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Sebastian Alfan

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Sebastian Alfan
Biographical Information
Race Chiss/Mandolorian/Hapan
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Jennifer Alfan (Deceased)
Father Mike Alfan (Deaceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Jonah McFozz (Alive)

Korvas Varik (In-law/Alive)

Karon Alfan (Alive)

Keyara Lyrak (In-law/Alive)

Children None
Born Year -15 Day 318
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Prior Service
  • Government Staff
  • Imperial History Restoration Team Member
  • Imperial Historian
  • Planetary Governor
  • Imperial Politician
  • Chiss Ambassador to the Empire -Y11
  • Imperial Diplomat -Y10
  • Graphics Assistant -Y10
  • MInd NAT Officer -Y10

TUT.jpg DB1.jpg LOC3.jpg IABG.jpg CSR1.jpg ICA.jpg

Sebastian Alfan is a convicted criminal and is serving the rest of his life on an Imperial prison world.


_______________Death Before Dishonor_______________


Dr. Sebastian "The Chief" Alfan, Imperial serial number 1100419 or mostly known as just Alfan. After more than a year of service to the Empire Alfan became the second Chiss Imperial Officer after Ensign Hawke and after a long battle his overdue promotion was just officially granted by the Throne. He played many roles in the Empire from Governor to Director, Administrator, and Imperial Historian. During the last year of service he has gained three letters of commendation and became the fifth person to earn the Imperial Citizenship award for his service in the Kuat Sector Government.

Alfan worked in many roles at the same time in COMPNOR such as a leader, administrator, teacher, and recruiter.

Dr. Alfan also became a highly decorated Regional Government Officer gaining the rank of Provisional Prefect before eventually being convicted of criminal activities against the Empire and sentenced to serve the rest of his life on an Imperial prison world.

Early Life

Alfan was born and raised on Tatooine by his mandalorian mother alone. Because he is half Chiss and half Madalorian/Hapan he inherited a Hapan gene that allowed his skin to be tan instead of the normal blue seen on all Chiss, however he has red glowing eyes like all Chiss. During his training as a child Alfan often passed all his tests and assignments with 100%, and on a few occasions his superiors were wrong on a question Alfan corrected them, only to be scolded of course, but it had helped prove his innocence as an Imperial soldier, this has been attributed to the fact that Chiss reach full maturity at age 10. His parents, who were secret supporters of the New Republic were always trying to push Alfan towards Republic ideals, which he did not take in well. At the age of 20 he murdered his parents in front of his sister Karon.
"You are both traitors to the Emperor and his Empire, you cannot be allowed to live." -Alfan's last words to his parents
Afraid of the local authorities Alfan ran into exile for five years. He worked many blue-collar jobs, then joined The Pentastar Alignment and became a branch commanding officer for their security. The local authorities never pursued Alfan as they had found out from Imperial Intelligence that his parent's loyalty was to the New Republic, after Alfan found out about this he returned to the Empire to serve as a full time worker.


  • Sebastian is the second non-human to become a COMPNOR department leader after Lord Raleep.
  • Sebastian is currently the only Chiss holding a political and administrative position within the Empire.
  • Sebastian is one of three people to command Pentastar Security Patrol before the branch was made defunct.
  • Sebastian is the second Chiss Officer in the Empire.


Alfan values education highly and is always eager and hungry to learn. He graduated from Syndaar Military Prep School at age 15 and at age 20 graduated from the Imperial Institute of Higher Studies on Ferrhast, majoring in Political science, Imperial History, Security, and Administration. He has also gained a Doctorate in Political Science and astrophysics.

Syndaar Military Prep School Year 0

Dr. Alfan's Doctorate in Political Science from IIHS

Imperial Academy Basic Training

Alfan joined the Empire through a NAT of the Ministry of Industry and thus was not required to take basic training, and when he transferred to Government he wasn't asked to take the exams either. The funny thing is that he had been an Academy Training Officer for 9 months and had graded numerous tests but hadn't taken them himself until Year 11 when he finally took the exams and on Year 11 Day 155 his exams were graded by Lieutenant Aalon. He passed with a score of 89.485%.


Dr. Alfan is extremely adept when it comes to astrophysics and astronomy.
A black hole with extremely deadly radiation emanating from it's poles

Dr. Alfan mostly studies black holes, quasars and blazars. He is currently trying to establish a connection between black holes and worm holes for faster space travel.

