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Egilhad Amory

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Egilhad Amory
Biographical Information
Birth Year -5, Day 120 17:20 CGT
Death Year 21, Day 330 approximately
Age 25
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Marital Status Single
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Aliases None
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Acting 7th Group Commanding Officer


Junior Training Officer, Imperial Academy

Moderator, Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee

Writer, Imperial Information Service

Prior Service Triumvirate Coalition - Lieutenant Commander
Awards 9158_amory.png


Early Life

Egilhad was born to parents of no great consequence, in fact their names, identities and heritage are not known. Amory House was an institution on Coruscant, far below the hustle and bustle City scape you all know, a house for young sentients whose parents could not care for them, or did not care to have them. Egilhad found his way there some time after his 5th or 6th Birthday the records are not fully known as they were destroyed when the Old Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire on Coruscant. It was during this period of restlessness and uncertainty that Egilhad hopped on board a freighter heading off world and smuggled himself away, therefore removing himself from the clutches of the Empire and being enrolled in the Junior Cadets or other such organisations known to remove rowdy or orphaned children from institutions such as Amory House. Little is known and no record sexist of Egilhad ever having been present at Amory house, but the surname with which he now proudly bears.

Once aboard the freighter, Egilhad has us believe that this is was an Arquitens, however during this period little is known about whether that particular ship was even under construction, in service or even existed. Sources say it was most likely a Corellian freighter or some form of medium transport. The cargo on board was Ryll, many believe that this is the reason that the knowledge of what ship it was is questionable. Ryll being a narcotic, having to be refined in a lab to create a substance many say is the opposite to bacta. As a stowaway Egilhad posed as a maintenance worker, during this voyage to the Pesmenben Sector for a delivery many tales have since been told of a particular teenager being particularly deviant. There are stories of the pilots waking to find all of their possessions arranged on the floor, or of water just where they may first stand up from their bunk causing them to slip over. Many of these pilots, not knowing of Egilhad's presence believe it to be the work of ghosts. On arrival in Pesmenben, the ship docked with an orbital space station, where Egilhad secretly took a bag of Ryll for himself and hopped on-board a passenger ship bound for the surface of Pesmenben II a hot and toxic atmosphere with a relatively small 10 million citizen population.

It is here that Egilhad would live for the next 5 years, before his forced enrolment in the Triumvirate Coalition Academy at age 20.

Triumvirate Coalition




All that can be reported on Egilhad's service is that at age 20 he was required by law to submit to the Triumvirate Coalition Academy as being a man of age and means within the Sector. During this enrollment, he was required to provide a surname, having no known family name to speak of. He therefore submitted himself as Egilhad Amory, after the only 'House' he had ever been a part of.

A year after enrolling he graduated and was enlisted into the Triumvirate Coalition's 6th Fleet where he spent the next 3 years of his life and eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After this time nothing is known of his whereabouts actions or affiliations for at least a year, having amassed a sizeable collection of vessels many think he squandered his time in deep space.

Operation Foundation

Early in Year 19, during routing patrols of the Taldot and Teraab sectors. Egilhad was selected to go on a secondment to The Resistance, under the control of both Crueya Vandron and William Siether he joined a select group of individuals to develop cities in the Halla Sector which had recently come under the control of The Resistance. Given his relative inexperience in completing building works Egilhad was given a crash course in Government Project Management. He was given control of a group of over 1,000 Resistance Workers who had been recently hired and brought from off world to complete the project.

Phase One was straightforward, establish a stable power grid, providing a landing pad and hangar space for incoming ships to land who would bring additional workers and new migrants to the sector. The specific planet where this works was completed was Colavas Minor. The scope included the first foothold of the cities construction. Completing phase one was a matter of weeks and months and at its conclusion Egilhad had managed the initial infrastructure deployment on tens of cities on the planets surface. His term with The Resistance coming to an end, he transferred back to the Triumvirate Coalition's 6th Fleet and was awarded the Silver Hammer for building something of worth for the Coalition and assisting in Galactic Alliance relations. Additional, a deployment ribbon was awarded for his completed tour of duty on Colavas Minor.

Operation Urgent Fury

The Hosnian War, as a part of the Triumvirate Coalition's membership to the Galactic Alliance the 6th Fleet was tasked with assisting with reconnaissance of the Hosnian System and focus scans of Imperial Soldiers and builders during the Operation. Egilhad was tasked with completing focused scanning and hailing missions of key Imperial Union targets, gathering intelligence on Bulk Freighter movements and completing city fly buys to check for enemy builders on the surface.

