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This is a list of all past INB News that were displayed in the Imperial News Grid. Click for current displayed news.


Corellia Shielded :: Posted By Norrec Morussian

norrec_morussian.jpg Bortras (INB) -- After series of tests, designed to ensure the functioning of all vital parts, the activation of the Corellian planetary shield was announced to the Galactic population. This shield will protect one of the most important planets in Imperial space from any terrorist attack or criminal incursion the enemies of the Empire may have in plan. Its function: not allowing material mass to pass it's perimeter, thus acting as a protective 'umbrella', that defends key planetary positions from landing parties and planetary bombardment.

The shield was activated by Moff Walter Boole, during a small opening ceremony that was held at the location of the shield's Control Center. To the gathered crowd of Imperial dignitaries and Corellian nobles, Moff Boole held a speech, from which we transmit the key statements.

The shielding itself is part of a wider plan of protecting all Imperial terrestrial holdings, and to provide Imperial citizens the protection they need in this time of Galactic turmoil. Naturally, the first planets to be shielded should be the most loyal and most vital parts of Imperial space, as Corellia. Corellians living on their home world can now feel safe in their homes, well protected from possible enemy actions. Corellians that earn their daily bread on other worlds can now rest assured that their families are safe from danger, protected by the activated planetary shield.

Due to the operational nature of the shield, and the new planetary regulations, all non-Imperial personnel that seek passage to the planetary surface are to submit an Imperial Port Authority Declaration Form 1138THX (available for download on the Imperial Holonet), while Imperials should contact directly Moff Boole, stating the reasons of their visit. This is, once again, to protect the planetary population from any unwanted visitors, but also to aid Imperial customs officers at making sure that drugs and other contraband never reach the planet. This will, hopefully, reduce the already low crime rate, and give Corellians one less thing to worry about.

NORREC MORUSSIAN INB Liaison, Imperial Resource Extraction

Imperial Fleet Day Report :: Posted By Syrus Slane

syrus_slane.jpg 2010-08-23 23:09:57 From our Navy Liaison, Ensign Syrus Slane:

Imperials and loyalists of the Galaxy,

Welcome to Fleet Day, a day to remember those who have fallen and those who stand to fight for the continued security of galactic space. We, the naval men and women, have come fourth to bring to you, the loyal imperials, a showing of breath taking events designed to show naval superiority and to honor those who serve the empire without falter. The ten fleets of the imperial navy each undertook an event and in turn participated in bringing many interesting and creative ideas for the glory of the empire.

Without further adieu, let me present the First fleet's air show that inspired courage and honor to those who have fallen and inspiring young imperials a chance to see what real tie fighter pilots can manage. While this event was happening, a group of rebel star fighters managed to penetrate the airshow and the First was dispatched. Easily neutralizing the minor threat, the First celebrated with a firework show and autograph signing by their legendary commander, Kendan Tarr.

The Second and Third fleets took to the arena in a grudge match tug of war; both teams fought valiantly and scored a win. After a tense battle, the Third fleet came out on top, throwing the Second's team into the muddy pit. The Third fleet celebrated with an adult beverage party, complete with gambling. The losing team was invited, but declined the invitation. Well done, Third fleet; strength and brains are valued highly in the empire.

The Fourth Imperial fleet led a presentation onboard the Imperial class Star-Destroyer Apollyon, their flagship. The presentation revolved around the Sluis sector, Praesitlyn system that showed a substantial production of star ship and weapon emplacements. After a conclusive scan of the entire system, a theoretical strategy was resolved and possible plans are in the works for assaulting this valuable staging area.

The Sixth Imperial fleet brings together all of the naval modification fanatics for a once in a lifetime showing of custom built Imperial technology. Some of the most sophisticated technology in the galaxy will be decorated in a audacious fashion, signifying the navy's creative side.

The talented group of personal of the Seventh will be holding a music concert signifying their talent, service for the empire, and charity by donating all funds to house and supply healthy, living produce to the outer rim. Well done, men and women. The navy salutes you for your generosity. The concert is scheduled on the galactic date Year 11, Day 265 and will be held at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant; please attend.

The Eighth Fleet is proud to present the first ever invitational triathlon. One pilot was chosen from every fleet to engage in a series of death defying courses and nerve racking flying conditions. The racers started with a speeder course on the surface of a classified location designed to test the racers diligence. After reaching the checkpoint, racers piloted Tie-Interceptors through the dense atmosphere up to waiting Carrack-class Cruisers. The last leg of the journey was a quick hyper space hop through to the finish line, first place was awarded to Wilhelm Draagvarg. The race was close but Arya Downing managed to just barely steal second away, as Roga McBea came in third. The racing fans were excited with this spectacle, but racers from the Second, Fifth and Ninth fleets suffered death at the hands of this deadly course. May we honor these pilots for their courage and dedication to the empire.

The Ninth Imperial Fleet presents you the Imperial Navy Pentathlon, First Edition. Five different activities, that will test five different skills: Memory, Anticipation, Creativity, Strength and Cooking; well there is also another skill to be tested; team work. This will be a very interesting event; one that will no doubt hold great prestige for whichever team can place first.

The Tenth Fleet is conducting a training scenario designed to test the whit and abilities of Imperials that may or may not suffer star ship failure and strand themselves onto a enemy contested planet. They only have their skills and training to keep them alive, who will get rescued and who will be blasted in the sights of the enemy? Stay tuned!

Thank you, Imperial Navy, for doing your service to your empire. You make us stronger by your unwavering dedication and pride for our all mighty Emperor.

Disorder in the Federation? :: Posted By Cyrus Imperium

cyrus_imperium.jpg 2010-08-16 19:06:52 Bright Jewel, Duflivian Sector-

The new leader of the Falleen Federation came forward today issuing a much requested press conference after his ascension to the Falleen throne. Rick Farlander, unofficial succeeder to the old Falleen king Bisz Aldaris, has decided to not take the throne in an official state. He will lead the galactic government in the vests of Prime Minister, until judged worthy by his esteemed followers and allies of the Galactic Alliance.

The rumors around the concession of the throne by King Aldaris are many. Some state that the King has gone off in search of Falleen Monks on a personal quest to better himself and his leadership abilities. Others say that he has been kidnapped by pirates and is being held for ransom somewhere in Wild Space, under the supervision of the pirate Queen Teniel Djo. Few voices have stated that it was Prime Minister Farlander himself who was able to knock the King off his throne by staging a successful coup and is now hoping to gain support from Aldaris' followers, by not taking the throne immediately "until such a time that the Falleen Citizens deem otherwise", or so he stated. But what does this "forced" succession spell out for the Federation, and their future as the Galactic Government? Rick Farlander is believed to be a back stabbing lunatic by many, and he is considered a weakling amongst his peers. Warlord Squall Chitose of Eidola stated in a press conference last week, "[that] as galactic government, Farlander is in a position to hurt the Empire. He won't though, because he's a 'modern Falleen' ", suggesting that even the pirates fear the might of the Empire, and the delicate government may be the only to one have a chance against our Iron Fist.

Experts believe that the Federation is close to losing their Galactic Government status. Imperial construction projects have been proceeding unopposed, and any forms of opposition that have been encountered have been quashed within moments. It is believed that the inability to react to the Empire's growing power is what will sign the end of the Falleen's stint as Galactic Government. Farlander will not be able to oppose Imperial dominion for long. The Federation is divided between a group of nobility loyal to the King and the opposition loyal to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Farlander will lead the Falleen Federation to ruin. It is now only a matter of time until the Galactic Empire takes their rightful place as leaders of the Galaxy.

For INB, this is Cyrus Imperium. Good night.

New Army Adjutant Announced :: Posted By Graeda Lannan

graeda_lannan.jpg 2010-07-19 00:00:57

An Imperial press release today announced the appointment of Major Califf D`Troit to the position of Army Adjutant, making him a member of Army High Command. A memo issued by Major General Graeda L`Annan authorized D`Troit's promotion in position and rank, stating:

From: Major General Graeda L'Annan - Army Commanding Officer To: Captain Califf D`Troit - Legion Commanding Officer Subject: Command Promotion

Califf D`Troit, it is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to the challenging and demanding position of Army Adjutant.

The decision to promote you has been taken by Army High Command keeping in mind your dedication towards the Army's goals and your contributions in this regard. The fine work you have done in service of the Imperial Army and your dedication to the Galactic Empire has earned you this position. We are confident that you will meet your new responsibilities, which accompany a new rank of Major, with the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise which you have exhibited since you received your commission. In accordance with your promotion, the Bayonet-class Cruiser Retributor has been assigned as your personal flagship, with deployment orders to follow. You will be retaining your command of the First Legion. Please accept our congratulations on your new promotion!

