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Kent Amba

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Kent Amba
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Homeworld Tarorasuil
Mother  ????
Father  ????
Spouse None
Siblings  ????
Children None
Born Y-11 D192
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Current:
  • Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy,
  • Academy Training Officer
Prior Service navy.png
Imperial Navy

Imperial Academy


Kent Amba is a 24-year-old Chief Engineer in the Imperial Ministry of Industry. While serving in the Imperial Navy, he attained the position of 11th Naval Group Executive Officer, under the auspices of the 5th Imperial Fleet. He is also Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy, serving as a fully-certified Training Officer.

Character History

Kent Amba was born on year -12 day 192 in a medium city on the planet Tarorasuil (Bortras System, Coruscant Sector). His parents were two middle rank civilian officers of the Empire. He was a smart child and a good student.

Very early on, Kent felt a passion for pursuing a military career. Unfortunately, his father disapproved of his son's aspirations, prohibiting him to join the Navy or the Army, and tried to force him toward the civilian service, like he had done.

After graduation, Kent defied his father's will, leaving home and becoming a simple worker, working in different factories on several worlds.

On Borchoth (a planet in the Brentaal System, Bormea Sector), Kent met an old Cathar called Ambararabatuniator. This Cathar was a strange man, with an undoubtedly enigmatic past.

The Cathar sympathized with Kent, and very soon he became a sort of second father. He convinced Kent to follow his real aspiration and enlist in the Imperial Academy.

Before he did so, however, Kent had his surname changed to AMBA, to honor his friend and mentor.