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Art Team Palace

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The Art Team Palace is the base of operations of the GE Art Team. Located in Corellia, the Palace is 5 stories high, with additional 6 small floors of the Palace tower. The Art Team members hang around the Palace doing their regular work, and daily jobs. When on a mission the basic tools the Palace provides can be carried along with the user, this allows more mobility, so members do not have to be in the Palace all day.


In the past, when the Art Team started, they had no fancy place to work in such as the Art Team Palace[1]. The Art Team started off a small office in the Government House in Coruscant. Inside, there was a section dedicated to the small Departments of the Ministry of Operations. There you could see on the right the former office of the INS, now called the INB, straight forward was the office of the Imperial Geographic, along with the OA offices near it, and on the left a small door led to the Art Team offices. There were 4 offices that were divided into large ones and small ones. The Director of the Art Team of that time got the larger office of course, and going down there the Deputy Director, and the Assistants. A special room for the PHP assistant was available as well. Everyone worked closely all day with IDs and Avatars, job was tireless.

Young Graphics Assistant Ryan Roche[2] entered the Art Team offices and knew there was lack of potential there. He though, "How can an Artist work in such a small, strangled place?" he continued working there nevertheless, and progressing his career. When Ryan was appointed Director of the Art Team, the Deputy Director Andhers Jakhim came along, and they both worked together along with former Director, now Graphics Assistant, Roth Jalis to make the Art Team offices, and the Empire a better place. This is when the Art Team Palace was constructed. The enormous structure, dedicated to the studying of Art and culture to the Empire was built and funded by the Art Team members alone. Today it is a source of inspiration and prosperity among the members of the Empire and the proud Art Team members.

Design and Construction

The Art Team Palace as mentioned, has 5 floors not including the Tower. On the first floor, the lobby, is the entrance to the giant facility. When you walk in you can see numerous works of Art scattered all across the halls of the Palace[1]. In front of you the elevator which leads further in, into the structure. On the second floor the museum and memorial are located. In the right side you can see two large doors leading to the museum where more amazing works of Art and achievements are viewed by anyone and visitors all around Corellia and the Core worlds. When aliens and other people enter this building, they understand the culture and the magnificent way of life the Empire is all about. They forget the military order and strong, hard presence in their home sectors, and they realise it's not all like that, and Art is a part of the Empire. The other side of the second floor is the Memorial. Dedicated to the hard working men and women who were once a part of the GE Art Team.

The third floor all through the 5th floor are the offices of the Art Team members, who work daily on piece of the Art and other jobs requested and required by GE personnel. All other information is of course classified.

The Art Team Palace Tower is one of the wonders of this great place. The last unofficial floor of the facility, it has observation of the whole skyline of the Planet. The magnificent view has its price, and tourism brings in a lot of cash to the Art Team salary. The floor below it is dedicated solely, to the Art Team Directors. A special place where only Directors are allowed. It is believed this is the place where the legendary Dual-Brush sabre is stored and kept.


Main Article: Ryan's Dual-Brushsabre

The Brushsabre[1] is an ancient device that was used by an extinct race of educated scholars that lived in the Galaxy a long time ago, and then vanished. The only proof of their existence is the only artifact they have left behind for unknown reasons. The artifact was a hilt, that on both sides of it was a golden Brush that glowed in the colours of the Stars. The legend says who ever holds this sabre, its powers will immediately transfer to him and all the knowledge of Art and Wisdom will be his to control in any way he wishes.

The same Brushsabre ended up in the hands of the first Art Team Director. How he got it still remains a mystery, but there are rumours. It is since then the Brushsabre is passed on and on through the years from Director to Director. It is believed that the current Director, David Crow holds the sabre with him to everywhere he goes, but if he would, it would probably remain under cloak, and unseen to the public.
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