MGEN L`Annan Army Commanding Officer

When interviewed, Major General L'Annan said, "Major D`Troit has created far-reaching goals for both his legion and the Army, which embody the ideals of AHC. He is known for creating standards within his own legion that become Army policy. He is currently in the midst of his long-term goal - the ambitious design of an Advanced Infantry School for new members.

Major D`Troit has experience in command roles within both the Imperial Navy and Army. The position of Army Adjutant will add to his impressive list of duties, including commanding the First Legion and directing the Resource Allocation Department's Imperial Army Office responsible for assigning graduates from the Imperial Academy to their legions. In addition, he has a unique mentoring program for those under his command and works as an instructor at the Imperial Academy in Carida. As Major General L'Annan told it, "The best way I can put it is to say he excels. Army High Command has the utmost confidence in its new Adjutant, and it is expected that Major D`Troit will continue to thrive and support the Imperial Army as he always has." ahc.jpg

Imperial Security Repels Pirate Attack :: Posted By Mikel von Bianchi

mikel_von_bianchi.jpg 2010-06-18 18:48:13 CORUSCANT (INB) - The Imperial Security Bureau has today released information regarding the rumored pirate attack upon an Imperial transport several days ago. From the steps of the Imperial Palace, a COMPNOR spokesman confirmed the attack, but downplayed its significance to the safety of the Empire.

"Yes, I can confirm that an Imperial starship was attacked by pirates while returning to Coruscant several days ago," the spokesman announced, a slight grin appearing on his face. "However, I can proudly announce that at no time was the security of the Empire at risk. In fact, what appeared to this pirate group at first to be a simple unarmed freighter was, in reality, a heavily-armored troop transport carrying several squads of Security Bureau stormtroopers home to Coruscant following their previous assignment."

From reports received by INB through various channels and sources, this is the story we've been able to piece together: the pirates, believing the ship to be unarmed and carrying large amounts of valuable materials (due to a fake manifest submitted by Imperial authorities), attacked the Imperial transport while the ship was in sublight travel through a particularly treacherous expanse of space. The Bureau Stormtroopers onboard trained their weapons on the hull breach and accepted the surrender of the small band of pirates, all of whom reportedly froze in terror at the sight of the well-trained Imperial shock troops.

We managed to reach Brigadier General Mikel von Bianchi, the Imperial Security Bureau's Chief of Enforcement, in his downtown Coruscant office. When asked about the effectiveness of the Bureau's Stormtrooper detachment, he couldn't help but smile before answering, "These troopers are not only some of the Bureau's best, they are some of the best and most fearsome troops in the entire Empire. I would pity any who had to stare down the barrels of their rifles, had those persons not already chosen a deplorable life of crime."

Imperial Security Bureau Stormtroopers are clad in the well-known and respected white armor of the Stormtrooper Corps, but are specially selected and trained for their loyalty to the Empire, as well as their ferocity and intelligence in combat. Acting under the direct command of the Imperial Security Bureau, they take on tasks that are of great importance to the security of the Empire.

"These men are absolutely, 100% loyal to the Empire," Brigadier General Bianchi stated. "Frankly, if more people were like them, I might not have a job." When asked about the group's current whereabouts, Brigadier General Bianchi replied that it was "classified," however, "I can reveal that they have received great honors from myself and the Empire. I even offered them leave time, but they declined. They want to be back out there, defending the Empire."

Imperial Ball Opens :: Posted by Francois Erasmus


Citizens of the Galactic Empire have been buzzing with anticipation with the opening of the annual Imperial Ball soon to begin. The Imperial Ball is a traditional military ball held yearly at the Imperial Palace with personnel from all Imperial divisions attending. The event is to occur on Year 11 Day 111. Commander Tao, organizer of the ball, consulted a mystic and it was found that the selected date would be an auspicious day that will bring great fortune to the Empire.

The Imperial Ball is a long-standing tradition that brings Imperials together for networking opportunities where officers meet face-to-face with their subordinates in a relaxed atmosphere. Guests will be introduced by an Imperial Guard and greeted by members representing the Empire in the formal reception line. This tradition ensures that each guest is welcomed and directed to the host, Commander Tao of the Imperial Navy, who will indicate where the guests shall be seated. There will be a ceremonial Parading of the Colors followed by dignitary speeches. Musical entertainment will be done by the esteemed Lady Rocher of Coruscant. After the dinner, traditional military toasts will be given to honor military personnel, leaders and guests. Finally, the long awaited formal dance will be held. Following her success with the Imperial Fleet Day, there has been great anticipation for the Imperial Ball amongst the Empire with many expecting the event to be the most successful to date.

As the Imperial Ball draws closer, the Imperial Palace has became a hive of activity as the organizing team began preparing the grounds for the festivities that would come with the annual occasion. Excitement has been high in the past few days as guests from across the Galaxy arrive in preparation for the opening ceremony. Even the Imperial Military, stationed on Coruscant since the conclusion of the Clone Wars and assisting in the organization of the Ball, have been getting into the spirit of the occasion with excitement and great anticipation filling the hearts of the seasoned veterans. One officer stated so succinctly "I've been waiting to get my dance on!"

The Imperial News Service has been granted special access to the Imperial Ball, where it has been found that Brigadier General L'Annan, Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army, will be performing a cultural dance at the Imperial Ball. She has chosen the Victory March which is an excerpt from the ballet The Seven Romances of Andante. The choice of dance exemplifies the overpowering might of the Empire. Brigadier General L'Annan graduated from the Crollian Academy of Dance and Music, receiving a qualification for Traditional Dance before enlisting into the Imperial Army.

With the entire Empire capturing the spirit of the Ball, many citizens within the Empire are expected to hold their own Imperial Ball parties. Once such example is The Sky Loft, a high profiled bar, hosting a pre-party with an Imperial theme. The Sky Loft is owned by Commander Tao and operated by Senior Workman Lilith Kaine. It is known across the Empire for its playful atmosphere and indulgent libations. Commander Tao has offered a one million-credit prize for the guest with the best toga. When asked about the toga party she commented, "It is an event that has the same spirit as the Imperial Ball but crazier!"

Prefect Ralk'bun is heading the security team responsible for the safety of the guests. In an attempt to interview him regarding the safety and security of the guests, Prefect Ralk'bun had no comments. Security has been found to be on high alert encompassing transportation, accommodations, and cuisine. Due to the level of importance of the guests it has been decided that no media coverage outside of the control of the Empire be allowed. All in all the Imperial Ball is on schedule, the security is tight and the guests are eager for some rest and relaxation.


Lockdown :: Posted by Vrogard Delahon


Tandell System, INB - The Imperial Navy and the Dolomar Sector Government has recently struck a blow against illegal construction and tax evasion in the Mid Rim under the guidance of both the New Republic and Falleen Federation Governments, with additional support from Rogue Squadron, as they conducted 'Operation Eternal Fields'. Using Interdictor Star Cruisers, the Imperial navy has blockaded the system and is currently conducting searches of vessels in the area to ensure the safety of all Imperial citizens in the system and to ensure order can be restored to a system poisoned by the slippery words and cruel actions of rebel forces.

Months before Operation Eternal Fields commenced, Imperial Intelligence, working with the Imperial Ministry of Finance, began noticing that the tax income from the Tandell system had ceased and that the required diplomatic packets sent each month to the sector's Moff, Tanez Kalrade, had become heavily delayed. Ever vigilant against rebel activity in the new Imperial sector, an Imperial Taskforce was sent to the system to locate the source of the disturbances. The Taskforce returned to the Dolomar Sector Government and reported how a fleet of motley cargo ships belonging to the New Republic and the Falleen Federation had begun illegal construction in the system and that the new self-proclaimed 'governments' had taken measures to encourage smuggling, illegal gambling, and other activities not condoned by Imperial Law.

The Dolomar Sector Government leapt immediately into action, working closely with the Imperial Navy to plan an operation that would freeze all of the detestable activity occurring in Tandell. In short order, a plan had been cooked up and the 1st Imperial Fleet, under the command of Captain Kato Forn, scrambled into action, ready to lead the task force on the order-restoration mission.

Imperial Interdictor blockading the planet

Early on the morning of Year 11 Day 13 a fleet consisting of Interdictor Star Cruisers and Imperial-Class Star Destroyers emerged from Hyperspace in the Tandell system. Within mere hours the entire system had been covered in artificial gravity fields, disallowing traffic to enter or exit the system unless authorized by Imperial law. The Imperial fleet found the system looking just as Imperial Intelligence had reported - full of rebels, smugglers and illegalities.

As the crews of the Interdictor cruisers kept the system locked down, the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, their hangers full of fighters and boarding craft, began checking and logging all ships in the system against the Imperial Ship Identification Database (ISIDD). The massive database stores scans and information regarding more than 30 billion separate vessels in the known Galaxy. Any vessel not found in the database is immediately registered, searched by Imperial Boarding teams and the owner fined an amount specified by Imperial Law for failing to register properly.

