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Isolder von Alard

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Isolder von Alard
Biographical Information
Birth Year -2 Day 322
Race Hapan
Father Alistair von Alard
Mother Syl Tylan
Siblings Julius von Alard - Half Brother
Children None
Imperial Service
Branch ISB-sm-square.png
Imperial Security Bureau


Positions Imperial Security Bureau (Primary)

Senior Writer, Imperial News Bureau (Secondary)

Prior Service compnor.png
Secretary, Imperial News Bureau

Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Amber Taskforce Commander

Imperial Army 3rd Legion Commanding Officer Imperial Army 1st Recon Battalion

Awards 9266_von_alard.png

Early Life

Isolder was born on Dreema a planet in the Hapes cluster, his mother Syl was a deck attendant at the local starport who met a charming Alistair von Alard when he attended a conference on new space lanes throughout the transitory mists. As a system at the edge of the cluster piracy and security were at the forefront of the minds of citizens with members of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces often unable to reach them in time. Therefore new lanes being developed and charted were integral to the ongoing security of the area. Syl, as a deck attendant was merely a casual observer as Alistair spoke about his home and family on Lorell and how he hoped that he could bring that life to the citizens of Dreema. Most were not interested in such a life, but the impressionable Syl was besotted by him. After discussing the lane with him at a mixer after the event Syl made her opinions known. After a long and enjoyable night, mr von Alard disappeared back into the cluster on his family's ship with promises of return once the lanes were passed.

Unfortunately mere months later after an incursion on Lorell the spending was reallocated to keep the aristocracy safe rather than have it reach out on the off chance Dreema came under attack. With little of value on the planet and its trade mostly reliant on imports Dreema and Syl, now pregnant, was left wondering whether Alistair was truly in it for them. Or just after a night out in the outer reaches of the Cluster. Deciding she was better off without him and the core worlds, Syl bore his son Isolder von Alard. Isolder had been passed down the mail line of Syl's family on Dreema for a generation, however after her brother Isolder had been tragically killed in one such Pirate Attack she was the last Tylan. She took up the mantle a son would and thus the tradition now of passing down the female line of the Tylan. Her son would name Isolder, and Isolder's daughters sons would be named Isolder.

It wasn't until Isolder was barely 3 years old that she learned of Julius von Alard the son of Alistair after a news article came through about the Alard Hall heir. Fearing what might happen to her and Isolder, Syl fled the Hapes cluster to the core world of Coruscant.

Adolescence - Coruscant

Upon arrival to Corsucant Syl found an apartment in the lower reaches in the southern hemisphere, a thriving place of industry Syl got work as a Signal Operator for Bulk Freighters of the Ministry of Industry arriving and departing a local depot. She was not employed within the Ministry but her company had been subcontracted to run this particular depot, once the Bulks arrived they would unload or load up and then the materials would be loaded into local Silo's ready for construction. There was always a magnate wanting to build a new high rise or to demolish some poor locals ancestral home in lieu of any number of 'business ventures'.

During this time Isolder would be taken care of various droids as well any random Coruscanti Syl could swindle into day care. He would learn the local routes and ways to stay out of trouble, as well as the local dialect. Having been barely raised in Hapes proper his accent was all but gone by the time he turned 13 years of age. He was, for all intents and purpose Coruscanti, his Hapan heritage was hidden by his mother and with scant access to any sort of library his Father and his family eluded his knowledge. At 14 Isolder enrolled in a pre-piloting course, essentially all theory on the basics of all things to do with piloting the big bulks his Mother had helped navigate in all day for the past decade.

After completing the 2 year course, Isolder would then begin to take classes at the local shooting range, whilst not an official course. It was more like a bunch of ex Stormtroopers keeping the past alive. Here he learned about the E-11 as well as various firearms, this was a bit of a glorified rendition, realistically he would clean down the weapons after customers had shot them all day and if there was a spare round of ammo or two they would let him shoot. It was no good to have half used ammunition for the next day. After a year he would be allowed to load the ammo for the customers and then would clean down the weapons still at night. He would spend many late nights in competing with the proprietors on who could disassemble and then re-assemble quicker. He would always lose, these were veterans of the Imperial Army and a 15 year old kid was hardly going to beat that muscle memory, although Isolder would get close from time to time.