Much of his actions during this time have been lost to memory due to the PTSD of seeing the devastation caused during the conflict. Egilhad was awarded a tour of duty ribbon for participating on Operation Urgent Fury. Some facts are blurred between Operation Foundation and Urgent Fury as they occurred during the same Galactic Year.


Imperial Service

On or around Day 50 of Year 21 and nearing his 26th Birthday, Egilhad sent a transmission from the cockpit of the Crescent X-9 'Armstrong Creek' requesting to join the Imperial Academy. In the middle of a Hyperspace Journey and therefore untraceable Egilhad also had two Droid controller ships on his journey. A YT-510 and YT-1300 Freighter. Their location was home, was Coruscant where Egilhad would join the swelling ranks of the Galactic Empire and investigate his origins.

Once he had arrived from Hyperspace in Coruscant, Imperial Vessels immediately identified his vessels. Whilst he had received his signal codes to gain access to the system, such highly weaponized and group freighters appeared alarming. A group of 4 stormtroopers and an Imperial Academy Officer met him at the Landing Pad, sensing there would be discourse about his collection of vessels. Egilhad ordered his droids to take the ships into orbit as he was taken immediately into Imperial Service.

Naval College Kuat

The sun shone as the station in orbit of Kuat continued its orbit of Naval Command. The College of Space Warfare, the first step in entering the Imperial Navy as an Officer. The Enlisted route was an option, being a gunner or basic TIE Starfighter pilot was the easy route, an 8 week training program, with basic concepts required to enter service before a 12 month specialist course in the TIE/in Starfighter before being deployed in that ship only. Wth duty stations aboard a destroyer or station as required.

Egilhad had chosen an alternative route, the tougher route, he had just completed his 8 week Basic Training Course and had been immediately shipped off to Kuat. The seat of Naval Command, the system was heavily fortified and none should pass. Having chosen to ply his trade in the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps Egilhad would spend the next four years of his life dedicated to learning the ins and outs of all of the Empire’s starfighter vessels, as well as basic Capitol Piloting and command to diversify his skill set.

The first year of the course would involve basic starfighter manoeuvres and were completed in banks of hundreds of simulators, running exercises and operations as if they were a part of wars gone by. No use risking the future Naval Officers of the Navy in ships when they may have a training incident before they were already exceptionally skilled. During this time Egilhad would live in orbit of the Planet, either on one of the many Naval Stations or on board the feared Imperial Star Destroyer on a duty rotation. After the first 6 months Officers were promoted to Midshipmen and were required to complete duty stations with Senior Enlisted Sailors or with Junior Officers, the duties were the regular watch and patrol of all decks, as well as scanners and gunner control. Depending on your intended specialisation you would also man the departure signals tower aboard the Destroyer or down on the planet.

On one specific rotation as a Midshipmen Egilhad was the Junior Officer of the Watch with a Master Flight Sergeant, Battlefield Airspace Traffic Controller, Egilhad would guy TIE/in Starfighter Squadrons in and out of landing zones and ensured no craft came within certain distances of each other. It was during this particular shift that Egilhad successfully mitigated the risk of a TIE/sr and TIE/sa squadron heading for the same landing pad on different communications frequencies, noticing the error (which luckily he hadn't caused) he quickly re-routed the Bomber squadron to complete another patrol whilst the Scouts were stowed and then allowed them to land successfully. This earned him a minor citation to the BATC Commander, Ezra Simmons, which sparked additional work and regular duty stations under his command.

In second year, Midshipmen were stationed permanently on a duty rotation, this would be aboard the orbiting Imperial Star Destroyer. Midshipmen would rotate in and out of 3 different rotations on a 4 week roster basis, 2 days recreation leave were offered after 2 weeks and could be saved for the end of the Quarter. The first 4 week rotation Egilhad participated in was within the Signals Directorate aboard the Star Destroyer, deep within the bowels and far from the Bridge were central command was Egilhad would ensure that all starfighter squadrons operated on the correct frequencies and would relay critical information through to the Deck Officer, who would send it to the bridge if required. In addition during this phase, Midshipmen would complete regular scanner patrols and maintenance on the equipment. Foot patrols were also conducted to ensure that no sailor or officer alike was in the incorrect zone.