It is a testament to the talented individuals that compose the Imperial Navy and the Empire that operations such as Eternal Fields can be conducted and accomplished to the highest standards possible. These high maintained standards allow the Navy to use the exclusivity and power of the Navy's Interdictor Star Cruiser Fleet to its maximum potential. By blocking their escape, Imperial forces are guaranteed the time they need to get any and all results they need; a true testament to the Commanders' strategic abilities.

Even in the middle of an operation such as this, Captain Kato Forn was able to speak with an INB correspondent briefly regarding the operation - "This is the ultimate test for our Interdictor fleet and the results are no fraction less than our expectations. It adds a completely new dimension to warfare." When pressed about how long the fleet might stay in-system, the Captain simply chuckled with a slight smile - 'Classified.'

The Imperial News Bureau will continue to keep all loyal Imperial citizens up to date on the events occurring in this ongoing operation and system lockdown.


Imperial Liberation of Basho :: Posted By Kiari Delcroix


Basho, Darpa (INB) - Imperial forces liberated Basho from the graps of the New Republic and Keer Mining in a sweeping victory that surprised no one but the Galactic Alliance. The citizens of Basho rejoiced in the aftermath while a Commander in the Imperial Navy was commended by the Ministry of Industry for his rapid response.

Basho, a nominally cold planet with minimal atmosphere was previously known only for its mineral deposits. Keer Mining, a member of the rebellious Galactic Alliance, held the local populace in an iron grip. Conditions under Keer Mining's management were deplorable, even on the verge of violating the basic rights of sentients. Driving the indigenous natives into forced labor for even the minutest of transgressions, the fragile ecosystems of the planet were in acute danger from the reckless strip mining operations of the oppressive regime.

Some say that every sentient has a breaking point, a point at which the sentient 'cracks' and react to a condition he/she may find unacceptable. The Basho people had finally reached their breaking point, and with a huge surge of righteous fury they rose up and took control of their planet. The move was daring and brash, but even the Basho people knew the victory was only a temporary one. Soon Keer reinforcements would arrive to crush them, to wipe away their new hope for the future as well as their freedom.

Taren Vo'rale was one of those brave Basho natives. As personal aide to the local Keer governor of the western province, he witnessed first-hand the atrocities his people were forced to endure under the corrupt regime. He remembered vividly when they first declared independence, "We lost a lot of people to the Keer security forces in the initial days of fighting. It was tough but we finally took control." When asked by this Imperial News reporter why he would even work for the cruel Keer government in the first place Mr. Vo'rale sharply responded, "You either worked in the mines for a meal, or you worked for the local government. There was no choice - none of us had a choice."

This Imperial News reporter recently sat down with the resistance leader Sho'tane to further elaborate on the conflict as well as the daring capture of the communications center which was used to alert the 4th Imperial Fleet that was on patrol in the sector.

"We weren't soldiers," he said, "We were just civilians with no real combat training. But we had the rage and determination to pull through. It may have been luck, or the laxness of the Keer security forces, but when we finally broke through the defensive perimeter set up around the communications center, our brethren's sacrifice was worth it. We sent out a plea-a plea for help to anyone that would answer. The building had taken some damage during our attack so we were unsure if our signal was even getting out. When the Galactic Empire responded a cheer rose up amongst us. With the Empire on our side we could hold onto our planet, and we could make sure that Keer would touch it never again."

Visibly, the Empire was quick to act upon the emergency burst transmission as an advance team under the command of Commander Arya Downing was sent to pave the way for what eventually proved to be the full liberation of the planet. Once the Empire's forces had gathered, they jumped en masse to the Rhinnal system.

"It was like they came out of nowhere!" Jirus Shane, a resident of Basho said when asked about the arrival of the Empire, "One moment we declared independence and were preparing for the assault of what was left of Keer's regrouped security forces; we were spent, low on ammo and about to be out-manouvered - but next we saw landers and haulers descending from the atmosphere!"

The arrival of the Empire apparently caught Keer's forces by surprise, because the 4th Imperial Fleet was offered virtually no resistance as construction crews and haulers began landing on the surface. The 1st Imperial Legion, the 'Immortals', provided security for the civilian crews and well as crushed what little enemy forces remained.

Keer Mining, wishing to reclaim their dominance over the planet and its people, transferred ownership of its properties to the rebel group known as the New Republic. It is speculated that in doing so, these agents of chaos and corruption would resist the Imperial forces from invading Basho. However, with the presence of the 1st Legion and 4th Imperial Fleet the rebels chose cowardice and refused to challenge the imperials, thus leaving the crews to build at a leisurely pace. The Imperial News Bureau can only surmise that perhaps the strength of the rebels as well as their leadership has been eroding steadily since they began the Galactic Civil War.

After a quick meeting with Basho officials and Moff Ralic Feali, it was agreed that Basho would join the empire and thus the investment in the planet began. Massive construction crews littered the planet with haulers constantly on the move bringing in raw materials. Cities began to rise under isolated eco-domes, jobs began to be created and the overall living conditions of the Basho people were greatly improved. The liberation of Basho even saw Moff Ralic Feali himself taking command of a few construction crews on the surface, thus proving that even Moffs aren't afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to serving the best interests of the galaxy. Basho's high rises will serve to house the numerous people that have flocked to Basho since the Empire jump-started the local economy. It was even rumoured that the Ministry of Industry had sound installations rigged at key construction sites, so that the local workers would be inspired to aspire to ever greater productivity rates by the many motivational speeches from Minister Guinar Ndengin.

With the liberation of Basho the Empire now has a foothold in the Rhinnal Sytem amongst other rebel controlled planets. With the population numbers of Basho steadily increasing, even surpassing the population of other rebel controlled planets, the local populace has made it clear that they prefer the economic and security advantages of being a protected territory under the Empire, versus enslavement and economic mismanagement underneath the rebels.

Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium, the architect of the declassified operation known as Operation Mad Hatter, as well as numerous officials such as Minister Guinar Ndengin, Captain Kato Forn, Retired General Baraca Kex, and Vizier Jacen Varos were honored in a ceremony sponsored by the Basho people. Numerous speeches were given and a very heartfelt thanks was spoken by the mayor of the planet's biggest city. Minister Guinar Ndengin was visibly moved upon witnessing the spontaneous outpourings of gratitude: "Imperial Stormtroopers are welcomed with open arms , and just look at these beautiful flowers these good people have strewn across the streets. It brings a tear to the eyes." Further comments about fining the litterers to the hilt from the Minister were drowned out as the crowd once more erupted into cheers.

Lastly, inside sources have stated that key personnel involved in operation Mad Hatter have spoken with Navy High Command (NHC), commending Commander Arya Downing for his swift arrival to the planet to lay the groundwork for the eventual securing of it. The Imperial News Bureau has managed to get a hold of this conversation between the unnamed official and Navy Hight Command, and it states that Commander Arya Downing 'Performed above and beyond the call of duty', and also dubbing him 'A very valuable asset to the Empire'.

The Imperial News Bureau would like to congratulate Commander Downing as well as every Imperial that participated in this operation. The prosperity, peace and security of the Empire are now extended to another deserving planet, as they will eventually encompass the entire galaxy.


Imperial Improvements Throughout Galaxy :: Posted by Kate Black-Granger


Esseles (INB) - Three weeks ago, the Coalition for Improvements announced the completion of their most recent project. This project included in-depth planetary surveys to identify possibilities for future growth and development. The project will have the added benefit of updating and improving the Empire's databank regarding Imperial territory.

The Ministry of Industry has begun to utilize the data found in the survey to find environments with the exact conditions required for the formation of in-demand raw materials used for both construction and production. Whilst the Empire certainly isn't lacking the required materials, knowledge gained from the survey will ensure that future plans for expansion will continue to be successful and conducted in an organized fashion. This will alleviate fears that some senior officials may have had regarding the possibility of depleting all resources following the rapid expansion now occurring in several Sectors.

Taking a moment from his busy schedule of vociferously encouraging Ministry of Industry personnel to resume production, Minister Ndengin had this to impart: "With the new survey safely filed away we can now anticipate the raw material needs of the Empire better than ever before. Production times are expected to improve due to increased efficiency across the board. Supply lines are shortened and more raw materials are becoming available - which will benefit the Empire to no end."

This survey has also proved to be useful to other branches of the Empire. With Imperial Intelligence, for example, the Coalition for Improvements has compared its data with results from planets currently under the control of other prominent governments in the galaxy to provide reliable evidence of Imperial superiority. These results disprove rebel claims that they currently hold the advantage economically and strategically in the ongoing galactic civil war.

As Vizier Varos, head of the Coalition for Improvements, pointed out, "This data only validates what we knew before beginning the survey. There can no longer be any debate over the influence the Empire wields. We have found no threat to any of our currently controlled planets and have found several locations where the populace is eagerly awaiting liberation from their incompetent rulers. I tell these people to be patient. As seen in the regained planet of Basho, the Empire will be there to free you from your oppression."

