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Marcus Elensar

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Marcus Elensar
Biographical Information
Born Year -20, day 13
Race Human/Hapan
Homeworld Hapes, Hapes Cluster
Father Fenus Elensar
Mother Alora Elensar
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Liana, Serina, Vena, Kira (Sisters)
Children Unknown
Political Party Galactic Empire
Profession Chairman of COMPNOR
Signature N/A
Imperial Service
Branch compnorsmall.png
Position Chairman of COMPNOR
Prior Service compnorsmall.png
Positions Minister of Interior
Director of RADE
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Positions CEO
Magnaguard Manufacturing
Positions CEO
Imperial Mining Corporation
Positions CEO
Hub Manager
Non-Empire Service sienar.png
Sienar Technologies
Awards 8748_elensar.png

Marcus Elensar is the current Chairman of COMPNOR and a member of the Imperial High Command. His service to the Galactic Empire has been substantial, dedicating much of that time to the Ministry of Industry, spearheading many of the Empires production efforts. For a short time he left the Empire and worked for Sienar Technologies as well as pursued other personal enterprises.

empire-logo.png Personal Information


Standing at 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) half Human half Hapan, Marcus carries himself with a mixture of cold and warm. His charisma and charm bestowed by his Hapan ancestry mixed with his calculating efficiency earned as an Imperial officer keeps diplomats and subordinates guessing as to his temperament.

Marcus is rarely caught out of his COMPNOR dress greys, preferring to present professionalism and Imperial Pride at all times. The cloth perfectly creased, boots shined to a high sheen and his insignia perfectly balanced above his breast. His gait is confident and his sharp symmetrical features command respect.

Though handsome in the eyes of most human species, Marcus is considered average by most Hapans, which hindered his early ambitions among his own people.

trans-70-plain.png Pre-Imperial History


Marcus as a child in his fathers manufacturing plant.

Marcus grew up on the planet Hapan as the youngest of five siblings. In his youth on Hapan, Marcus Elensar found solace and purpose in the solitude of his mechanical interests, a stark contrast to the societal expectations of his matriarchal culture. His isolation wasn't just physical but emotional, as his family's indifference forced him to seek companionship in the machines he worked on. He was largely ignored by his parents Fenus and Alora Elensar with much of their focus on their four daughters whose future prospects seemed promising. Fenus his father was Human and his mother Alora was Hapan. His older sisters were from Alora's previous marriage to Hapan man, which meant Marcus was the only half-blood. This compounded his sisters being prioritized as pure-bloods.

This early life of quiet rebellion and self-taught expertise in technology shaped Marcus into a resilient and resourceful individual. His fascination with mechanics wasn't merely an escape but a foundation for his unique path, setting him apart from his family and peers. This period of his life, marked by introspection and a developing mastery over technology, laid the groundwork for his eventual journey beyond the confines of his home planet and into the broader galaxy, where his skills and unique perspective would find a wider stage.

Loric Elensar, Marcus's maternal grandfather, was a retired engineer who had once worked in the shipyards of Corellia. Despite the family's modest means, Loric possessed a wealth of knowledge and a passion for engineering that transcended his current status. He saw potential in Marcus's fascination with machinery and became the boy's mentor, teaching him the principles of engineering, physics, and the art of crafting with precision and care. Loric's workshop, a cramped space filled with old tools, parts, and half-completed projects, became a sanctuary for Marcus. It was here, under the dim light, that Marcus assembled his first functioning droid from scraps, a pivotal achievement that Loric celebrated as if it were a masterpiece.

Sela Tarnis was a neighbor's daughter, around Marcus's age, who shared an interest in technology but was drawn more to the software side, programming, and slicing. Sela's friendship introduced Marcus to the interconnectedness of hardware and software, expanding his understanding of how machinery could be brought to life and controlled. Their partnership was symbiotic, with Marcus focusing on the physical aspects of their projects and Sela bringing them to operational status through her coding skills. Together, they created a small surveillance droid, which they used to play pranks on their siblings and neighbors, showcasing their talents and forming a bond that was rare in Marcus's life.

These relationships, with Loric's guidance and Sela's companionship, provided Marcus with a sense of belonging and achievement that he didn't find within his immediate family. Loric's encouragement fostered in Marcus a belief in his abilities and the potential to rise beyond the expectations of Hapan society. Meanwhile, Sela's friendship offered a glimpse into the possibilities of collaboration, teaching Marcus the value of combining diverse skills toward a common goal. These early experiences and relationships not only shaped Marcus's childhood but also laid the foundation for his future endeavors, instilling in him the confidence and skills that would guide him on his path to becoming more than what his origins might have predetermined.

Teenage Years

Marcus Elensar's cousin Tyris Elensar

A pivotal moment in Marcus's teenage years was sparked by a catastrophic event at his family's small manufacturing business. A critical system failure, one that Marcus had warned his parents about but was overlooked due to their focus on his sisters, resulted in a devastating fire that nearly bankrupted the family. The major tragedy was his grandfathers death in the explosion, causing Marcus to not only lose a family member, but a mentor and friend. Feeling responsible yet frustrated by his family's refusal to heed his advice, Marcus became disillusioned with his place on Hapan. This incident underscored his capabilities and the limitations of his current environment, driving him to seek a future where his skills and insights would be valued.

