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Ministry of Culture

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Ministry of Culture
Minister Leeanna Mailhot
Active Year 18 Day 111 - Present
Headquarters Coruscant
Departments Imperial Information Service
Imperial Academy
Imperial Holonet Society
Imperial Gaming Commission
Government Galactic Empire

The Ministry of Culture oversees many aspects of Imperial governance not directly related to politics, the military, or industry. From providing a reliable news service to Imperial citizens, overseeing the training of new recruits, and even the development of the Imperial Holotnet; the Ministry of Culture is arguably the largest and most influential of all the branches within the Galactic Empire. It was formed to replace the Coalition of Culture in Year 18, and comprises of a number of departments and sub-departments, all with their own set of specialised roles and responsibilities.


The Ministry of Culture is arguably the largest of the branches within the Galactic Empire, and contains a number of departments and sub departments that fulfil the various responsibilities of the branch. As such, it requires a large amount of personnel organisation and structure to keep operations flowing and communication streamlined. At the top of this structure is the Minister of Culture who oversees all business and sets all of the targets and goals of the departments. To carry out these commands each department is led by a 4th tier commander, known as the secretary. With those departments that have overlapping fields of view, such as the Imperial Centre for Recruitment and Imperial Basic Training both dealing with new prospective members and new recruits, a 3rd tier Deputy Minister is posted to oversee a large range of tasks. This makes it easier for large scale operations to be completed cohesively, and allows for command staff to see certain areas from different perspectives. The final stage of the branch structure is more of an unofficial position, with some staff members being styled with 'senior' before their position, i.e. senior writer or senior recruitment officer. These officers are responsible for assisting in the running of their departments and act as a right hand man for the secretary.

Imperial Information Service

The Imperial Information Service (IIS) is the main source of news and information for Imperial Citizens. It acts as an overarching department, led by the Deputy Minister of the IIS whose responsibilities include the coordination of all news, information and propaganda related departments, namely the Imperial News Bureau, the Imperial Art Society, and the Imperial Archives. On top of these, there are a number of planetary-based news organisations, such as the Byss Broadcasting Corporation and the Coruscant News Network that are also overseen by the Deputy Minister to ensure a consistent and truthful distribution of information.

The department can be traced back to the Imperial News Service (INS) where it was formed under the Ministry of Truth in Year 8 and responsible for the newsmagazine Imperial Gazette, the Imperial Holovision, and the Imperial Radio. It was then changed to the Imperial News Bureau (INB) by Minister of Truth Orphaea Imperium in Year 10 and fell under the command of the Coalition of Progress shortly after. Year 12 saw the final change in branding for the department, gaining its current name of the Imperial Information Service, although the Imperial News Bureau was brought back as a sub-department of the Imperial Information Service in the Empire-wide reorganisation of Year 22.

Many of the information service's projects attract great interest and attention, and the wide scope of the department means that there are often various projects ongoing at once. In order to stimulate the participation of citizens in this cultural expansion of the New Order and actively ingrain imperial Ideology into the lives of the galactic citizenry, the IIS offers the culturally and politically ambitious a chance to participate in project initiatives, with positions including writers, artists and archivists open to all, allowing any ordinary citizens to become involved with projects without having to pass the rigorous requirements to become a full member of the Central Government.

Deputy Minister of the Imperial Information Service


Imperial News Bureau

Supporting the Imperial Information Service in their mission to spread true and reliable news throughout the galaxy is the Imperial News Bureau (INB). Throughout the years this department has switched between a number of names, but at its heart has always kept the same core values and mission statement, with the team of writers at any given time endeavouring to produce the greatest quality work. On top of their news responsibilities, the INB also publishes various magazines, including the galaxy famous Iron Will which gives an overview of the most important events of the year.

Secretary of the Imperial News Bureau


Imperial Art Society

The Imperial Art Society is a key part of the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Information Service. The team of skilled artists is responsible for the production, restoration and preservation of all art relevant to the New Order. This ranges from the decorative art in the halls of the Imperial Palace, to the information posters displayed to all Imperial citizens to keep them reminded of the core principles and roles of the Galactic Empire. The secretary of the Imperial Art Society answers to the Deputy of the IIS and the Minister of Culture, creating work as and when it is required.

