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Arkonis Deadrorian

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Arkonis Deadrorian
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Curamelle City, Corulag
Mother Janu Deadrorian
Father Zade Deadrorian
Spouse None
Siblings Brother, Korden Deadrorian
Children None
Born Records Lost
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions N/A
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A

Arkonis Deadrorian is a new recruit at the Imperial Academy of the Galactic Empire.

Personal History

Early Life

Arkonis was born on the planet Corulag in the Corulus System to Janu Deadrorian, a Senior Prefect in the Galactic Empire, and Zade Deadrorian, a diplomatic aid to her husband. He has one sibling, a brother, Korden Deadrorian, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Corulag Politics


Arkonis's father, Janu was born of a moderately wealthy family. The Deadrorian's had been entrenched in Corulag politics for generations with varying degrees. Many believe that the Deadrorian's were once one of the original Quintad, a group of five powerful families that fled Corulag to setup an industrial powerhouse and rule the planet Eriadu. It's believed the Deadrorians reconsidered after an alliance with Imperial rule was offered in exchange for wealth and position. Janu always scoffed at rumors, choosing to rely on fact and local politics, quickly rising through the ranks of the regional government with relentless ambition.

Janu's first son was Korden, who, unlike his father, grew up dreaming of a life outside Imperial control and was a constant disappointment. Brash and fearless, Korden was impossible to control. Cut off from his father, he eventually found a way to access his family's wealth, syphoning a little at a time, until he had enough to purchase a small freighter ship. Within a year Korden's rebellious track record was brought before his father Janu by local Imperial authorities. Detained and with his ship impounded Korden confessed to his father of his illegal spice runs between various undisclosed Core Worlds. Janu used his influence to procure his son's release and Korden swore to be evermore faithful. Korden kept his promise for many months until his mother Zade became pregnant with a second son, Arkonis.

Janu Deadrorian in his prime

Arkonis, eager to get his life started even from the beginning, was born three weeks premature. He spent those few first weeks under close observation at Corulag's medical facility. His mother Zade, due to complications and excessive bleeding, died giving birth to Arkonis, who many believed, killed her from within. Janu never recovered emotionally, eventually loosing his ambition and never advancing past his post as Senior Prefect. Korden, angry at his mothers untimely death, and taking the opportunity of his father's distraction, boarded his freighter and set off for the Outer Rim Territories never to be heard from again.

Arkonis developed quickly. He was mischievous in his early years, always finding his way into trouble. One particular afternoon, Janu was busy prepping the day's end report, when a rush of water flooded his office. Janu quickly discovered that Arkonis was "merely curious" as to how the valves controlled the flow of water in their home. This curiosity would lead to Arkonis's ability to grasp ideas and concepts quickly, but would also steer him down a path his father had feared since his birth.

Once Arkonis was of age, under the guidance of his father, he was tutored in regional and galactic politics. The sprawling city of Curamelle provided many distractions for Arkonis during his teenage years. Two sides of behavior emerged. The first, was the prodigal son, dedicated to his work, bringing tact and attention to detail to his studies, always professional and charming with everyone he encountered. The second was, to the dismay of his father, too much like Korden. Rowdy, curious, and with an insatiable appetite for the excitement of underworld activities. Arkonis took to the streets every night after his studies. He developed his true understanding of politics through his time gambling in seedy dens, talking his way out of bad debts, and swindling local merchants out of their goods. Janu began to wonder if Arkonis would stop his studies altogether and go chasing after his brother in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Lure of Immortality

Academy for Young Imperials Barracks

In an attempt at reigning in Arkonis's mischief, Janu entered him into the Academy for Young Imperials. Arkonis was resistant at first. He was still young and foolhardy and the academy made too many promises of long hours of study, rigorous course material, strict enforcement of free time, and the expected obedience of the Imperial Code of Laws. Arkonis, still linked with many underworld figures, though no one of importance, worried about loosing the contacts and respect he worked so hard to get.

He soon saw another solution. An academy instructor named Ghen Thorne, was introduced and was assigned as Arkonis's instructor and mentor for his year of study at the academy. Ghen was impressed with Arkonis's eagerness to learn as well as his natural ability to grasp the cunning and shrewd sides of politics. It was Ghen, who taught Arkonis how to use his contacts in the underworld to further the Imperial cause. Ghen made the legends of the Empire larger than life, entrancing Arkonis in the achievements of such figures as Piett and Thomas Cherokee. He explained how once an agent of the Empire, you could earn glory that would be recognized for generations to come. This enticement was too much for Arkonis to resist and he plunged himself into his studies, graduating the top of his class, and eventually being recruited into the Imperial Academy on Prakith; a proud day for his father, whose health had been slowly declining over the previous year.

