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3rd Imperial Legion

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3rd Imperial Legion
Abbreviations 3IL
Motto "Fear what lurks in the Shadows."
Active Y8 D279 - Present
Branch Imperial Army
Garrison/HQ Ruby Region
Legion Command
LCO CGEN Sven Jazzel
LSO Vacant
BCO LTGEN Filipe Barro
BXO LTCOL Nikolaj Locke
BCO Vacant
BXO Vacant

Legion of the Month

  • June 2008
  • July 2008
  • May 2009
  • August 2009
  • February 2010
  • August 2010
  • October 2010

Campaign and Mission Awards

TPVK.jpg - (TPVK)

The 3rd Imperial Legion, created during the Army restructure of Year 8, quickly established itself as a key unit of the Imperial Army. Having overcome turbulent trials, the legion has served the Empire with great skill and dedication.


The 3rd Imperial Legion was created during the Imperial Army restructure that took place late in Year 8. At the time of its creation, it was known as the 3rd Imperial Brigade. Its creation was brought on by the need for expansion in the Imperial Army. Dale Chambers, the Army Commanding Officer, assigned Captain Deric Adams as the Brigade Commanding Officer with Zenchi Senkusha as his second in command. Many members of other units were transferred to the 3rd Imperial Brigade during the restructure, as the Imperial Army took on the concept of "less is more." The 3rd Imperial Legion was quickly recognized as the "Shadow Guard". The reception of this nickname was granted for displaying their deadly and cunning ability during missions, and they wore it with pride.

Shortly after the new unit was created, it was sent on a co-op mission with the 3rd Imperial Fleet to fully develop the planet of Vakkar. After Adams accepted a promotion to Army Adjutant, Lieutenant Commander Zakk Bourget of the Imperial Navy transferred to the Imperial Army and was given command of the Shadow Guard. Now a Major, Bourget and Kex continued where Adams left off. The unit didn't miss a beat as they further prepared for Operation: Vakkar. Unfortunately, during the final stages of preparation, Bourget was forced to take an extended leave of absence. During his absence, Kex became the acting commanding officer of the brigade as he led his troops into Vakkar. After months of grueling and exhausting work both within the system and abroad, the operation was deemed a success. To this day, the planet's economy is booming and remains one of the most populated planets under Imperial control. As the Vakkar operation was wrapping up, the Imperial Army went through another small restructure. The brigades became legions once more, with the 3rd Imperial Legion - under the command of Bacara Kex - leading the way.

Kex kept Bourget on as his executive officer for a short period of time until he received word that Bourget would not be able to continue in any command position. With this unfortunate news, Kex was left without a second in command. He saw a young soldier by the name of Hawke Truden, who showed immense promise and potential. Soon, Kex named Truden his executive officer after putting him through several various tests to see if he was up to the job of leading the best unit in the army. The Shadow Guard were among the most elite troops the army had seen in a long time, and they continued to show what being the "Empire's Best" truly means, earning the first Legion of the Month award under the leadership of Kex and Truden. After months of service within the Third Imperial Legion, and being the one of the original members of the unit, Kex was promoted to Army High Command as the Army Adjutant. He handed control of the legion over to Captain Marcus Aurelius, an experienced officer within the ranks of the Army.

Captain Marcus Aurelius took over command of the elite Shadow Guard on Day 219 of Year 9. Truden remained the executive officer of the unit until Day 274, when he was replaced by Lieutenant Lee Tolten. Aurelius retired from active service, and Tolten was promoted to the position of Legion Commanding Officer on Day 323. Tolten named Karon Alfan as his executive officer, but Tolten retired on Day 349, less than a month after taking command. Around the same time, Lieutenant General Dale Chambers returned to active duty within the Empire from his short stint serving in the Mandalorian Navy. He took over command of the Shadow Guard during the last days of Year 9. Having a decorated, veteran officer at its helm gave the Shadow Guard a boost in morale, especially after the quick loss of two commanders in succession. Command Sergeant Alfan continued to serve as the Legion's XO. Soon after the position was created, Rann Van transferred from the Navy to the Army, and was named as the Legion Adjutant. General Chambers was soon thereafter recalled from his Command by the order of Army High Command.

