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Operation Dread Lord

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Operation Dread Lord
Galactic Civil War
  • Year 11, Day 330 - Day 342
  • Coruscant System
Operation Type
  • System Patrol
  • Escort
Mission Commanders and leaders
Notable Individuals Involved

Galactic Empire

Hapes Consortium


Tion Hegemony

  • Battle Corvette.

Trade Federation

  • Trade Federation naval assemblage.
  • 20 x Lucrehulk 3210 Battleships
  • Numerous Star Destroyers and support frigates.
Casualties and losses
"The 5th Imperial Fleet welcomes His Imperial Majesty and His August Guests to Coruscant. We are yours to command and here to provide for Your Imperial Majesty’s every Safety and Convenience."
— Official hail given to the Emperor on arrival in Coruscant.

Operation Dread Lord was the official mission codename designated by LTCMDR Gentian for the 5th Imperial Fleet's honoured task of providing security and escort detail for His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Cherokee, whilst he was attending the "Coruscant Summit" in the Coruscant System. In accordance with the plan drafted by Admiral Blackrain and LTjg Lemeth, the 5th Imperial Fleet and supporting elements of the 2nd and 9th Imperial Fleet threw a protective cordon around the planet of Coruscant itself as this was to be the site of the Imperial Summit. Combined with other Naval units from the Imperial Union the military gathering was the largest military force assembled in recorded galactic history to date.


On day 330 of year 11 orders were dispatched from 5IF Fleet Command to all personnel to drop their present assignments and rendezvous at Coruscant within 6 days at the latest. As the fleets arrived in Coruscant all but 25 of the regular space lanes around Coruscant were closed off to avoid anyone getting close to the Union fleets and dignitaries. Capital Ships were set at designated areas whilst fighters and other support vessels were set on patrol and recon missions around the system and planet itself. Security around the Imperial capital was on maximum alert as everyone awaited the arrival of Emperor Cherokee. The Imperial force gathered was massive and as the battle fleets of the other Imperial Union factions arrived it was clear that this gathering was to be something special.

Force Assembled

Each Imperial Union leader arrived in Coruscant with a spectacular show of force, the largest military gathering ever recorded in galactic history. King Alexander was the first to arrive in the Super Star Destroyer HRS Pal'durath, alongside him Princess Jessica (daughter of former King James) in the Super Star Destroyer HRS Tini'duran. Accompanying them was a tremendous escort consisting of the famous Hapan Battle Dragons, Nova Cruisers and several Imperial Star Destroyers. Viceroy Jacob Jansen arrived shortly thereafter in the largest Trade Federation naval assemblage ever to be seen, a remarkable 20 Lucrehulk 3210 Battleships along with numerous Star Destroyers and support frigates. Mand`alor DeMeer, arriving a day later, entered the system with the recently completed Super Star Destroyer MSS Kad Ha'rangir. Hegemon Typhon Corbin of the Tion Hegemony arrived in his personal Battle Corvette, Lady Luck.

The Summit

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Cherokee met the assembled leaders over Coruscant, and welcomed them onto his personal Super Star Destroyer Agamemnon. The fleets, totaling well over 100 capital ships, took up formation over Coruscant, flying side by side with elements of the Imperial 2nd, 5th, and 9th Fleets, consisting of two further Super Star Destroyers and multiple Victory and Imperial class Star Destroyers.


"It's a honor to have been chosen to spearhead the security detail for the Coruscant Summit. It is equally gratifying to coordinate these efforts with the 2nd and 9th Imperial Fleets. I think I can safely say that for many of us involved, the effort marks the zenith of our careers. For me the summit marked an impressive assemblage of Union dignitaries and showed the futility of resisting Imperial rule and Union hegemony."
— Lieutenant Commander Marullinus Gentian, 5IF Executive Officer

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