The disaster also served as a wake-up call for Marcus's parents, who began to recognize his talent and potential in ways they had never before. Despite the late acknowledgment, the damage to Marcus's aspirations and sense of belonging had been done. He yearned for a setting where merit and ability outweighed tradition and prejudice.

Tyris Elensar, aware of his cousin's plight and potential, saw an opportunity. He offered Marcus a position within the Imperial Mining Corporation, promising not just employment but a chance to apply his skills on a grand scale, to be part of something larger than himself. For Marcus, this offer was a lifeline, a chance to step into a role that appreciated his technical prowess and to escape the confines of his previous life.

Accepting Tyris's offer became the turning point that propelled Marcus into a new phase of his life, setting the stage for a future where his contributions would be crucial to the operations and successes of the Imperial Mining Corporation. This decision marked the end of his youth on Hapan and the beginning of his journey in the broader galaxy, where his talents would be tested and honed in the service of the Empire.

empire-logo.png Imperial History

fIYJI0i.png Imperial Academy

At the Imperial Academy, Marcus Elensar found his true calling. Initially underestimated due to his quiet demeanor and Hapan heritage, he quickly distinguished himself through his unmatched technical prowess and innovative thinking. Marcus's ability to solve complex engineering problems and improve upon existing Imperial technology caught the attention of his instructors. His tenure at the academy was marked by a transformative project: the development of a highly efficient power distribution system for Star Destroyers, which significantly reduced energy waste and improved operational efficiency. This achievement not only earned him top honors but also the respect of his peers and superiors, setting the stage for a promising career within the Empire. Marcus's time at the academy was a period of intense growth, where he honed his skills, formed crucial alliances, and laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in the Imperial ranks.

Imperial Tie Simulator

In a notable episode at the Imperial Academy, Marcus found himself at odds with a fellow recruit named Joran Vell and under the critical eye of Instructor Tarnis. Marcus, in his zeal for efficiency, covertly modified the targeting system of the Academy's TIE simulators to be more responsive. However, during a competitive simulation exercise, Joran, an ace pilot with a strong sense of pride, lost control of his simulator, leading to a virtual crash that humiliated him in front of peers. Accusations flew, and tempers flared, resulting in a disciplinary hearing before Instructor Tarnis. While Marcus faced censure for unauthorized modifications, the incident revealed his technical genius, impressing Tarnis but also teaching Marcus a hard lesson in the importance of protocol and chain of command. This event, while a source of tension, ultimately forged a begrudging respect between Marcus and Joran, and highlighted the need for Marcus to navigate his brilliance within the confines of Imperial discipline.

In another episode, Marcus was chosen to spearhead a student-led initiative simulating the overhaul of a critical, yet inefficient, Imperial logistics operation. This academic project, part of a larger curriculum designed to test leadership and administrative acumen outside traditional military tactics, tasked Marcus and his team with identifying bottlenecks and implementing innovative solutions within a simulated supply network.

Leveraging his technical background and keen analytical skills, Marcus introduced a revolutionary inventory management system, utilizing data analytics to predict supply needs and optimize distribution routes. His leadership style was inclusive, drawing on the diverse strengths of his team members to foster a collaborative approach to problem-solving. The exercise culminated in a presentation to Academy instructors and visiting Imperial logistics officers, where Marcus's team demonstrated how their strategies could significantly reduce operational delays and increase efficiency across the Empire's supply chains.

This project not only underscored Marcus's adeptness in leadership and administrative strategy but also highlighted his potential to contribute to the Empire's operational effectiveness beyond the battlefield. His success in this exercise was a defining moment at the Academy, showcasing his versatility and marking him as a future asset to the Imperial administration.

Marcus's academic journey at the Imperial Academy culminated in graduation with top honors, a testament to his exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and innovative solutions in both military and administrative exercises. His academic excellence and high marks across a range of disciplines, including engineering, logistics, and leadership, distinguished him among his peers. This achievement paved the way for a prestigious beginning to his career within the Empire. Recognizing his nephew's potential and the benefits of having such a talented individual on his team, Tyris Elensar offered Marcus a position as an aide within the Imperial Mining Corporation. This role promised not only to utilize Marcus's technical and leadership skills but also to challenge him in new ways, setting the stage for his ascent within the Imperial ranks.

mind.png Imperial Mining Corporation

First Steps

Young Marcus Elensar in IMC

Upon joining the Imperial Mining Corporation, Marcus found himself still uneasy as to whether this was the right step. He'd excelled at the academy, impressing almost every instructor, but as he stepped into his new role as an Imperial Mining Member, he had doubts. His Hapan childhood still weighed heavy on his mind and he still felt a rebellious streak that conflicts with the rigorous structure of the Galactic Empire. So, unexpectedly he left only two months after joining. His cousin Tyris was disappointed, but as a testament to his stature, he gave Marcus his blessing.

Marcus wandered. He had acquired a small transport vessel and had some credits to his name from odd jobs he had performed as a teenager on Hapan. He wanted to see some of the galaxy before settling into the confines of Imperial leadership. He visited a couple of planets, seeking an answer to his wanderlust, but only found out that most only cared for themselves. He realized that he craved recognition, structure, and a place that would enable him to thrive. Thus, after a drunken night in a seedy bar on Kuat, he contacted his cousin once more. Tyris played his part well, chastising Marcus just enough to prep him for future consequences should he leave again, but softly enough to ensure his cousin would return. He new Marcus had great capabilities.