In his place, Lieutenant Colonel Rann Van was appointed commanding officer of the 3rd Legion. 1st Lieutenant Alfan stayed on as executive officer, and Sergeant Major Sennex Crane became the new Legion Adjutant. However, it wasn't very far along into Colonel Van's tenure that Lieutenant Alfan met an unfortunate accident in a nearby sun, resulting in the loss of the officer. Endora Strax was brought in from the 2nd Imperial Legion, thus completing the command once again. Under Van's leadership, the 3rd Imperial Legion was awarded the Legion of the Month for the first time in several months. In a very sudden tragedy, Lieutenant Colonel Rann Van was killed in a brief skirmish with dissenters. Brigadier General Bacara Kex, then the Army Commanding Officer, stepped in to assume command of the 3rd Legion once more, promising to move forward as the Legion began their newest mission. During General Kex's second command of the Legion, the Shadow Guard again won the Legion of the Month award. However, Sergeant Major Crane departed, transferring to the Government branch in order to pursue his personal interests. Master Sergeant Szardra Kaika was appointed to replace him as the Legion Adjutant.

Captain Michael Beckhart was selected to be the next commanding officer of the 3rd Imperial Legion.

From Year 14 on, the Legion was headed by Brigadier General Edward Canfield until early into Year 16, when High Colonel Navarro De Molay took command of the 3rd Legion.

Following the High Colonel's retirement later into Year 16, Colonel Julian Valendrift assumed command of the 3rd Imperial Legion. Following a period of time, which included the implementation of the Command-tier ranking policy across the Empire, General Julian Valendrift stepped down from the position of command due to time constraints and retired, of which he replaced by General Wihelmy Quel-Sara. After another, shorter period of time he stepped down to focus on other interests within the Empire, resulting in placement of General Aves Selanno into the command position. After a small amount of time following from his appointment, he stepped down from the position due to other constraints and the position of commanding officer was left vacant for a considerable time. During this time, the signals officer, Navarro De Molay, took up interim command of the legion up until a suitable candidate was available for the position. In mid Year 18, Edward Canfield returned to the position he held long ago.

Brigades of the 3rd Imperial Legion

3rd Brigade

'Fear what lurks in the Shadows.'
Shadow Guard

Born of the shadows which cast the enemies of the New Order into eternal darkness, of the gloom which forms when the skies of resistant worlds are obscured by Imperial dropships, the Guardsmen of the Imperial Army's 3rd Brigade are notable harbingers of destruction and death. Their name, the Shadow Guard, is whispered in fear by the Emperor's enemies throughout the Galaxy.

Hailing from, and ever-committed to the defense of, the Corellian Imperial Sector, which hosts bright jewels in the Imperial crown such as Corellia and Rendili, those few who have the honor of serving in the 3rd Brigade bear a unique distinction: being the only soldiers in the whole Imperial Army with the privilege of calling themselves "Guardsmen". Thus they share titular distinction with both the legendary Echani Sun Guards, and the most lethal conventional warriors in the modern galaxy: the members of the elite Imperial Royal Guard.

The dedicated men and women of the Shadow Guard served with distinction during the Derra IV campaign, being among the first units mobilized to defend that troubled world from the machinations of the Galactic Alliance. At Derra, the 3rd reinforced its reputation as a unit worthy of recognition, becoming feared by rebels and criminals alike throughout the Galaxy, for standing its ground against the combined strength of the Krath Dynasty's zealots and the numerically superior forces of the New Republic's Army Command. As it has since its inception during the Army Reforms of Year 8, the Shadow Guard stands ready to hold the Imperial line and take the fight to the enemy, spreading fear of His Majesty the Galactic Emperors terrible will in its wake.

6th Brigade

'Oculi Exercitus'
'The Eyes of the Army'

The 6th Brigade, also known as "the Pathfinders", was created as part of the Army reorganization in Year 12. It serves as one half of the 3rd Imperial Legion alongside its counterpart, the 3rd Brigade. The 6th Brigade prides itself on doing silently what others do with emphasis.

With its reconnaissance orientation, the 6th Brigade mission profile differs from that of a regular Army Brigade in that it focuses on initial contact; 6th Brigade legionnaires are most often the first boots on the ground. Once 6th Brigade's units touch down, they are tasked with establishing Landing Zones and forward Headquarters for regular forces. From there, they move on to advance reconnaissance, scouting foreign and hostile positions and infrastructure in all environments.

