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Haran Ran

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Haran Ran
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Layina Ran
Father Galen Ran (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Inwe Ventidius
Children None
Born Year -17 Day 36
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Prior Service Ministry of Operations, Imperial Navy, Naval Engineering Corps, Kathol Gaurd, Magnagaurd Manufacturing
Awards DB6M.jpg

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Haran Ran was a member of the Ministry of Operations and undertook construction of various projects to benefit the large reaching span of the Empire. He has served within the Kathol Gaurd and was a worker within Magnagaurd Manufacturing.


Early Life

Haran began as a young Hapan child. His parents were rich Hapans who enjoyed favor among the high socociety of Hapes. Haran was spoiled often and was far to whiny. He cried whenever he didn't get exactly wanted and his parents couldn't bear to see their little boy cry. For years they spoiled him.

The Ran Family Crest

For years he became more and more spoiled. His parents became increasingly worried about his adult life and began to think about possibly saying that fateful word, "no".

One day at the age of 21 he demanded yet another starship. His parents locked eyes for a moment then turned and replied, "No,". Haran was furious. He stormed out of his families mansion and went to the starport and took off for a far flung reigon of the galaxy.

Kathol Republic

Haran traveled the galaxy living off the incredibly large amounts of credits he had with him when he left, which was pocket change to him. One day though he reached into his pocket to pay for a ticket out of his current system when he realized he was out of money. He stood there, shocked.

He tried to find some way to earn money but his inability to do what his bosses requested got him fired within days if not hours. He hopped along the small, beat up town he was in. He was starving and losing weight. He was walking through what could be called the town square when he heard a booming voice. He worked his way over and found a recruiter for the Kathol Gaurd. He became enchanted with the weaving of fantasies the recruiter shouted. Haran listened in awe and immediatly enlisted in the Kathol Gaurd.

Haran left on a shuttle with a few dozen new recruits and the recruiter. They were given basic instruction on their way. When they landed they were given basic equipment and then given a quick breifing. They were to go and help keep Hoth under Kathol control.

Haran was then shipped off to Hoth as reinforcements along with many other new recruits. His units goal was to defend a Kathol city from Imperial forces. His unit waited for months without any action or further orders then one day, they saw a Katholian shuttle leave with the commanding officers of the unit. They had left, knowing they had lost the battle to the Imperials.

Haran was toughened by the cold and slowly became "reasonable". His unit waited for another few weeks slowly running out of supllies. Eventually, they decided enough was enough. The Kathol Republic had abandoned them. They gathered the shuttles and any space worthy vessals they could find. They said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways.

Magnagaurd Manufacturing

After Haran got onboard one of the shuttles left behind he headed for the Corporate Sector. As he exited hyperspace the Corporate Sector Authority immediatly surrounded him with figheters and asked him his buisness. He replied the truth, he was looking for work. They told him about Magnagaurd Manufacturing. They said that Magnaguard was looking for workers and paid well. After inquiring a little, he came to find that it paid twice as much as his old Kathol job and immediatly sent in his resume to Magnaguard.

He arrived at Ixltar, the headquarters of Magnaguard and began to work for them. He repaired faulty droids, made sure things were in order, and checked the Raw Material stores. One day he contacted the his superiours looking for new orders. No word. For days and weeks he waited.

He had been abandoned again. He thought back to his days on Hoth and remembered the Imperials. They had been honorable he thought. Haran decided to enlist in the Imperial service, hoping that he wouldn't get abandoned. Again.

The Empire

The Acadamy

As Haran's ship exited hyperspace in one of the core sectors he beheld the might of an Imperial defense fleet. Stunned as he was, he still managed to respond to the hails and questions of the Imperial fleet.

When he touched down on the planet he headed towards the nearest city tourist guide droid. The guide pointed him towards the nearest recruitment station. He walked in and answered the questions of the Corellian recruiter. Her eyebrows raised when she heard about his involvment with the Kathol Republic, but she continued to write his application. At the end of the gruelling experience, the recruiter sent it in the Recruitin headquarters. She suggested he wait in town for a few days and said she would comm him when the results of the application came back to here.

A day and a half later the woman commed him. She said that his application had been accepted and he was to report to the starport the next day at 1200 and he would be taken to the Imperial Acadamy.

Haran rejoices at
being accepted
into the Imperial

After arriving at the acadamy he studied dilligently for several months. He was above average student and was aiming for honors. Halfway through his courses he began to get cocky. After two below average test scores he zeroed back in on his goal. Unforunatly he was 3% below average. He graduated into the Imperial Navy and was shipped off to his fleet.

Operation: Burning Heart

Haran was assigned to the 6th Imperial Fleet and was immediatly shuttled to the fleets location, he boarded one of the Star Destroyers of the fleet and was greeted by fellow piolts and was introduced to the fleet command, Ramos Rob and Katar Trilac. He was breifed on the the fleets current mission, Operation Burning Heart. The fleet would be penetrating deep into enemy territory, even into Republica itself. Haran was shocked, his first mission and he was going to be placed in incredible danger. He knew he should be brave, but in all honesty, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. He realized that this was what he signed up for, so he decided to honor his agreement.

He began to learn about members of the fleet and bonded with them. Although Haran did not know it until much later, this actually imbued him with a certain bravery, a desire to protect his friends. He began to practice diligently in his assigned TIE-Scout, and went from lackluster, to average. He realized he would never be a great fighter piolt, still he reached a certain level of proficency with it.