In the third year, Midshipmen would spend the full year training within the cockpit and rotation with a deployed Battlegroup squadron. This would specifically cover TIE/In Interceptor and TIE/sa Bomber squadron deployments, pairs of Midshipmen would be deployed as wing mates to the leader of the Squadron, who was often a Senior Officer at minimum. They would guide them through regular patrols, live fire exercises as well as regular briefings. Each Midshipmen would complete 50,000 hours within the cockpit of each of the assigned fighters during this time, the intense rotation would test their mettle for deep space missions as well as War scenarios. In addition, they would have to complete a briefing every week with the entire squadron to build up their public speaking and ensure that they could communicate effectively within the unit.

At the conclusion of third year Midshipmen are given the option to exit out to a senior Enlisted Pilot Rank, who would serve within Starfighter Squadrons for the duration of their career, or continue onto the 4th Year which would close out training with additional leadership training. Egilhad was one of the 65% of Midshipmen who would continue.

In the Fourth and Final Year Midshipmen would command a gunboat Wing on regular patrols throughout Kuat as the active Security. This would include planetary side scanning, missions to assist the local police and guidance for Non Imperial Entities who had business within Kuat. This would teach valuable leadership and reaction times in a more cumbersome vessel and remind Midshipmen that life in the Navy isn't all flying Interceptors but regular and mundane work still needed to be completed to ensure the safety of all Imperial Citizens.

Upon graduation, Midshipmen are promoted to Ensign and are processed by the Resource Allocation Division Imperial Navy (RADIN) into one of the numerous units operating throughout the Galaxy as Junior Officers and life in the Imperial Navy would now begin.

A chance meeting with Secretary Kolarr and a thorough discussion surrounding his current service, despite with an enemy faction. Kolarr used the provisions of Regulation CRP-16 and Egilhad was immediately promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and placed within a new unit, with all the education from the Naval College in Kuat Egilhad would join the ranks of the Senior Officers in His Majesties Imperial Navy.

Squadron Six

After completing his early days aboard a Victory Class Star Destroyer as a junior INSC officer Egilhad would complete regular patrols in TIE/In Starfighters as wing commander under a senior officer who would command the entire squadron. Upon completion of his initial tour of duty, Egilhad was given command of Squadron 6, it was unfortunate as it was also the untimely demise of a Senior Captain on a regular patrol which lead to the promotion. Whilst the specific details surrounding the missions undertaken by Squadron Six, as a highly specialised INSC squadron the unit complete whatever mission is necessary, whether it be in a Scout, Bomber Interceptor or Starfighter, Squadron 6 is the only such qualified squadron within the compliment of the destroyer. This multi-specialisation within the unit is rare throughout the fleet, however not widely uncommon, Lieutenant Commander Amory had inherited the the leadership of the most skilled pilots within the fleet.

Imperial Victory

During Year 21 Egilhad would be invited to attend the Imperial Victory Party, hosted on Coruscant to recognise the victory over the New Republic. This event would see several hundred Imperials attend and several members of Imperial High Command took time out of their schedules to show their faces. Hosted in the beautiful Government Administration Building (GAB) the event was well enjoyed by all who participated. The event was largely overshadowed due to a civil dispute between several Command level Officers. Egilhad, seeing the extroverts on display hid himself away in a secluded part of the room, sipping on his Coruscanti White Wine and ensure he avoided any involvement in the scandal.

Battle of Korriz I

The Battle of Korriz I was a battle waged for over weeks in the far outer rim. Egilhad, a Lieutenant Commander and squadron commander at the time was a combatant on the Imperial navy and was effectively seconded to the Imperial Army for the duration of the battle. After being promoted to Commander post the battle and subsequently being given Command of the 7th Group of the 2nd Imperial Fleet the records and exploits of the LTCMDR have now been declassified.

During a routine change in hands the Army Training Centre on Korriz I was attacked but an as of yet unknown band of rebels. Their allegiance is not known as a distinct lack of Intelligence was available at the time. Egilhad was deployed to provide scanning over watch of the enemy encampment when he was gunned down by anti air weaponry on the surface of Korriz I. Not knowing the fate of his squadron Egilhad survived the crash landing but was left with superficial lacerations to the arm and face, these were never in danger of becoming dangerous due to the cold temperatures on the planet. Upon his crash landing shortly thereafter Egilhad was set upon by as band of three rebel soldiers. There own arrogance was their down fall and Egilhad, relatively untrained for ground warfare was able to best the 3 rebel soldiers and commandeer the speeder for which they arrived on.

