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Bothan Sector

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Bothan Sector
Region Mid Rim
Oversector {{{oversector}}}
Systems Both




Population 27,149,011,511 inhabitants
Historical events None
Infrastructure former New Imperial Order headquarters

The central hub of the former New Imperial Order, the Bothan Sector is located in the Mid Rim. A relatively small sector with only four known systems, the Bothan Sector contains the primary worlds of the Bothan species who once ruled the sector from their capital of Bothuwai. The sector was heavily influenced by the Kiner Corporation who began to settle within the sector along with Tytus Escourting Incorporated.


With the creation of the New Imperial Order, the Kiner Corporation yielded control of its holdings in the Bothan Sector to the newly formed religion. A campaign of epic proportions was began by COMPNOR, driving the development and indoctrination of the Bothan Sector into the NIO. Meeting minimal resistance from the Bothan Governments initially due to the tremendous political power that the Kiner Corporation already exerted, the NIO was eventually required to forcibly remove the flagging Bothan government. As a result, the Bothan race was placed under strict regulation within the Sector and their traditional rights removed as the new human masters asserted their superiority over the Sector.

The first Imperial Governor of the Bothan Sector, Moff James Stratus was placed by the Lord Steward Garen Karrade. Swiftly mobilising the New Imperial Forces, Moff Stratus soon secured a vigilant watch over the Bothan Sector. It was not long into the affirmation of the New Imperial Order's supreme control of the sector that the pirate organisation Eidola attempted to set up a colony on the planet of Dressel. The defence forces were quickly mobilised and after many skirmishes secured Dressel and prevented the larger Eidola from gaining a foothold in the Sector.

When the New Order assumed control of the basic infrastructure KinerCorp had begun laying down in Bothan Sector, the Sector was home to a mere 3 million inhabitants, most of which were native Bothans and Dresselians. Barely 9 months under the control of the New Order and its aggressive economic development plan, Bothan Sector’s population swelled over 100 million inhabitants and the New Imperial Order was recognized by many as an established and legitimate government.

Most of the population growth was due to the attractive social, economic, and educational opportunities the New Order offered to the citizens of the galaxy at large. Staggering numbers of humans poured into Bothan Sector due to well targeted opportunities afforded them, quickly surpassing the sector’s namesake indigenous non-human populations. The development of new construction techniques and methods on a Kothlis Moon early in Year 8 lead to the successes the New Order enjoyed in turning first Elantar in the Kothlis System, and then Dressel in the Dressel System into the veritable bastions of high civilization that they are today.

Citing family commitments, then-Grand Moff Stratus resigned from his post as Governor of the Bothan Sector. Long time Managing Director of the Kiner Corps' Corellian Engineering Corporation, Moff Ralic Feali succeeded Grand Moff Stratus as the Sector Governor. Following the New Imperial Order and Galactic Empire's reunification, Minister of Industry Guinar Ndengin was appointed Moff of the Bothan Sector.

Sector Staff

Moff – Guinar Ndengin


The Bothan Sector is currently protected by the Imperial Navy providing security for Imperial Citizens of the Bothan Sector.