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Soren Cas

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Soren Cas
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Alina Cas
Father Dorian Cas
Spouse N/A
Siblings Tasha Cas (older sister)
Children N/A
Born Y-9 D8
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Sector Staff
Prior Service Group Executive Officer, 6IF/7GRP
Awards EAM.jpg - EAM

LOCx2.jpg - LOCx2 ISM-1.jpg - ISM-1 IABG-H.jpg - IABG-H MIDx4.jpg - MIDx4 IMM-12.jpg - IMM-12

Soren Cas is a Provisional Prefect in the Regional Government.

Life On Kiffex

Islander Heritage

On the 8th day of the year -9, a rather bright winter’s day on one of the more remote islands of Kiffex, the sound of a newborn baby could be heard echoing from the island’s only hospital. Parents Alina and Dorian Cas were overjoyed to hear the doctor pronounce that after 6.5 hours of labor they were gifted with a newborn son whom they decided to name Soren. With his vitals in the safe zone the qukuff of Clan Cas, two green stripes from the hairline going down at an angle midway to the nose along the right side of the face, was tattooed and Soren officially became a member of the clan.

Soren grew up like most other children in the island regions of Kiffex. He went to school, made friends and always enjoyed spending time with his family. At school Soren was taught of the history and culture of his people and the isolationist ideology of the clan and residents of the island regions, more commonly referred to as islanders. In his youth his family would often go on various camping trips deep in the jungles of their island. These trips were the first time Soren and his sister Tasha learned basic survival skills from their parents; skills that they at that time did not even begin to fathom at how much would help them in the future.

Sleeping against a wall bearing the insignia of the planet's guardians

Kiffex Civil War

It was in his teens that Soren first heard of the long ongoing civil war that was ravaging his beloved planet. The northern and southern mainland clans were at war for many years. They fought over rights to territory, religious view and any other petty reason that they could come up with. Although minor outbreaks and feuds were commonplace on Kiffex this was different. The two sides stopped at nothing to overthrow the other. The mainland was being burned and resources were becoming thin, so the two warring sides set their course east to the islands in search of additional resources. They burned and pillaged many islands enslaving all of their members. In no time at all the war came to Clan Cas.

A call to arms was issued and all able bodied residents were drafted to the defense force no matter age or gender. Those capable of fighting were put on the front lines and those who were old, weak or incapable were put to work to support those on the front lines. Soren’s entire family was drafted and placed on the front lines. They fought valiantly side by side, but even that couldn’t save their treasured island. A mere month after the fighting had commenced it had come to an end with the southern mainland forces capturing the island for their cause.

Discovering Old Roots

Several months later, a peace agreement was signed between the north and the south. While tensions were still high this agreement promised an ending to the current hostilities on Kiffex. The southern forces withdrew from Clan Cas’ island two days after the treaty was signed. The damage done was astronomical! Schools, businesses, factories and the like were in ruins and many residents had been either killed or wounded in the original defense of the island and the later harsh labor they had to endure under the rule of the southern clans. Medical and food supplies were low and it was up to everyone to pull their weight in order to rebuild their home. Soren’s family was assigned to gathering food. They would gather fruits and vegetables from the forest, hunt wildlife and go fishing.

It was on one of these fishing expeditions that the family came upon something rather peculiar. Alongside their fishing boat was another fishing boat with Kiffars bearing a qukuff very similar to that of their clan. This other party’s qukuff went from the hairline and all the way down the left side of the face. Identifying themselves as members of the Sarka clan, they invited the elders of Clan Cas to their island in order to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

After a few days of lengthy discussions and digging through various historical records a long distant connection was discovered between the two clans. It turned out that at one point in time the two clans came from the same island, but for some unknown reason drifted apart. Following this discovery, talks of the civil war began and how each clan had been affected. Clan Sarka came out of it rather well and proposed to accept Clan Cas as an ouvrir of its clan offering its protection until it could reestablish itself. Clan Cas’ elders quickly accepted and both the island and clan were quickly restored to their old glory with the aid of Clan Sarka restoring Clan Cas’ status as a minor clan of Kiffex.

