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Jedi Order

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Jedi Order
Political centres Dantooine
Jedi Council Thragg Craghorn
Rann Halcyon
Hyde Solari
Leodous Kyron
Leader Leodous Kyron
Official languages Galactic Basic
Currency Imperial Credits
"There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no death; there is the Force."
— The Jedi Code.

The Jedi are fanatical religious followers of "the light side of the Force" and have more often than not been behind many of the galaxy's worst terrorist and social atrocities for as far back as historical records go.


Jedi ambushes Imperial Troopers on peacekeeping duty.

Plagued with corruption and a hard-line emotionless, brainwashing philosophy, the Jedi, somewhat unanimous with the Jedi Order, have been both hiding in the shadows as much as basking in the light of many of the galaxy's most notoriously corrupted societies and factions. The Jedi claim to be in favor of democracy, but in fact they function as a ruling elite, making their decisions among themselves. They decide among themselves what they’re going to do and when to break the law and defy the civilian authority. They are, in fact, utterly anti-democratic, while claiming to be the absolute epitome of democracy.

It is common practice for the Jedi to remove young children from their homes and families where upon they are taken to special facilities to be brainwashed with servitude to only the Jedi Order. They are taught to feel no emotion, no passion, to have no love or possessions and to serve only "The Order". They are masters of deception and lies and even posses the abilities to physically manipulate a sentient's mind into submission without them even being aware. The Jedi have become infamous for being the puppet-masters of the Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance and the so titled New Republic. The Jedi are the rotten core of galactic manipulation and corruption, and a plague on society.


The Jedi Order’s roots stretch a millennia into the past. Much of which has been destroyed, no doubt in their own desperate attempt to cover their criminal heritage.

Since the fall of the Jedi along with the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order was largely scattered across the galaxy, hiding from the revenge of the peoples they had repressed for so long.

The resurrection of the Jedi Order began in the middle of Year 7 when "Jedi Master" Reajiad Nero returned from the Outer Rim to find the Order in shambles. Named "Grand Master", Nero called for the assembly of an official High Council. Jedi Masters Rostar, Terak Falkor, Thragg Craghorn, and Eric Taylor Jackson made up the renewed Council. For the next year the Order began to work on gaining back it's power through allying itself with other factions. For the first time since the Galactic Republic fell, a united Jedi Order existed.