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Imperial Centre of Recruitment

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Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Active c. Year 07 - Present
Motto "Let the Journey Begin"
Headquarters Coruscant
Coalitions Coalition for Culture
Insignia n/a
Government Galactic Empire


empire-logo.png Overview

The Imperial Centre of Recruitment (ICR) is made up of the Director, Deputy Director, | Recruitment Officers and | Recruitment Support Officers. ICR handles all official, external recruitment efforts for the Galactic Empire. An ICR Recruitment Officer's message on Darkness is usually many Imperial's first point of contact with the Galactic Empire. Whether it is a Recruitment Officer or a Recruitment Support Officer on IRC chat, all are qualified to both answer your questions and help you take the necessary steps to join the Galactic Empire. Anyone with questions is more than welcome to talk to any ICR Staff Member on the IRC channel #cmg-empire-help.

Imperial Recruiting Poster

The Center for Recruitment's mission statement is as follows:

  • To support the Empire's ability to acquire, retain and develop the best talent and skills.
  • To determine present and future manpower requirements of the Empire in coordination with planning and job analysis activities.
  • To obtain the number and quality of recruits that can be selected in order to help the Empire to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • To create a pool of candidates so that branch commands can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool.
  • To attract and encourage potential candidates to apply to the Empire.
  • To increase the pool of candidates at minimum cost.
  • To serve as a link between the job and the job seekers.
  • To keep membership levels in all entry branches at a sustainable level.
  • To assist in meeting the Empire's legal and social obligations regarding the composition of its military, and its civilian workforce.
  • To increase the effectiveness of existing recruiting techniques, and develop innovative ones.

empire-logo.png Why join the Empire?

"The Empire is built on Order. It is built on professionalism and precision. Fealty, Fidelity, and Service, as the Imperial Academy has taken for its maxim. It is beyond setting the standard, as no other group may compare to activity, organization, dedication, camaraderie, and opportunity. None can hope to call themselves our equals, and there are none who may usurp our dominance."
Emperor Charon

Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These are not merely empty words, they are the guiding principles of the Imperial way of life. To hold true to these principles at all times is what it means to be an Imperial.

Imperials are held to the highest of standards, both ethically and morally. Respect of superiors, as well as subordinates, is essential. Imperials are expected to act responsibly, and in a manner befitting the title or rank bestowed upon them over the course of their duties. This is honor.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face fear and overcome it. This is the mental, moral, and physical strength imbued into every Academy graduate. Courage balances Imperials when under pressure, it emboldens them to triumph over any threat, and supports them when facing the unknown.

Commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication found in every Imperial. It is what drives us to serve our Emperor and the New Order. Every aspect of life in the Galactic Empire demands commitment, from the high standard of excellence to vigilance in training.

Benefits of Imperial Service include:

  • Camaraderie between comrades-in-arms and co-workers.
  • Concrete support newtork.
  • Consistent salary that increases with rank.
  • Free education, followed by guaranteed employement upon graduation.
  • Opportunity for community involvement.
  • Opportunity to develop and exercise leadership skills.
  • Serve among experienced veterans in all fields.
  • Travel to new worlds and see the galaxy.

Help preserve the New Order and bring the rule of peace and justice to the Galaxy under our eminent and charismatic Emperor.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

Millions have have been offered the same opportunities you have placed before you. You are encouraged to join our irc channel #cmg-empire-icr and get first-hand advice and knowledge. Here you can:

  • Meet with other new recruits;
  • Interact with Imperial veterans;
  • Learn what to expect of service, and what service expects of you;
  • Contemplate service options;
  • Have your questions answered by a knowledgeable, experienced staff that genuinely cares for your future.

For more IRC information, please visit our | ICR Instructions.

empire-logo.png Imperial Careers

The Galactic Empire requires a constant stream of fit, capable, intelligent, and eager young men and women to reinforce its ranks as the New Order continues to spread across the galaxy. Offering unparalleled career choices and training, a career in the Empire is one of the most challenging and rewarding paths that a sentient could take in their life. For those people sharing the primary ethos of service to the galaxy, discipline, professionalism, and a stalwart belief in the rule of law and justice, the ranks of the Empire quickly becomes a home and way of life with limitless possibilities.


Joining the Galactic Empire is a relatively simple process that includes a background check by the Imperial Security Bureau whenever an application is received. This background check compares applicants against known intelligence surrounding associations and any information on previous activities and affiliations. Upon clearance for service within the Empire, recruits are sent to the Imperial Academy to undergo Basic Training. This initial training teaches the essential service skills and knowledge needed to serve as an Imperial and also prepares a Recruit for specialized branch training. Basic skills such as piloting is taught to Recruits and courses are offered on Imperial history, Imperial duty and ethos and how the enormous Empire functions. Successful completion of Basic Training will result in a Recruit being comissioned as officer and given a choice of which branch they wish to serve His Majesty. They will then be assigned to their first unit and will embark upon their career as an Imperial Officer.

  • Military service presents the option to serve in:

Imperial Army


Imperial Navy


  • Civilian service allows Academy Graduates to join:

Ministry of Industry


Regional Government


empire-logo.png Join today, the Empire wants you!

To join, simply click the image above. Then select 'Galactic Empire' followed by 'Submit'. You will then receive a message notifying you of your acceptance and further instructions.