A Return & Welcome Mentorship

When Marcus returned, he started as a Hub Manager, holding the rank of Engineer. His innovative approach to improving the Durasteel extraction process on Kessel, under the mentorship of his cousin Tyris and the guidance of Dr. Eleni Varos, showcased his exceptional skills. This project, which significantly reduced energy consumption and increased output, set the stage for his rapid ascent within the Corporation.

Marcus's success quickly led to a promotion to Master Engineer, where he spearheaded an initiative to explore mining opportunities in the Outer Rim territories. His adept handling of negotiations with a Hutt Cartel on Tatooine, securing valuable mining rights, further established his reputation as a skilled diplomat and strategist.

Strength & Leadership

Faced with a crisis on Ryloth, Marcus demonstrated leadership and innovation, using drone technology to conduct a rescue operation, thereby reinforcing his commitment to worker safety and operational efficiency. This incident precipitated the implementation of new safety protocols, marking a significant contribution to the Corporation's operations.

Another particularly high-stakes scenario unfolded, involving a critical resource shortage threatening a major Imperial fleet operation. The Empire required a rare mineral, Iridium-6, found only on the remote and hostile planet of Zaloriis. Marcus was tasked with leading the operation to secure enough Iridium-6 to meet the Empire's urgent demands.

The mission faced immediate challenges, including harsh environmental conditions and local resistance from insurgent groups. Marcus assembled a diverse team, including his trusted advisor and security expert, Captain Lena Vorik, and a skilled negotiator, Toren Krell, to navigate the complexities of the mission.

The operation was jeopardized when insurgent forces launched a surprise attack on the mining site, capturing several team members and demanding the Empire cease its mining activities. With the stakes higher than ever, Marcus demonstrated his strategic acumen by orchestrating a daring rescue operation, leveraging his engineering skills to infiltrate the insurgents' stronghold without escalating violence.

In a tense standoff, Toren Krell's negotiation skills came to the forefront, securing the release of the captives and establishing a temporary truce. Meanwhile, Lena Vorik's security measures protected the mining site from further attacks, ensuring the continued extraction of Iridium-6.

Situation on Hoth

His rapid rise through the ranks saw him soon promoted to Line Manager and then to Chief of Operations, a role in which he had a profound impact on the Corporation's strategic direction and operational success.

As Chief of Operations, Marcus faced a dire crisis when an unexpected seismic event threatened the main mining facility on the ice planet of Hoth, jeopardizing the Empire's exclusive access to a rare crystal used in advanced communications technology. Under Marcus's leadership, an emergency response team, including the resourceful project engineer, Sarien Dal, and the experienced crisis manager, Kael Marn, was quickly assembled.

Mining Facility on Hoth

Their mission was to stabilize the facility and safeguard the crystal reserves. Marcus's strategic planning and Sarien's engineering prowess were put to the test as they devised a plan to reinforce the mine's structure. Meanwhile, Kael coordinated evacuation efforts, ensuring the safety of all personnel.

The stakes were elevated when a critical power failure threatened the cooling systems, risking a total collapse. Marcus's decisive action, leveraging his technical knowledge, restored the power, averting disaster.

In the aftermath of the seismic event on Hoth, the situation worsened when an aftershock damaged the primary communication array, isolating the facility from Imperial command. Marcus's quick thinking led to the deployment of emergency comms drones, designed by Sarien Dal, to establish a temporary communication link. Meanwhile, Kael Marn organized a makeshift medical center to tend to injured workers, showcasing his adeptness in crisis management.

As the repair efforts intensified, Marcus negotiated with rival mining factions for temporary access to their routes for evacuation and supply runs, displaying his diplomatic skills. This critical maneuver ensured that essential resources reached the facility while evacuation plans were executed smoothly.

The climax of the crisis came when an inspection revealed the seismic event had exposed a previously unknown vein of the rare crystal. Marcus decided to capitalize on this discovery, initiating an audacious plan to secure the new vein while stabilizing the facility. This decision not only ensured the safety of the operation but also doubled the yield of the rare crystal, greatly benefiting the Empire's communications technology advancements.

Marcus's leadership during the crisis on Hoth became a defining moment in his career, demonstrating his ability to navigate high-stakes scenarios with a combination of technical expertise, strategic foresight, and unwavering dedication to the Imperial cause. His actions not only saved the facility and its workers but also secured a significant victory for the Empire, further solidifying his legacy within the Imperial Mining Corporation.

An Extended Vacation

After a time of commendable service and significant achievements within the Imperial Mining Corporation, Marcus Elensar found himself at a crossroads. The demands of his role as Chief of Operations had brought unparalleled success to the Corporation and the Empire, but they had also taken a personal toll, leading him to reassess his priorities.

Marcus began to exhibit a newfound interest in the Outer Rim's less governed spaces, often discussing the potential for independent operations and the exploration of untapped resources. His colleagues noticed a shift in his demeanor; he seemed more introspective, frequently lost in thought, and less engaged with the day-to-day operations of Imperial command.