Following the military liberation of Basho, the Coalition for Improvements took the opportunity to assess construction procedures and structural plans of Imperial cities to ensure that the Empire's future development remains modern and efficient. Basho, underdeveloped and suffering economically under rebel jurisdiction, will soon have several mining facilities established, which will open employment options for all citizens, in turn providing a higher standard of living and stable economy. Output from these mines will boost overall production in the Darpa Sector and ultimately the Empire.

The Coalition for Improvements is now conducting studies to assess the current status of vital components in the Empire's developmental arsenal. Included in these studies is a census of the available Imperial workforce and raw materials currently stored in Imperial warehouses.

"Every facet of the Empire continues to improve and expand daily. Our work and procedures stress efficiency at every level. The Coalition of Improvements is only one part of this process," said Varos. "Our work, more specifically these reports, is to provide the other Coalitions and Regional Governments the resources to necessary to further our Emperor's message."


Imperiosus Velox Dies :: Posted by Sola Tao


Imperial Fleet Day was an idea that came from the first Naval Command Meeting, after the New Imperial Order merged with the Galactic Empire. Commander Tao suggested the concept and Fleet Admiral Savk supported a venue that included an awards ceremony. It took two months of planning and the coordination of events across the galaxy. Imperial Fleet Day involved all of the ten Imperial Fleets from the Inner Core to outer Rimm.

The first event was an official ceremony hosted by the Second Imperial Fleet. Admiral Goth signed an Imperial Fleet Day Proclamation which designated: Year 10 Day 265 as day to honor the Navy. Imperial Fleet Day was an opportunity for the Imperial Navy to share Imperial ideals and to have some fun while demonstrating the invincible presence of the Galactic Empire.

Day 265 began at dawn, on a solemn note, when Captain Kato Forn spoke to a group of Imperials and Military Members about the fallen heroes of the Empire. At the conclusion of his speech, at a precise moment, a soft roar replaced the echo of his articulate words. It was the elite squadron, “The Kuati Darts”. Spectators watched in awe as the squadron flew overhead in the “Missing Man Formation”. Patriotic music was heard as the commentator’s voice explained the significance of the formation, which was a tribute to those, brave Imperials who made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the Empire and peace in the Galaxy. Silence and bowed heads marked the end of the Imperial Heroes Association’s ceremony.

As one event ended another event started in another system creating a dynamic cascade of Imperial images. The Fifth Imperial Fleet Enlisted members enjoyed a breakfast prepared by their culinary challenged Officers. All had a good time in exchanging questionable compliments to the chefs of the day. The Enlisted Members’ Breakfast was followed by the highly acclaimed Fifth Fleet Air Show.

The stage was set over the open skies of the Royal Park in Coruscant. Two squadrons of Tie-Ln came screaming in from a low ceiling in a “diamond” formation. The crowd cheered as the fighters did a “flower” split up and disappeared into higher cloud formations. They were followed by Tie-Bombers, and Tie Scouts going through their paces in precision maneuvers. The Air Show was closed with a majestic wave of Tie-Interceptors doing loops just over the heads of thrilled spectators.

The Imperial Fleet Day Parade, sponsored by the Seventh Imperial Fleet, is the most enjoyable event for Imperial citizens and Naval personnel. Lieutenant Commander Saretti, the Grande Marshall, gave a short speech and led the way for a spirited procession of Troopers, and vehicles, which included towering AT-AT’s, and marching units. FOF Draagvarg organized all those represented in the parade with special help from Ensign Tormata and Lieutenant Tarr. The generous members of Seventh Imperial Fleet hosted and funded a raffle for Enlisted members to conclude their activities.

The Third Imperial Fleet held their first annual Navy Chowder Cook off. Entries came from around the Empire, which included: traditional Navy Chowder, Outer Rimm Conch Chowder and Gungan Gumbo. Executor Thomas Cherokee was one of the judges who favored the traditional Imperial Chowder. Minister Guinar Ndengin tallied all the votes and announced the winner. The Outer Rimm Conch Chowder took first place.

The docking bay of the Imperial Class Star Destroyer, Apollyon, bustled with activity because on Imperial Fleet Day, in a rare opportunity, gave thousands of civilians a “VIP” tour. For most of them, this would be the only opportunity to get a close hand look at one the Empire’s mightiest war machines. LTJG Aalon and MFSGT Holcom guided the civilians as they described points of interest and posed for group Holo images,

As the ship tour ended a fierce rivalry was being played out in a massive “Tug Of War Contest” between the Sixth and Eighth Imperial Fleets. Rear Admiral Hack Skice and Fleet Admiral Savk occupied the “anchor” position at the end of their respective lines. Two Holo projectors showed images of Admiral Goth and Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium, judges of the event. In a surprise move the Sixth Imperial Fleet defeated the Eighth. Fleet Admiral Savk graciously congratulated all who participated as he boarded a shuttle, which was taking him to an Awards Banquet hosted by the Third Imperial Fleet and The Eighth Imperial Fleet.

Admiral Overmind opened the Awards Ceremony with an inspiring speech which targeted the Junior Enlisted. Admiral Goth, and Rear Admiral Chambers presented awards and promotions. Commander Sola Tao closed the events with a heart felt “thank you” for all of the Imperial Navy. She invited all those present to stay and view the Ninth Fleet’s Live Theatrical Performance “Know Your Enemy” on the Vid Screen.

“Know Your Enemy”, a musical satire, explored the intergalactic personal relationships between Imperials and Mon Calamari, Cathars, and Wookies. The audience rewarded the outstanding performance with a standing ovation. The final curtain call was greeted with a sky spectacular of lasers, and pyro technical display orchestrated by the Tenth Imperial Fleet. Imperial citizens throughout the Empire relished the day’s activities and truly understood the concept of the Imperial Spirit.

Naval Heroes :: Posted by Felix Solon

The screen flashes briefly with the image of an Admiral finishing up a speech before switching to a reporter sitting at a news desk. Looking back to the camera, the news anchor begins to speak.

“That was Fleet Admiral Savk giving the Navy Report at the Imperial Monthly Meeting. If you have just joined, we welcome you. I am Felix Solon and we here at the INB are bringing you live coverage of today’s Imperial meeting. With the conclusion of the Navy report, the Fleet Admiral is just about to present the awards and promotions for the Navy this meeting. Let’s go back to him now”

The screen switches back to a tight shot of the admiral, showing him standing behind the podium with a truly impressive series of medals and ribbons displayed on his Fleet Admiral’s uniform.

“I’d like to take some time to recognize some Officers who have been so very valuable to us. They are to be looked up to and respected in all ways. Unfortunately they are not all here with us today but I will make these announcements anyway.”

Fleet Admiral Savk pauses for a moment, scanning the first few rows of seats. Evidently not finding what he was looking for, and with just the slightest trace of a frown, he glances down at his notes before resuming speaking.

“It is with great pleasure that I can announce the promotion of the 7th Imperial Fleet CO to the rank of Commander. I wish he were here today to receive it personally. But I’m sure he will be delighted either way. Congratulations Commander Saretti.”

The Admiral’s voice booms confidently over the massed Imperials, he pauses again before moving on, the Imperial crowd politely holding their applause.

“Now we have some very long serving and strong Command staff. Commander Kaine, Lieutenant Commander Lennorian, Captain Korin and Captain Forn. Please step forward if you are present.”

The Admiral waits for just a moment as Captain Korin and Commander Kaine make their way up and salute the Admiral. Returning both of the salutes, the Admiral first turns to the Captain, who is looking particularly sharp today in his dress uniform.

“Captain Korin my old Fleet XO. Trusted friend and capable leader.” Savk shows a small smile. “I hereby award you with the Navy Achievement Award for your continued service to the Empire and the Navy.”

The Fleet Admiral pins the award to the Captains uniform before then turning to Commander Kaine.

“Commander I served with your brother many years ago. And I’m delighted to see many of his traits in you. On behalf of Naval High Command I am happy to award you with the Navy Service Cross. Your work with the Fleet has been an inspiration. I look forward to seeing you move ahead with continued success.”

The Admiral pins the Navy Service Cross on the Commander’s uniform. The Captain and Commander sharply salute the Admiral, who returns their salutes before they return to their seats. The camera view changes from the three officers back to the reporter on-scene.

“We have just received word that the two other officers were to receive awards as well, but were unavoidably detained. First, Lieutenant Commander Mayas Lennorian was awarded the Navy Activity Medal. An Imperial who came to the Empire through the merger with the NIO, he has been an excellent example of the cooperation between the two former adversaries, meshing harmoniously into the structure of the Galactic Empire, as this award proves."

The reporter pauses slightly to rearrange his suit before continuing.