On his 16th birthday, after 2 years at the range tragedy struck. It was the middle of the day when a massive boom echoed dully, but the reverberation was felt for kilometres. Collisions or crashes were common, but this was something larger than a locals speeder. Smaller ships were prohibited from accessing Coruscant this low and the only thing that could have caused an explosion that large would have been at the Industry Complex. Isolder rushed towards the ayrd as smoke and fire billowed from the complex, molten metal and flames engulfed the facility, a shipment of tibannagas had been coming down today. As Isolder looked up towards the signal station.. or where the signal station should have been he was filled with despair. He looked down at his chrono, Syl would have been an hour from ending her shift, during this time she would have been stationed within the tower to complete the last of the paperwork and complete handover when disaster had struck. There had been a new Officer piloting the bulk who had miscalculated, or likely ignored the Signals direction that they were going to fast at such a low altitude, the Freighter had dipped and made contact with the edge of the landing bad which had ripped open the cargo boxes. The Tibanna gas was then ignited and caused half of the freighter to explode which sent shrapnel and a fireball every direction. Syl had been killed instantly.

Learning about the von Alards

After his Mothers death, Isolder was left homeless as he was quickly moved from home to home, taken out of the old district he never recovered. Fortunately word had reached back to Hapes of Syl's death, a family member had been located to bring Isolder home. Back to Dreema, he had no memory, no accent and knew nothing of the culture of his homeworld, let alone of the Hapan people. Isolder was taken to the starport where a beat up YT Frieghter landed, on board was his cousin Lyal von Alard. The son of Alistair's youngest sister. Lyal, like Isolder was conceived and born away from the family, had very little but had grown up on Lorell working for the von Alard's rather than being one.

Lyal took him in and returned him to Lorell. His arrival to Lorell, a planet he had little knowledge and had never known was met with no fanfare or excitement. The ship landed on a local estate, a modest looking chatel nestled amongst the rolling hills with a view of a lake and expansive grounds which included a forest where local creatures were hunted for sport, their pelts and often their heads on show throughout the hall. Isolder at first was sure this must be the home of his birth father. He was however mistaken, this was merely a segment of the vast holdings of the Alards across the city. It was here he was kept for 3 days before he finally was taken into the central estate. It was a marvel he would scant have ever thought to inhabit.

Officer Course, Galactic Empire

Joining the Empire was not a rebellion nor was it an attempt to be more like his brother Julius, the simplicity of it was Isolder wanted to see the galaxy and its vastness, after a year on Lorell he could have gone and joined the Consortium, for whom his father was a patron. It was perhaps a surprise to his father, after having lost Julius he had wished to maintain some relationship with what was left of him. Isolder however had never warmed to the man, he did not, not care for him. It certainly was not that of a loving father and son and more of mutual acquaintances.

As such Isolder took a shuttle into Kuat and saw the vastness of the Imperial Naval headquarters, his days on the ground in Coruscant and his youth working with his hands made the vastness of empty space fearful for him, he did not wish to look throughout the blackness all his life. He wanted to see the hills and the snow of every corner of the galaxy. It was after gaining entrance to the Imperial Academy that Isolder would return back to Coruscant, in an entirely seperate part of the city where he grew up Isolder was taken to the esteemed Officers College.

He spent a year learning the basics of Imperial Regulation and structure, the laws which governed how the Government worked. Even that was but a speck of the required learning required to truly understand all facets. None short of perhaps the Empress herself could claim to have this knowledge.

After this year he was shipped to Carida, to be educated at the Land Warfare Centre for the Imperial Army.

