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Katar Trilac

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Katar Trilac
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld N/A
Mother Sarah Ravenwood
Father Uriel Trilac
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -16 Day 18
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions N/A
Prior Service Navy

2IF Member,
2IF CoS,
1IF Member

Resource Allocation - Imperial Navy Director
Imperial Centre for Recruitment (NIO) Director


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Katar Trilac is a 27 year old human in the service of the Imperial Navy, and the Galactic Empire. He has had an eventful career, having served in many of the Imperial Navy's units. A dedicated Imperial, Trilac works hard to this day to advance the goals of the New Order. He enlisted in the Imperial Navy on Day 19, Year 6.


First Years

Katar Trilac was born aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Indomitable on year -16 day 18. His parents, Sarah Ravenwood and Uriel Trilac, both worked for the Imperial Navy. His father was the Captain of the vessel and received special permission to have a relationship and marriage with Sarah, who was a specialist in vessel repairs. Trilac was raised in a Navy environment, attending military schooling from an early age. From the beginning, he showed an advanced interest in space combat and naval warfare. When he came of age, after a tour of the galaxy, he would enroll in the Imperial Navy.

Early Career

Upon joining the Imperial Navy, he went straight into service flying fighters on scanning missions. Skipping the usual training procedure common for most new pilots, Trilac was able to distinguish himself early as a capable pilot. His first mentor was Guinar Ndengin, who would continue to be a trusted friend for the rest of his career. During this time, Trilac served under one of the most prominent FCO's the navy has seen, Rawius Titan. The 3IF participated in two special operations ordered privately by the Emperor during this period. After a year of service within the 3IF, politics and a drive to better the Empire led Katar Trilac to follow his comrades in forming the NIO.

New Imperial Order

The path to joining the New Imperial Order was a difficult one. During Katar Trilac's escape, he was arrested by the ISB and awaiting execution. Through the kind actions of Adam Zad, now a traitor from the Empire, Trilac was freed and was able to make it safety. He would rendezvous with the rest of the NIO's new members in the Bothan Sector to found their new faction. Things would start of slowly, as the new group drew resources and allies to it. For months Trilac worked a long side his comrades with no pay and little benefits, even donating two squadrons of fighters to the cause. The NIO navy would be finally organized into three groups, the first of which would be Retribution Assault Group RAG. Trilac would become GXO of that group and work there a long side his comrade Mika Noris. After a few months Trilac would be appointed to the NIO's Vanquish Prime Assault Group VPAG as it's GCO. During this time, Trilac learned the ins and outs of command; studying hit and run tactics among others.

New Imperial Order Fleets

After over a year of work, the NIO was growing strong, and so was it's navy. NHC elected to create fleets from the groups it currently maintained to better organize the flood of recruits that were always incoming. Trilac would be appointed to command the 2nd New Imperial Order Fleet 2NIOF, which would take turns a long with the first defending the Bothan Sector from enemy attack. During the year that Trilac commanded the 2NIOF, the largest GE offensive against the NIO would take place. Christened Operation Bulldozer BULLD, the operation would involve a full GE fleet invading and occupying NIO regions. Matching the GE forces move my move, forces of the 2NIOF were able to block their actions effectively and force their operation to end in a lackluster fashion. Expanding his work within the NIO, Trilac was appointed as the Director of the Imperial Centre for Recruitment. There, he worked to expand and make efficient the intake of new pilots; growing the NIO navy by epic proportions. After over a year of service, NHC assigned Trilac to the 1NIOF as FCO to relieve Mika Noris.

Return to the Galactic Empire

Though the reasons were complex, Trilac began to feel unhappy in his position in the 1NIOF. The fleet had just traded places with the 2NIOF to stay within NIO space rather than be moving abroad. Frustrated with this, Trilac attempted to find other outlets cure his unhappiness. He worked with the ISB as a secret agent to make his work more interesting and rewarding. Finally, reaching a breaking point Katar Trilac contacted the GE and made arrangements to return. Using his privileges, Katar Trilac would load several squadrons of NIO fighters, a capital ship and other equipment aboard an ISD. Additionally, with orders from GE NHC, Trilac would execute the retired Admiral John Ramses. With that, Katar Trilac would make his way back to the Empire and miraculously survive the less than kind departure.

New Imperial Service

Back and settled within the GE Imperial Navy, Trilac was assigned as a member of the 3IF. He quickly rose to GXO of Theta Group, and then GCO after a month. Again he had an opportunity to show he was a capable leader, and he worked hard to promote the careers of the pilots around him. Soon a Navy reorganization took place, which would change the overall structure of the fleets. Fleets were broken down back into solitary units without internal groups. Originally assigned to the 4IF as a member of it's command staff, Trilac would transfer to the new 6IF commanded by his comrade and notorious Captain Adam Diggins. The new 6IF had been created to serve as the special operations fleet of the Empire, just as the 3IF often had during Trilac's early career. 6IF would participate in several missions, including the Calaron Holdout Campaign which involved the blocking of enemy construction in that region. Trilac was appointed as FXO of the unit and later FCO after Adam Diggins left the Navy and Ramos Rob switched positions with him. He would finish his service in the 6IF by completing Operation Burning Heart, a mission of his own design, which involved invading and showing force within the New Republic's core systems. Having completed the mission, Trilac was forced to step down from his position of FCO, citing a grievous loss in his family.

Modern Service

Returning months later, Trilac served for a time as the CoS of the 2IF. He would also serve as the Director of RADIN. After several months he was again forced to resign due to a final loss in his family. A great many months later, Katar Trilac has returned to service within the Imperial Navy. He looks forward to work within the newly reformed Empire and under the new Emperor Cherokee, with great pride and hope for the future.

Ranks and Positions

Ranks Held

  • Recruit [E-1]
  • Crewman [E-2]
  • Crewman First Class [E-3]
  • Flight Corporal [E-4]
  • Flight Sergeant [E-5]
  • Flight Officer [E-9]
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Lieutenant [O-3]
  • Lieutenant Commander [O-4]
  • Commander [O-5] (Year 9 Day 7)
  • Prefect [O-4] (Temporary Assignment, )

2IF Member,
1IF Member

Positions Held