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Serena Moon

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Serena Moon
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Gender Female
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Andrea Moon (Deceased)
Father Derek Moon(Deceased)
  • Zhaff Orikan(Fiancée)
  • Aleia Pond (Former Girlfriend)
  • Koiaas Sisk
  • Siblings
  • Shego Moon
  • Ziva Moon
  • Possibly more
  • Children None
    Born ~Year -5 Day
    Imperial Service
    Branch mind.png
    Ministry of Industry
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • ISMC - Moderator
  • Prior Service
  • Army Logistics Officer
  • Director of RAD-IA
  • Secretary of Infrastructure
  • Group Commanding Officer, 4GRP
  • Junior Training Officer
  • Imperial Pilot
  • Military Intelligence Officer
  • Group Commanding Officer, 7GRP
  • Archivist
  • Journalist
  • Awards 7933_moon.png

    Serena Moon was born on the planet Kuat in the year -5, to her mother Andrea Moon, and her father Derek Moon. Her mother was a wealthy aristocrat who married her father a year before Serena was born who, at the time, was just starting out as a ship designer for Kuat Drive Yards. Serena stands at 1.78 meters , with an undisclosed weight, has long silky red hair and piercing blood red eyes that she uses so often to glare. Serena grew up within a privileged life of luxury, attending social events with her mother while her father worked in the yards and attended all the prestigious Kuati schools, both private and public. Her mother passed away in an airspeeder accident when she was five and her father passed away of a stroke in a hospital while she was graduating from college. With nowhere else to go, she joined the Imperial Navy. She would eventually go on to become engaged with future Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan. In the year 18, she would become a General in the Imperial Army.

    Early Childhood

    Serena was born Serena Diana Moon on the planet Kuat, in the Kuat Sector at Kuati Medical Hospital in the year ~5 to her loving parents, Andrea Moon (mother) and Derek Moon (father), the youngest of several daughters. Her mother was a wealthy aristocrat also Kuati born, and her father, also Kuati born, was a newly licensed ship designer at the time of Serena's birth was just starting to work for Kuat Drive Yards. By the time she was one she had learned a few words and was running around her parents vast estate keeping her parents and mostly the housekeepers busy with her. Serena began attending elementary school at the age of four, her teachers stated that "nap time" was Serena's favorite thing during kindergarten. When she turned five she had her first major blow, while returning from a gathering with her mother, a drunk airspeeder driver slammed head on into their airspeeder, Serena survived but her blue eyes were forever changed into their blood red from the trauma, her mother however passed away on the scene with Serena crying out for her, Serena was hospitalized for several weeks with several tests to make sure she wasn't too physically harmed. After leaving the hospital with her father, she was told that much of the Moon family was killed in a rebel orbital bombarding of the planet they were living at and that her father was her only family left, save for her Great Grandmother who was visiting Serena in the hospital at the time.

    A few days after leaving the hospital, Serena's father got a message saying that after the accident Serena's IQ and brain activity had increased and upon finding Serena to see how she was doing after reading the note, noticed her playing one of his strategy simulators he uses for his ship designs and was using a fighter wing, 72 fighters in a wing, of outdated fighters against a fighter wing of modern design and was destroying the modern designed wing with minimal loss of her outdated wing. He then signed her into private schools that had no rules on dress code due to her rebelliousness on what she was to and not to wear. It was about this time the Galactic Empire formed, much to the delight of Serena's family who was sick of the chaos that engulfed the galaxy. Much of those males who weren't already in enlisted into the Imperial Navy.

