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Deep Core Oversector

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Deep Core Oversector
Galactic Sectors Koro-Teta
Sector 5
Deep Core Security Zone
Systems Sartinayian System

Empress Teta System
Corbas System
Ambregado System
Kiin System
Salliche System
Eldadriel System
Calanor System
Cal System
Strix System
Meerec System

Region Emerald
Regional Coordinator {{{coordinator}}}
Oversector Governor {{{oversectorgovernor}}}
Regional Governor Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan
Historical events The Great Hyperspace War - The Dark Empire

The Deep Core is a sector in the Galactic Core under the control of the Empire, which is also known for its unusual terrestrial planets, and the most eldest stars in the galaxy. The sector itself neighbors the Core Worlds from the north not to far from the galaxies capital, Coruscant. The History of the Deep Core also stems many eras back during the ancient civilization of Krath, and more recent, the creation of the Imperial Core and Dark Empire.

Planet Bastion Capital Infrastructure
Deep Core Capital - Bastion

Society and Culture


Though the sector is itself is divided between Avance Coalition and the Galactic Empire, majority of the sector's population yields to the protection of the Empire thus granting a more "modern" imperialistic society within its territory; As well as total sector control. Many different species have inhabited the system especially after a safe route to the system was developed due to the unstable gravitation force utilized by the an enormous amount of stars in the sector. Primarily, Humans cover most of the sectors population, since the Deep Core's annexation into the fold of the empire. However, there are still plenty of other native races such as the Goros, and the Ishi Tib.

Also to note: Humanocentrism, especially in the Teta system, is relatively low.

Deep Core Statistics
Sartinayian System: 290,512,489,129 ~ 100% Galactic Empire

Empress Teta System:

597,581,240 ~ 100% Galactic Empire

Corbas System:

15,118,347 ~ 100% Galactic Empire
Total: 291,125,188,716 inhabitants

Daily Life

Almost as developed as the sector of Coruscant, The Deep core still manages to offer an exhilarating life style to those that live there or simply visit. The planet Bastion is an acting imperial strong hold, as well as a planet full of intellectual endeavors. The surface, much like Coruscant, is completely covered with massive city complexes that stem across the entire planet. Because of this, Bastion is exceptionally similar to Coruscant and is deemed to be a planet of commerce, education, and the Social Hub of the Deep Core.

Beyond the planet Bastion lies many other planets such as Koros Minor in the neighboring Empress Teta system. Though most other planets aren't quite as terraformed and developed as bastion; due to their close proximity within the Deep Core it is exceptionally easy to travel throughout the system. The proximity of the planets also allow trade and exotic goods to be traded between planets, stabilizing the economy. Generally everything that you find one one planet and be found on another.

A Stormtrooper swallowing sadness in the local Cantina.

Crime on the planet remains significantly low, due to the ever presence of storm troopers and constant naval patrols throughout the system; and like other imperial sectors contraband such as Ryll, Deathsticks , and "Green Bacta" are restricted within Deep Core space. Education in the Deep Core sector is also a necessary element which is intensely advocated.

Most university and profession schools are upon the planet Bastion which a student can partake in a variety of different activities which can be manifested into more specific galactic jobs. There's also selective schools for full on profession training whether it be Stormtrooper, Medical Scientist, or even a Geographic Analyzer. Most employment pushes towards lesser develop planets due to the Deep Core's plans of constant expansion and planetary civilization.


The religion of the Deep Core is by no means specific, but is heavily influenced by many years of immigration and its interesting historical past. The primarily field of spiritual interest lies with the teachings of the old Krath Society. After the Tetan nobility was conquered and the Empress Teta unified under one banner, the Krath dark-siders, influenced by the teachings of Freednon Nadd, had transformed an unstable political order into a galactic power house similar to the structure of the Imperial Order.

Because of their influence by Freedon nadd, and the belief in a magician like god which guided the force. The spread of "Krathism" became profound throughout the system as spired temples began to erect across the surface and worlds where battles were won. After the Great Sith war much of Krath technology and its teachings were lost and only some of the ancient ruins remain within the system. Access to the planet is restricted.

The innate religion of the imperial population is also heavily influenced during the time of the Dark Empire, and the Imperial Core. Though not openly practiced, people have a sense to follow their emotions and to take pride in everything that they participate in.

Unfortunately information in relation to the ancient Sith teachings remain classified, largely restricted, and simply difficult to find amongst the galaxy. Most of what each individual learns about the Sith comes from the Holonet or third party sources, thus isn't correctly guided with the teachings. The "Sith religion" isn't the only form of philosophy that has surfaced however, during a previous census many residents have turned to other forms like Alissma, The Way, and Jensaari.


Holo Gaming, Experimental YT

Holofilming has been one of the great achievements, since the invention of the hyper drive, and allows many citizens of the Deep Core enjoy different commodities seen in the Core Worlds. Production of holofilms have sky rocketed over the passing years, which the material mostly pertains to historical documentaries and or epics which depict old tales from a different perspective.