Dr. Alfan currently holds a Ph.D in Astronomy, Cosmology, and Astrophysics

Personal Life


Regional Government Service Record


Darpa Sector

Prefect Alfan has been assigned to the Darpa Sector to assist Moff Ben Camden while retaining his post in the Kuat Sector. Current duties are classified.

Kuat Sector

After leaving Primus Chief Alfan began the long road ahead of him in the Empire by joining the Imperial government working in the Kuat Sector as the Governor and High Magistrate of Gortis under the direct command of Moff Machkhit. Although the Government branch is restricted to pure humans, Alfan managed to gain a command position within the government by the legendary Lord Admiral/Moff Machkhit


Provisional Prefect Alfan was once in charge of the planet Gortis, administering as a Governor.


Planet: Gortis
System: Kuat
Sector: Kuat
Galactic coordinates: (128, 33)
System coordinates: (0, 6)

Planet type: cold/no atmosphere
Planet size: 9 x 9

Controlled By: Galactic Empire
Governor: Machkhit
Magistrate: Machkhit
Total population: 1,318,439 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 0.74%
Tax level: 5%
Planet income: 5,591 credits
Tax income: 280 credits


Provisional Prefect Alfan was in charge of the planet Sirilla, administering as a Governor.

Planet: Sirilla
System: Cirius
Sector: Kuat
Galactic coordinates: (128, 33)
System coordinates: (*, *)

Planet type: Gas Giant
Planet size: 17 x 17

Controlled By: Galactic Empire
Governor: Sebastian Alfan
Magistrate: Sebastian Alfan
Total population: * inhabitants
Hireable Population: * People
Civilisation level: *%
Tax level: *%
Planet income: * credits
Tax income: * credits


Provisional Prefect Alfan was in charge of the planet Caamor, administering as a Governor.

Planet: Caamor
System: Cirius
Sector: Kuat
Galactic coordinates: (128, 33)
System coordinates: (*, *)

Planet type: Gas Giant
Planet size: 17 x 17

Controlled By: Galactic Empire
Governor: Sebastian Alfan
Magistrate: Sebastian Alfan
Total population: * inhabitants
Hireable Population: * People
Civilisation level: *%
Tax level: *%
Planet income: * credits
Tax income: * credits

New Emperor

For a period of 24 hours the planet Gortis as well as many systems and sectors were under the control of Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium through the faction Nilar MedTech. The Grand Moff used these newly gained planets and also assets as leverage to get former Emperor Vodo Bonias to abdicate the Throne to an active person in which he succeeded by Vodo crowning former Executor Cherokee as the new Emperor. Orphaea became the new Executor for about 15 hours before being stripped of the position in the Imperial Monthly Meeting, going back to his old rank of Grand Moff but being stripped of the Council of Moffs Chairman psotion, and the matter was settled.

Gortis under Orphaea Imperium

After over 6 year of his second reign over the Empire, Dark Lord Vodo steps down as Emperor.

  • Year 11 Day 291:: Vodo Bonias, the leader of Galactic Empire was replaced today by Executor Thomas Cherokee.

Ministry of Industry Service Record


Alfan started out his career in MInd before going to Government. He worked for Primus Medical under the command of the recent defector Victor Vaklu as Director of Logistics as a Senior Engineer.

COMPNOR Service Record


Coalition for Diplomacy

Imperial Diplomatic Corps (INACTIVE)

Dr. Alfan had accepted the job as an Imperial Diplomat to further the political and intergalactic goals of the Emperor. He was placed on re-hirable termination following his leave of absence.

Coalition for Progress

Imperial Academy (INACTIVE)

During his time in Primus Alfan volunteered to join the Imperial Academy staff as a history advisor and quickly begun to broaden his scope in this job by doing other tasks assigned to him by Lieutenant Colonel Vaan. Dr. Alfan has recently been chosen with two other imperials to become the new generation of Academy tutors for the newly releases basic training automation system. He worked at the academy for a year before being terminated due to his long leave of absence.

Imperial Wiki (INACTIVE)

Alfan recently joined up with the wiki staff to clean up the place, provide security against spam, and to update all old forgotten articles and more. On day 281 He was appointed as Assistant Director by Director of the Imperial Wiki Inwe Ventidius. He stepped down to Archivist and remained there until Year 11 Day 94 when Grand Vizier Taidan abolished the wiki staff and placed the wiki under the direct control of the Vizier for Progress Orphaea Imperium.