    Serena actually smiling

    Over a couple years Serena's father was asked to design in top secret, as part of a design team, to design the Imperial Star Destroyer I for the Imperial Navy, when the prototype proved that the design was what the Imperial Navy was looking for, Serena's father and the design team were being paid commission per Star Destroyer being built. With Serena being more of a handful for him, and making a great living off of the Star Destroyer design, Serena's father thought of retiring from KDY and becoming a stay at home dad. He finished his resignation letter when he was approached by the Naval High Command to design a massive ship for the Imperial Navy, he was ready to turn down the offer till he was told that the Rebel Alliance had designed and began production of the new MC80 Home One Class Star Cruiser and had used several in a battle that resulted in the bombardment of two moon's and their inhabitants and with the loss and heavy damage to several ISD-Is. It was told that he looked at a picture of Serena on his desk, by this time was at the age of ten, not wanting anything to happen to her and agreed to help design the Super Star Destroyer, being head of the design team he was paid 0.5% of the ships costs for each one built. Serena by the time she was eleven had entered Kuati High School, not really fitting in do to her younger then average age in the school, she was however quick to make friends and got onto the girls bolo-ball (soccer) varsity team and started taking dance classes. After a year in high school Serena began becoming friends with the popular seniors in her school and started to get out of the house more often to hang out with friends, some times to the annoyance to her father who was protective of his daughter. It was at around this time Serena became close to her fraternal twin sister, Shego Moon. Ziva, who in most part was very similar to Serena; athletic, tall but was also very protective of her little sister as Serena had been born after Shego.

    Pre-Empire Years

    Serena at the Moon Estate on Kuat before her graduation party

    With the loss of Serena's mother, Serena's father had a hard time raising Serena and her siblings on his own, the servants and housekeepers took some of burden off, but not most, especially when Serena turned thirteen and started talking about, "of all things"-Derek Moon dating, the stress of working for KDY and raising teenage daughters was visibly showing on him. At the age of twelve Serena she entered the most prestigious high school in the Kuat System, Kuati High School being the youngest person to ever attend as a freshman. Serena began excelling in all her classes, from mathematics to economics she even played on the school's girls varsity bolo-ball (soccer) team and was on the top cheer squad that competed with other dancing cheerleaders across the system in physically demanding dance routines, her father was more at ease knowing Serena being, and as the end of her high school education was approaching she couldn't decide what to do after school, when she was seventeen she was told that she would be the youngest person ever to graduate from the high school. A month before her scheduled graduation her father began having headaches and was told by doctors it wasn't anything serious.

    Serena graduated from Kuat High School at the age of seventeen with most of her friends, all older then her, and at her graduation party along with her great grandmother, as the party reached it's peak Serena's great-grandmother handed Serena two black felt covered boxes, one containing a large blue diamond from her father who couldn't make it do to work, and the other box contained the Blood Moon Necklace, a high honor for a female in the Moon family, passed down for generations, much to the jealousy of Serena's sister, Sheo. After the party wrapped up, Serena went home to find the servants embracing her and telling her ever everything was going to be all right, for an hour she was kept in the dark that her father suffered a stroke and had passed away hours before. After the funeral, Serena was told she inherited everything; The family estate on Kuat, an apartment on Coruscant close to the Imperial Palace and the family fortune as most of her siblings had moved on and Shego had started work as a security consultant and turned the will down.

    Having spent most of her life with her father after her mother passed away, Serena had a strong attachment to her father, with his death she spent days locked in her room with only water from her sink to keep her alive but no food. The only known family she had left is her great-grandmother, who talked Serena into leaving her room and wanted Serena to live with her but more wanted Serena to find herself in the galaxy at large, so Serena decided to do what no female Moon had ever done, join a military force, more specifically the Imperial Navy. Leaving on Kuat the billions in the Moon family fortune and only using the money she made while in the service of The Empire, the family estates were rarely used but where always well kept up by housekeepers and droids.

    Service History

    Serena-"Usually you threaten to kill people for leaving the Navy."

    Markus Saretti-"No, just you"

    Serena-"Why me?!"

    Markus-"You'd transfer because you're good and someone stole you. I couldn't let that happen. ;)"

    Serena-"Even if the Emperor thought it best if I did?"

    Markus-"I don't think the Emperor would just swoop in and grab you to do construction or something."

    Serena before entering the Imperial Academy

    In the Year 11 on Day 238, Serena left her home system for the first time and joined The Galactic Empire as a recruit and entered the Imperial Academy. Over the course of six days she took her courses with much enthusiasm do to it being demanding which was far different form of being she was used to doing. On the sixth day, she graduated with an overall score of 90% receiving her promotion to Cadet and awarded the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate. She was assigned to the Seventh Imperial Fleet under the command of then Captain Markus Saretti upon graduation with Captain Saretti picking her up himself. Along the way he answered everyone of Serena's limitless questions.

