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Max Corrino

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Max Corrino
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Chandrilla
Mother Julia Corrino
Father Charles Corrino
Spouse Marius Moto
Siblings four
Children none
Born year 0
Imperial Service
Branch domi.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Chief of Military Intelligence
Secretary of INB
Secretary of IGC
Prior Service 7th Group XO
ISMC Moderator
Amber DMI liaison
Junior Training Officer
Acting Deputy Director ISMC
Deputy Director IGC
ICR Recruitment Officer
Ruby ISB Liaison
Awards 9086_corrino.png

Max Corrino is an Imperial Intelligence Chief and former Navy Captain serving within the Galactic Empire. He has also spent some time in the Ministry of Culture in part time roles. He mainly follows the “Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam” mindset, whereby "I shall either find a path or make one".

oRmqZpu.png Life before the Empire


Max Corrino grew up on the planet Sissubo in the Chandrilla system, and since his birth in the year 0 his life had been void of any serious problems. His family owned one of the largest agricultural estates on his homeworld, spanning thousands of acres in all directions.The many fields and pastures were used to graze farm animals, grow crops and harvest raw materials, which is where the majority of their wealth came from. The effects from the dormant volcano only increased their wealth, with the soil being some of the most fertile in the galaxy, and the underground heat allowing for geothermal energy plants that powered the whole planet. There were a number of small farming and mining villages on the estate, along with a fairly sizable spaceport-town near the centre of the planet which acted as the main export location for all of the family's sold goods. Away from the rest of the planet's civilisation was the main feature of the estate; the family home. It was a three story stone mansion draped in vines, which housed the bedrooms, kitchens and lounges (amongst other small rooms with various purposes). The main entrance consisted of a large oak door on the far left side of the building that led into the main hallway and to the grand staircase. On the far right of the building there was a small corridor leading to the clocktower that stood well above the rest of the house, providing a great view to the area surrounding the house. This was also used as the main business area, where the offices and boardrooms that were vital to the estate's running could be found, often staffed all around the clock by geologists monitoring the volcano’s activity, security officers watching the high value areas of the estate and businesspersons discussing various ways to expand the family's brand. The whole building had been in the family for a very long time, with records showing the original property being built over a millenia ago, with the large manor slowly getting created on top over the years, but despite its old age the inside of the building was mostly very modern, with only certain parts retaining their old designs as a way to remember the roots of the family.

The Corrino family esate

Max had never lived anywhere else, and he was often regarded as sheltered in his later life when people found out he was home schooled with his siblings, but his childhood was far from boring or isolated. Whilst he enjoyed the luxury of living on a peaceful planet and in an extremely large home with endless amounts of credits, Max often found himself outside working alongside his father as they checked in on the workers across the estate, or in the boardrooms taking notes on the meetings held between different entrepreneurs who had come to observe the family’s ventures. He had also gone out on security patrols in his late teens to keep poachers and predators away from the livestock and wild animals that held lots of worth, which saw him enter live combat on a few different occasions (although these were more like small skirmishes than actual combat). When he wasn’t following his father or assisting the different areas of the business, Max was in class. He enjoyed his academic studies and valued what it would allow him to do in the future, but he much preferred playing sports like boloball and horse racing or hunting in the forests to improve his marksmanship skills.

Glimpse of the Empire

One day Max was assisting the security force in a convoy to take products to the starport to be delivered to customers. As they came closer to the town Max caught a glimpse of an Imperial Star Destroyer, the feared ship of the galactic Empire. He had seen them before on trips to other imperial worlds on holidays or business trips, but Max had never seen one above his homeworld before, and he had never seen one this clearly either. The full underside was exposed to the planet's surface, with the docking bay pointing directly towards the town. Max looked at the ship through his microbinoculars and could see a stream of TIE fighters going in and out of the docking bay and heading in all different directions. Some veered off into the system whilst others headed down to the planet. As they came closer to the surface the infamous scream of the engines rang out causing heads to turn towards the sky all around. Within the starport itself was docked a lambda class shuttle with stormtroopers dressed in their gleaming white armour dotted around the docking bay, and in the centre of the room stood an Imperial officer flanked by two more stormtroopers. He was waiting for the delivery which Max had found out was being used to restock the star destroyers food stores. As the Imperial and family troopers load up freighter after freighter with the supplies Max got talking with the officer. They discussed different career paths Max could go down and brought up a career within the Empire, listing all the benefits that a career in the Empire can offer. This officer was from the navy, so he had an obvious bias towards his own branch, but he also talked very highly of the others. The life of an Imperial officer appealed to him, and so when Max had got back to his home he researched more into what the Empire offered and the idea was sold to him. From that point on he focussed more on his academic skills, but also put a lot of time and effort into his fitness to exceed the standards needed to join the ranks of the Empire.

oRmqZpu.png Imperial Career

Imperial Academy

Max signed up to the Imperial academy on his eighteenth birthday, but it took a considerable amount of time before he was able to begin his training. Various stages came before he left for service, starting with aptitude tests, medical exams and physical screenings. He also had to sit standardised academic tests to assess his mental ability to lead. These were mainly reading, writing and mathematics, but also brought in science and engineering to see if Max had a varied knowledge to help serve the Empire to the fullest. Once these were completed the interviews started, which was by far the most challenging part of the selection process. Max had to travel to the nearest testing facility, which luckily for him was on Chandrilla. He was taken to a room with three Imperials sat on one side of a table. One had a grey uniform, one a very light olive, and another was wearing ice white but with black trousers. Each had a datapad in front of them and as the interview progressed they took notes on his responses to the questions he was asked. The ending of the interview included scenario based questions, where Max had to say what he’d do in certain situations, for example “what to do if you had an injured person in your squad?” which was asked by the army officer, “what would you do if you were faced with unfavourable odds in a space skirmish?” by the naval officer, and finally the hardest scenario which was asked by the officer in white, “what would you do if you found out your family had anti-imperial ideas?”. Max seemed to get each of their approvals, even if they only showed slight expression changes upon his answers. When they had finished he was allowed to leave, and returned back to his homeworld in his family’s personal shuttle. It took a few weeks for the results of his application to come through, but finally almost three months after applying to join the Empire Max had been accepted into none other than the Prakith academy.

Corrino's graduation parade

The Prakith academy was one of the most prestigious within the Empire, and getting a place there was no mean feat. Unlike the Coruscant academy, Prakith provided recruits with a much more spacious campus, more authentic training areas and much less crowded streets and spacelanes. The building itself was also very similar to Max’s home, taking the old brick style as opposed to the modern slick look that buildings on Coruscant tend to take, especially those built in the Imperial era. Within the academy Max was assigned to Training Group Alpha 2 under Commodore Robert Gauge who guided Max and his fellow recruits throughout the academy training programme. The training took eight months, covering skills from combat, flying and leadership, all the way to writing reports, basic mechanics and galactic politics. It provided everything an Imperial would need to thrive in the Empire. At the end of his training Max was met with mounds of practical assessments and examination papers that he had to pass to be able to graduate from the academy. He managed to get an overall score of 92.46 on all of his assessments and was therefore able to join the ranks of the Empire as a fully fledged officer. He had chosen to join the Imperial Navy and so on the day of his graduation he wore an Imperial Navy uniform with the ensign rank plaque pinned on. This was considered the start of a very successful career for Corrino.

Imperial Navy

After his graduation into the Imperial Navy Max was assigned to the 7th group under the command of Commodore Thea Corine. His area of operations was the corporate oversector, the isolated territory of the Galactic Empire guarded by some of the bravest and most skilled men and women the Empire had to offer. Being so far away from the rest of the Empire meant reinforcements were never guaranteed so officers had to be able to keep their nerve and outlast the enemy, with battles often being down to attrition instead of firepower. Serving here may have seemed like a punishment at first, but it had turned into a blessing in disguise, allowing Max to excel in the navy and rise through the ranks at an extremely fast rate, unlike most other officers in the navy. The daily tasks Max undertook during his time in the sith worlds was constantly changing; some days he would be scouting deep space, and others he would be fighting terrorists, pirates and criminals. He carried out the majority of his duties in the earlier parts of his time in the navy commanding the carrack/s-class cruiser Stormwind. It had become a second home, and its crew a second family, so when it was finally time to relinquish his command of it for something with more firepower, Max was slightly reluctant.

Battle of Korriz

work in progress Operation Birdwatch started in the same way as all routine system patrols. The whole process was moving smoothly, with the joint army-navy force working ahead of their set schedule. Corrino was in command of the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Vanguard and had been ordered midway through the operation to assist the in a garrison changeover in the nearby system of Korriz. Far away from the towns and villages of Korriz I lay the Imperial Army Training Centre: Corporate. Its main purpose was to train stormtroopers in the Corporate Oversector for specific types of warfare. The vast pastures and slow moving glaciers provided a great amount of space to practice anything from hand to hand combat all the way to precision artillery training. A small garrison force was constantly kept at the facility even when not in use to ensure the safety of the area and provide support to the system's local authorities. Corrino positioned his ship directly above the planet to allow for the quick drop off of new troops and pick up of the old, but this was interrupted when unidentified ships entered the system and failed to answer hails from Imperial forces. He sent a squad of TIE/in Interceptors to investigate the disturbance which revealed them as rebel ships initiating an attack. They charged the ISD as more rebel ships entered the system, the most dangerous of which were three hammerhead cruisers. They were gaining speed quickly, charging straight for the Imperial position. The ISD opened fire on the cruisers, knocking out two and severely damaging the other, however ti was still able to ram the ISD at top speed, causing huge damages. Corrino's ship was almost dead in space and his crew was extremely injured. Whole decks had been wiped out as the vacuums of space sucked out anything that wasn't secured down. Reinforcements were dispatched at once, but they were some time away and more rebel ships were incoming. The ISD Vanguard held off whilst two VSDs came into the assist. After hours of back and fore fighting between the two forces, with all available units nearby coming to assist, the infamous MC-80 Home One-class drifted into view. All Imperials feared the worst, but Corrino gave

A turning point in Max's naval experience, the battle or Korriz I was the first experience of major - large scale combat for many in the corporate Oversector. Dominated by small skirmishes and pirate raids, the career of an officer in the 7th fleet was usually sheltered from the horrors witnessed in fleet scale battles that were an all too common occurrence for those in the mid-rim Imperial worlds and attack forces.

Departure from Military Service


With his naval career setting off to a great start, Max Corrino sought out more roles and responsibilities. He applied for many different part time jobs, but was rejected by all, until year 20 day 106 when he was accepted into the Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee (ISMC) as a moderator. A few months later he would go on to be granted the role of Deputy Director of ISMC and the Imperial Gaming Commission (IGC), and he was also accepted into the Imperial Centre of Recruitment (ICR) and the Imperial Academy as a recruitment and training officer (although Max’s tenure at the academy was cut short due to time constraints). Max’s various part time jobs had given him a lot of opportunities that he did not expect to be trusted with at his level within the Empire. His best experience was the planning of the Imperial Ball of year 20. As an ISMC moderator, Max was tasked with planning the Imperial Ball which would commemorate the 13th anniversary since the formation of the Imperial Union. The ball was successful and went down with no problems, and so Max had helped to build up his reputation within the Galactic Empire at a fairly early stage. From his work on the planning and execution, Max was given the Deputy Directors position within ISMC, a significant step in his career progression, although he could not have done any of it without the help from Lirri Elysar and Patrick Mueirech, who both provided Max with advice and support with the ball.

Max’s work on the Imperial ball gained the attention of Lord Admiral Kef Drenall, the commanding officer of the Imperial Navy who already had experience working with Max whilst they revised the Imperial Navy handbook. This attention was key to the recognition that Max received after the ball had concluded, when he was awarded with the Good Conduct Award and the Achievement medal, and later went on to be designated as Imperial of the Month after being nominated by both the COMPNOR and the Navy. The attention from Lord Admiral Drenall ended up reaching the very top of the Empire. Emperor Seele I had heard of the hard work and dedication that Max showed in his Imperial duties, and on year 21, day 17 he promoted Max to Commander. This was the highest honour of Max’s career, and made him realise just how much the Empire appreciated the work of their officers. It was on this day that Max decided he would give all he could to help the Empire achieve its goals and preserve the new order to the best of his ability.

