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Mark Inkster

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Mark Inkster
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Aletra Andromias
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -17 Day 97
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Prior Service

Galactic Empire

  • Fleet Commanding Officer 4IF

New Imperial Order

  • Pilot, Vindication Group
  • Pilot, 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Fleet Command Co-ordinations Officer, 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Fleet Executive Officer, 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Instructor, Imperial Academy
  • Academy Commandant, Imperial Academy
  • Recruiter, Imperial Centre for Recruitment
  • Director, Imperial Centre for Recruitment
  • Executive Officer, 3rd Imperial Fleet
  • Commanding Officer, 3rd Imperial Fleet
  • Commanding Officer, Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps.

Galactic Empire

Awards August 06 - Imperial Service Medal - Half Year (NIO)

27th August 06 - COMPNOR Member Medal (NIO)

27th August 06 - Letter of Commendation (NIO)

29th October 06 - Imperial Literacy Contest (NIO)

November 06 - COMPNOR Service Medal - 3 Months (NIO)

2nd December 06 - Letter of Commendation 2 (NIO)

February 07 - Imperial Service Medal - 1 Years (NIO)

February 07 - COMPNOR Service Medal - 6 Months (NIO)

6th April 07 - Imperial Recruitment Medal (NIO)

21st April 07 - Letter of Commendation 3 (NIO)

February 08 - Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years (NIO)

February 08 - COMPNOR Service Medal - 12 Months (NIO)

19th January 09 - Letter of Commendation 4 (NIO)

February 09 - Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years (NIO)

February 09 - COMPNOR Service Medal - 24 Months (NIO)

Current Position

Senior Captain - Imperial Navy

Character History

The Early Years

Having grown up on the back streets of Saigetopia, on Corellia, not knowing either of his parents, he quickly learned how to handle himself and became well versed in many form of unarmed combat. He was also very well accustomed to all kinds of projectile weaponry, from the small DT-12 pistol up to the larger more sophisticated X-45, all this was taught to him on the streets by his child hood pal Vegato, who was killed in one of their last mercenary missions and still feels responsible for. However his life long dream was to be a pilot, and be able to escape the torment of the overcrowded cities below. So after months of wallowing in self pity he decided to get off of his backside and do something about it and join the up and coming faction The New Imperial Order.

New Imperial Orders Years

After graduating with Honours from the New Imperial Academy Mark was assigned to the New Imperial Navy and Vindication Group Which later evolved into the 2nd Imperial Fleet.

After serving for 6 months Mark was then eligible to join COMPNOR and serve the New Imperial Order as an Instructor in the Imperial Academy and as a recruiter for the Imperial Centre for Recruitment.

After steadily progressing over the period of one and a half years, through the Ranks within the Navy, Mark finally found himself as Fleet Executive Officer of the 2nd Imperial Fleet serving under the command of Jarek Sankin, it was at this point Mark transferred to a full time position within COMPNOR as Academy Commandant and Director of the Imperial Centre for Recruitment.

Mark served in this position for just over one year before being transferred back to the Navy, with a brief spell as Executive Officer under the command of Forone Caracer and then being put in full command of the 3rd Imperial Fleet, which was the main logistics fleet for the New Imperial Order.

Mark served in this fleet until recently when the Navy underwent an overhaul and restructure and he was then put in charge of the newly formed Imperial Navy Starfighter Corp (INSC) he served in this fleet until the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire united to become one Faction once again.

Galactic Empire Years

Once Mark officially transferred his commission from the New Imperial Order to the newly reformed Galactic Empire, where he was given the charge of commanding the newly formed 9th Imperial Fleet, along side some of the Galactic Empires Finest officers, Lieutenant Junior Grade Patrick Martin and Ensign Tareg DaRuup, as well as some more familiar faces in the fleet from his New Imperial Order days.

Mark was also given a welcome surprise when he was told where his new fleet was to be assigned and to whom the Moff of this sector Was. The Sector was the Bothan Sector and the Moff of this Sector was non other than his old Navy Executive Officer| and Former Grand Vizier of the New Imperial Order, Minister of Industry Guinar Ndengin.

Vacation Time

Towards the end of year 10 Mark was feeling the strain of the call of duty against his personal life, so on the recommendation of Navy command Mark took a well earned sabbatical.

Mark took this time to gather his strengths and refocus his thoughts, to travel the stars and meet many new and wondrous people on the great number of far flung planets that he visited, first stop, home, Corellia.


Back to Duty

Contacted by his former Fleet Commander from the NIO, Now Admiral Trilac, contacted Inkster about an opportunity to return to an active role within the GE, after for-filling some of his galactic ambitions of exploring the galaxy, Inkster decided it was now once again to serve the Galaxy and the Emperor and to once again take up arms against those who would intentionally threaten the peace instilled throughout the galaxy by the Empire and the Emperor.

Now conscripted back to his original home of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, Inkster had a new sense of vigor towards what had at one time become tedium and was excited to serve once agian