Rumors circulated of Marcus's discreet visits to remote systems, ostensibly to scout for new mining opportunities. However, those close to him speculated there might be more personal reasons for these expeditions. Conversations with Marcus became peppered with hints of a life beyond the Empire's reach, a desire for freedom from the constant surveillance and strictures of Imperial service. Even Saedrial Elensar noticed shift. She was Tyris' wife, cousin to Marcus, but not blood. She was legendary in her expansion of IMC facilities and operations for many years and always felt a kinship with Marcus. Marcus saw in her much of what he saw in his young counterpart Sela Tarnis, during his youth on Hapan. Saedrial never spoke of Marcus' continued absence, but had mentioned to a close friend that Marcus had found comfort in a "strangers" arms.

Ultimately, Marcus announced his decision to step down from his position and pursue a career as a freelancer, citing a desire to explore and contribute to the galaxy's broader expanse on his terms. While he remained vague about his motivations, those who knew him best suspected that his decision was driven by concerns deeper than professional aspirations, perhaps linked to a newfound personal connection or responsibility that required protection from the ever-watchful eyes of the Empire.

sienar.png Sienar Technologies

A Brief Detour

Marcus Elensar found an opportunity with Sienar Conglomerate that aligned with his newfound priorities and need for discretion. The Conglomerate's longstanding neutrality and diversified interests across sectors provided the perfect cover for Marcus's transition into a freelance role. His expertise in mining operations and his strategic foresight were highly valued by Sienar Extractions, one of the conglomerate's foundational companies. Working under the guise of consulting on efficiency improvements and operational expansions, Marcus could maintain a low profile while contributing significantly to the conglomerate's success.

This experience, albeit brief, was a precursor to his more significant venture, G8 Enterprises. As a co-founder, Marcus channeled his expertise into creating a versatile shipyard hub, capable of producing a wide array of starships to meet any customer's requirements. This pivot from a brief consultancy role at Sienar to spearheading G8 Enterprises highlights Marcus's adaptability and vision, marking his transition from an Imperial servant to a key figure in the galaxy's entrepreneurial landscape.

G-8 Enterprises Banner

mm3black1.png Magnaguard Manufacturing

A Return to the Empire

An unexpected encounter with Admiral Taryn Voss, a figure of authority and insight within the Imperial fleet, became a pivot in Marcus's odyssey. Voss, with a keen eye for the currents beneath the surface, spoke of the Empire not just as a crucible of power but as a sanctuary for those with the foresight to navigate its depths. Her words, carefully chosen, hinted at an understanding of Marcus's unspoken motivations, suggesting that the Empire's vast expanse could hold more than just the fulfilment of ambition.

Marcus's decision to return to the Empire, framed by many as a strategic realignment with his professional roots, carried with it an air of inevitability and a sense of coming full circle. Yet, this return was not merely a concession to power or ambition. It was a move orchestrated with the precision of a chessmaster, securing not just a position of influence but an environment where certain delicate, personal equations could find balance. He was quickly appointed Executive Director of Magnaguard Manufacturing, filling the shoes of former Director Walter Watts.

Within the corridors of power, where his resurgence was both lauded and scrutinized, Marcus moved with a deliberate caution, his interactions peppered with an uncharacteristic introspectiveness. His projects, grandiose in scope, seemed not just for the Empire's glory but as if sculpting a future he dared not speak aloud. The rare, fleeting mentions of past ventures beyond the Empire's borders were laced with a nostalgia that seemed too poignant for mere professional endeavors.

The introduction of Valen Hess into his narrative—a rival and a mirror to his own ambitions—brought an external focus to Marcus's endeavors. Yet, even as they vied for the Empire's favor, there was a restraint in Marcus, a line he navigated with care, hinting at stakes beyond the professional, at victories and protections not just for himself but for a legacy unseen.

The Sabotage of the Droid Assembly Line

Droid Factory

Under Marcus Elensar's leadership, Magnaguard Manufacturing was on the brink of revolutionizing Imperial droid technology when a string of sabotage incidents threatened to derail their progress. Recognizing the pattern of sabotage as more than mere coincidence, Marcus enlisted the aid of Lira Kessan and Davin Raltor to unearth the culprit behind these acts.

Lira's investigation revealed intricate sabotage schemes, combining cyber attacks with physical tampering, pointing to an insider with deep knowledge of the assembly lines. Meanwhile, Davin connected the disruptions to Theron Nix, a former engineering star turned dissident, driven by a vendetta against the Empire he felt betrayed by.

Together, they set a trap for Theron, using a decoy project as bait. When Theron attempted to strike, the team was ready, capturing him in the act. In the aftermath, Marcus offered Theron a chance for redemption, believing in the power of the Empire to rehabilitate even its staunchest adversaries.

This event not only solidified Marcus's position at Magnaguard but also showcased the resilience and unity of his team, proving that loyalty and innovation are key to the Empire's strength and the corporation's success.

The Launch of the R6

With the R6 Astromech project nearing its grand unveiling, Marcus Elensar saw an opportunity to redefine the droid market. Tasking Ayla Verrik with creating an unforgettable launch event, he aimed to showcase the R6's superior capabilities, from advanced navigation to adaptive problem-solving, setting a new standard for astromech droids.

Jorren Bek's innovations had been crucial in developing the R6's advanced features, and despite his philosophical differences with the Empire, he found in Marcus a willing supporter of his more forward-thinking ideas.

As the launch drew closer, however, Magnaguard faced unexpected sabotage and negative press, orchestrated by Kira Thul. Her envy of Magnaguard's innovation pushed her to desperate acts, aiming to overshadow the R6's debut.

Marcus, anticipating such moves, publicly invited Kira to the launch, a strategic maneuver that shifted public perception in Magnaguard's favor. The R6 launch became not just a demonstration of technological prowess but a testament to Magnaguard's resilience and strategic acumen under Marcus Elensar's leadership, marking a new era for the Empire's droid capabilities. As to Valen Hess, who constantly tried to thwart Marcus at every turn, he suddenly disappeared sometime just before the launch. Many say Marcus hired a hitman to take him out, others say Valen couldn't stand Marcus' success and left Imperial service without a word.

CEC_70x70.png Corellian Engineering Corporation

From Droids to Ships

The galaxy was on the cusp of a new era when Marcus Elensar, having etched his name into the annals of Imperial service through his tenure at Magnaguard Manufacturing, made the pivotal decision to steer his career into a new trajectory. The move to Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) was not merely a shift in professional alignment but a calculated step towards realizing a vision that had long gestated in the depths of his strategic mind. The date marking his appointment as Executive Director, Year 18 Day 122, was heralded as the dawn of a new chapter for CEC, promising to usher in innovations that would redefine the galactic landscape of shipbuilding and technological supremacy.

Marcus's arrival at CEC was met with anticipation and intrigue. Here was a man whose reputation preceded him, known for his relentless pursuit of excellence and a knack for steering his previous enterprises through the tumultuous waters of galactic politics and economic upheaval. His strategic acumen and the whispers of a clandestine past within the Empire's secretive echelons made his leadership an asset of incalculable value to the corporation.

The history of Corellian Engineering Corporation, a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation dating back 3,000 years, was now in the hands of Marcus Elensar. Under his guidance, the company was poised to expand its dominion over the stars, harnessing the synergies created by the mergers with IntelliFish and Kiner Corp., and leveraging its newfound position as the galaxy's second-largest shipwright.

The Accident

Elensars Cybernetic Arm before the skin grafting process

Year 20 Day 74 marked a day that would forever alter the course of Marcus's life and deepen his legacy within CEC. It was during an inspection of the production line for the new DP-20 corvettes—a project Marcus had personally overseen to ensure it met his exacting standards—that disaster struck. An unforeseen malfunction in one of the automated assembly units caused a catastrophic explosion, hurling debris across the hangar.

Marcus, ever the hands-on leader, was near the epicenter, directing and motivating his team. The explosion sent a shard of metal slicing through the air, severing his arm. The immediate chaos that ensued was met with Marcus's unwavering calm, even as he stared down the grim reality of his injury. His concern in those critical moments was for the safety of his team, a testament to the leadership qualities that had earned him unwavering respect across the galaxy.

The aftermath of the accident saw Marcus embarking on a long road to recovery, a journey that took him to Candoria and the skilled hands of Surgeon Spree Razzix of Xucphra. On Year 21 Day 321, a new cybernetic arm was installed—a marvel of medical and technological prowess that not only restored his lost limb but enhanced it.

The Reckoning

Amidst the backdrop of galactic expansion and technological innovation, Marcus's tenure at CEC was not without its trials. The pressure to maintain CEC's dominance in the shipbuilding sector was immense, with competitors lurking in the shadows, eager to capitalize on any sign of weakness. Marcus, however, was not one to be deterred by the specter of competition or the daunting expectations placed upon his shoulders.

It was during this time that Marcus spearheaded the development of the CR-90 corvette's next-generation model—an endeavor that promised to solidify CEC's standing as the pinnacle of Corellian craftsmanship and innovation. Marcus, driven by a personal creed that saw adversity as a crucible for greatness, plunged into the project with a fervor that was both inspiring and relentless.

The project, however, was fraught with challenges, from technological hurdles to sabotage attempts by rival factions aiming to undermine CEC's market position. Marcus's leadership was put to the test as he navigated the treacherous waters of corporate espionage, technological setbacks, and the ever-present shadows of his past.

Yet, it was in the crucible of these challenges that Marcus's true genius shone brightest. Leveraging his deep understanding of the intricate dance of power and influence within the Empire, he outmaneuvered his adversaries, securing vital alliances and pioneering breakthroughs that would ensure the project's success. The launch of the new CR-90 model was a triumph, a testament to Marcus's vision, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of Corellian Engineering Corporation.

compnorsmall.png COMPNOR

A Reluctant Appointment

Marcus working in his personal workshop

Year 21, Day 93 marked a pivotal turn in the career of Marcus, a seasoned executive from the Corellian Engineering Corporation, now facing an unexpected crossroads. The Galactic Empire's vast bureaucratic and logistical arm, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, had eyed Marcus for a crucial role — the Director of the Resource Allocation Division - Empire (RADE). This division, a linchpin in the Empire's machinery, orchestrated the seamless execution of logistics, from academy graduations to equipping the armed forces.