Having taken the speeder Egilhad headed for the training centre, realising soon after that General Mueirech himself the 2nd Legion Commanding Officer had come to rescue him, the downed officer. However during his race to secure the landing zone the General and his soldiers had been pinned down by the enemy and had made little progress towards their goal. Egilhad, with only the speeder and perhaps room for 2 or 3 more aboard swooped in and was able to convince the General, a much more senior and important figure within the Empire to take the Speeder and the wounded and return to the training centre to lead the battle. Egilhad volunteered to stay behind and help with the retreat, his death was all but assured an untrained Navy pilot on the ground, his fate was already sealed. However, much to Egilhad's surprise the General demanded that they return to the training centre together. Begrudgingly Egilhad agreed, his lack of realisation that the soldiers out there were indeed willing ready and able to die at the hands of these rebels in service of the Empire. The on set of PTSD was already setting in for the pilot, his judgement and military acumen was already questionable.

Upon return to the Training centre trenches and battle lines had been drawn as artillery was fired from all angles, a space of no mans land in between was merely ongoing blaster fire covering the retreat of soldiers. After the fact the lack of advancement of the enemy should have been sufficient enough to realise what was shortly to come alas they did not. The Officers and NCO's gathered for a quick debriefing and battle plan from General Mueirech.

Retirement and Death

After completing a short tour of duty as the Group Commanding Officer, Egilhad tendered his resignation and retired from his position. En route to the core of the Galaxy to see the sights and tour around the illustrious capital Coruscant. Piloting his personal YT-510 Egilhad was repairing the hyperdrive conduit, however instead of releasing the safety to access the main unit Egilhad bypassed usual process for the sake of speed. As a result a micro explosion occurred, the ship was knocked out of light-speed and was listless somewhere in Depp Space. Egilhad is presumed dead from the initial explosion. It is now known whether his body was recovered however he was not seen in the known galaxy again.

Ranks Held

Navy Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Year 21 Day 65 - Year 21 Day 192 February 1st, 2020 to June 6th, 2020
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Year 21 Day 192 - Year 21 Day 320 June 6th, 2020 to October 12th, 2020


Date Abbreviation Ribbon Citation Awarded By
Y21 D76 [ISM-3] ISM-3.jpg Awarded for time served. NA
Y21 D93 [IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg For 12 attendances at the Imperial Monthly Meeting. NA
Y21 D93 [IABG] IABG.jpg For completion of the Imperial Academy Basic Training course. NA
Y21 D93 [MOS] MOS.jpg For contributions to the Empire's server hosting costs. NA
Y21 D93 [CMM] CMM.jpg For acceptance into COMPNOR as a full member. NA
Y21 D93 [CSA-2] CSA-2.jpg For active and effective service to COMPNOR. NA
Y21 D157 [MID] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatch to Navy Command. For outstanding roleplay and contributions to Operation REDACTED. GCO
Y21 D166 [ILA] ILA.jpg For contributing to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture within the Imperial Scenario Committee (ISC). Elaine von Veritrax
Y21 D192 [IAM] IAM.jpg For his ongoing high levels of activity during Operation REDACTED in Darkness and RP far exceeding his Commanding Officer's expectations, displaying great communication throughout. FCO
Y21 D283 [LOC] LOC.jpg For his leadership and coordination during Operation REDACTED. He has made great efforts in increasing morale and encouraging officers to work together as a team. He is highly active and always checking on officers and ensuring the group has everything they need to accomplish the mission. Thea Corine
Y21 D318 [GCA] GCA.jpg For superb work as acting GCO and his efforts to maintain high morale and activity in his region. His work exceeded expectation Thea Corine


Commander Amory has completed his time and experience requirement and is hereby awarded the Basic Starfighter Wing Badge. This day Year 21 Day 248.


Basic Starfighter Wings

Current Positions

Currently retired.

Previous Positions

Junior Training Officer, Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Egilhad Amory
Year 21 Day 198 - Year 21 Day 281
Succeeded By:

Moderator, Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Preceded By:
Egilhad Amory
Year 21 Day 136- Y21 D288
Succeeded By:

7th Group Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Thea Corine
Egilhad Amory
Year 21 Day 248 - Year 21 Day 320
Succeeded By:
Andrea Walrus

Writer, Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Egilhad Amory
Year 21 Day 149- Year 21 Day 313
Succeeded By:

Training Officer, Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Egilhad Amory
Year 21 Day 281- Year 21 Day 313
Succeeded By: