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Corporate Sector Authority

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Corporate Sector Authority
Leader ExO Max Solusar
Foundation Date Year 3
Type Security faction/free enterprise fiefdom[1]
Professions Security, then government
Members Magnaguard Manufacturing

Myorzo Weapon Systems

Primus Medical

Paradox Resource Exploration

Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated

Universal Network Bank

Application Process
Forum http://fictionweb.net/swc/csa/
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Corporate Sector Authority was once a government of the Corporate and Kanz Sectors - regions dedicated to the exploits of numerous corporate factions. On Y10D72 it was nationalized by the Galactic Empire as a result of continuing mismanagement. It was later dissolved, although the majority of its allied corporations are now part of the Ministry of Industry.


The Corporate Sector Authority was created in Year 3 by Mystiel Raleigh, Kam Farlight, Zorran Black and Orion Silverhelm from the remains of smuggling cartel Infinite Dark. Originally a security faction, it was soon transformed into a private government created to govern the territories that were controlled by a number of different corporations at the time, believing that control by a single oversight committee would improve conditions in the sector. They continued to govern these territories for a number of years with varying degrees of success.

Although the government was overseen by a number of different leaders over the years, as time went by it became clear that managing a government was quite unlike managing their regular corporate entities. Although it, along with its nationalized factions, continued to function, they were consistently held back by poor decision making and exploitation from thieves and pirates. It was eventually discovered that the CSA had also been dealing with other factions hostile to the Empire, and a unanimous decision was made to re-nationalize the Corporate Sector Authority.

"Let it be known that the Empire is dedicated to ensuring the continuing security and stability in the Corporate and Kanz sectors. We do this for the people of the Corporate Sector, to ensure that the prosperity they seek there can be had by them."
— Orphaea Imperium

Nationalization of the Corporate Sector Authority occurred on Y10D71. The Empire withdrew the charter granting autonomous authority to the Corporate Sector due to evidence of mismanagement of the governing authority and its subsidiaries, and failure to meet basic productivity and staffing requirements. Orphaea Imperium, Moff of Dolomar Oversector was an observer within the Corporate Sector Authority in the days leading to nationalization, and was the officer responsible for giving the order to detain the Direx Board, the governing body of the Authority, and assumed control of the government apparatus.[1] The corporations of the CSA were nationalized by the Galactic Empire and most are now administratively part of the Ministry of Industry. The Corporate Sector Authority itself was dissolved later in Year 10.


Magnaguard Manufacturing

MM logo

In the aftermath of the nationalization process, over 200 million in credits and assets were looted from Magnaguard Manufacturing before the faction could be locked down. A handful of Imperials, led by the youngest brother of Orphaea, Melkhior Imperium, took temporary control of Magnaguard until a permanent leader could be found, and the the stolen assets returned (which they were a few days later).

Haran Ran was chosen as the new leader, having served there before joining the Galactic Empire. However, just a few weeks after being appointed leader, it was discovered that Ran intended to sell various Magnaguard assets to the New Republic in exchange for over a billion in credits. Immediately after the discovery, a number of Imperials moved in to remove Ran, and Melkhior Imperium was once again sent to secure the faction until a new leader can be found.

Primus Medical

PM logo

Primus Medical was one of the first factions to be secured after the CSA nationalization. Alexander Fel, the Deputy Director of the DII at the time, was instituted as leader. Not long after being made leader, it was discovered that Fel had been stealing almost 100 million credits worth of assets from Primus. Although quick to proclaim his innocence, he soon fled the Empire and formed the Lyran Seperatists. Hiyo Rogo, a former officer of the Imperial Navy, took over the faction, and the accusations against Fel were proved to be true.

Under Rogo's leadership, Primus Medical is being turned around rapidly. It now serves as the primary supplier of medical goods for the Galactic Empire, and productivity has already surpassed the levels set by the CSA.

Paradox Resource Exploration

PRE logo

Paradox Resource Exploration was a mining faction owned by the CSA. Inwe Ventidius took over the leadership after nationalization, and the transition was somewhat smoother than the others.

PRE was striped down an merged in to the Empire's existing Cloud City operations. As there was no longer a need for the remains of the faction, it was sold to President Rune Tao of the Endeavor Corporation, who appointed Doc Jessa as new leader.

Myorzo Weapon Systems

MYS logo

Inara Imperium, sister of Orphaea, was appointed temporary leader of Myorzo Weapon Systems. Like PRE, the transition was relatively smooth when compared to some of the other factions, and eventually Igneus Esh was named as the new CEO.

Esh, like Rogo, is a former officer of the Imperial Navy, and has since turned MWS in to a powerful weapons dealer. They currently produce a number of items for the Empire, particularly for the Imperial Army.

Universal Network Bank

UNB logo

The Universal Network Bank was a banking faction founded in Year 4 by Orion Silverhelm. The bank passed through a number of hands over the years, until it eventually made it's way back to Silverhelm, who agreed to incorporate the faction in to the existing Myorzo family of factions. It later became one of the founding factions of the CSA, and was lead by Lee Adama until it was nationalized.

Andhers Jakhim of the Imperial Navy acted as interim leader, until Lord Mikel von Bianchi was selected as the new CEO. Although the bank operated successfully under the Sith's leadership for a number of weeks, the decision was made on Y10D113 to merge it with the existing Galactic Bank.

Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated

SEMinc logo

Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated is a faction that was founded Y6D169 by billionaire Orion Silverhelm. Although it was originally intended as a news service for humorous, lighthearted content providing a distraction from the Galactic Civil War, it was later transformed in to a serious media outlet under the leadership of Donnie Deffland.

Haran Ran, who later went on to lead Magnaguard Manufacturing, acted as interim president after its nationalization. With no use for an information faction, it was sold to Xabia Dimentos and Dantius Storm, who then went on to sell it to current president, Shani Tregua. It is now generally regarded as a poor information service compared to many other outlets operating in the galaxy.


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