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Imperial Art Society

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Imperial Art Society
Leader Director Sven Jazzel
Foundation Date Year 7
Type Part Time Job
Professions Art
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Motto "Ars gratia artis"
Application Process Contact Director
Forum Imperial Art Society Commissions
Affiliation COMPNOR

The Imperial Art Society (IAS), officiously often referred to as the Art Team, is a part of the Coalition for Culture within COMPNOR. It is overseen by a Director, who may appoint a Deputy Director if necessary.


One of the oldest departments in the Ministry of Culture, the Imperial Art Society provides the Galactic Empire and its citizens in their artistic needs. It creates and maintains all graphical aspects of the Empire and offers its services to other departments, such as creating fitting imagery for the articles released by the Imperial Information Service (IIS) and designing symbology for military units.

The Society is headed by a Director, who is responsible for hiring new staff members and creating, maintaining and developing the visual style of the Empire, ensuring that all media, both graphic and holographic in nature, meets and reflects the high standards set by the New Order.

The Imperial Art Society is responsible for designing Imperial passports, awards and honours, uniforms, and many other Imperial formalities. Its staff is also available on commission to contribute to private projects of Imperial citizens outside the needs of the Galactic Government.

The department’s headquarters, like many others, is based on Coruscant and is referred to by most as simply the Coruscant Gallery, located within the merchant district of the Imperial Capital. The building combines the Society's offices with an actual gallery, which showcases art from the innumerable cultures under the Galactic Empire's umbrella and is said to be one of the galaxy's largest cultural collections.


The Imperial Art Society was founded by Brat Cost Ru.

Notable Members


The Imperial Art Society has a couple of mottos.

  • -Ars gratia artis - Ancient Corellian, roughly translating to "Art for Art's sake".
  • -The Art side of the Force is a pathway to abilities considered to be unnatural... - A parody of a famous quote often attributed to Emperor Vodo Bonias.


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