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Imperial Gaming Commission

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Imperial Gaming Commission
Leader Vidar Sicarius
Foundation Date Year 9 Day 113
Type Part Time Job
Professions Sports Events
Members 4
Emblem Galactic Credit
Motto Domination on and off the field
Application Process Closed
Forum Imperial Gaming Commission (Holonet)
Affiliation COMPNOR

The Imperial Gaming Commission (IGC) is designed to regulate all gambling and gaming within the Empire. It is the organization charged with organizing and overseeing all Imperial sporting events. Through this role is ensure all events are run fairly and that winnings are correctly distributed. IGC is funded by the Galactic Empire. IGC games and competitions are fair and balanced, and members of the Empire should not be worried about participating. IGC is a division of the Ministry of Culture in COMPNOR.

Staff Members

Director: Vidar Sicarius
Deputy Director: Max Corrino
Gaming co-ordinators: Marius Moto, Andrea Walrus


Imperial Shockball League

A brand new tournament for an age old sport. Popular among all sections of the Empire it is expected this league will be popular for a long time. The current system has 20 teams playing 17 games, the reason for the odd number of games is due to the relatively short time that the league is set over and the intense pace at which the game is played. It is not safe for shockball players to play the same number of games as the bolo-ball teams, which play 38. The league also allows the Cup timetable to fit in perfectly.

Imperial Shockball Cup

This Cup includes both professional teams from the League and a number of amateur teams looking to make a name for themselves and earn the credits they so badly need to gain entry into the high level of the Shockball League.