Imperial Army

Upon graduation from the Imperial Academy Isolder was allocated to Her Majesties Imperial Army. He was allocated a shuttle and was transported with a group of officers to his unit, of which is highly classified. Since his command posting, his membership of the famed 1st Recon Battalion was released.

Isolder was appointed as the Interim Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Legion on Year 23 D169 after the previous LCO left Imperial Service unexpectantly.

Isolder was appointed as the standing Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Legion on Year 23 Day 285.

Isolder was appointed as the Amber Taskforce Commander on Year 23 Day 344

Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

IA_mini.png Stormtrooper Designation: ZL-179

After the ascension of Emperor Jai Meridan I to the Throne, the military was swiftly re-organised. Fleets and Legions were disbanded and authority over the taskforces was returned to Military Command. MCOMD officially altered the CoC to include all military branches under the direction of a Task Force Commanding Officer. Isolder continued in his post, the Imperial Army was reformed into the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. Alard whilst not vested with any authority over the branch immediately became the highest ranking authority within the Storm Corps, after the retirement of Command General Jazzel.

Nearing the end of Year 24, Isolder sought to change Career paths into Security and was accepted into the Imperial Security Bureau. In recognition to his service to the Corps as both a Legion Commanding Officer and Taskforce Commanding Officer, the Supreme Commander bestowed Isolder with the Medal of Progress.

In addition, Military Command recognised the superior Capitol Command skills that Isolder possess and bestowed the Elite CAPCOM qualification. Which was duly added to his service record.


Late in Year 23 a new Minister was appointed to lead the Minister for Culture. Leeanna Mailhot was duly appointed and opened several vacancies within the Ministry, one such posting was the leadership of the Imperial news Bureau, the foremost institution of Imperial Propoganda and news throughout the galaxy. It oversaw the galaxy wide proclamation of Her Majesty Empress Ventidius I and several other significant events throughout Imperial History. After a rigorous interview process, Isolder was appointed as the Secretary of the Imperial News Bureau in conjunction with his service as the Legion Commanding Officer.

Early into Year 24, whilst an emeritus member of the COMPNOR Political Party. It was confirmed by unanimous vote of the Select Committee and conferred by the Chairman of COMPNOR, membership of COMPNOR to Isolder von Alard.


Imperial Security Bureau

In Year 24, Isolder was appointed to work in the Imperial Security Bureau. Of which his service record will remain Top Secret.

Ranks Held

Army Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 23 Day 91 - Year 23 Day 96 February 26th , 2022 - March 3rd , 2022
[O-1] MO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Year 23 Day 96 - Year 23 Day 152 March 3rd , 2022 - April 28th , 2022
[O-6] MO-6.png Colonel Year 23 Day 96 - Year 23 Day 285 April 28th , 2022 - September 8th , 2022
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 23 Day 285 - Year 23 Day 344 September 8th , 2022 - November 6th , 2022
[C-4] MC-4.png General Year 23 Day 344 - Year 23 Day 331 November 6th , 2022 - October 24th, 2023

Imperial Security Bureau

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
NA ISB-O7.png ISB Captain Year 23 Day 331 - Present October 24th, 2023 - Present


Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Time Held (Real Time)
[C-2] CMP-C2.png Administrator Year 23 Day 312 - Year 25 Day 131 October 5th, 2022 - April 6, 2024
[O-3] CMP-O4.png Coordinator Year 25 Day 131 - Present April 6, 2024 - Present


