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Marc Farstan

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Marc Farstan
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Jessica Farstan
Father Alfonso Farstan
Spouse None
Siblings Julia Farstan
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 34 (Age 28)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Interim 8th Group Commanding Officer

Ruby Region Military Intelligence Liason

Prior Service
Awards 9131_farstan.png

Marc Farstan is a proud Imperial citizen, manager of boloball club Corellia B.C., and dedicated member of the Imperial Navy.

Early Life

Growing Up

Marc was born in Year -6 to a working class family in the Hapan capitol city Ta'a Chume'Dan. In a city dominated by the Hapan elite and nobility, the Farstans often struggled to make ends meet. Alfonso Farstan, a mechanic at the Hapan shipyards over the twin planets of Olanji and Charubah, was often absent for long periods of time. Marc's mother, Jessica, was thus largely responsible for raising Marc and his sister. In the midst of Marc's childhood his family began to struggle financially, requiring Jessica to begin working at the Hapes Royal Library.

As Marc entered his teenage years his family began to rely on him to help take care of his younger sister Julia. Later at age 15, Marc found a part-time job as a shopkeeper's assistant selling hunting blasters to the city's rich and famous. The pay was low, but proved a vital contribution to his family's welfare.

In his studies Marc was an above average student but far from being considered a prodigy or genius. Many of his teachers felt that Marc was not performing to his full potential academically but also understood that Marc's duty to earn a supplemental income for his family limited his ability to perform academically. A predicament not uncommon among his classmates.

Work as a Merchantman

After completing secondary school with respectable grades, Marc entered a vocational program intended to train crewmen for merchant shipping. After completing the program Marc was taken on by a Hapes-based wine conglomerate to help crew the company's small fleet shipping wine from the Hapes cluster into Imperial space. During the next three years Marc developed a deep love for space and for astro-navigation, using his wages to help pay for his sister's university tuition.

In time, Marc began to rise up in the company from a common crew member to eventually being given command of his own group of five freighters at the relatively young age of 21. Two years later Marc's responsibility had grown to nearly a quarter of his company's fleet. He soon found himself chained to a desk at the company office in Coruscant far more often than in space. While Marc would have preferred spending more time on a ship, the pay was great and the situation was about to become all the more sweeter: His sister was due to graduate university in Hapes and had been accepted to continue her studies at the prestigious University of Coruscant. His father was due to retire from the shipyards and Marc had found a small position at his company for his mother, enabling his entire family to relocate to the Imperial capitol. The good life was at Marc's fingertips: his family would be reunited and his career prospects were bright.

In Year 18 Marc was traveling back to Hapes to attend his sister's graduation. He had been there only a month before but was forced to return to Coruscant for a short time to deal with an issue at the company office. Now he was on his way back home due to arrive the morning of his sister's graduation, but with two weeks of vacation time approved. Plenty of time to celebrate then begin moving the family to Coruscant.

On the day of his intended arrival, the starliner exited hyperspace to find the Hapes' cluster in full lockdown. The ship was boarded and searched by Royal Hapan Military personnel who offered no explanation. It would be five long agonizing hours before the news was finally shared with passengers. The rebels had set off bombs throughout the Hapan capitol city that morning targeting the city's lower-income areas. As such the starliner was forced to return to Coruscant.

Though it took weeks before official word reached him, Marc had known the moment he heard the news of the terrorist attack: He was alone.

Imperial Service

Time at the Academy

After returning to Imperial space, Marc went straight to the nearest Imperial recruiting center and applied for admission into the Imperial Academy. His grades were a concern, but his work experience proved critical in his subsequent acceptance.

At the Academy, Marc was able to focus on his studies in a way he had never had the opportunity to do before. He excelled in his classwork and found every excuse to log more and more space hours. Before long Marc graduated the Academy with honors and was commissioned as an Ensign in the Emperor's Navy.

Imperial Navy

After graduating from the Imperial Academy, Marc entered service as an officer in the Imperial Navy with the rank of Lieutenant, due to his prior spacefaring experience and performance in the Academy. Marc served for some time, earning commendations for his displayed abilities in combat exercises and in deployment. Eventually, Marc was named as Executive Officer of the 8th Assault Group under then Commodore Cihl Rezik. In this role, Marc saw action against the rebel sympathizer organization United Front and participated in the campaign resulting in the destruction of the UF's base.

In mid-Year 21, Marc was later named as Interim Group Commanding Officer for the 8th.

Department of Military Intelligence

In early Year 21, Marc was assigned to Imperial Intelligence's military arm as the Military Intelligence Regional Liason for the Ruby Region.