Image from the ING article

During his time within the Imperial Gaming Commission Max brought back the sport of Boloball in year 20. The sport had played a big part within the Galactic Empire for many years, but slowly became less important in the lives of the wider Imperial citizenry. Very few continued to follow the different leagues, and so funding was lost and teams crumbled under low viewership. Wanting to bring the sport back, from the very highest levels, all the way down to the lowest Sunday leagues, Max and his boss Vidar Sicarius set to work for days reviewing the rules, league formats and every other detail that made the sport happen. After weeks of planning and advertising, the Imperial Boloball League was back and started its 23rd season in Year 20, Day 9. Many teams attempted to get in, but only the best were allocated places. Among them were teams run by some of the most famous Imperials of the time, including one team run and managed by Lord Admiral Kef Drenall, and later Lord General Arya Solus in the later seasons. The 23rd season was extremely popular, gaining attention from around the galaxy, not just within Imperial territory. News reports had been published by many different agencies, included the Imperial Information Service (https://www.swc-empire.com/iis/article/607) and NETWORKRabbit (http://networkrabbit.net/index.php/2020/05/15/interview-with-max-corrino-about-imperial-boloball/).

Imperial Intelligence


Imperial Security Bureau


Bureau of Analysis


Personal Life

Imperial Navy Ball

In year 20 a ball was held on a Golan station within the Kuat system. The station was fitted out for the occasion with grand designs that made the station look more like a palace than a defensive installation. Corrino arrived at the ball on a Lambda class shuttle at the start of the evening, and was one of the first to get there. He disembarked and allowed his co pilot to take the shuttle to the holding area ready for the end of the night when Max needed picking up. At the docking bay there were many security checkpoints, with lots of stormtroopers and security guards keeping watch on everyone who passed through the area. Many checks were completed on anyone who wanted to come in, after all, the leaders of the Imperial Union were all in attendance so their safety was the top priority. Max passed through the area without any problems and proceeded to the bar where he was met with many high ranking officials.

After mingling with various people, and drinking many different concoctions from the bar, Corrino headed to watch the Imperial Navy flyby. It was truly magnificent, and a great reminder of the might that the Empire holds. Each fleet took turns showing off their best ships and pilots, from the largest destroyers and most veteran officers, to the smallest fighters and the new, budding enlisted pilots. Once the flyby had finished, the dinner was ready to start. Everyone took their seats and the server droids brought out the plates. The tastes were amazing, and nothing like what Max was used to back at the galley. Before the deserts were dished out, the speeches were read out by various members of Imperial High Command, and the Imperial Union faction leaders. They highlighted the great achievements of the Imperial Union over the thirteen years since its formation, and the great ways in which it would continue to serve the galaxy and keep as many people safe as possible. At the end of the night everyone returned to the bar for one final drink to discuss the events of the nights, and then, a few hours after it began, the doors closed and all of the ships left, making room for the clean up crews to come in and return the station to its former state.

Imperial Victory Celebration


Political views

oRmqZpu.png Service Record

This is the record of all the ranks, positions, awards and qualifications that Max Corrino received during his Imperial career.


Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 19 Day 365 - Year 20 Day 06
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 20 Day 06 - Year 20 Day 94
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Imperial Navy Year 20 Day 94 - Year 20 Day 202
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 20 Day 202 - Year 20 Day 312
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Imperial Navy Year 20 Day 312 - Year 21 Day 17
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 17 - Year 21 Day 220
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 220 - Year 21 Day 243
Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[O-6] IIO-6.png Staff Agent Imperial Security Bureau Year 21 Day 243 - Year 21 Day 335
[C-1] IIC-1.png Assistant Chief Imperial Security Bureau Year 21 Day 335 - Year 22 Day 146
[C-2] IIC-2.png Chief Imperial Security Bureau Year 22 Day 146 - Year 22 Day 282
Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[C-2] IIC-2.png Chief Imperial Intelligence Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 171
[C-3] IIC-3.png Senior Chief Imperial Intelligence Year 23 Day 171 - Present