Basic Infantry
Year 23 Day 270

Elite Infantry
Year 24 Day 98

Year 24 Day 321


Ribbon Abbreviation Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg [IABG-H] Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours Year 23 Day 95 Minister Lirri Elysar
MID.jpg [MID] Mentioned in Dispatches Year 23 Day 95 Minister Lirri Elysar
MIDx2.jpg [MIDx2] Mentioned in Dispatches x 2 Year 23 Day 128 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
IMM-12.jpg [IMM-12] Imperial Monthly Meeting - 12 Year 23 Day 129 N/A
MOS.jpg [MOS] Medal of Support Year 23 Day 129 N/A
CSA-2.jpg [CSA-2] COMPNOR Service Award - 2 Years Year 23 Day 129 N/A
ISM-3.jpg [ISM-3] Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years Year 23 Day 129 N/A
IVM.jpg [IVM] Imperial Victory Medal Year 23 Day 129 N/A
IAM.jpg [IAM] Imperial Activity Medal Year 23 Day 129 N/A
ILA.jpg [ILA] Imperial Literacy Award Year 23 Day 129 N/A
CMM.jpg [CMM] COMPNOR Member Medal Year 23 Day 129 N/A
GCA.jpg [GCA] Good Conduct Award Year 23 Day 129 N/A
LOC.jpg [LOC] Letter of Commendation Year 23 Day 152 N/A
LOCx2.jpg [LOCx2] Letter of Commendation x 2 Year 23 Day 152 N/A
MIDx3.jpg [MIDx3] Mentioned in Dispatches x 3 Year 23 Day 163 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
ISM-4.jpg [ISM-4] Imperial Service Medal - 4 Years Year 23 Day 190 ISB
LOCx3.jpg [LOCx3] Letter of Commendation x 3 Year 23 Day 196 Taskforce CO
MIDx4.jpg [MIDx4] Mentioned in Dispatches x 4 Year 23 Day 219 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
UDS.jpg [UDS] Unit Distinguished Service Year 23 Day 281 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
MIDx5.jpg [MIDx5] Mentioned in Dispatches x 5 Year 23 Day 336 Minister Leeanna Mailhot
LOCx4.jpg [LOCx4] Letter of Commendation x 4 Year 24 Day 34 Minister Leeanna Mailhot
LOCx5.jpg [LOCx5] Letter of Commendation x 5 Year 24 Day 99 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
UDSx2.jpg [UDSx2] Unit Distinguished Service x 2 Year 24 Day 122 Grand Moff Mordus Nordstroem
ISM-5.jpg [ISM-5] Imperial Service Medal - 5 Years Year 24 Day 188 ISB
LOCx6.jpg [LOCx6] Letter of Commendation x 6 Year 24 Day 196 Grand Moff Mordus Nordstroem
COB.jpg [COB] Commissioner of Betterment Year 24 Day 248 Emperor Jai Meridan
BCM.jpg [ACM] Army Command Medal Year 24 Day 252 Lord Admiral Hatori Hoorl
ACH.jpg [ACH] Achievement Medal Year 24 Day 280 Lord Admiral Hatori Hoorl
AMP.jpg [AMP] Storm Corps Medal of Progress Year 24 Day 329 Lord Admiral Hatori Hoorl
ICON-5.jpg [ICON-5] Imperial Conduct Medal Year 25 Day 60 ISB
CISA.jpg [CISA] Certified Imperial Security Agent Year 25 Day 83 ISB
IOM.jpg [IOM] Imperial of the Month Year 25 Day 83 Grand Vizier Marcus Elensar
CMP.jpg [CMP] COMPNOR Medal of Progress Year 25 DayXX Vizier Leeanna Mailhot

Current Positions

ISB Regional Supervisor
Preceded By:
Isolder von Alard
Year 23 Day 331 - Present
Succeeded By:

Senior Writer, Imperial News Bureau
Preceded By:
Isolder von Alard
Year 25 Day 131 - Present
Succeeded By:

Previous Positions

3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Sebastian von Nex
Isolder von Alard
Year 23 Day D285 - Year 23 D344
Succeeded By:
Marc Farstan

Amber Taskforce Commander
Preceded By:
Filipe Barro
Isolder von Alard
Year 23 Day 344 - Year 23 Day 331
Succeeded By:
Alexander Darthmoor

Secretary, Imperial News Bureau
Preceded By:
Max Corrino
Isolder von Alard
Year 23 Day 312 - Y25 D131
Succeeded By:
Arkonis Deadrorian