Secretary of the Imperial Art Society


Imperial Archives

All Imperial history and information is stored in the Imperial Archives on Coruscant, though they can all be accessed remotely by Imperial citizens. This vast array of knowledge is compiled and kept up to date by a team of archivists who come from across all the Imperial branches to ensure a well rounded source of information is widely accessible. Due to the widely voluntary work completed by the Imperial Archives team, its work is directly overseen by the Deputy Minister for the IIS and as such does not require an independent departmental secretary.

Imperial Academy

The Imperial Academy is not just one institution, but represents the various Imperial colleges and training facilities across the galaxy. They range in shapes, size and functions, with some focussing more on the theories of branch activities, like the College of Government Sciences, and others having a more hands on approach like that of the Imperial basic training facility on Prakith. In command of all training facilities across the Galactic Empire and responsible for the various levels of training required throughout an Imperial career, is the Academy Commandant. They keep training material up to date, supervise the creation of new training courses, and most importantly manage the staff at the forefront of the training classes.

Commandant of the Imperial Academy


Imperial Basic Training

The Imperial Basic Training Academy, located on Prakith, is the first port of call for all recruits into the Galactic Empire. It is a universal right of passage, with all Imperials from the Empress to the newest graduate sharing the same experiences, which helps to greatly increase the solidarity and unity of Imperial forces. This intensive course has been designed and developed over the years to educate recruits in a cross section of Imperial Life, outlining the standards expected of Imperial Citizens and Officers, and also provides instruction on protocol and law. After graduation there is branch specific training also handled by the Academy, and upon completion recruits will be promoted and posted to their first assignments. As mentioned above, Imperial training never stops and all officers and commanders routinely find themselves back at the academy to enhance their skills and knowledge on the Imperial world.

Imperial Centre for Recruitment

The Imperial Centre of Recruitment (ICR) has handled all official, external recruitment efforts for the Galactic Empire since its founding in Year 7. An ICR Recruitment Officers message on Darkness is usually many Imperial's first point of contact with the Galactic Empire, but the support doesn't stop there with an extensive network of Imperial recruiters spread across the galaxy and throughout various communications systems to help any potential recruits find their way onto the right path.

Secretary of the Imperial Centre for Recruitment


Imperial Holonet Services

The Galactic Empire requires a large level of advanced communication infrastructure to coordinate its operations on a galaxy wide scale. These systems support all branches and departments, from the distribution of news via the Imperial Information Service, to the fast paced relay of front line orders, therefore it is vital that they stay functional and secure. This momentous task is undertaken by the Imperial Holonet Service (IHS) and its team of skilled engineers who work tirelessly constantly maintaining and improving all systems and platforms.

Secretary of the Imperial Holonet Society


Imperial Gaming Commission

The Imperial Gaming Commission (IGC) serves as the primary regulator of all gambling, gaming, and sports events within the Empire. The IGC's role is to ensure all events are run fairly and that winnings are correctly distributed, but most importantly to keep the morale of the Galactic Empire as high as possible. To assist in their duties they are given a budget from the Empire to fund the various games and events. The department was founded midway through Year 9 as a result of the Gambling and Gaming (GAG) Act of Year 9 in order to combat Imperials from becoming victims of theft or fraud, and helping combat illegal gambling activities related to corruption and criminal organizations trying to make a profit inside Imperial space, and it continues to run just as strongly (if not stronger) to this day. All imperials who wish to run their own raffles, games, gambling events etc will need to first apply for the relevant permit via the department secretary. The IGC has two variants of staff, with the Imperial Gaming Coordinators being responsible for the running of events including (but not limited to) lotteries, raffles, sports leagues and game tournaments. There are also Imperial Scenario Moderators who are responsible for the moderation of department run role play scenarios.

Secretary of the Imperial Gaming Commission


Former Ministers

Daniel Ascarion Year 18 Day 111 - Year 19 Day 355
Elaine von Veritrax Year 19 Day 355 - Year 22 Day 281
Lirri Elysar Year 22 Day 281 - Year 23 Day 158
Max Corrino Year 23 Day 252 - Year 23 Day 300
Leeanna Mailhot Year 23 Day 300 - Present