Marcus's journey to this juncture was one of mixed emotions. Known for his efficiency and strategic acumen at Corellian Engineering, Maganaguard Manfucaturing, and the Imperial Mining Corporation, the upper crust of the Empire knew he would be a perfect fit for this role. However, his heart lay in the engineering marvels of spacecraft, machine parts, and mechanical operations, not the cold, calculated corridors of Imperial logistics.

His appointment came directly from the upper echelons of COMPNOR, who promoted him to the rank of Senior Secretary, a testament to his abilities and the trust the Empire placed in him. Yet, Marcus viewed this new chapter with trepidation. He was stepping into a world far removed from the hands-on, tangible results of manufacturing. The vast responsibility of RADE, crucial to the Empire's operations, weighed heavily on him. Marcus knew the importance of his role but couldn't shake off the feeling of being a square peg in a round hole.

The Phantom Saboteur

In his early days at RADE, Marcus faced a daunting challenge. A series of logistics failures had plagued the division, from misrouted shipments to delayed equipment deliveries to the frontlines. The Empire's efficiency was at stake, and Marcus was at the helm of navigating this crisis.

Investigations led to a startling discovery: a saboteur within the ranks. Marcus, alongside a loyal team including a sharp-minded analyst named Lira and a grizzled Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) veteran named Garrus, embarked on a covert mission to uncover the mole. The journey was fraught with danger and deception, leading them through the underbelly of Imperial logistics.

The climax saw a daring confrontation in the shadowy warehouses of an Imperial outpost, where Marcus's strategic thinking and Lira's data expertise, combined with Garrus's field experience, unmasked the saboteur. This victory not only saved crucial supplies from falling into rebel hands but also solidified Marcus's leadership within RADE.

The Broken Chain

Marcus's tenure saw the implementation of a revolutionary logistics software, designed to optimize the Empire's supply chain. The project was ambitious, promising to redefine resource allocation across the galaxy. Spearheaded by Marcus, the initiative was a collaboration between RADE's brightest minds and an eccentric tech genius, Dr. Fenix.

However, the rollout was anything but smooth. A critical flaw in the software caused a systemic breakdown, threatening to grind the Empire's logistics to a halt. The situation demanded not just technical expertise but a leader who could navigate through the storm.

Marcus, with his back against the wall, took a gamble. He instituted a manual override protocol, mobilizing every available personnel to maintain the supply chain by sheer force of will. Working alongside Dr. Fenix, they embarked on a frantic race against time to patch the software. The ordeal tested Marcus's resolve, pushing him to the brink of his capabilities and beyond.

The crisis was averted, but not without leaving its mark on Marcus. It was a humbling reminder of the complexities of his role and the relentless demands of serving the Empire.

The Gala Incident

A high-profile gala, celebrating the Empire's technological advancements, presented Marcus with a unique challenge. Tasked with overseeing the event's logistics, from security protocols to the showcasing of Imperial innovations, Marcus found himself in a world alien to his nature.

The event, however, took an unexpected turn. A rebel faction attempted to disrupt the gala, aiming to assassinate key Imperial figures and steal classified technologies. Marcus's strategic foresight had prepared him for such a contingency. The gala was a facade for an elaborate trap set by Marcus and his team, including a charismatic but mysterious ISB agent, Elena, and a loyal RADE officer, Tark.

The rebels walked into a meticulously planned counter-operation, with Marcus orchestrating the event from behind the scenes. The incident not only thwarted the rebels but also showcased the depth of Marcus's commitment to the Empire, earning him accolades from the highest levels of Imperial command.

The gala incident was a testament to Marcus's growth, from a reluctant appointee to a key figure in the Empire's logistical and security apparatus. It was a defining moment, cementing his legacy within RADE and the broader structures of COMPNOR.

Promotion Amist Peril

The Galactic Empire stood on the cusp of a new era, with Emperor Seele I seeking to consolidate power and fortify the Empire's dominion across the galaxy. Amidst this backdrop of grand ambition, Marcus Elensar, then Director of RADE, had distinguished himself through his adept handling of the Empire's most volatile sectors, ensuring stability and prosperity where there was once chaos and rebellion. His efforts had not gone unnoticed by the Emperor, who saw in Elensar not just a skilled administrator but a visionary capable of shaping the future of the Empire.

The pivotal moment came when a critical supply line, vital for the Empire's outer rim territories, came under threat by a coalition of rebel factions. The potential fallout was catastrophic, threatening to cripple the Empire's strategic positions and embolden insurgent activities across several key systems. Elensar, understanding the gravity of the situation, orchestrated a multifaceted response that not only secured the supply line but also laid the groundwork for a network of logistical and surveillance outposts, ensuring such a vulnerability would never be exploited again.

A Testament of Trust

It was during the aftermath of this crisis, in the opulent halls of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, that Emperor Seele I summoned Marcus Elensar. The Emperor, a figure both feared and revered, recognized the need for a leader of exceptional caliber to oversee the vast responsibilities of the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry was not just any portfolio; it was the heart of the Empire's administrative might, controlling infrastructure, finance, and the allocation of critical resources.