“Even more importantly, we have been informed that Captain Kato Forn has just received the Navy Cross of Merit Bronze. Though he was unable to attend in person, no doubt due to fulfilling the duties that won him this award in the first place, he enters into a very elite club alongside Imperials such as the now-deceased Admiral Calor Assam and current Admiral Goth. This reporter at least is looking forward to where Captain Forn’s career will go next.”

With a satisfied nod the reporter gazes intently into the camera.

“Well that’s all we have time for from this month’s Imperial Monthly Meeting. We look forward to bringing you snap-shot live coverage from the next meeting and another detailed focus on the exploits of our brave Imperial brethren. For now though, this is INB Junior Writer Felix Solon, signing off.”

The Return of Stanov :: Posted By Alorad Cuun

Last week saw the reinstatement of Imperial Navy Captain Daelis Stanov to the Imperial Academy as a Training Officer. Formerly the Provost General of the Academy, Captain Stanov explained that the reason for his return to the Academy was to, "Redistribute his teaching skills and knowledge to the next generation of recruits, who are about to be faced with the new changes that the Academy is about to undergo."

Current Commandant of the Academy, Lieutenant Colonel Tec Vaan described his return as excellent, going on to explain, "Stanov will bring some valuable experience from his teaching past, helping both students and the more junior members of staff." When asked if one of the driving factors for change at the Academy was to spread the students amongst more members of staff, in order to produce even better standards from students than it already does, Colonel Vaan added, "That is my intention. As you may have noticed, recruitment has re-opened, so expanding the staff is a priority at the moment. Several other reforms will be announced in the coming weeks." The Colonel also added his anticipation that Captain Stanov's appointment and position will be utilised to get the junior members of staff ‘ready to go’. It will set a new precedent, and bring about an age of reform and greater recruitment in which graduates will be better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Captain Daelis Stanov's earliest memories consist of him waking up in a Bacta Tank on the planet of Kuat at the age of seventeen. He Joined the Imperial Academy about a year later at eighteen and quickly graduated the Academy with Honours. After completion of the Imperial Academy, Stanov was assigned directly under the Ship: IMS Avenger, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and The Imperial Command Flag Ship under Commodore Overmind, the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Navy. The ship was a stand-alone ship, not assigned to any fleet, and at the time his XO was Commodore Savk. With his impressive honours graduation from the Academy, Stanov was promoted directly to Flight Corporal.

Once Stanov had attained the required rank of Flight Officer, he was eligible to join the ranks of the Imperial Academy as a tutor, an opportunity which he jumped at immediately. The Provost General, or head of the Imperial Academy, back then was Provost General Ying Lee. Stanov spent the majority of his career under the command of, who eventually became Rear Admiral, Overmind. The end of Stanov's time under the command of Overmind came shortly after the Red Scenario of Alderaan, where it was assumed a rebel fleet was going to attack the Imperial territory, but instead attacked Berchest.

Stanov was promoted to the rank of Commander and was moved in to the ICF where he spent some time as the Wing Commander there of the IMS Avenger's Fighter Wing. The Naval portion of the ICF was eventually moved into the 2nd Assault Fleet as part of the restructuring of the fleet. Commander Stanov, at this point, was named as the fleet's executive officer. Around this time, Stanov also became the Deputy Provost General of the Imperial Academy because of his Seniority of time and experience in the Academy. After a few months however, Stanov became the Provost General of the Imperial Academy, due to the inactivity of the Provost General at that time. Stanov became involved with the testing of a new automated system created by Zerk to assign recruits to tutors as well as an automated grading system that only required the tutors to grade the essays that the recruits had to file. The final grade of the course was also calculated by the tutor. A system that has been modified and is about to be re-implemented into the Academy for all new recruits to use.

During the following era that Stanov was named the Provost General, the IMS Shadowstone, a Victory-class Star Destroyer, in the 2nd Assault Fleet was stolen by Imperials that broke off from the Empire. The loss of the VSD caused Naval High Command to strip the commander of the 2AF's position, and Stanov was promoted to Captain and became the Fleet Commander of the 2nd Assault Fleet. The 2nd Assault Fleet was called in to action against the Black Sun and Stanov lead the 2nd Assault Fleet in to the Battle of Beta, along with other forces of the Imperium's might - including a large force of Sith.

Unlike most fleet commanders, Stanov gave command of the 2nd Assault Fleet's Imperial-class Star Destroyer to his XO, Lieutenant Commander Chambers, and Stanov himself flew in a squadron of TIE Interceptors. The Battle of Beta was a huge success, a battle which the Empire was inevitably going to win. Stanov, having been friends with the some of the IMS Shadowstone's hijackers, went off in search of the ship to recover it for the Empire. He stepped down as Commander of the 2AF and resigned his post as Provost General of the Imperial Academy during this time. All contact was lost with the Captain for almost five years, until he was discovered again, clinging to his life. He woke up in a bacta tank onboard the Flag Ship of the 1st Sector Fleet.

Stanov now serves in Special Operations for the Imperial Navy, and has just rejoined the Imperial Academy to continue where he'd left off in educating the recruits of the Empire. With an excellent career in the Academy behind him and a long and incredible career, it is expected that even more recruits will excel at the Academy. With such an excellent staff roster of both officers and non-commissioned officers to train them alike, the Empire is set to seen a boon in the initial quality and knowledge of it’s newer members.

Major Announcement From The Sith :: Posted by INB

Coruscant (INB) - The sun was shining bright today on Imperial City as an unnamed Sith Lord addressed a crowd of Imperials outside the Imperial palace. The Sith Lord wanted to present to the public his apprentice, who had been training with him for months. The Sith in question is none other than the Trade Federation's own Viceroy, Jacob Jansen.

Lord Jansen, who already proved himself worthy of the title Lord, was discovered to be Force sensitive a few months ago by Lord Raleep. He then met with the Sith Lord to train, and train he did. Today, he is a public member of the Sith Order.

It is believed that ties between the Empire and the Trade Federation are only going to become stronger. With the Federation's own Viceroy amongst the Sith, it won't be a surprise if the Trade Federation find themselves being tested for Force sensitivity sometime soon.

Congratulations to Mandalore :: Posted by Goth

In a personal meeting yesterday in the Abrion Sector, Regent Goth congratulated Mand`alor DeMeer on the five-year anniversary of Mandalore's ascension to a recognized government.

Let all Imperials join the Regent in praising the success of Mandalore and wishing them many more years as a strong member of the Imperial Union.

General Kex Reinstated :: Posted By Orphaea Imperium

After review, all charges against Brigadier General Bacara Kex have been dropped. General Kex has been released and reinstated to his former position. The Empire thanks General Kex for voluntarily entering custody for the duration and his cooperation during the investigation.

The case against Fleet Admiral Slicer is continuing.

Corporate Sector Nationalised :: Posted By Orphaea Imperium

Coruscant (GNS): The free enterprise fiefdom known as the Corporate Sector Authority, and its subsidiary corporations, were forcibly nationalised by the Galactic Empire on Year 10 Day 72 in response to mounting concerns as to the adequacy of the administration of the sector.

The Empire withdrew the charter granting autonomous authority to the Corporate Sector due to evidence of mismanagement of the governing authority and its subsidiaries, and failure to meet basic productivity and staffing requirements. This comes as the Authority lost influence to the rebellious BlasTech Corporation in the Corporate Sector, and news of talks between the Authority and enemies of the Empire.

Moff Orphaea Imperium of Oversector Dolomar was observer within the Corporate Sector Authority in the days leading to nationalisation, and was the officer responsible for giving the order to detain the Direx Board, the governing body of the Authority, and assuming control of the government apparatus. An officer, whose identity has not been revealed, was dispatched to detain ExO Max Solusar aboard the Bulk Freighter CSAPO Hebi-Hansuo. Solusar resisted arrest and managed to overwhelm the officer, who managed to lock the freighter into a suicidal run into the nearest sun, resulting in the deaths of both Solusar and the unidentified officer. The lack of communication resulted in control of government not being achieved until some hours after the freighter's impact with the sun.

"Let it be known that the Empire is dedicated to ensuring the continuing security and stability in the Corporate and Kanz sectors," declared Moff Imperium on assuming control of the authority. "We do this for the people of the Corporate Sector, to ensure that the prosperity they seek there can be had by them. We have no quarrel with the rank and file, it is the leadership alone who will be held responsible, and even some of them may return should they be found free of fault and wish to remain."


A number of members of the Authority and its subsidiaries have been expelled, although it is believed some innocent officers may have been expelled in the confusion. Difficulties were increased due to the destruction of employee records by former corporation leaders before Imperial administrations assumed control. It is believed that some corporations of the Authority will be allowed to enter private hands, consolidating resources into a smaller number of the corporations the Authority administered.

