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Super Star Destroyer

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Super Star Destroyer
Production information
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation, Kuat Drive Yards
Class Capital Ship
Product line Star Destroyer
Estimated Raw Material Price 116,345,748 Credits
Cargo Stats
Weight 665,000,000 T
Volume 13,300,000,000 m³
Weight Capacity 275,000 T
Volume Capacity 4,500,000 m³
Hull Stats
Length 12,800 m
Width 0 m
Height 0 m
Hull 100,000
Deflector Shields 80,000
Ionic Capacity 50,000
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 1
Sublight Speed 10 MGLT
Manoeuvrability 1.00
Sensors 55
Technical specifications
  • Heavy Lasers: 250
  • Turbolasers: 250
  • Tractor Beams: 40
  • Proton Torpedo Launchers: 250
  • Ion Batteries: 250
Max Passengers 38,000
Escape Pods 200
Affiliation darknesscockpitlogo.png

Galactic Empire

Role Flagship
"From Stormtrooper Legions to Super Star Destroyers, it is nearly impossible to overestimate the amount of force available to the Galactic Empire."
— Corellian Citizen


The Super Star Destroyer (SSD) is the pinnacle of spacecraft design and an indefatigable testament to the Galactic Empire's omniscient superiority and unfaltering commitment to securing a greater, safer and more prosperous Galactic society. The SSD is the largest and most powerful warship ever manufactured, its very presence in a battle strikes a primal fear into the hearts of the enemies of the Empire and a sense of security and pride to civilians everywhere.

Continuing the dagger-shaped design of the Star Destroyer Series, the 12-kilometer-long Star Dreadnought-class starship dwarfs the flagship of the Rebellion by four times. It weighs, amazingly, over 665 million tons. Within the smooth hull there lies an "island" which is viewed by many as a city in itself. The trapezoidal command tower stands near the aft end of this island, capped with two geodesic communication and deflection domes. The underside is a busy network of engineering and superstructure, and thirteen colossal engine thrusters glow blood red as they push the immense craft through space. The Super Star Destroyer Armament is also huge with 250 Turbolasers and 250 Ion Batteries it is an unstoppable foe. Truly, the Super Star Destroyer embodies the ultimate symbol of Imperial power, as any Empire-supported world with one of these starships in orbit above it can count itself among the safest systems in the Galaxy, and any enemy system that sees a Super Star Destroyer cast its shadow across the planet below has its days numbered.

"Nothing has been formed like the Galactic Empire. Nothing has been built like a SSD. Divided; nothing can surpass them. And united; nothing can stop them."
— LT Feldure

Technical Information

"...Ok, seriously we have several Super Star Destroyers in our fleet... why are there still people challenging the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Navy?!?"
— Naval Flight Sergeant

Although much technical information on the Super Star Destroyer is classified, here is what is known and obvious.


Click here for SSD schematics

Command Bridge

Placed on top towards the stern of the ship and made one of the most visible parts of the ship, just daring it's enemies to try to attack it, sits the command bridge. Placed on top are two of the latest iconic advanced shield domes that double as hyperwave transceivers, for instantaneous communications, and of course, the shield array that renders the Super Star Destroyer invincible to attack from any enemy capital ship, or smaller, that is foolish enough to attack it.

As as with all the modern command bridges, the Super Star Destroyer's command deck features crew pits, armed with the most advanced sensors and communications gear, on either side of a central walkway that lead up to two-meter-tall transparisteel viewports, enabling the officers and admiral to oversee the ship's major functions and the status of the fleet the ship coordinates.


The firepower of just one Super Star Destroyer is something that makes entire enemy fleets fly into, and entire enemy armies trample over one another, to escape. It's what inspires Imperials and what makes our enemies run in terror. Bristling from a Super Star Destroyer are two-hundred and fifty turbolasers, heavy lasers, proton torpedo launchers and ion batteries, the weaponry on a Super Star Destroyer can rip apart a rebel flagship in minutes.

The Hanger Bays

The Super Star Destroyer uses it's massive size and capacities to efficient use, capable of housing an impressive 4.5 million cubic meters weighing up to two-hundred and fifty thousand tons. A Super Star Destroyer is more than capable of capturing an entire star system and supporting group troops to establish a good foothold in any system out there that dares challenge the Emperor's will.

Engine Units

Thirteen blood red Executor-50.x ion engines move this massive six-hundred and five million ton vessel threw space at a maximum speed of fourteen MGLTs. It's been said that any ship that flies into exhaust is instantaneously destroyed by the radiation.

Power Plant

The exact model is classified, but it's reported that due to the shield's energy requirements by the Super Star Destroyer's shield system that the output of the power plant is the equivalent of a medium sized star.


  • Class 1


Crew Requirements

  • Officers - 501
  • Ship Maintenance - 2,838
  • Gunnery Personnel - 2,100
  • Non-Hanger Support Personnel - 1,750
  • Flight Personnel - 1,000
  • Stormtroopers - 3,000

Total: 11,189




For tens of thousands of years, heavy warships were part of the Republic Navy's strategy for space combat. Large ships fought in the Alsakan Conflicts and the Old Sith Wars. They became obsolete when fleet doctrine shifted to groups of smaller-scale cruisers that combined their firepower and were more maneuverable. These new designs were armed with better weapons and more powerful shields than the older battlecruisers and battleships.

However, by the centuries prior to the Clone Wars, heavy warships had gained prominence again. They were used for generations by private defensive fleets fielded by rich, industrialized star sectors. Kuat, Corellia and Humbarine were but three of the industrialized Core Sectors that could afford to build such behemoths, which were fitted with hyperdrives with limited range to highlight their defensive purposes in the relatively peaceful period of the time.

During the Clone Wars, heavy warship types like Star Battlecruisers and Star Dreadnaughts were used by the resurgent Republic Navy, but it was only with the advent of the Galactic Empire that a dedicated research and development program began for a new generation of heavy warship designs, and they became a greater part of naval doctrine again.



With the advanced tracking systems on-board a Super Star Destroyer, coupled with the advanced weapons, shielding and strong hull, Super Star Destroyers serve as flagships for Imperial Fleets, however which fleet(s) have a Super Star Destroyer in their ship roster is classified.


The carrying capacity of a Super Star Destroyer enables it to carry scores of TIE-series fighters and bombers. However specific details are classified.


With for mentioned advanced weapons, shielding and armor SSDs can outgun entire enemy fleets without taking damage to it's hull, making it a formidable combatant in ship-to-ship combat.

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