While its manpower and equipment strengths are classified, 6th Brigade is fully capable of performing its function as both forward observer and advance infantry in the Imperial Army; 6th Brigade legionnaires are capable of both deep reconnaissance and direct action operations. Being a newer unit, it has a shorter history than other Army brigades, but this does not diminish the success of its operations and engagements.

The 6th Brigade had a notable performance during the first Derra IV rotation. Its reputation as a unit worthy of recognition, becoming feared by rebels and criminals alike throughout the Galaxy, for being the first boots on the ground and resposible for making a secure landing zone for Imperial forces while engaging against the combined strength of the Krath Dynasty's zealots and the numerically superior forces of the New Republic's Army Command.

6th Brigade is perhaps the most decorated unit of the Imperial Army. The Brigade holds two Distinguished Service Medal awards. The first award was accquired during the Operation Sovereign Canopy, awarded by Lord General Graeda L'Annan. The second medal was awarded by High Moff Niven Scherbankov for its effords during Operation Silent Night.


Legion Commanders

CO: Deric Adams
XO: Zenchi Senkusha
Bacara Kex

CO: Zakk Bourget
XO: Bacara Kex

CO: Bacara Kex
XO: Zakk Bourget
Hawke Truden

CO: Marcus Aurelius
XO: Hawke Truden
Lee Tolten

CO: Lee Tolten
XO: Karon Alfan

CO: Dale Chambers
XO: Karon Alfan

CO: Rann Van
XO: Karon Alfan
Endora Strax
CO: Bacara Kex
XO: Endora Strax

CO: Michael Beckhart
XO: Endora Strax

CO: Tec Vaan
XO: Endora Strax
Szardra Kaika

CO: Coral Dayton
XO: Szardra Kaika

CO: Dante Wehr
XO: Szardra Kaika
Rik Zoidic
CO: Rik Zoidic

CO: Nathaniel Durane

CO: Edward Canfield

CO: Navarro De Molay

CO: Julian Valendrift

CO: Wilhelmy Quel-Sara

CO: Aves Selanno

CO: Edward Canfield

CO: Fede Vonrico

CO: Sven Jazzel

Brigade Commanders

3rd Brigade Commanders

CO: Ben Sereta
XO: Narad Na Lexu
Mark Scott

CO: David Kraill
XO: Mark Scott
Tyler Smyth

CO: Tyler Smyth
XO: Dejkaz Tolorna

CO: Euna Miriel
XO: Dejkaz Tolorna
Cora Ersin
Benedict Tharandon

CO: Kol Seraph
XO: Benedict Tharandon

CO: Benedict Tharandon
XO: Kos Van`lin

CO: Rik Zoidic
XO: Kos Van`lin

CO: Jehrico Serir

CO: Bailley Zion
XO: Vash Andron

CO: Vash Andron
XO: Anabelle Nah`utal

CO: Anabelle Nah`utal
XO: Vacant

CO: Walter Watts
XO: Khajan Prax

CO: Aves Selanno
XO: Khajan Prax
Mingolo Mingolonio

CO: Leole Mahou
XO: Vacant

CO: Aves Selanno
XO: Leole Mahou

CO: Wilhelmy Quel-Sara
XO: Leole Mahou
Arya Solus

CO: Arya Solus
XO: Vidar Sicarius

CO: Vidar Sicarius
XO: Kara DuMonte
Ron Mueirech

CO: Patrick Mueirech
XO: Drake Tovar

6th Brigade Commanders

CO: Joao Apa
XO: Devon Krotan

CO: Ikurei Serper
XO: Devon Krotan

CO: Edward Canfield
XO: Trex Varax
Tyrren Montari

CO: Tyrren Montari
XO: Navarro De Molay

CO: Navarro De Molay
XO: Steve Humason
Kathleen Tate

CO: Nathaniel Durane
XO: Kathleen Tate
Walter Watts
Anabelle Nah`utal
Navarro De Molay

CO: Alex Rinose
XO: Navarro De Molay

CO: Vladamiur Veselov
XO: Navarro De Molay

CO: Mingolo Mingolonio
XO: Navarro De Molay
Filipe Barro

CO: Michael Fish
XO: Filipe Barro

CO: Filipe Barro
XO: Vacant
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