In a ceremony that was as much a testament to Elensar's achievements as it was a declaration of the Emperor's vision for the Empire, Marcus Elensar was named Minister of Interior. The promotion was not merely a change in title but a profound acknowledgment of Elensar's loyalty, his capability to envision and execute strategies that aligned with the Emperor's grand designs, and his unwavering commitment to the New Order.

The Shadow Games of Coruscant

As Marcus Elensar navigates the treacherous undercurrents of Coruscant's political landscape, he finds himself caught in a delicate balance between duty and personal conviction. Tasked with dismantling a rebel cell, Elensar employs his vast network of informants, one of whom, a childhood friend named Tia Korrin, now deeply embedded within the rebel factions, becomes a pivotal but conflicting asset. This mission tests Elensar's resolve as he grapples with the moral complexities of his role, the value of old friendships, and the harsh realities of maintaining order. His strategic genius and meticulous planning, praised by Emperor Seele I, are shadowed by personal loss as he ultimately has to make a decision that ensures the Empire's security but costs him Tia's trust, reflecting the heavy burden of his office.

The Seige of Lothal

In the transformation of Lothal, Elensar faces not only the logistical challenge of converting the planet into a vital Imperial hub but also the ethical dilemmas posed by displacing local populations. His interactions with Lothal's governor, a shrewd but morally ambiguous figure named Dara Vant, bring to the forefront the complexities of Imperial rule and the sacrifices demanded in the name of progress. Elensar, while successful in his endeavors, struggles with the consequences of his actions, realizing the personal toll of his victories. The project, while a strategic win for the Empire and a testament to Elensar's ability to deliver under pressure, leaves him questioning the price of loyalty and the true cost of order.

The Ghosts of Geonosis

The revitalization of the Geonosis droid factory marks a turning point for Elensar, both professionally and personally. Charged with overseeing the project, he is haunted by the planet's bloody history and the specters of its past. The operation introduces him to Dr. Lira Wessex, a brilliant but eccentric engineer whose innovative designs for droid warfare promise to revolutionize the Imperial fleet. Their partnership, fraught with disagreements over ethics versus efficiency, pushes Elensar to confront his own values and the implications of his work. The success of the Geonosis project, while a monumental achievement for the Empire, forces Elensar to reckon with the moral ambiguities of wielding such power, shaping his understanding of leadership and responsibility.

The Battle of the Binary Stars

The Battle of the Binary Stars presents Elensar with his greatest challenge yet: coordinating the logistics for a massive fleet engagement while navigating the intricate web of military and political expectations. Admiral Feliz Martinez, a seasoned but skeptical strategist, initially doubts Elensar's non-military background, leading to tensions that test Elensar's diplomatic and leadership skills. Through relentless dedication and strategic acumen, Elensar not only secures the resources necessary for victory but also earns Martinez's respect, bridging the gap between military and civilian sectors of the Empire. This victory, however, comes at a high cost, as Elensar witnesses the toll of war on his officers and the stark reality of sacrifice, solidifying his commitment to the Empire but deepening his internal conflict over its methods and aims.

The Ascension to Grand Vizier

Marcus Elensar's journey through the echelons of the Galactic Empire's vast bureaucracy was a testament to his unwavering loyalty, strategic genius, and visionary leadership. His tenure as Minister of Interior had been marked by a series of successful initiatives that bolstered the Empire's infrastructure, streamlined its resource allocation processes, and reinforced its military logistics. These accomplishments did not go unnoticed by the higher echelons of Imperial command, setting the stage for a pivotal transition in his career.

It was in Year 24 Day 220, a date now etched in the annals of Imperial history, that Marcus Elensar's destiny took a monumental turn. Emperor Jai Meridan, recognizing the need for a leader of unmatched administrative acumen and unwavering dedication to the Imperial cause, appointed Elensar as Grand Vizier and Chairman of COMPNOR. This appointment was not merely a promotion; it was a call to steward the administrative heartbeat of the Galactic Empire.

The ceremony of his appointment was a grand affair, symbolizing the gravity of his new role. Before the assembled dignitaries of the Empire, Emperor Meridan lauded Elensar's achievements and expressed his unwavering confidence in Elensar's ability to guide the Empire through the challenges that lay ahead. As Grand Vizier, Elensar would now oversee the civilian branches of the Empire, embodying the administrative head of government and holding a position of immense power and responsibility, directly after the designated principle Executor.

Taking the helm as Grand Vizier, Marcus Elensar was acutely aware of the enormity of his new role. His first actions in office were to conduct a thorough review of the Empire's administrative and logistical frameworks, identifying areas for improvement and innovation. He initiated a series of reforms aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the civilian branches of the Empire, focusing on support services and internal infrastructures critical to the Empire's sustained dominance across the galaxy.

Elensar's leadership style was characterized by a blend of decisive action and strategic foresight. He understood that the success of the Empire hinged not just on military might but on the robustness of its internal structures. Under his guidance, COMPNOR saw a revitalization of its core missions, strengthening the Empire's ideological foundation and ensuring the loyalty and efficiency of its vast bureaucratic machinery.

Navigating Imperial Politics

Marcus Elensar's ascent to Grand Vizier placed him at the heart of Imperial politics, where he navigated the complex interplay of power with adeptness and integrity. Aware of his position as third in command of the Empire, Elensar exercised his authority with a careful balance, respecting the established hierarchies while advancing the Emperor's vision for a unified and indomitable Empire.