Basic Capital Command

Y21 D192


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Year 20 Day 04 Academy Commandant Arya Solus
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 20 Day 46 Navy Commanding Officer Kef Drenall
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal 6 Months [ISM] Year 20 Day 186 Imperial Security Bureau
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Year 20 Day 213 Imperial Security Bureau
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 20 Day 255 Fleet Commanding Officer Vidar Sicarius
GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 20 Day 312 Group Commanding Officer Thea Corine
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal 1 Year [ISM-1] Year 21 Day 04 Imperial Security Bureau
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month [IOM] Year 21 Day 07 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Year 21 Day 19 Navy Commanding Officer Kef Drenall
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Year 21 Day 69 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 21 Day 157 Navy Commanding Officer Kef Drenall
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award [ILA] Year 21 Day 166 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
TEC.jpg Tactical Essay Contest [TEC] Year 21 Day 167 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 21 Day 220 Fleet Commanding Officer Vidar Sicarius
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Year 21 Day 246 Emperor Seele
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service [DDS] Year 21 Day 272 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 21 Day 354 Chief of Imperial Surveillance Patrick Bisson
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal 2 Years [ISM-2] Year 22 Day 04 Imperial Security Bureau
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM] Year 22 Day 06 Imperial Centre of Recruitment Director Lirri Elysar
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 22 Day 27 Imperial Intelligence Director Tec Vaan
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 22 Day 38 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent [CISA] Year 22 Day 229 Imperial Intelligence Director Tec Vaan
DDSx2.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service [DDS] Year 22 Day 282 Chief of Imperial Security Bureau Patrick Bisson
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Year 22 Day 302 Emperor Seele
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 22 Day 352 Minister of Culture Lirri Elysar
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal 3 Years [ISM-3] Year 23 Day 04 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 23 Day 25 Bureau Chief of Analysis Elaine von Veritrax
ACHx2.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Year 23 Day 67 Minister of Culture Lirri Elysar
GCAx2.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 23 Day 73 Bureau Chief of Analysis Elaine von Veritrax
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 23 Day 75 Imperial Intelligence Director Tec Vaan
CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent [CIIA] Year 23 Day 104 Interim Imperial Intelligence Director Vidar Sicarius
IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award [IISA] Year 23 Day 104 Interim Imperial Intelligence Director Vidar Sicarius

Current Positions

Chief of Military Intelligence
Preceded By:
Mikal Blak
Max Corrino
Year 22 Day 282 - Present
Succeeded By:
Secretary of the Imperial Gaming Commission
Preceded By:
Vidar Sicarius
Max Corrino
Year 22 Day D282 - Present
Succeeded By:
Senior Writer
Preceded By:
Max Corrino
Year 23 Day 120 - Present
Succeeded By:

Previous Positions

Secretary of the Imperial News Bureau
Preceded By:
Position Formed
Max Corrino
Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 120
Succeeded By:
Deputy Director of Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Preceded By:
Lirri Elysar
Max Corrino
Year 20 Day 307 - Year 21 Day 286
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Deputy Director of Imperial Gaming Commission
Preceded By:
Arya Solus
Max Corrino
Year 20 Day 320 - Year 22 Day 282
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Senior Recruitment Officer
Preceded By:
Max Corrino
Year 20 Day 200 - Year 22 Day 282
Succeeded By:
Junior Training Officer
Preceded By:
Max Corrino
Year 21 Day 14 - Year 21 Day 40
Succeeded By:
ISMC Moderator
Preceded By:
Max Corrino
Year 20 Day 106 - Year 20 Day 308
Succeeded By:
7th Group Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Olifa Omicron
Max Corrino
Year 21 Day 205 - Year 21 Day 243
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Amber Region Military Intelligence Officer
Preceded By:
Markus Saretti
Max Corrino
Year 21 Day 176 - Year 21 Day 243
Succeeded By:
Garret Vin-Reth
Ruby Region ISB Liaison
Preceded By:
Waymar Cliffton
Max Corrino
Year 21 Day 243 - Year 22 Day 282
Succeeded By:
Navarro De Molay