Moff Imperium also confirmed that investments and purchases with the Authority and its subsidiaries would be honoured where there was reasonable proof of such a relationship, and the purchasers or account holders are galactic citizens in good standing with the Empire. Evidence of accounts or purchases must be presented in writing to Moff Imperium by the beginning of Day 79 in order to be honoured.

The Corporate and Kanz Sectors have been incorporated into the Empire's existing Oversector Dolomar.

Imperial Inspiration! :: Posted By Jorgus Krenn

(Coruscant) INB - In the galaxy, rebellious celebrations are supposedly erupting on many worlds. They celebrate the concerning condition of our Emperor; they rejoice and hope that our situation will make us loose faith and make them stronger. They think that this has greatly crippled and demoralized us. We will show them how utterly wrong they are in their vain purpose!

Despite the circumstances, evoked by a very honorable action from the Emperor, we are currently being led by someone who is extremely capable. He is the regent to the Imperial Throne: Angelus Goth. The rebels have addressed him as a “hardliner, a bigot, and a tyrant.” When Goth was asked what he felt about the rebel response he said that it is of no consequence. He went on to support his point by saying: “There is nothing to be afraid of… [when considering] those terrorists. We have been providing security and peace to our citizens. We will never stop from our most basic goal – to provide Imperial citizens with rewarding, fulfilling lives.”

They call us an illegitimate force of oppression. It is preposterous that an 'alliance' of rebels call us illegitimate and a “force of oppression”!

So, stay strong Imperials. Continue to disregard the rebels taunts. We must be brave and resolute, show them what it means to be a part of the Empire. We need to exemplify the strength portrayed in our Regent! Let the rebels celebrate… we will crush them. It may not be tomorrow, or the day after. But it will happen. They stand no chance against us. What we stand for is beyond the comprehension of such scum.

We are strong, we are proud, we are valiant, we are… Imperial!


Regent's Address on Admiral Assam :: Posted By Goth


I come today to address you with a heavy heart and a troubled conscious regarding the recent plot to assassinate our Naval Commanding Officer, Admiral Calor Assam. Unfortunately, strong evidence points to the direction of such plot by one of our former esteemed Admirals, Slicer. Circumstantial evidence suggests that General Kex may have had some involvement. As two individuals whom I trusted closely, this news greatly disturbs me.

Justice will be swift and retributive. I have empowered a Military Tribunal to try Slicer and Kex to determine their role. The Tribunal will render its recommendation to IHC and IHC will make the final ruling. The Tribunal should render its decision before the end of the month. Rest assured that the perpetrators of this plot to disrupt the Empire will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Interim NCO Axe Vulcan will continue in this interim position until further notice. Interim ACO Graeda Lannan will continue in that interim position for the Army. I am assigning Admiral Savk as temporary liaison to the Army to provide LTCOL Lannan with any assistance she requires.

Rest assured that I will not rest until all individuals connected with this ruthless plot are prosecuted to the full extent of Imperial law. We will push through this hard time. Let us all remember the efforts of Admiral Assam in growing our Navy.


Tarorasuil Completed! :: Posted By Haran Ran

(Coruscant) INB - Yet another Imperial development project has been completed. The majestic planet Tarorasuil, was a massive undertaking. The construction project has provided a haven of peace and prosperity for numerous Imperial citizens, in fact more then 36 billion of them. The industrial venture began at a steady pace as the bulk of Imperial attention was focused on Scylla. However upon the completion of Scylla a large number of builders were transferred to the Bortras system to improve the speed of construction efforts.

The project was lead by then Sector Adjundant Tanez Kalrade. Ambassador Kalrade is the head of the Coalition for Planetary Development. Ambassador Kalrade introduced revolutionary designs for several aspects of the planet making Tarorasuil the pinnacle of technology in the galaxy. The transportation system is simply revolutionary and beings are able to travel across the planet easily and swiftly.

As the project took place in the heavily defended Coruscant sector, several defense stations were erected to protect the Imperial inhabitants. Armed with hundreds of blasters, the planet can defeat a large fleet even without assistance of an Imperial fleet. The citizens can rest safely, knowing that they are enveloped in the care of several layers of Imperial defenses.

With the addition of the School of Engineering, also under Ambassador Kalrade's direction, the new age of Imperial engineering is frightening to the enemies of the Empire indeed. The knowledge of even the most basic Imperial construction worker far outclasses that of any of the rebel "builders." Imperial citizens can be sure that they are living in strong, durable buildings made out of the best materials akin to that of mansions on many other worlds.

The majesty of recent events attest to the quality of the entire Coalition for Planetary Development. One can only wonder how soon it will be till the next project, Bastion is completed. The Empire continues to provide homes to its honorable citizenry, allowing its civilians to live in a wonderful state of peace and prosperity.


Slaying of a Jedi :: Posted By Cyrus Minx

Dorin (INB) - Greetings sentient beings of the Galactic Empire, I come to you today to recount a tale of bravery. In these dark times, with our Emperor in grave condition, we still have people out there that bring glory to the Empire.

Today I am on the Kel Dor home planet, and no more than a few weeks ago, in this area behind me, the camera briefly pans left to show a busy street filled with various alien species going about their business; the majority of the aliens are of the Kel Dor species, there was an epic battle between a Sith and a Jedi. Many sentient beings witnessed it, but no one had time to record it since the fight concluded so quickly. Needless to say, the Jedi had no chance when confronted with the Emperor's own apprentice.

Rumor has it that the Sith Lord had been following Jedi Qol El's trail for a couple of weeks before he was able to come face to face with him in this busy marketplace. According to witnesses that were in the area at the time, the Sith Lord ambushed the Jedi and attacked him from above. The Jedi was able to deflect the first blow, and within seconds, the Jedi succumbed to the Sith's blows and was forced on his back. Once down, the Sith Lord threw his lightsaber at his foe and sliced his arm off before recalling the deadly weapon to his hand. The battle, or massacre, was over when the Lord took the Jedi's life with a steady stream of lightning, which brilliantly erupted from his fingers.

Bystanders then stated that the Sith Lord bent down and whispered something in his opponents ear , right before he produced a knife and sliced it off. Just as quickly as he had come, the Sith Lord disappeared, leaving the still form of the Jedi as the only proof of the events had just taken place.

With the Emperor still recovering from his brush with death, it is a relief for Imperials to know that there are still those out there who are capable of protecting us from our enemies and continue to make the Empire great for His Highness' return.

Reporting to you live from Dorin. This is Cyrus Minx, INB.


COMPNOR Press Briefing :: Posted By INB

Coruscant (INB). The Vizier, the head of the newly reinvigorated COMPNOR, stands at the refurbished COMPNOR podium to begin his press conference.

"Humans of the galaxy, I am addressing you today to bring you an update on the health of Emperor Vodo. Your cries of support for the Emperor have not gone unheard. Your concern for his well-being is much appreciated by the members of his staff. HIS doctors have informed me that he remains in critical condition, but several of his indicators have vastly improved. The Emperor is expected to recover, but the degree of his recovery is unknown at this time."

"In other news, I am proud to report that all other aspects of the Empire are going through a thorough review to determine their usefulness. We strive to provide our citizens with the highest standard of living. To continue achieving our goal, we need the best and the brightest in our service."

The Vizier opened the floor to questions, motioning to the first reporter.

"Vizier, is it true that this is an elaborate coup by Regent Goth to seize the Throne?"

"Of course not," He chuckled. "You must be referring to former Admiral Crog's allegations published over the Galactic News Service. If that is the source you use for your reporting, you and the rest of the Drive-By Media must have graduated from a Rebel school. I assure you that this is not the case and that the Regent and the Emperor remain in close contact over the operations of the Empire. Let me be clear - Admiral Crog was fired from IHC and the Throne because of incompetence and his unwillingness to work with anyone, including Regent Goth. Any allegation otherwise is plain wrong and symbolic of the Admiral's botched tenure with the Empire."

"Vizier, is there any additional assurance you can provide us to verify that the Emperor in fact did appoint Regent Goth?" responded the reporter.

"My assurance is adequate for you and for anyone. If you still are concerned, we can talk after this press conference," responded the Vizier, slightly turning his robe off to reveal his lightsaber.

The Vizier proceeded to take another question.

"Vizier, rumors are circulating that the Emperor's illness may permanently take him out of commission," began the attractive reporter. "Do you see any possibility for the New Imperial Order to engage Regent Goth in dialogue, with the hope of returning to the Galactic Empire?"

"Not one chance," he stated as he shook his head. "The Emperor and the Regent share similar conceptions regarding the so-called New Imperial Order. Essentially, they are no different from any other Rebel group out there and will be treated as such. The Emperor offered them leniency, which they refused. I do not expect Regent Goth to alter the Imperial stance on the NIO."

"Unfortunately, I must be leaving to tend to official matters. My office will continue to provide you updates on the Emperor's health."