Bottle of Clan Cas rum

The Rum Business

With Clan Cas’ status and island restored all residents were allowed to resume their previous methods of employment. Soren’s family decided to rebuild the ruined rum factories. With the breweries and distilleries operational the factories began to produce the famed Cas island region rum in no time. While most of the rum never makes it off of the island given the entire clan's love of it, some has been known to make its way to the other islands, the mainland and even off of Kiffex and to the galaxy at large. It is considered to be one of the finer rums in the galaxy with some enthusiasts said to have paid well into the millions for one bottle of this fine liquor.

Imperial Service

Thinking about the future

Enlisting In The Empire

It wasn’t long after the reopening of the rum factories that Soren began to think about the future. How long would this peace last? Surely the mainland clans won’t remain at rest for long. There must be something Soren could do to ensure that his clan would remain safe in the event of another civil war. Knowing that these thoughts went against everything he had been taught from a young age, Soren scoured the information networks for a solution. One day after he had begun his search, he found an answer in the form of the Galactic Empire. It was the largest government in the galaxy and the mightiest force as well. Even more its forces were close enough to Kiffex that should anything arise they could be called upon for assistance. With that thought in mind, Soren bid farewell to his family, clan and home and set course for the nearest Imperial recruitment centre.

The Academy

The shuttle dropped him and several other new recruits at the Imperial Academy. Soren felt a bit odd in his new uniform not being used to such clothing, but he didn’t have much time to think that over as the group was quickly ushered inside into the main lecture hall. Soren was amazed by the grandeur of everything. Nothing on Kiffex even came close to anything here. The lights, sounds, smells, and textures were all new to Soren and all felt so refined and luxurious. He couldn’t imagine anyone who could come from this type of lifestyle ever getting themselves dirty in the battlefield.

Approximately five minutes after they had settled a female approached the podium in the middle of the stage. She was dressed in the uniform of a naval ensign, but that wasn’t what caught Soren’s attention. She was Kiffar and not just any Kiffar but a Sarka! Soren had to know more. What was she doing here? How long had she been with the Empire? Did she know of what happened on Kiffex and had she tried to do something to aid her clan? All these questions however would have to be left for another time for the lecturer began speaking and introduced herself as Ensign Lilith Sarka, their training officer. She passed out datapads with dorm assignments and class schedules, explained to them what to expect and dismissed them for the day.

Over the next few months Soren studied day and night to pass his tests, complete his assignments and pass the simulations. He came to befriend his fellow classmates and his training officer. On more than one occasion they sat down to discuss their clans, home, hopes and expectations. This was a friendship that Soren hoped would continue on even after his time in the academy.

In no time at all the final exam was drawing near, but how near and how soon came as a surprise to Soren and his classmates. An announcement over the loudspeakers announced that his class would be taking their exam ahead of schedule and that they were to report to the examination room at once. Quickly making his way over to the room and finding a seat, Soren began to go over all that he had learned these past few months. Not too long after having settled down and started going over all of the material, the doors of the examination room were shut and the exam had begun. Over the course of the next two hours Soren answered multiple questions on a variety of subjects from history and protocol to operating the wide array of machinery that he might encounter during his time in the Empire. With the exam over the class was ushered to a nearby room to wait until their results were in.

After what seemed like an eternity a young sergeant opened the door and the room came to a silence. He began calling their names in alphabetical order, one by one, and instructed them to make their way to the training officer’s office. By the time Soren’s name was called almost all of his class had already left the room. Soren wondered which of his friends had passed, but those thoughts didn’t last for long as thoughts of his own future began to creep into his head as nerves began to get the better of him and the distance to the office became shorter. Upon entering the office and closing the door, a silence filled the room for some time. Both individuals remained motionless until the training officer placed a wooden box on her desk over what Soren made out to be his academy student file. Opening it she revealed a rank insignia and medal. Replacing his recruit rank insignia with that of a flight corporal and pinning the Imperial Academy honors graduate medal on his uniform Ensign Sarka congratulated Soren for his work and wished him luck in the Navy mentioning that now he could truly call himself an Imperial.

