial administrator.

Corellian Oversector

The Corellian Oversector, throughout its long history, has been a leading galactic center of culture; making significant contributions to art, science and philosophy. Located on the Southeastern borders of Imperial territory, the Imperial Sector extends from its Capital and namesake Corellia in the East all the way to the Testarr Sector in the South and hosts more important Galactic Heritage Sites than any other Imperial Sector. In no small part due to the revenue generated by the resulting tourism, the average Corellian citizen enjoys a high standard of living and the Imperial Sector itself performs well in Imperial rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, civil liberties and development.

Command Staff

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Ashakira Moon Region Moff

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
7899_cyneran.jpg Skyron Cyneran Tapani Oversector Adjutant 8816_takla.jpg Aurren Takla Corellian Oversector Adjutant
9069_jazzel.jpg Sven Jazzel 3rd Legion CO 9042_rezik.jpg Cihl Rezik 3rd Fleet CO

Visual ID Name Position
9086_corrino.jpg?1546510969.jpg Max Corrino Bureau Liaison