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9th Imperial Fleet

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9th Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 9IF
Motto Caminus in congregatio, congelo in praelium
("Forged in union, hardened in battle")
Active Y10 D165 - Y12 D33
Branch navy.png Imperial Navy
Garrison/HQ Bothan Space
Fleet Command
FCO CAPT Daniel Ascarion
FXO LTCMDR Karl Donitz
CoS LTJG Ninian DeLayn

Combat Missions

Training Missions

  • Operation "Search & Hit"
    (CO: CAPT Inkster, XO: ENS DaRuup)

    --------- Y10D190 --------

The 9th Imperial Fleet was an Imperial Navy unit charged with the defence and maintenance of law and order in Bothan Space. The fleet was active from Year 10 to Year 12.


The 9th Imperial Fleet was formed on Y10 D165 as the military expanded in size after the reunification of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire. The headquarters of the New Imperial Order had been in Bothan Space, and many NIO officers were assigned to the 9th Imperial Fleet due to their familiarity with the system. The 9th Imperial Fleet successfully completed its first two missions in as many months while its leadership organized a major operation to strength the Imperial presence in Bothan Space.

Rather than outline specific roles for the 9IF, Imperial High Command gave flexibility to the fleet across Bothan Space so that the naval resources could be assigned as needed and shaped for mission requirements. The 9IF held and maintained space-superiority within Bothan Space. The 9IF's in-built flexibility allowed for both focused capital ship firepower and TIE-fighter superiority.

The responsibilities of the 9th Imperial Fleet included, but were not limited to, defending Imperial citizens from space-based threats such as pirates, smugglers, and other armed governments, enforcing the will of the Emperor, and overseeing commerce through customs and blockade operations within Bothan Space. The 9IF also performed orbital bombardments, transported major ground force deployments, and supported them from orbit.

On Y12 D33, following a large Naval reform, the 9th Imperial Fleet was reformed into the 9th Group, becoming part of the 1st Imperial Fleet alongside the 10th Group.

Notable commanders of the 9IF

Daniel Ascarion (FCO) - "He is an inspiration to all who work with him. He is an example of what an Imperial Officer can be!"

" If you want to know what leading a fleet really means, then learn from him. He has made the 9if what it is now, a home for us all."

Karl Donitz (FXO) - " Learn from his calm manner, it will teach you much.

" A calm man with a sharp mind, a kind heart, great skills and a lot of humour, the best XO we can wish for."

Mark Inkster (FCO) - Born and raised on Corellia, he started his career in the New Imperial Order, where he was assigned to the New Imperial Navy after graduating from the Academy. He was put into the Vindication Battlegroup, which later evolved into the NIO version of the 2IF. Six Months later he joined COMPNOR, where he served both as Academy Instructor and as recruiter for the Centre for Recruitment. Through hard work he advanced through the ranks and finally made it to XO of the 2IF. Soon after he took up a full time position as Academy Commandant and Director of the Imperial Centre for Recruitment and served some time in those functions. He later returned to the Navy and was put in command of the main logistics fleet of the NIO: The 3IF. Only after the NIO Navy underwent a restructure he found himself in charge of the NIO Navy Starfighter Corps where he served until the great GE-NIO Merger. After being reincorporated into the Galactic Empire Inkster was given the rank of Captain and was put in command of the newly formed Ninth Imperial Fleet. There he served with success from Year 10 Day 165 to Year 10 Day 331. He was well liked by all fleet members for his easy way with people and many mourn his going to the reserves and his subsequent replacement. He will, forever, be the first commander of the Ninth Imperial Fleet.