The Deep core also has begun to integrate more "alien" holo-filming for informational purposes or simply just allowing it to become more common. Other cases of holofilming ranges from a love connection between two separate species, to comprehensive space comedies such as "Life on a Star Destroyer."

With the advancement of holography, projected images has become more than just a way to watch something but also to develop a full hands on experience without physically being there. Bastion scientist are constantly finding better ways to stimulate the population and the Imperial Navy especially uses this technology to introduce younger kids to the cockpit of a TIE.

Many virtual games have been invented and played throughout the galaxy such as Holomaster the Series,and Holochess. With the support of the Holonet, Holochess has taken off as a major logical game thats played throughout the sector and even at time hosts tournaments to challenge neighboring imperial sectors in friendly competition.


Serene Pod Racing Terrain on Koros Minor

Sports are also widely respected amongst the citizens of the Deep Core. Pod racing, being one of the the main sports of interest with Empress Teta hosting its own team under the investment of Draith Shadux. Other sports include Imperial Shockball, Bolo-ball, and Shock-boxing.

Pod Racing was highly profitable on the planet Empress Teta but was ceased in order to pay respect to the Krath civilization and to maintain its old ruins. Later Pod Racing would be inducted to Koros Minor where it had become revolutionized making most of the undeveloped parts of the planet into land form based tracks for all to enjoy. Pod Racing in the Deep Core is more of a social sport, sometimes offering its terrain for galactic tournaments.

ShockBoxing in A Bastion Arena.

Originating from the depths of the outer rims, Shocking-Boxing had manage to migrate straight into the core of the galaxy. Competitors in this blood sport train for many years in order to make their name in fame, glory, and riches. Varies species are pitted against one another in a duel of endurance and strength, fighting until the other is knocked unconscious while wielding electro-static gauntlets.

In order to combat local crime lords the sport is legalized, though heavily restricted, and taxed in the sphere of the Deep Core; thus, tightening the gripe on the underworld economy.

Lesser sports such as, hover-boarding, sky surfing, and trekking are also widely participated.


Trade Routes

Because Bastion is the capital of the deep core system, much of the economy of the sector derivatives from taxes and commercial goods.

  • Koros Trunk Line - One of the ancient hyperlanes from the early days of the Galactic Republic, the Koros Trunk Line began as a connection between Coruscant and Koros Major, later known as Empress Teta. The route, which became known as the Carbonite Pipeline, stretched past Kuar, Foerost and Kaikielius before arriving at Coruscant.
  • Carbonite Run - The Carbonite Run was a smuggling hyperspace route established to get past the Imperial blockade of the Deep Core Security Zone. It went from Empress Teta, down the Daragon Trail to Primus Goluud, and then to Vulpter

Industrialization and Commerce

Bastion remains to be the centre of revenue through commercial goods, and a working populace. With the sheer mass of the planet and its population density it makes it a breathing ground for taverns, hospitals, offices, and planetary logistics. Taxes are maintained at # in order to assure that imperial citizens aren't stripped of their right to prosperity and maintain a steady flow of income which helps support individuals & families. The high civilization of the planet also sets in many demands such as the general commodities of water, and more exotic commodities from outer systems.

Resource mining for minerals are done on less developed planets within the sector enabling a steady overall civilization growth and future plans to build other planets into the same metropolis as Bastion.



The Political structure of the Deep Core has shifted into many different types after the collapse of the fragile Galactic Republic and the rise of the Empire. The Deep Core currently follows the Galactic Empire's regional chain of command as its form of governance. Bestowed the rank of Moff by the Imperial Throne the rank has absolute authority over Social aspects, Military, and imperial development within the sectors domain. The Moff is to ensure the sectoral development of their domain and to maintain security and economic superiority for all citizens of the Empire.

The Second in command or other wise known as a Sector Adjutant also assists the Moff with the everyday logistics of the sector. They see to the Moffs bidding and helps divide the work flow amongst the employees of the sector government. Generally the Moff and Sector adjutant works hand to hand to ensure the prosperity of the sector.

The command structure of the Deep Core begins at the rank of Governor. The Governor's responsibility is to focus on an individual planetary management or sometimes an entire system if necessary. The individual success of the planets lead to the overall well being of the Imperial Sector, and in turn a success for the whole Galactic Empire.

Sector Divisions

The Government is further divided to individual committees which are used to spread the work flow of the sector for a safe and well organized environment. These committees include: Committee for Sector Defense, which overlooks the overall security of the sector; the Committee for Appropriations, which over looks the assets of the Deep Core ranging from vehicles to resources; and last the Committee for Infrastructure, which over looks the total development of in-sector construction.


