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Imperial Union

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Imperial Union
Political centres Coruscant Sector

Auril Sector

Gree Sector

Dalchon Sector

Members Galactic Empire

Tresario Star Kingdom

Black Sun

Faerytail Family

Leaders Emperor Seele of the Galactic Empire

King Fooj Iwajo of the Tresario Star Kingdom

Dark Prince Jeor Knight of Black Sun

King-Father Simkin Dragoneel of the Faerytail Family

Territory 61 Sectors (GE: 39, BS: 7, TSK: 7, FF: 8)
Official languages Galactic Basic
Currency Imperial Credits

The Imperial Union is a multi-government alliance between the Galactic Empire, Black Sun, the Tresario Star Kingdom, and the Fearytail Family, founded on Year 7, Day 334.

The Union originally emerged out of the Imperial City-State Agreement signed by Emperor Vodo Bonias and King Jessy James of the Hapes Consortium. This treaty established a mutual-defense pact and economic exchange between the two states. It was the first such agreement between the Empire and another sovereign state, not to be confused with previous associations with the New Anzat Order or the 12 Colonies. The extreme success of the City-State Agreement attracted interest from Mandalore and the Trade Federation, and thus the Imperial Union was born. In Year 10, the Union added a fifth member government to its ranks, the Tion Hegemony, and in Year 12, the Aurodium Legion joined as well.

Late Year 13 saw some significant changes in the Union. These changes arose when a new charter brought forth by the Union's Imperial representatives, which was intended to devote more energy to military cooperation and mutual defense against the terrorist Galactic Alliance, was rejected by the Union's non-Imperial members. Despite continuing to remain on friendly terms, it was eventually decided that it would be in every members' best interest to leave the IU. For a time, the Union still existed, with the Empire as the sole member. However, on Y13 D325, Emperor Ndengin announced that two factions allied to the Empire, Black Sun and the Tresario Star Kingdom, had agreed to the new Union charter, and were to be considered member states.

The Anzatan Commonwealth under Chancellor Azarin Isard officially joined the Imperial Union on Year 14 Day 184, the culmination of a long period of successful diplomatic negotiations between the Imperial government and that of the Outer Rim nation.

On Year 15 Day 221, The Anzatan Commonwealth and Tresario Star Kingdom officially merged into a single entity, forming the modern Tresario Star Kingdom under the leadership of King Jude Vatz.

On Year 19 Day 263, The Faerytail Family was admitted to the Imperial Union as a provisional member under the leadership of King-Father Simkin Dragoneel.

On Year 20 Day 185, The Faerytail Family was admitted as a Parliamentary member of the Imperial Union


The Union is directed by the Leaders' Council. This council is composed of the heads of each Union government and a chairman, elected by those heads of government. The Leaders' Council formulates and directs all major pan-Union policy, including the admission of new members, united declarations of war, and the formulation of joint projects.

The Union Economic Council encompasses the nationalized factions of the Union governments, along with independent conglomerates that have chosen to align themselves with Union policy. The Economic Council negotiates common pricing, resource sharing, and large-scale production projects of benefit to all Union members. The Council is headed by the leaders of each nationalized faction and conglomerate.