    Serena was quick to pick up the necessary skills to become a capable pilot, even going so far as to inquire as to why the Officers in the fleet were giving the specific orders they did, even giving her own thoughts on the matter which helped increase fleet performance in some areas. She quickly moved up the enlisted ranks and gained notoriety as being a fast-paced pilot that had a tendency to blast her way out of the hanger of the fleet's various ships at full speed, much to the annoyance of the maintenance crews.

    Her first major operation was the planetary audits, being an active surveyor of Imperial worlds and also helping with the paperwork of Imperial findings of said worlds.

    Group Executive Officer

    Markus Saretti -About how to lead the group. You do some things extremely well. And it's obvious you'll do some things better than me.

    Serena -I take it the only thing I do better is paperwork right?

    Markus -No. You're thorough. You like to work the details, which I lack. Other things you can learn while doing the job but being thorough is not. I never learned that.

    Group Commanding Officer


    Around Y14 Day 40 Serena felt a sense of longing for a return to her homeworld, Kuat, which she left two and a half years prior and hadn't seen or set foot on it since enlisting. She stepped down as the Commanding Officer of the 7th Group, Training Officer in the Imperial Academy and Military Intelligence Officer and returned to Kuat. While there she took up her part in Kuati aristocratic society and she had gained notoriety when people noticed she had been the commanding officer of a prominent group in the Imperial Navy. Life for Serena was basically the life it had been since she left the Navy, social events, parties etc, The lazy lifestyle she had to adjust to get used too again. To keep herself busy, Serena enrolled in the most prestigious university

    Navy Logistics Officer

    On day 298 of year 14, Serena was made the Naval Logistics Officer at the rank of Commander, the lowest ranking officer to ever hold a Navy Command position. Four days later she would receive her promotion to Captain. Much of her work remains to this day, classified.

    Secretary of Infrastructure

    On day 347 of year 14, Serena was transferred from the Imperial Navy, leaving her command of the Fourth Group and position as Naval Logistic Officer to head RADE.

    The Accident

    (In Character Accident, not OOC) A few months after becoming Secretary of Infrastructure, Serena suffered an accident when visiting a backwater world that had developed sufficiently for her to travel to in order to ensure its delivery of needed equipment for the Imperial military. When final preparations were wrapping up at the new facilities an explosion, suspected to be the work of rebel sympathizers or an industrial accident due to the pressure on the world to deliver on time, engulfed the complex and knocked Serena out via blunt force trauma to the head. Fearing retribution the world reported that Serena had departed the planet before the explosion and her disappearance was a result of a hyperspace accident. In actuality, Serena was rushed to a hospital and remained there for several months recovering. After the coverup was discovered the Empire quickly launched an investigation and Serena stayed at her great-grandmother's estate for a time before her return to the Empire.

    Regional Government

    Upon her announcing her intentions of returning to the Empire, she thought of where to go after being gone for so long. She spent Remembering back to what her former FCO, Markus, said to her about leaving the Navy. Her thoughts of years past distracted her long enough for her to be surprised by her Fiancee Zhaff when she returned to her own estate before returning to the Empire, specifically in the Regional Government...

    Imperial Army

    Ministry of Industry

    On Year 19, Day 148. Serena was accepted into the Ministry of Industry to take on the role of Chief Operations Officer within the Imperial Mining Corporation.

