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Primus Medical

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Primus Medical
Leader Deputy Director Arkam Roan
Foundation Date Year 6 Day 151
Type Corporation
Professions Pharmaceutical Corporation
Emblem med-70x70.png
Application Process http://primusmedical.lyran.info/How_To_Join.htm
Forum http://imperialforum.realmofkingdoms.com/index.php
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Primus Medical (also known as Primus), once part of the Corporate Sector Authority, is a pharmaceutical corporation that serves as a nationalized faction of the Galactic Empire.


Primus Medical is the primary supplier of medical goods and services in the Empire.[1] They produce medical ships and vehicles, specialist droids, and items - especially bacta.


Administratively part of the Ministry of Industry, the head of Primus Medical is the Deputy Director. The second-in-command is typically the Operations Manager. Three divisions within Primus are Research, Logistics, and Production.[1] Senbe (Sentient Being) Resources deals with organizational and staffing issues.


Primus Medical was a nationalized faction of the Corporate Sector Authority until the governing authority was annexed by the Galactic Empire due to evidence of mismanagement, failure to meet basic productivity and staffing requirements, and dealings with other factions hostile to the Empire.

Primus Medical was one of the first factions to be secured after the CSA nationalization. Alexander Fel, the Deputy Director of the DII at the time, was instituted as leader. Not long after being made leader, it was discovered that Fel had been stealing almost 100 million credits worth of assets from Primus. Although quick to proclaim his innocence, he soon fled the Empire and formed the Lyran Separatists. Hiyo Rogo, a former officer of the Imperial Navy, took over the faction, and the accusations against Fel were proved to be true.

Under the leadership of Rogo's successor, Navy veteran Victor Vaklu, Primus Medical established more production hubs in influential systems and started mass-producing medical items. Productivity far surpassed the levels set by the CSA and it became the primary medical goods supplier to the Empire.

Eventually, Vaklu retired from his post as the leader of Primus Medical, leaving the corporation under the leadership of Arkam Roan.

Notable members

Leadership of Primus Medical

Leader - Primus Medical
Preceded By:
Arkam Roan
Jett Blackheart
Succeeded By:
Draven Diesel
Second-in-Command - Primus Medical
Preceded By:
Arkam Roan
Reina Kaine
Succeeded By:
Director of Logistics - Primus Medical
Preceded By:
Sebastian Alfan
Succeeded By:


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