Old Habits Die Hard

Once on Prakith, Arkonis showed promise by gaining excellent scores on his exams, entering into the top 5% of his class. Progress would soon stop abruptly. During a night stroll after a long lesson on Galactic Trade Policy, Arkonis stumbled upon a fight that had broken out between two local citizens. Eager to prove his worth, Arkonis stepped in to break up the fight. The older man was easily thrown to the ground, but the younger had something to prove. Arkonis eventually subdued him, but not before taking a hard right to the face. The young man quickly realized he struck an Imperial, a crime punishable by death, and with mounting fear, dashed away, vanishing into the night. The old man, a rugged Corellian, with a head full of white hair seemed more impressed than scared. Without hesitation and to Arkonis's disbelief, he propositioned for help on a small arms run to Coruscant with the promise of a 50/50 split. The old man knew he was taking a chance with a future Imperial officer, but believed Arkonis to be more than meets the eye. Arkonis had two days before his second volume of training and was hard pressed to refuse the opportunity for a few extra credits in his pocket and the promise of excitement.

G9 Rigger-Class Freighter

Arkonis returned to his barracks and lie awake most of the night, torn between Imperial duty and his own desires. The old Corellian had told Arkonis when he planned to depart and insured him the offer would still stand should he decide to take it. Come sunrise, Arkonis's bed was empty and he was on his way to the spaceport. Luckily, Arkonis hadn't been on Prakith long enough for anyone to recognize him.

The old Corellian extended his hand at Arkonis's approach, motioning toward his ship, an ancient G9 Rigger-Class freighter, a heap of rust and mold somehow holding together. The old man assured him of its reliability and they were soon on their way. A simple job. Deliver two containers of arms to a designated docking bay on Coruscant, get paid, and come home. The papers and documents were already in order in case local Imperial authorities intervened. The old man needed a negotiator and that's where Arkonis was to come into play. The old man couldn't be seen on Coruscant and had to do all his trading through a middle man. Of course, as expected, nothing went as planned. The two made it safely to the docking bay, but the contact was nowhere to be seen. The old man insisted they wait longer, but Arkonis was smart enough to know something was wrong. They took off, but Arkonis's fears about the ship came true. The engine nearly erupted into flames from an electrical fire. The freighter plummeted into the lower levels of the city, crashing hard into the side of a cantina, chunks of metal and debris flung in every direction. Luckily, Arkonis escaped the ship just before the explosion. The old man was not so lucky.

The Moment of Truth

Imperial Prison Station

Stranded on Coruscant, technically AWOL, and standing in front of the ruins of a smugglers ship, Arkonis knew he might not be able to talk his way out of this one. A menacing and skeletal looking Pau'an came rushing from the side of the cantina, waving a staff and cursing violently. Arkonis dashed away just as three Twi'lek thugs hurled toward him. His years of running from local authorities on Corulag had kept him in ample shape. He dodged in and out of corridors, eventually loosing the the thugs amid the maze of buildings. Tired, bleeding, and shamed, Arkonis understood his failed responsibility and decided to take his chances with the Imperial authorities. He hoped his father would be able to help him with the use his influence, so he found the nearest Imperial checkpoint and turned himself in.

Arkonis was detained and interrogated by Imperial authorities. An urgent message was sent to Janu Deadrorian on Corulag. Arkonis remained hopeful his father would still see worth in his son. Hope was met with grave news. His father had passed and his assets were confiscated by the regional government. Arkonis was left to face his punishment alone. He was stripped of everything and put on an Imperial prison ship by Angelus Devaron and sent away. Arkonis received a correspondence in prison some months later from his former mentor at the Academy, Ghen Thorne. Though disappointed, Ghen knew the potential inside Arkonis and fought to get him released from prison.

Arkonis in prison

Nine months passed, teaching Arkonis the valuable lesson of Imperial order. The solitary darkness of his cell, the strict treatment of its inmates and the sheer lack of individual freedom nearly drove Arkonis mad, but opened his eyes to the importance of its functionality. He survived by pulling from all of his life lessons; his father's teachings, the streets of Corulag, and Ghen's devotion and knowledge of the Imperial Code. Ghen had become a regular confidant for Arkonis throughout his time in prison through correspondence and continued to fight for his release on the outside. Two weeks after Ghen's last message Arkonis was to be released and reinstated in the Imperial Academy. He would get one last shot and he would not waste it.

Arkonis was shuttled back to Prakith after his release by Angelus Devaron where he was given a new instructor Jano Baskardi. Only time will tell if Arkonis will be the legend his father always believed him to be. Arkonis must now choose just how far his ambitions will take him and rise further than he could have ever imagined.