The Vizier disengaged from the podium and exited through the side door.


50% Increase in Wages :: Posted By Azrakh Raleep

CORUSCANT (INB) – Among the recent wave of legislation straight from the Regent’s office came today a pleasant surprise for all current employees of the Galactic Empire. Having always been a competitive government where salaries are concerned, Regent Goth promptly announced an increase in pay, following an hour long meeting with his top advisers.

“The hard work and dedication of our forces on the ground, in space, and the non-combatants working hard to fuel the Imperial war machine have not gone unnoticed. As part of this new era of Imperial Domination, it is my pleasure to announce a 50% increase in pay for all employees of the Galactic Empire.”

Rounded to the nearest 25,000 credits, the increase has proven once again that the Galactic Empire remains among the most financially stable governments in the Galaxy. Analysts are unsure what sparked the proposal; however it is assumed that the causes include the numerous recent urban-expansion efforts throughout Imperial space. Before exiting the conference room, Regent Goth made one final comment on the change.

“We want all citizens to know that this is only the first step toward a more perfect and balanced economy within our borders. Development of the Galactic Empire and its territories continues to stimulate trade, and it is without a doubt that this activity will continue on for ages to come. It is my hope that one day the prosperity which we share in today will be spread to the far reaches of the Galaxy. Justice, organization, and a firm opposition to all whom threaten the Imperial resolve: these are the things we must stand for.”


Commission for the Preservation of the New Order :: Posted By Azrakh Raleep

CORUSCANT (INB) –In Galactic newscast less than 24 hours ago, newly appointed Regent to the Throne of the Galactic Empire, Arturus Goth, announced to all citizens of the Empire Lord Vodo’s ill condition, as well as multiple changes to the Imperial Government. While some details are yet to be confirmed, a preliminary plan was released to INB headquarters from the Office of the Vizier, in a direct transmission from the Vizier himself. The primary change, happening effective immediately will be the reorganization of the Ministry of Operations into the previously dormant branch COMPNOR. When questioned about the transition, he had this to say:

“The Ministry of Operations has long been the powerhouse of Imperial development, and in an effort to streamline the various aspects of Imperial Government which have come under the wings of my Ministry, a few of my trusted advisers and I proposed the plan to IHC. With Goth’s new appointment, the proposal passed, and we have been working around the clock to make the reorganization as flawless as possible.”

The plan received from the Sith Lord, detailed below, turned out to be in line with the predictions of our senior analysts, however it did contained some welcomed surprises. Under long time inactivity, the Imperial Justice Department will be headed by former Vizier of COMPNOR, now “Justice” Machkhit. Additionally, the Ministry of Truth has been dissolved into COMPNOR as INB, and is no longer its own branch. As stated by Regent Goth, former Minister of Truth Orphaea Imperium has been promoted to Moff, but will retain his position as Director of INB. Finally the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence (DII) has also been brought into COMPNOR. These changes have clearly divided the Empire into three fully functional, streamlined branches: Military, COMPNOR, and Sectoral Government.

COMPNOR itself will be organized into 5 “coalitions” each represented by an individual who will sit on the “Select Committee” which will be presided over by a Vizier. The Select Committee will oversee all Imperial Development, as well as many additional aspects of the Imperial Government.

The Select Committee members and each of their Coalitions will be released shortly.

“It will be good for the Empire as a whole,” said Lord Raleep, currently serving as CEO of Cloud City. “This reorganization will allow for a streamlined and efficient Galactic Empire, one which can maintain contact with its citizens, and promote galactic justice and protection for all individuals.”

When asked what position the Moffs would have in this reorganization, he had this to say: “They will remain a separate entity, under the “Sectoral Government” branch, answering directly to IHC. COMPNOR will, of course, extend a helping hand in the development and oversight of their respective territories.”

No additional details were given, but further developments can soon be expected. Clearly, the Galactic Empire is not a stagnant entity. Under the leadership of the new Regent, and with the reorganization of the Ministry of Operations into COMPNOR, much remains to be revealed as to the full extent of Imperial progress, however a clear message has been sent to all citizens of the Galactic Empire: A new age of Imperial Domination is upon us, those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.


Academy Announces New Professors :: Posted By Inwe Ventidius

Coruscant (INB) – The Imperial Academy has just announced the new professors who will fill the recently vacated positions in the galaxy’s finest military institution. After carefully considering the many qualified applicants, Dean Tec Vaan and Assistant Dean Kato Forn selected Staff Sergeant Viktor Hannawald and Chief Master Sergeant Euna Miriel to join the vaunted ranks of Imperial educators.

They will replace Major L’Annan and Lt. Stice who have resigned their positions to give more attention to their increasing military responsibilities. Although the school will be losing two fine officers, the Academy directors are certain their new additions, Hannawald and Miriel, will rise to the challenge and continue the standard of excellence established by their predecessors. When asked how he felt about the change during a news conference, Vaan responded, “Professors L’Annan and Stice are both highly experienced individuals who have done the job for a while. However, the potential of these two new professors fills me with confidence that they can take up their mantle.”

Their presence in the Academy will have an immediate impact in helping to produce more exceptional pilots and soldiers to fill the Imperial ranks. Sources close to the institution have reported that both enrollment and graduation rates have soared recently. This developing trend is due in large part to the Imperial Center for Recruitment (ICR) that has been mounting a campaign to secure more people into the fold of the Galactic Empire.

Both Staff Sergeant Hannawald, of the Army, and Chief Master Sergeant Miriel, of the Navy, are active in their positions and excited to begin their tenure at the Imperial Academy. Miriel has a strong background of good communication and is known by her sterling reputation throughout the military. Hannawald is a little newer to the Empire; however, his enthusiasm and promise make him an excellent candidate for the position. The Empire will look eagerly forward to the products of their time and knowledge in the form of recruits graduating the Academy.


The Fleet Admiral's New Position :: Posted By Cyrus Minx

With over six years of service to the Galactic Empire, Fleet Admiral Slicer has had a long and productive career. From being one of the most highly regarded Navy COs in recent history to taking the helm of the Empire's war machine as the Military CO, Admiral Slicer has shown his merit and metal through leading by example. While one chapter in his career ends, another begins as Admiral Slicer dons the mantle of, "Advisor to the Imperial Military."

"I have worked for many years with Fleet Admiral Slicer. He is a good friend and a close confidant. His heart and mind have always been closely connected with the life of the Imperial Military as we have long relied on him. I look forward to working closely with him over the next year in his new capacity that will offer him a bit of relaxation, perhaps," Pro Consul Goth stated, when asked about the Admiral's move.

Likewise, Imperial Navy CO, Vice Admiral Calor Assam also added, "Many years ago and during the past year have I worked closely with Admiral Slicer. He truly is a committed officer. I anticipate working closely with the Fleet Admiral in his new capacity and foresee interesting results coming from it in the near future."

Imperial Army XO, Brigadier General Kex had this to say about the Admiral, "Throughout my brief time working with Admiral Slicer, I have found much of it to be a very rewarding experience." He went on to say, "I respect him and what he has done for the Empire very much and wish him luck in his new position, as I look forward to continuing working with him."

Clearly, it is the opinion of those represented here that Fleet Admiral Slicer will best serve the Galactic Empire in his newest capacity as, "Advisor to the Imperial Military." All the best to the Admiral as he makes his transition.


Black Venture Revealed :: Posted By Haran Ran

Tolgadriel (INB) - Yet another deadly weapon will soon be added to the Empire's extensive arsenal in the coming months. For the past several weeks a team of dedicated Imperial Engineers have been working around the clock to ready "Mu Station" located in orbit of the planet Tolgadriel for the Galactic Empire's newest Super-Class Star Destroyer. The most recent Super Star Destroyer (SSD) announced to the public, word of its development was officially released to the public mere minutes ago. While the destroyer currently has no known name, the project has been released under the name 'Black Venture', and it is quite an inspiring venture indeed. As loyal citizens of the Empire know, a Super Star Destroyer is among the most feared warships in the galaxy -the nearest rebel equivalent isn't even comparable in size and firepower.

The Empire maintains several SSD's in its gargantuan fleet and each one can easily decimate any one of the floating groups of trash the rebels call 'fleets'. The regularity with which the Empire is producing these machines war for galactic justice security attests to the massive wealth the Empire has holds in its coffers.

Black Venture has been a part of the massive ship development in the southeastern reaches of the Coruscant system. Little information on this project has been released, but this much is clear: over two-dozen shipyards have recently been built. Also evident, are over twenty capital ships in the works. Imperials can be confident that there will be no shortage of vessels to spread the Emperor's light across the galaxy, and to defending the far reaches of ever-expanding Imperial borders.

While this project has been officially publicized , rumors are circulating about a highly classified shipyard development project is in the works. It is expected that this project will be over twice the size of the Coruscant shipyard system. However, when Imperial officials were contacted, no responses could be gleaned. Regardless of whether this rumor is true, it can be ascertained that Imperial Military ranks will continue to swell over the coming year.