Eventually the day arrived, the 6th Fleet was less then an hour away from Republica, and the pilots were ordered into their ships. Haran scrambled up the ladder in his flight suit and strapped himself into the cockpit of his TIE; he prepared himself and turned on the fleet’s comm channel. He smiled as he heard the voice of his fleet mates and smiled, they were in this together. The commander of the mission called out over the channel they had arrived, and the hanger bay doors opened. The fleet's fighter complement disembarked and sped towards their specific assignments.

Haran flew towards the very defense fleet of the Rebel's capital planet. He used the advanced sensor systems of his nimble fighter to scan the strength of the forces. He immediately transmitted the data back to Fleet Command and went closer to get more detailed scans. He continued to transmit data back to the fleet when suddenly a large attack force came forth from the rebels.

2 X-Wings began to chase after Haran and they quickly landed 2 glancing hits on his left wing. His shields sunk beneath 30% and he knew he had to get help. Moving at maximum speed he flew towards the fleet’s concentration of capital ships. The X-Wings followed him towards them. Haran diverted all power to rear shields and his engines and raced them to the edge of the nearest Star Destroyers weapon range.

He reaches it with almost none of his shields in tact and the X-Wings turned around. Instead of flying into the hanger, and safety, he spun and flew after the X-Wings. Haran unleashed his lasers and one of the X-Wings blossomed into flame. The other X-Wing got away and Haran saw another flight of X-Wings coming towards him. He figured it was time to dock with his ship.

No Imperial Pilots were lost during the mission and valuable data had been collected. For his and other's brave duties, a good deal of the fleet received a promotion.

Further Missions and the Imperial News Service

Haran continued to work with the Imperial Navy and loved it. His fleet mates became his family and they shared numerous laughs and pranks. They continued to do missions, though none nearly as exciting or dangerous as Burning Heart

Haran on his first holonews broadcast

He began to have extra time as he learned how to do his duties quickly and efficiently. He looked for ways he could serve the Empire with his extra time. Haran heard from his fleet mates that the Imperial New Service was looking for people in the Navy to become journalists. He applied and was accepted. He began to write stories and spread the truth of the Empire across the galaxy while he was done with his duties in the Navy.

Haran begins to deliver stories to members of the Empire about their allies, economics and other things. He becomes friends with the other staff and continues on for some time with the INS.

All the while his missions continue and he got promoted once again. He was now a Flight Corporal. Despite his lack of incredible talent, the constant usage of ships proceeded to give him a certain level of skill and he garnered some respect among his fleet mates.

He was having the time of his life serving the Empire and it was all he could do to not grin at every single opportunity. His work continued to improve, and he began to dream of one day becoming and officer in the Navy. His goal slowly began to foster within his mind. Little did he know that his goal would be changed in less then a month.

The Naval Engineering Corps

Soon Haran's destiny was changed when Pro Consul Goth and Fleet Admiral Slicer asked for people to join the Naval Engineering Corps. Reading the descriptions his eyes lit up, it awakened some deep burning passion within him, and he hesitantly though about applying. As much as he loved his fleet, he felt his calling. After talking it over with his Fleet CO, he decided to apply.

He fidgeted for days as he waited for his application to be processed, after several weeks, the people who would be moved to this new division was announced, along with Ark Trindacut and David Crow, Haran was now under the command of Lord Wulf and Pro Consul Goth. They went and studied the necessary information for a few short weeks then they were sent to Scylla, to help with the massive construction effort.


Haran was shipped of to Scylla along with the other members of the NEC, and they began to work on the massive development project. He helped design city layouts, and found something he truly excelled in. He led workers in several sections of the massive gas giant. The sections he developed progressed rapidly and he was respected by the other members of the construction team.

Scylla, Jewel of the Imperial Union

He began to smile more and more as he sees the billowing, butter cream colored clouds increasingly separated by dilacerate platforms with massive cities among them. He grew happy and complacent, and nothing seemed to dampen his mood. He grew fond of his fellow workers and NEC members and grew a large amount of respect for Minister Wulf. However his world was met with a formidable challenge. Wulf was revealed to be a Sith and then a shocking betrayal shocked him. Ark Trindacut betrayed the Empire, and Haran and Crow were shocked.

His world teetered on an edge and he took a few days off to ponder the changes. Haran was given an extra job to his normal duties along with Jacen Varos and David Crow. This was a blessing, and he threw himself into his work, it helped him forget the shocking betrayal and get back to his work.

Promotions and Awards

Year 9 Day 38 Admitted into the Empire
Year 9 Day 38 Assigned to Assistant Dean Markus Saretti in the Imperial Acadamy
Year 9 Day 44 Graduated from the Acadamy
Year 9 Day 44 Assigned to the Navy and recived the rank of Crewman [E-2]
Year 9 Day 88 Promoted to Crewman First Class [E-3]
Year 9 Day 118 Promoted to Flight Corporal [E-4]
Year 9 Day 128 Joined Imperial News Service
Year 9 Day 134 Assigned to the Naval Engineering Corps and given the rank of Secretary [E-4]
Year 9 Day 148 Joined Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Year 9 Day 187 Promoted to Secretary [E-5]
Year 9 Day 239 Promoted to Manager [E-6]
Year 9 Day 289 Promoted to Supervisor [E-8]