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"As the Emperor wills it, so shall it be."
Vodo Bonias

The Emperor (formally the Galactic Emperor), is the title of the Head of State of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor has absolute authority over the Imperial Military, the bureaucracy, the Imperial Sectors, and the entire Empire and its subsidiary companies. Most Emperors began their service in the Imperial Navy; however, Trey Connel,Thomas Cherokee,and Seele earned their commissions in the Imperial Army.


A total of twelve men have reigned the Empire thirteen times:

  1. Hiram Drayson
  2. Suntzu
  3. Vodo Bonias (first reign)
  4. Spytek
  5. Piett
  6. Trey Connel
  7. Mccarthur
  8. Charon
  9. Greyson Uebles
  10. Vodo Bonias (second reign)
  11. Thomas Cherokee
  12. Guinar Ndengin
  13. Seele