    Love Life

    Imperial Dossier

    Ranks Held

    Grade Insignia Rank Time awarded (Combine Time) Real Time
    [E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Y11 D238 - Y11 D245
    [E-2] ME-2.gif Cadet Y11 D245
    [E-3] ME-3.gif Crewman Y11 D267
    [E-4] ME-4.gif Flight Corporal Y11 D307
    [E-5] ME-5.gif Flight Sergeant
    [E-6] ME-6.gif Command Flight Sergeant
    [O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Y12 D258
    [O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Y13 D10
    [O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Y13 D157
    [O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Y13 D283
    ----- ------ Citizen/Retired Y14 D40
    [O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Y14 D248
    [O-5] MO-5.png Commander Y14 D289
    [O-6] MO-6.png Captain Y14 D336
    ----- ------ Transferred to COMPNOR Y14 D347
    [O-6] PGO-6.png Assistant Chief Y14 D347
    ----- ------ Transferred to Regional Government Y18 D178 5/24/2017
    [O-5] RGO-5.png Senior Prefect Y18 D178 5/24/2017
    ----- ------ Transferred to Army Y18 D209 6/25/2017
    [C-4] MC-4.png General Y18 D209 6/25/2017
    ----- ------ Transferred to MInd Y19 D148 4/24/2018
    [C-3] MIC-3.png Operations Manager Y19 D148 4/24/2018


    Combine Date Real Time Position
     ? - Y14 D95 - Military Intelligence Officer
    Y13 D22 - Y13 D216 - 7th Group Executive Officer
    Y13 D162- - Journalist of the INB
    Y13 D216 - Y14 D166 - 7th Group Commanding Officer
    Y14 D249 - Y14 D348 - 4th Group Commanding Officer
    Y14 D258 - Y14 D348 - Military Intelligence Officer
    Y14 D298 - Y14 D348 - Navy Logistics Officer
    Y14 D350 - Y15 D59 - Secretary of Infrastructure
    Y18 D206 - Y19 D148 6/22/2017 - 4/24/2018 Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee - Moderator
    Y18 D209 - Y19 D148 6/25/2017 - 4/24/2018 Army Logistics Officer
    Y19 D148 - Present 4/24/2018 - Present Chief Operations Officer, IMC
    Y19 D148 - Present 4/24/2018 - Present Prospecting Administrator

    Awards Received

    Date Abbreviation Ribbon Event Awarded by
    Y11 D245 [IABG] IABG.jpg Graduation from the Imperial Academy N/a
    Y11 D307 [MID] MID.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y11 D344 [MID-2] MIDx2.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y11 D264 [LOC] LOC.jpg Awarded - Letter of Commendation N/a
    Y12 D292 [LOC-2] LOCx2.jpg Awarded - Letter of Commendation N/a (Awarded at IMM)
    Y12 D313 [MID-3] MIDx3.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y12 D348 [MID-4] MIDx4.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y12 D363 [MID-3] MIDx5.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y13 D53 [LOC-3] LOCx3.jpg Awarded - Letter of Commendation N/a
    Y13 D82 [MID-6] MIDx6.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers N/a
    Y13 D82 [MID-6] IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award Classified
    Y13 D82 [MID-6] CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent Classified
    Y14 D256 [ICM] ICM.jpg Awarded - Imperial Campaign Medal, Planetary Audits ISB-BGEN Orikan
    Y14 D335 [ISM-3] ISM-3.jpg Awarded - Imperial Service Medal ISB-MGEN Orikan
    Y14 D345 [LOC-4] LOCx4.jpg Awarded - Letter of Commendation VADM Sean
    Y15 D23 [IAM] IAM.jpg Awarded - Imperial Activity Medal Daniel Ascarion
    Y18 D223 [MOS] MOS.jpg Awarded - Medal of Support Emperor Seele
    Y18 D287 [MID-7] MIDx7.jpg Awarded - Mentioned in Dispatchers LGEN Nathaniel Durane
    Y19 D82 [AMP] AMP.jpg Awarded - Army Medal of Progress LGEN Nathaniel Durane
    Y19 D94 [ISM-4] ISM-4.jpg Awarded - Imperial Service Medal ISB
    Y19 D224 [IAM-2] IAMx2.jpg Awarded - Imperial Activity Medal ED Aurren Takla
    Y19 D330 [UDS] UDS.jpg Awarded - Unit Distinguished Service Executor Graeda L'Annan
    Y19 D355 [PMM] PMM.jpg Awarded - Project Management Medal MIN Stanov
    Y19 D355 [IoM] IOM.jpg Awarded - Imperial of the Month GVIZ Jai Meridan

    Serena's Favorite Possessions

    Veltraa Dark Moon


    ETA-2 Light Interceptor Blood Moon


    Past Halloween avatars

    2011 serena_moon_halloween.jpg