His tenure saw the implementation of ambitious projects aimed at reinforcing the Empire's infrastructure and logistical capabilities, essential for both civilian welfare and military preparedness. Elensar worked tirelessly to ensure that the Empire remained a beacon of order and strength, fostering advancements in technology, economics, and social cohesion that solidified the Empire's grip on the galaxy.

The story of Marcus Elensar's rise to Grand Vizier is a narrative of exceptional leadership, strategic innovation, and unwavering commitment to the Galactic Empire. Through his efforts, the Empire not only maintained but expanded its dominance, adapting to the challenges of a constantly evolving galaxy. His legacy as Grand Vizier is marked by a strengthened Empire, poised to face the future with confidence and determination.

As he navigated the intricacies of his role, Elensar remained a figure of inspiration within the Empire, embodying the ideals of loyalty, efficiency, and visionary governance. His tenure as Grand Vizier will be remembered as a period of significant advancement and stability, highlighting his indelible impact on the Galactic Empire's storied history.

empire-logo.png Service Record

Imperial Academy

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 16 Day 321 Executive Director Jai Meridan

Imperial Mining Corporation

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[O-5] IND-O7.png Master Engineer Year 17 Day 64 Minister Jai Meridan
[C-1] IND-C1.png Line Manager Year 17 Day 89 Minister Jai Meridan

Preceeded By:
Hub Manager
Year 16 Day 339 - Year 17 Day 89
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Chief of Operations
Year 17 Day 89 - Present
Succeeded By:

Magnaguard Manufacturing

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[C-3] IND-C2.png General Manager Year 17 Day 249 Minister Jai Meridan
[C-5] IND-C5.png Executive Director Year 18 Day 112 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan

Preceeded By:
Executive Director
Year 17 Day 249 - Year 18 Day 122
Succeeded By:

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[C-5] IND-C5.png Executive Director Year 18 Day 122 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan

Preceeded By:
Executive Director
Year 18 Day 122 - Year 21 Day 93
Succeeded By:


Grade Insignia Rank Time Promoted Promoted By
[C-5] PGC-5.png Senior Secretary Year 21 Day 93 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
[HC-1] PGHC-1.png Minister Year 22 Day 282 Emperor Seele
[HC-2] CMP-HC2.png Grand Vizier Year 24 Day 220 Emperor Jai Meridan

Preceeded By:
Director - Resource Allocations Division - Empire
Year 21 Day 93 - Year 22 Day 282
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Minister - Ministry of Interior
Year 22 Day 282 - Year 24 Day 220
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Grand Vizier - Chairman of COMPNOR
Year 24 Day 220 - Present
Succeeded By:

Service Awards

Abbrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded By
[IABG] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate - Honors Year 16 Day 326 Minister Jai Meridan
[LOCx2] LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 17 Day 39
Year 17 Day 89
Year 18 Day 310
Year 20 Day 199
Year 22 Day 342
Year 24 Day 187
Minister Jai Meridan
Minister Jai Meridan
Executive Director Daelis Stanov
Executive Director Daelis Stanov
Minister Jai Meridan
Empress Inwe Ventidius
[ACH] ACH.jpg Achievement Medal Year 17 Day 51 Minister Jai Meridan
[IAMx5] IAMx5.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 17 Day 51
Year 17 Day 51
Year 19 Day 150
Year 19 Day 224
Year 21 Day 110
Minister Jai Meridan
[MIDx2] MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 17 Day 64
Year 18 Day 64
Emperor Seele
[IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 17 Day 64 Emperor Seele
[GCA] GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award Year 17 Day 140 Executive Director Aurren Takla
[MMP] MMP.jpg Ministerial Medal of Progress Year 17 Day 204 Minister Jai Meridan
[PMM] PMM.jpg Project Management Medal Year 17 Day 340 Minister Jai Meridan
[DDSx3] DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Award Year 18 Day 77
Year 19 Day 110
Year 25 Day 64
Minister Jai Meridan
Executive Director Daelis Stanov
Minister Jai Meridan
[CMM] CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Year 18 Day 135 Minister Jai Meridan
[IOM] IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month Year 18 Day 142 Minister Jai Meridan
[ICM] ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal Year 20 Day 110 Executor Graeda L'Annan
[CSM] CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal Year 21 Day 36 Minister Jai Meridan
[MC] MC.jpg Ministerial Cross Year 21 Day 108 Minister Daelis Stanov
[IVM] IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal Year 21 Day 246 Emperor Seele
[OIS] OIS.jpg Order of the Imperial Seal Year 22 Day 320 Emperor Seele
[ISM] ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 22 Day 342 Minister Jai Meridan
[CSA] CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award Year 22 Day 342 Minister Jai Meridan
[MOS] MOS.jpg Medal of Support Year 24 Day 57 Empress Inwe Ventidius
[COB] COB.jpg Commissioner of Betterment Year 24 Day 187 Empress Inwe Ventidius
[CC] CC.jpg COMPNOR Cross Year 24 Day 248 Emperor Jai Meridan
[ICON-5] ICON-5.jpg Imperial Conduct Medal - 5 Years Year 25 Day 58 ISB Regional Supervisor Nyla Barrett