Black Venture is clearly a symbol of victory over the enemies of the Empire, but provides only a glimpse of the true strength of His Majesty's Imperial Forces. It is doubtless that the rebels have a cause to fear in this war they so foolishly provoked.


School of Engineering Unveiled! :: Posted By Goth

Deep Core (INB). Something new in the Galactic Empire has just been opened, and something tells me that there will be quite a line for this new attraction. We go to our correspondent in the Deep Core for more information.

A tall worker sporting an engineering vest and working gear topped with a polished hardhat emblazoned by the Galactic Empire Seal steps up to a podium near a worksite. Obviously the foreman on the planetary development, this man, known as Tanez Kalrade, silenced the crowd as he approached to podium.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I apologize for the sounds of construction behind me, but I was not able to get away from the construction efforts here on Bastion to make this announcement."

Mr. Kalrade motions to the gentlemen standing off to the side to join him on the podium.

"At this time I would like to announce that a new school has opened at the Univeritas Imperius. The School of Engineering will be required for anyone and everyone who will be on site at a construction project such as the one behind me. By taking these courses, an Imperial will learn all about construction, production, prospecting and all other processes of the governmental side of the Galactic Empire."

The crowd erupts in applause while Mr. Kalrade smiles slightly.

"Thank you. However, it would not have been possible to bring this new School to the Academy without the help of a few select persons. I introduce to you the faculty of the Imperial School of Engineering:"

Mr. Kalrade motions for the men to step forward into the spotlight.

"Jacen Varos has helped with a number of the lectures and exams. He will be assisting myself by becoming the school's Assistant Dean. Along with him, Rawther Den, who has been an excellent writer on the recycling aspect, and Kavash Orr, who has shown excellence in construction, will be inducted as a professors at the new school."

Mr. Kalrade waits for the applause to die down…

"I appreciate all of you for coming out to listen to this announcement, but I must be getting back to work. For information on the requirements for admission, please see the Holonet."

The tall construction worker then slightly bows to the cameras and leaves the stage.


The Empire's New Jewel :: Posted By Cyrus Minx

Scylla (INB). Today in a special press release, Pro Consul Goth announced the completion of the Empire's new jewel, the Gas Giant Scylla. Thanks to a combined effort from members of the Galactic Empire, the Hapes Consortium and Mandalore, what just last February seemed a dream, today has become a reality.

"It's almost finished.There's about 10 facilities to finish, and we need to recycle part of one city. The shield network should also be online before the end of the month." said Pro Consul Goth when asked at what point they were with construction. "Apart from these minor things, the construction project is complete."

Scylla is now ready to take it's place amongst the Galaxy's most populated and heavily trafficked systems. Imperial Union Space Control will have it's hands full with the oncoming tide of trade vessels that will soon arrive to do business in Scylla's spaceports.

When asked if the Empire was working on other projects, Pro Consul Goth stated: "There is some work being done on other worlds that will guarantee us our rightful place as Galactic Government, but the location of these worlds is classified at this time."

So with Scylla down and a few more worlds close to completion, will this spell the end of Falleen "rule" on the galaxy, and the return of the Empire as Galactic Government?

Only time will tell, but what we do know is that Scylla is completed, and it is time for us Imperials to celebrate the fact that we are one more step closer to our rightful place as "Leaders of the Galaxy"

This is Cyrus Minx, INB, Scylla.


Imperial Forces Victorious in Meridian Sector :: Posted By Orphaea Imperium

Imperial forces have seen a resounding victory in engagements against pro-Republican mercenary group Renegade Inc in their home sector of Meridian. Over a period of several hours, Imperial forces in coalition with a dissilusioned cadre of Renegade Inc officers struck simultaneously in prearranged locations to establish themselves on planets in the sector.

As a result, the Empire has established cities on all of Renegade Inc's planets in Meridian sector to the extent that it is no longer a question of 'if' the Empire can take the sector.

Imperial forces also captured an undisclosed number of Renegade Inc ships and personnel, while the supporting Renegade officers impounded materials and NPCs in private ships.

The Empire is believed to be in negotiations with Renegade Inc command as to the fate of the sector and the group's captured hardware and people.


Jedi Exterminated By New Sith Lord :: Posted By Orphaea Imperium

Rumours already precede the return of Lieutenant Krall to his Legion, but today, a statement has been released by Darth Vraith. We will proceed to give you the full content of said release.

A cloaked figure appears on screen, his hood is folded back, revealing the face of Darth Vraith.

"Mere weeks ago, a feeble Jedi claimed to have seen the light of Darkness, and wanted to join the ranks of the Sith. His name? Aurelius Brutus. He claimed he was being "held back" by his tutors, not able to fully tap into his potential. We have shown him the path of the Sith; it is not a forgiving one."

"Lieutenant Geno Krall of the Imperial Army has been training with Lady Zerona Corinth for some time now, and it was time for him to pass his rite of initiation. He has indeed passed it, and will from now on carry the title of Sith Lord. Lord Krall took command of an Imperial Carrack-class Cruiser and proceeded to a rendezvous with the Jedi. I have received the following transmission before Lord Krall ordered the ship back to Coruscant."

The image of Darth Vraith is replaced by a man in an officer's uniform of the Imperial Army, without any rank insignia. His face is covered in blood, and his right hand holds a bloody Vibroblade. Upon closer inspection you notice that his lower jaw is clearly an artificial replacement of the original.

"It is done."

As if to provide proof, a lightsaber hovers above his opened and extended left hand, suspended by the Force. Then the image changes back to Darth Vraith.

"I am hereby awarding Lord Krall with the Imperial Bronze Star for his actions in enticing and subsequently eliminating an enemy of the State; a Jedi. Lord Krall will continue to serve in the Imperial Army in his current assignment."

"I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Imperial Navy and its senior staff in accommodating Lord Krall with this vessel on very short notice."

The image of Darth Vraith vanishes as the Sith Master turns away.


Rebelling Outer Rim Authority :: Posted By Goth

Today, the Emperor announced that the IORA has been suspended from the city-state accords. The former Imperial Outer Rim Authority has decided that its objectives of money and power are best served by leaving behind the Empire and disobeying the Emperor.

The Emperor decided that IORA needed to come under the realm of the Galactic Empire to avoid future events of corruption. Two major events in the past 10 months involving ship production contracts suggested that officials at IORA were less than scrupulous, stealing hundreds and hundreds of ships from unknown origins. The Emperor offered a lavish package to the IORA, including the diversion of all tax resources to Outer Rim coffers, dissolution payments totaling 500 mil, and full access to the Imperial war machine. However, Corrupt Governor Ru decided that it would be in his best interest to keep feeding on the criminal regime present in his territory.

Governor Ru consistently complained about not being granted access to Imperial technology. Correspondents at INB understand that the Empire has extremely high requirements for trustworthiness. The IORA has no moral superiority to pirates, thieves, or even the former Isoldor Storm. Even the Empire could not back them anymore after repeated attempts to quash their illicit ways. Ru will now be fighting a war on two fronts while plundering the goods of his people.

The Galactic Empire will offer amnesty to the true Imperials remaining in IORA for three days. After that point, all persons still in IORA will be declared enemies of the state.

Contact Pro Consul Goth for questions.


Temporary Shutdown :: Posted By Goth

INB will be shut down for two weeks while the offices undergo renovation. Important press notices should be sent directly to the Ministry of Truth.


Galactic Co-Operation :: Posted By Josef DeLaurel

Empress Teta (INB)-There have been many rumours circulating recently regarding the relationship change between the Galactic Empire and the well-known Trade Federation. These have varied in extremity from rumours of a political takeover by the Empire to proclamations that the Empire was, in fact, about to undertake a mass extermination of the Federation.

The truth is that the Trade Federation and Empire began working a lot more closely together in an informal manner, hoping to build more formal bridges between the two. These varied from more regular trading contracts and integration of Imperial and Federation civilian populations. These were always limited to ‘private’ ventures however to keep the publicity away from the governments.

This informal relationship has, however, taken it’s first tentative steps towards a formal relationship between the Empire and the Federation. This has come in the form of a joint training operation between the Imperial Navy's 4th Imperial Fleet and elements of the Federation's own Fleet. This operation consisted of the tracking and neutralizing of an ‘enemy’ contact within the confines of a star system. Naval Command chose the 4th because of it’s exemplary record of working together in close nit formations and hoped it would be the best choice in a ‘combined’ operation such as this.

It is hoped by Imperial planners that this operation is the start of a much more close relationship between the Empire and it's Federation partners bringing prosperity to the Federation and yet another ally of the Imperial throne. Only time will tell but more combined operations such as this can only lead to a friendlier atmosphere and a better future for both parties.