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Jon Led

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Jon Led
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Pat Led; Ella Led
Born Year 12 Day 195
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Government Staff Member
Prior Service None
Awards 8047_led.png

Born as Hejj'onox'gar, Jon lived his life in utter secrecy. Being the only child, he was taken with great care by his parents. Obedient and trustworthy, he strived to make himself better than most others. With his family being financially strong, they often took Jon on their trips around the galaxy, one being tatooine and another being Hapes Prime. After he met with his foster brother and sister, he took Jon as his core name and he adopted the name Led as his surname. He soon was fascinated by the Empire and soon joined them when he had become of the right age, eager to prove his worth.

Character History

Born in the the planet of Csilla, he was given the name of Hejj'onox'gar as his Chiss name. As a child, he was hard working and wanted to impress most of the people in his community. He was often known for his good nature in bad times and his dedication. By the age of 5, he was interested to read most books. One of them was the book of the Chiss Defence Force. He was immediately smitten with those books, reading it whenever he had the time to do so.

He was often caring of his parents and wanted to help them as hard as they can. For this, he pushed himself to take part-time jobs at the age of 13, despite being too young, he was able to earn money in order to help his family. In one lucky day, his father was given a bonus due to his hardworking skill and they were able to celebrate it by going on a vacation. Little did Jon know that it was going to change his life.

They were up and packing for Tatooine, being interested to see their starports and deserts. They left in a Personal Luxury Yatch 3000 they were able to afford due to the bonus. It was exciting, they wanted to see other people and interact with them. For this, they brought a protocol droid that Jon nicknamed "Tin". 3 days later, they made it to Mos Eisley. It was different than they thought, it was filled with many people. Roaming around with his parents, they tried to make the best of the situation. It was then they found a boy, but by no means small. His parents were filled with pity and so was Jon, they decided to Adopt him. When they were thinking of a name, the boy replied "Pat" and they decided to name him Pat while Jon suggested "Led" as their surname, it was also quickly accepted. With a new member to the family, Jon set about introducing himself. Their relationship was rocky at the start, with each other being opposite in their personality but eventually, they reached a common ground and they were sharing stories by then.

Their next stop was Hapes Prime, they hoped to it to be better than Tatooine. It was definitely a lot better and they really enjoyed their trip there. Almost again, they found another poor girl, this time smaller than both Jon and Pat. Another moment filled with pity as the girl worked hard to get some food, they decided to adopt her and they named her "Ella". Jon's relationship with her would be better than his initial relationship with Pat. They both shared their love for perfection and she loved art once they saw it.

Their last stop, Coruscant, the jewel of the galaxy. They touched down in one of the starports and they rented a speeder to travel the city. Night lights and the bars were the attention of his family but Jon was intrigued by something else. He had seen men with weapons walking around the city. Getting his courage, he proceeded to ask one of them but at the minute he went, the stormtroopers left.

--"While the enemies of the Empire still draw breath, there can be no peace." 23:16, 26 December 2012 (CST)