Aside from commanding roles, the general membership of the Galactic Deep Core is also undergoing constant recruitment to have more government employees serve the empire through sector development. Generally its necessary for the candidate to be at least a E-4 in the chain of command, and understands the basic concepts of their flight controls and navigation, if more education is necessary they can attend schooling at Bastion for proper guidance. If an Imperial is interested in increasing their knowledge about more aspects of the Imperial Government side, they should hololink with the Moff, Sector Adjutant, or an officer of the sector.

Foreign Relations

Despite the presence of the Avance Coalition within the sector(controlling the systems of Cal, Salliche, and Abregado); the Galactic Empire maintains supreme authority over the development of the sector due to the combined population of Empress Teta and the Sartinayian systems. The neutrality between Avance and the Galactic Empire inspires a peaceful build between the two governments but also maintains a vigilante observation of military movements which are never overlooked on both sides.

The System of Empress Teta is also considered a closed system and only those permitted by the Committee of Security and the Sector command has clearance to have business within the system.


The Deep Core Sector is protected by the Imperial Army and Navy, it is currently unknown what commands operate within the sector.

Historical Events

Unification Wars

Occurring in the year 5,00 By the Unification wars was organized by Empress Teta to bring all planets in the system under one flag. Politically 6 of the 7 planets joined without putting up a fight, however the final planet, Kirrek, staged a finally resistance to free the worlds from the clutches of a greater Empire.

Upon the invasion, Kirrek sentients used a series of guerrilla tactics crippling Empress Teta's approaching forces. Fortunately, being attuned to the force and the help of Jedi Memit Nadill Empress Teta's forces was able to use Battle Meditation to change the course of the fight and unite the system.

Rise of Krath

Recording to about year 3,997 BBY the secret Krath society managed to form a military and political coup, headed by Aleema and Satal Keto under the dark side influence of Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd. Utilizing the powers of the dark side they killed Lord Keto and all opposing nobles of the Tetan families and established a new monarchy under the influence of Krath and ancient teachings from a Sith spirit.

Upon achieving full control of the system they continued their conquest waging war against the Jedi as they defeated them in the battle for Deneba. Many Jedi were lost at the Krath creations of war droids which would fuel the war path and conquest even further. Eventually the Krath would ally with the Sith to bring the Jedi and Republic to its knee, however internal conflicts amongst the alliance lead to the demise of both the Krath and the Sith, later a new leader would be inducted in Empress Teta, free from dark side influence.

Great Hyperspace War - Core Perspective

The Great Hyperspace war is a war occurring in the year 5,000 BBY between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Within the Empress Teta system it is known that the Koro's Army managed to fend off the Sith Invasion lead by Naga Shadow and Ludo Kressh. The Commander of the Sith Armada, Apprentice Gav Daragon gathered his forces to advance upon Koros Major, while Empress Teta gathered what was left of the Koro's fleets from the Unification wars to combat the Sith. Koro's Majors numbers we're severely undermatched however the deep entrenching and fortification of the planet made due for the ensuing orbital bombardment which sent the citizens in panic.

Gav Daragon had more personal matters to attend to, admist the battle of Koros's Major he fled the field to confront Naga Shadow, and without Sith commander; the forces we're quickly destroyed and forced to retreat home. Later after the victory of Koros Major and other places attacked such as Coruscant and Kirrek, the fight was taken to the heart of the Sith Empire with them being defeated at the second battle of Korriban. Much of Koros's Major was destroyed but eventually was reconstructed after many years.

Imperial Core and Dark Empire

The Imperial Core was created in Year 1 Day 214 after Emperor Connel took command of a distraught Galactic Empire. A Separatist movement was formed to disestablish the Galactic Empire and to return proper command to a more suitable leader. Members of the Imperial Core saw Admiral Venyom the true emperor of the galactic empire, but little did they know Veynom was never to return from the Unknown Regions. Darth Knyte and Jennifer Dreighton lead this movement staying true to the ideals of the Empire their main capital being the planet of Bastion rather than Coruscant. Later on Year 3 Day 94 they merged with the Sith Order to create a new super power of the galaxy, The Dark Empire.

The Dark Empire was headed by Sith Master Vodo Bonias, now with a fully united separatist movement carried the momuentum to finally get the Galactic Empire in its rightful hands. Seeing the benefit of a reunited galactic Empire, Vodo Bonias offered emperor Charon, the new leader of the Galactic empire, an offer of restructuring and merging two great governments as well as having is own plans into action. Charon accepted and soon the combined powers of the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire would provide a more secure Order and the beginning of a changing government.

Command Staff

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
7995_orikan.jpg Zhaff Orikan Sector Moff 8047_led.jpg Jon Led Sector Adjutant
8420_peares.jpg Emillio Peares CO, First Legion 8195_soontir.jpg Fenris Soontir CO, First Fleet

Visual ID Name Position
8023_bisson.jpg Patrick Bisson ISB Liaison

Former Moffs

  • Darth Mentus
  • Lord Raleep
  • Darth Vraith
  • Hack Skice
  • Bill Maxwell