The Imperial Navy

With his one week of shore leave coming to an end Soren gathered up his belongings and made his way to the docking port for transport to his first assignment in the Navy. A representative from RADIN was there to meet him and presented him with his assignment papers stressing that he keep that a well guarded secret.

Upon arriving at his new group’s headquarters Soren was put straight to work. While it took a while to get into the swing of things, Soren quickly got used to life in the Navy and began to make friends with his fellow group mates and Imperials.

In due time Soren eventually rose through the ranks. Following the appointment of Lieutenant Stefan Skyreaper to the position of 8th Group Commanding Officer, the Group Executive Officer position for the 7th Group was left vacant. It was decided to test out Soren's leadership capabilities and he was offered the billet. Overjoyed to have been considered for the position, Soren quickly accepted.

Regional Government

In due time, Soren grew tired of all the fighting that was a regular part of Navy life. Remembering the times of the civil war on Kiffex and remembering how horrible it made him feel to kill or even injure someone else, Soren put in a transfer request for a more peaceful branch in the Empire, the Regional Government. After a short wait the request was approved. Soren hung up his flight gear and began his new journey as a member of the Regional Government.

Service Record


Navy Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 13 Day 53 - Year 13 Day 57 January 21, 2012 - January 25, 2012
[E-3] ME-3.gif Flight Corporal Year 13 Day 57 - Year 13 Day 110 January 25, 2012 - March 18, 2012
[E-4] ME-4.gif Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 110 - Year 13 Day 217 March 18, 2012 - July 3, 2012
[E-5] ME-5.gif Master Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 217 - Year 13 Day 283 July 3, 2012 - September 8, 2012
[E-6] ME-6.gif Command Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 283 - Year 14 Day 73 September 8, 2012 - February 10, 2013
[O-1] MO-1.gif Ensign Year 14 Day 73 - Year 14 Day 152 February 10, 2013 - April 30, 2013

Regional Government Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[O-1] PGO-1.gif Chief Superintendent Year 14 Day 152 - Year 14 Day 193 April 30, 2013 - June 11, 2013
[O-2] RGO-2.gif Provisional Prefect Year 14 Day 193 - Year 14 Day 301 June 11, 2013 - September 26, 2013
[O-4] RGO-4.gif Provisional Prefect Year 14 Day 301 - PRESENT September 26, 2013 - PRESENT


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours (IABG-H) Year 13 Day 57 (01-25-2012) Lilith Sarka
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) Year 13 Day 83 (20-02-2012) Nikolaus Ephranor
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 (MIDx2) Year 13 Day 128 (05-04-2012) Markus Saretti
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 (MIDx3) Year 13 Day 217 (03-07-2012) Serena Moon
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM) Year 13 Day 245 (01-08-2012) Zhaff Orikan
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Year 14 Day 19 (20-12-2012) Machkhit
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM) Year 14 Day 33 (02-01-2013) Draelor Nah`utal
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 (LOCx2) Year 14 Day 67 (05-02-2013) Elvira Falston
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal (EAM) Year 14 Day 135 (15-04-2013) Machkhit
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM-12) Year 14 Day 170 (20-05-2013) Aspharr Montari
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year (ISM-1) Year 14 Day 195 (12-06-2013) Aspharr Montari
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x4 (MIDx4) Year 14 Day 252 (08-08-2013) Everard de Montfort

King of the Enlisted

Following Command Seargeant Tyrren Montari's promotion to Second Lieutenant he decided to name Soren as the new King of the Enlisted trusting him to uphold the traditions of the enlisted and to ensure that they behave accordingly.

After what seemed like a short time, but actually turned out to be several months, the inevitable happened and Soren became an officer. Deciding that the enlisted needed a strong King to keep them in line, Soren announced Senior Clerk Khajan Prax as his successor hoping that the future of the enlisted would remain just as bright.

King of the Enlisted
Preceded By:
Tyrren Montari
Soren Cas
Year 13 D287 - Year 14 Day 77
Succeeded By:
Khajan Prax