Imperial Geographic (ACTIVE)

On Year 11 Day 94 after the abolishment of the wiki staff, Chief Alfan was personally asked by Brigadier General L`Annan to become the Assistant Director of the Imperial Geographic. At the moment he is overseer of the sub-department's reform.

Imperial Centre for Recruitment (INACTIVE)

On Year 11 Day 183 Alfan was accepted as an Imperial Recruiter and his service to ICR was short-lived due to his immediate LOA following his acceptance and his forced resignation right before his return.

Service Record


Provisional Prefect Alfan is a politician in the Imperial Government under the authority of the Kuat and Darpa Sector. He was also a part-time worker in COMPNOR as an Academy Professor for over a year amongst many other part-time positions not normally afforded to his race. He also joined the Imperial Wiki staff with the goal of updating all the old unfinished pages people forgotten about and has became it's Assistant Director for a short term then was laid-off by Grand Vizier Jorus Taidan in the Year 11 Day 94 abolishment of the Galaxy Archives Staff.. He has dedicated a lot of his time to COMPNOR and the advancement of Empire ideology. He currently runs the Imperial Geographic Sub-department as an Assistant Director currently awaiting for COMPNOR to appoint a Director. He is a radically devote Imperial citizen and hard worker who does not look kindly on people who get involved in traitorous activity

Being An Alien

Alfan being a Chiss was not allowed to exceed the tenth enlisted rank except in the Ministry of Industry under Vodo's reign. Although he did hold a junior Government Officer rank after his transfer from MInd as O-2 but lost it due to a demotion that carried over. He has worked hard not only in the Government but has dedicated a lot of his time towards COMPNOR, working in many part-time departments. He has been in the empire a year and still had failed to be promoted to O-1, as it had required Throne approval for aliens. At one point his superior, Moff Machkhit had considered him for promotion but Imperial High Command quickly denied it. All this changed when Vodo abdicated the Throne to Cherokee and thus Alfan was allowed to be promoted to O-1 without SOCS as it had been disbanded by Lord Admiral Seele.

Alfan had made some progress since his last failed attempt to regain his Officer rank during Vodo's reign. On Year 11 Day 282 Machkhit obtained express permission from the Throne to enroll Alfan into the School of Officer and Command Studies next season but he never got the chance to go through the school as it had closed down to "simplify" the training process.

On Year 11 Day 291 Thomas Cherokee became Emperor, and Moff Machkhit found out that Alfan did not have to go through SOCS as it had closed and he could be promoted and on Year 11 Day 297 Machkhit promoted Alfan to Deputy Administrator [O-1] But on Day 312 his Commission was revoked by the Inner Circle

"Do not worry, you have become the symbol of alien career in the Empire." -Machkhit to Alfan during his fight for his promotion.

In year 12 day 7 Alfan's commission was ultimately approved by the Imperial Throne and promoted back to O-2.

Leave of Absence

Alfan went on LOA for about two months, in the middle of his LOA he came back briefly then went back to LOA. There was some confusion because of this and many of Alfan's superiors in COMPNOR were frustrated. He was given a few warning notices that if he did not respond to them he would be forced to resign. As he was on LOA he could not respond to them and therefore the Imperial Centre for Recruitment accepted his forced resignation, while the Imperial Academy on the other hand went a different route and after one year of service terminated Alfan citing that he had failed in his duties as a training officer and neglected recruits under his tutorledge although Alfan was on an official leave of absence. Alfan did not let this bother him and he is back to full activity dedicating more of his freed-up time towards Imperial Geographic and the Kuat Sector. He continues to seek employement in other COMPNOR departments and will continue to make contributions towards the political goals of the Empire.


