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Imperial Geographic

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Imperial Geographic
Leader Director Lasidious von Feldure
Foundation Date 2008
Type Part Time Job
Professions Writing, Editing
Members Under review
Emblem Compass
Motto "Enriching the Mind, Inspiring the Empire"
Application Process
Forum http://holonet.swc-empire.com/viewforum.php?f=130
Affiliation COMPNOR
Coalition for Progress

Imperial Geographic is a department within COMPNOR's Coalition for Progress. It is a volunteer project designed to update galactic databases in relation to information about planets and technologies. It focuses on information that relates directly or indirectly to the Galactic Empire.


The Imperial Geographic is currently hiring staff See http://holonet.swc-empire.com/viewtopic.php?f=326&t=11160#p155476 Upon passing COMPNOR specific requirements and acceptance into Geographic, you are awarded part-time COMPNOR membership. COMPNOR Awards specific to this department are also available.

Chain of Command


  • Writing Descriptions
    • Entities
      • Ships
      • Vehicles
      • Items
      • Stations
      • Weapons
    • Planets
      • Imperial
      • Others


Mission statement

Imperial Geographic’s main purpose is to enrich both the Empire and the galaxy at large by supplying detailed descriptions for major galactic databases. Any Imperial is welcome to submit descriptions and comment on posted descriptions as they see fit. Descriptions that are accepted by Combine will be rewarded credits by the Imperial Geographic staff.

Year 11 Reform

Following the Year 11 Day 94 abolishment of the wiki staff, former Assistant Director of the Wiki Archives Sebastian Alfan was asked to become the Imperial Geographic's Assistant Director and oversee a major and overdue reform of the department. Since his appointment Alfan has made major contributions to the department including bringing it back to life after a long period of no activity, hiring new staff, and reorganizing the forums and department.

COMPNOR reform

Following Lieutenant General L`Annan stepping down as Director to allow her Assistant Director Sebastian Alfan to take on her role while she retained a advisory role, the Coalition underwent a reform lead by current Director of Culture, Administrator Gunther Rall. Administrator Rall appointed Alfan interim Deputy Director until Geographic's future and leadership could be determined by the Grand Vizier.

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