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Coruscant Summit - Te Verd Ca’narase

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Galactic News Service - "Union Leaders Assemble at Coruscant"

Posted by: Jarek Sankin on Year 11 Day 357

From the Imperial Palace in Coruscant 9,1 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

CORUSCANT (INB, Te Verd Ca’narase, HNN, TFNN, TGN) – Security around the Imperial capital has been on heightened alert for the past week as the leaders of the Imperial Union have gathered to recognize the ascension of Thomas Cherokee to the Imperial Throne as well as hold a summit to address Union matters, including the ratification of a revised Charter. This marks the first time the Union leaders have gathered in one location since the Coronation Ball of King Alexander of Hapes, earlier this year. The Coruscant Summit, as it is being called, is the first real meeting between the Union leaders since the admission of the Trade Federation to the Union on Day 295 of Year 9. The Summit also marks the 4th anniversary of the founding of the original Union between the Galactic Empire under Emperor Vodo Bonias and Hapes Consortium under King James.

Each leader arrived in Coruscant with a spectacular show of force, the the largest military gathering ever recorded in galactic history. King Alexander was the first to arrive in the Super Star Destroyer HRS Pal'durath, alongside him Princess Jessica (daughter of former King James) in the Super Star Destroyer HRS Tini'duran. Accompanying them was a tremendous escort consisting of the famous Hapan Battle Dragons, Nova Cruisers and several Imperial Star Destroyers. Viceroy Jacob Jansen arrived shortly thereafter in the largest Trade Federation naval assemblage ever to be seen, a remarkable 20 Lucre Battleships along with numerous Star Destroyers and support frigates. Mand`alor DeMeer, arriving a day later, entered the system with the recently completed Super Star Destroyer MSS Kad Ha'rangir. Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin of the Tion Hegemony arrived in his personal Battle Corvette, Lady Luck.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Cherokee met the assembled leaders over Coruscant, and welcomed them onto his personal Super Star Destroyer, Agamemnon. The fleets, totaling well over 100 capital ships, took up formation over Coruscant, flying side by side with elements of the Imperial Second Imperial Fleet, Fifth Imperial Fleet, and Ninth Imperial Fleet, consisting of two further Super Star Destroyers and multiple Victory- and Imperial-class Star Destroyers. All but 25 of the regular space lanes around Coruscant have been closed off to avoid anyone getting close to the Union fleets. Lieutenant Commander Marullinus Gentian, Fifth Imperial Fleet Executive Officer, expressed his fleet's “honor to have been chosen to spearhead the security detail for the Coruscant Summit. It is equally gratifying to coordinate these efforts with Second Imperial Fleet and Ninth Imperial Fleet. I think I can safely say that for many of us involved, the effort marks the zenith of our careers.” Marullinus Gentian continued his remarks, explaining that for him, the summit marked an impressive assemblage of Union dignitaries and showed the futility of resisting Imperial rule and Union hegemony.

While the cityscape was alight with parties and festivities marking the occasion, inside the Imperial Palace, it was all business as Emperor Cherokee, Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Alexander, Lord Hegemon Corbin, and the Mand`alor DeMeer met to acknowledge Emperor Cherokee's new regime and to discuss measures to strengthen the Imperial Union. In his statement before the Rulers' Council, Viceroy Jacob Jansen expressed that he was “extremely excited to see Emperor Cherokee ascend to the throne. The Empire will only move on to new heights with his leadership.” The other leaders made statements to much the same, prompting a speech of gratitude from His Imperial Majesty. In his speech, Emperor Cherokee thanked the Union leaders for “their stance of support for the legitimate authority within the Galactic Empire. As Emperor, I personally am proud to recognize King Alexander, Mand'alor DeMeer, Viceroy Jacob Jansen, and Lord Jacob Jansen for their dedication to the ideals on which the Imperial Union was founded; past, present, and most importantly, future.

First on the order of business was the election of a new Chairman of the Imperial Union to replace Chancellor Vong Gin`aal of Mandalore. By unanimous verdict, the leaders of the Imperial Union governments chose Vizier Jarek Sankin of the Galactic Empire. Jarek Sankin, the Vizier for Diplomacy and head of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, previously established a reputation for astute and efficient work within the Union and among Union members, as well as a history of developing new Union programs for improvement. In his acceptance speech, Vizier Jarek Sankin promised “a continued devotion to the Union. This alliance is well-respected and feared for its capability and drive. As Chairman, I hope to implement policies and programs that will bring our members closer together and attract quality, strong new members to our cause.”

In his first act as Chairman, Vizier Jarek Sankin presented to the Union leaders an updated and clarified version of the Imperial Union Charter for debate and ratification. Various individuals within the Union governments felt that the Charter, which had essentially been unchanged since the original Union of the Galactic Empire and Hapes Consortium, was in need of an update to reflect the expansion of the Union and to clarify the roles of the Union members within the organization. “The central tenets of the Union remain unchanged,” commented Jarek Sankin, “but it was generally understood that the Union would function better with by specifying some of the terms of the Charter.

In particular, the Charter revisions delineate the military aspects of the Imperial Union, where before the requirements and expectations had been nebulous. King Alexander declared, “with new rulers on the thrones of the Galactic Empire and the Hapes Consortium, the founding nations of the Imperial Union, this is an excellent opportunity to revise and review our coalition's direction and aspirations together with the newer member states.” The King of the Hapes Consortium justified this act by citing how the “various territorial conflicts between Union states and foreign powers...over the past six months have certainly proven our decisive capacity and capability for co-operation in military actions.

The Union also saw the addition of its fifth member government. The Tion Hegemony, led by Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, was officially inducted into the Imperial Union after a probationary period. During that period, the Union and Hegemony worked together to strengthen the already-considerable Tionese economic and military structures, as well as push back against the terrorist group, the Cron Resurrection. “Tion is honored to have been accepted as a full member in the Imperial Union. We will strive to live up to the sterling examples set by our fellow Union members,” the Lord Hegemon expressed on the occasion of Union induction. “It's our hope that together we can work to build a better future for all sentients.

Tion's addition to the Union will expand the purview and reach of what is already the most powerful political, economic, and militaristic hegemony in the galaxy. The Emperor was particularly pleased with Tion's membership, explaining the Hegemony would increase the Union's physical size and defensive capabilities, “and thus free our resources which can be applied to enhancing our ability to project Imperial Union strength and power to areas lacking our constancy.” Tion's induction received positive commentary from the other leaders as well, most notably Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer, who welcomed their “allies from previous wars, the Tion Hegemony, into the Imperial Union. The Tion Hegemony, its leadership and members, will be a valuable member for the IU, its values and beliefs and all Mandalorians would be honored to fight at their side as they once did before.

Though there are still discussions yet to be completed, the results already resultant from the Coruscant Summit are far-reaching. Apart from the obvious ramifications of a fifth Union government, changes to the Union Charter and the implementation of a new program developed from Tion Hegemony's probationary experience open the possibility for further expansion, at both the economic and governmental level. “We're certainly open to expanding the economic circle of the Union.” explained Chairman Jarek Sankin, “The addition of the Aurora Technologies conglomerate was a red letter day, and we're eternally proud to count them as a member of our Union family. In time, I hope to see appeals for membership from a wider number of quality, strong businesses of the same caliber as Aurora.” With an expanded membership, a flourishing economy, and military dominance, the future has never looked brighter for the Imperial Union.

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