Ministry of Industry
Assigned to Clerk[E-5] - Year 10 Day 182 by Victor Vaklu
Promoted to Senior Engineer[O-2] - Year 10 Day 204 by Victor Vaklu
Imperial Government
Branch Transfer to Provisional Prefect[O-2] - Year 10 Day 253 by Machkhit
Demoted to Chief[E-10] - Year 10 Day 256 by Guinar Ndengin
silver1.gif PGE-10.gif silver2.gif
Promoted to Provisional Prefect[O-2] - Year 11 Day 186 by Machkhit
silver1.gif RGO-2.gif silver2.gif
RADE Demotion to Chief[E-10] - Year 11 Day 186 by RADE
silver1.gif PGE-10.gif silver2.gif
Promoted to Deputy Administrator[O-1] - Year 11 Day 297 by Machkhit
silver1.gif PGO-1.gif silver2.gif
Commission revoked by Throne - Demoted to Chief[E-10] - Year 11 Day 312 by Machkhit
silver1.gif PGE-10.gif silver2.gif
Demoted to Superintendent[E-6] - Year 12 Day 1 by Military Reform
silver1.gif RGE-6.gif silver2.gif
Promoted to Provisional Prefect[O-2] - Year 12 Day 7 by Machkhit
silver1.gif RGO-2.gif silver2.gif


  • Year 10 Day 182: Assigned Pilot for Primus Medical
  • Year 10 Day 218: Appointed Deputy Director of Logistics for Primus Medical
  • Year 10 Day 250: Promoted to Director of Logistics for Primus Medical
  • Year 10 Day 251: Transferred to Regional Government
  • Year 10 Day 281: Appointed Assistant Director of the Galaxy Archives
  • Year 10 Day 281: Awarded part-time COMPNOR membership
  • Year 10 Day 281: Awarded COMPNOR Department Leader position
  • Year 10 Day 285: Appointed Academy Training Officer
  • Year 10 Day 300: Appointed Governor of planet Gortis
  • Year 10 Day 307: Appointed Diplomat for Imperial Diplomatic Corps
  • Year 10 Day 327: Appointed Graphics Assistant of the Art Team
  • Year 10 Day 327: Removed as Assistant Director of Galaxy Archives
  • Year 10 Day 327: Appointed Archivist of Galaxy Archives
  • Year 10 Day 228: Removed as Graphics Assistant
  • Year 11 Day 076: Placed on re-hireable termination as Training Officer
  • Year 11 Day 076: Placed on re-hireable termination as Imperial Diplomat
  • Year 11 Day 081: Re-appointed Academy Training Officer
  • Year 11 Day 093: Laid-off as Archivist (wiki staff abolished)
  • Year 11 Day 094: Appointed Assistant Director of Imperial Geographic
  • Year 11 Day 094: Awarded COMPNOR Department Leader position
  • Year 11 Day 183: Appointed Imperial Recruiter of Imperial Centre for Recruitment
  • Year 11 Day 261: Terminated from Imperial Academy
  • Year 11 Day 261: Resigned from Imperial Centre for Recruitment
  • Year 11 Day 296: Appointed Chiss Ambassador to the Empire
  • Year 11 Day 326: Resigned as Chiss Ambassador to the Empire
  • Year 12 Day 018: Appointed Governor of planet Sirilla
  • Year 12 Day 033: Resigned as Governor of planet Gortis
  • Year 12 Day 033: Appointed Governor of planet Caamor
  • Year 12 Day 040: Assigned dual-role to Darpa Sector
  • Year 12 Day 046: Appointed interim Deputy Director of Imperial Geographic
  • Year 12 Day 052: Resigned as Governor of planet Sirilla
  • Year 12 Day 052: Resigned as Governor of planet Caamor


  • Year 10 Day 285: Awarded Certified Academy Tutor ribbon by Tec Vaan
  • Year 11 Day 098: Awarded Imperial Duty Bars - 6 Months ribbon by Machkhit
  • Year 11 Day 148: Awarded Letter of Commendation award by Machkhit
  • Year 11 Day 155: Awarded Imperial Academy Basic Graduate ribbon by Galdarzz Aalon
  • Year 11 Day 187: Awarded Letter of Commendation 2 award by Machkhit
  • Year 11 Day 265: Awarded Imperial Duty Bars - 1 Year ribbon by Machkhit
  • Year 11 Day 312: Awarded Letter of Commendation 3 award by Machkhit
  • Year 12 Day 031: Awarded Imperial Citizenship Award award by Machkhit

Command Positions

Chiss Ambassador to the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Year 11 Day 296 - Year 11 Day 330
Succeeded By:
Governor of Sirilla
Preceded By:
Year 12 Day 18 - Year 12 Day 52
Succeeded By:

Governor of Caamor
Preceded By:
Jett Blackheart
Year 12 Day 33 - Year 12 Day 52
Succeeded By:

Governor of Gortis
Preceded By:
Year 10 Day 300 - Year 12 Day 33
Succeeded By:

Interim Deputy Director - Imperial Geographic
Preceded By:
Position created
Year 12 Day 46 - Present
Succeeded By:

Assistant Director - Imperial Geographic
Preceded By:
Jorgus Krenn
Year 11 Day 94 - Year 12 Day 46
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished

Assistant Director - Galaxy Archives Y10
Preceded By:
Szardra Kaika
Year 10 Day 281 - Year 10 Day 327
Succeeded By:
Kate Black-Granger

Director of Logistics - Primus Medical Y10
Preceded By:
Vade Vinto
Year 10 Day 250 - Year 10 Day 251
Succeeded By:
Jett Blackheart

Deputy Director of Logistics - Primus Medical Y10
Preceded By:

(Position Created)

Year 10 Day 204 - Year 10 Day 250
Succeeded By:
Jett Blackheart

Job History

Other Jobs

Alfan before the Alignment had many small jobs after graduation from college. He couldn't find a job in his field for a long time. So he joined Black Nebula and began working like a dog for a few moths before going back and forth between Telegron Rothani Shipworks and Pulsar Recycling hauling RMs and picking up NPCs much of what he is doing right now in Government.

Pentastar Alignment

During Sebastian's run from Regent Goth he joined the Alignment to hide from the Regent's grasp. Much of his service record was lost but some records survived including his ranks and positions. Alfan stayed short as he had a feeling all along that the Alignment wanted him dead. Months later after his departure he was contacted by one of Araith's aides and they explained to him that a Pentastar spy inside the GE reported back to Pentastar that he was a spy for the GE and that he had to arrest him which is why he resigned. Alfan hears that just weeks after Major William Black CO of PSP contacted him to ask him to become a spy for their side, Alfan refused and he hasn't heard from the Major since.

Pentastar Security Patrol

Pentastar Security Patrol has had a dark history, as the Alignment tried to arrest and execute most of it's Directors due to their paranoia of infiltration and spying. The first Director, Araith Black-Granger became wanted for spying and Warrant Officer Alfan was commanded by Moff Davik to execute an arrest. Rumors were that at the same time there was a warrant out for Alfan and when Alfan entered Araith's ship there would be someone from Command there to arrest them both. Other versions were that there was only a warrant out for Director Araith and after he randomly left and Alfan was appointed Director and Commanding Officer of the whole branch did the Alignment place a A/E warrant on him. Director Alfan made many contributions to the branch, including new ways of filtering spies, interrogation techniques, communication monitoring and the administration and structure of the security branch. Following his appointment he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer. Alfan too was paranoid, not about spies, but about being executed as he didn't trust his employers. Fearing for his life he left shortly. After a few weeks of roaming he was persuaded by Major Black and came back to Pentastar. PSP was under new command. Major William Black-Granger was appointed it's new Director. An A/E warrant was issued for Alfan for a "Class I Violation" which has no known definition. After a little time spent under Major Black's command Alfan left again still not trusting his employers. After that he decided he had enough of working in security and intelligence as a lot of the people in the field are just too paranoid and nuts. A little while after Alfan left Major Black tried to join the Empire and was denied, he left Pentastar and the entire Pentastar Security Patrol branch was shutdown and made defunct.

He joined Primus Medical a Nationalized Faction inside the Empire's Ministry of Industry.

  • Year 10: Appointed Sergeant of Armed Forces
  • Year 10: Promoted to Warrant Officer of Pentastar Security Patrol
  • Year 10: Appointed Army-Liason Officer for Pentastar Security Patrol
  • Year 10: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer
  • Year 10: Appointed Commanding Officer of Pentastar Security Patrol

Commanding Officer - Pentastar Security Patrol (PSP)
Preceded By:
Araith Black-Granger
Year 10 Day ? - Year 10 Day ?
Succeeded By:
William Black-Granger


Alfan's PSP Identification Card
The only physical remaining artifact of Alfan's time in Pentastar

Primus Medical

For a few months Alfan lead Primus Medical's Logistics Department and ran their website until his transfer to Imperial Government on Year 10 Day 251.


Alfan isn't much for material things, with only the clothes on his back and his standard-issued imperial equipment. He owns one personal vehicle, nothing fancy, just a fighter to transport him to places fast.

Ginivex-class Starfighter main.jpg "Das Schutzstaffel"

Das Schutzstaffel in battle