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Coral Dayton

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Coral Jalin Dayton
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Rachel Jocelyn Dayton (née Olandi) - Deceased
Father Jalen Colyn Dayton - Deceased
Spouse Single
Siblings Colyn Jensen Dayton - Deceased
Jason Aromin Dayton - Deceased
Children None
Born Year -20 Day 161 (May 13) - 34 years old
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Retired - Lieutenant General
Prior Service 3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
Director of the Resource Allocation Division - Empire
Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Imperial Navy
Imperial Intelligence
New Imperial Navy
Imperial Security Bureau
Awards ACH.gif
Achievement Medal (Twice Awarded)
Government Betterment Award
Battle Efficieny Award
Legion Command Award
Certified Imperial Security Agent
COMPNOR Membership Medal
Letter of Commendation 3
Imperial Service Medal 7 years
Corporate Service Award 1 year
COMPNOR Service Medal 24 months
Imperial Academy Basic Graduate-Honours

Coral Jalin Dayton, son of retired Vice Admiral Jalen Colyn Dayton, is a retired officer of His Majesties Imperial Armed Forces. Entering service with the Galactic Empire, Dayton would eventually depart after the betrayal of Emperor Charon at the hands of his Executor and the Sith Lord pulling at the reigns. Departing the Empire, he eventually fell in line with other former Imperials, eventually ending up with other Charonists within the New Imperial Order close to 4 years after the 'Exodus'. It would be another 3 years before he would return to the Empire to assist with the new age of Imperialism before soon leaving again.


The Early Years

Born 20 years before the modern date of reporting within the Galaxy, Coral Jalin Dayton was born on a stormy late spring evening on the far outreaches of Coronet City. The middle child of Rachel and Jalin Dayton, the newest arrival of the Dayton family is welcomed into the galaxy and is showered with utmost love and compassion. With hiis father a commissioned officer in the Imperial Armed Forces and his mother dividing her time between raising the family and teaching human psychology at the University of Corellia in Coronet City, Coral would form deep seeded attachments to his older brother, Jason, as well as his younger brother, Colyn.

As the years would progress, Coral would be educated in some of the finest schools Imperialism would provide upon the planet, distinguishing himself with in the more 'practical' uses of his education, sports. It was here that the beginnings of resentment towards his father would begin, a stark contrast to the admiration and respect that he held for the man who breathed life into him. As competition began to grow like livid fire within the young Dayton, his father never appeared at any of his games, a troubling notion for the young Corellian to grasp or understand. Originally discounting this and making excuses as to why his father was absent, it would slowly begin to press on his mind more and more as the years went on.

Darkness Falls

Life on the Dayton estate on the outskirts of Coronet City was relatively calm. One summer just after Coral had turned nine, his mother fell ill suddenly. With the best health care available on planet utilised, his mother would ultimately be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, his mother's slowly deteriorating condition would become one of the lowest points in his life. The one person in the galaxy who had the most influence on his life passing away just a few months after being diagnosed, the state of affairs between the remaining members of the Dayton family would become strained.

Jason Aromin Dayton, the oldest of the three siblings at the age of 19, would depart Corellian to start a life on his own upon Imperial Centre (Coruscant). Initially intending to become a firefighter on the massive city-planet, he would slowly lose his way on a planet known for temptation and shadows. Remaining in contact with Coral, Jason would often fabricate stories of being a firefighter to hide his own disgust and disgrace with himself from his brothers, lest his father cut him off from any kind of assistance.

Over the next few years after the passing of his wife, Dayton's father would retire from active Imperial service as a Vice Admiral and began an import-export business based upon Corellia. Specialising in transport of materials and other trade items, it was the only thing the elder Dayton could do to hide the pain he felt from losing his life-partner from his children. Immersing himself into his work, the business slowly began to be profitable and little by little, he would drift away and become distant from his middle son when he needed him the most.

Tears of the Sun and Lines in the Sand

5 years after the death of his mother, the resentment slowly began to build to a stoked fire, only to have more fuel added to the flame. As his father kept his distance from both himself and his younger brother, word would finally reach the Dayton brother's that their oldest sibling had passed away on Coruscant, the result of an overdose of spice. With the pain coursing through him from the loss of his older brother, the divide between father and son began to grow by the day, the isolation course taken by the elder driving a wedge between them. Turning to his younger brother to shield him from the trauma of the situation at hand, Dayton began to grow irritated at the situation.

As the years began to pass, the uneasy silence and separation from his father nearly taking his life, Dayton took the easiest path to correct the issue at hand, least he fall himself. Deciding to enlist in the Galactic Empire just as his father did many years before, Dayton confronts his father one last time about his ever increasing abandonment. Finding no way to make it through the wall he had put up, the path he had selected opened up before him. Departing Coronet City for the Imperial Academy on Obroa Skai, Coral Dayton sets his eyes on piloting the famous Twin Ion Engine fighter.

The Beginning of a New Tradition

Arriving on Obroa Skai, the indoctrination into the Imperial Armed forces begins. Subjected to grueling physical training and academic stresses, the beginning foundations of the Imperial way of life was drummed into him. The clipped tones of Imperial Basic already present within his words becoming more pronounced as the days counted down, Recruit Dayton's progress slowly began to bring him onto his instructor's radar. His performance, both within the classroom and on the training field being noticed by many, he was predicted to graduate with honours amongst the scores of others within his training cadre. Often the target of capricious and furtively jealous comments, Dayton kept his nose to the grindstone, working hard to etch out an inkling of a reputation for himself. To be a son of a Vice Admiral in the Academy had instantly marked him to have things go his way, Dayton constantly worked to prove he was his own person and constantly challenged his superiors to hold him to a higher standard. To those in charge of recruit training, this spoke volume's to the desire to develop character, but in order to maintain progress, they did not shed an inch of their cold exterior. Staying challenged to a higher level driven by his desire to succeed, Dayton worked hard to get himself to the next level.

Before it all came down around him.

Horrid News and Resurgence

As was standard for the majority of Imperials who were enrolled in the Imperial Academy, staying on the Academy grounds after the completion of a year in the Academy was something he had planned on doing. With no need to return home to Corellia, Dayton kept his mind away from his distant father, but in the back of his mind he wondered how his younger brother was dealing with him out of the picture. With those thoughts pressing on his mind as the intermission between academic years began to wind to a close, Dayton took to his studies again ever more determined to succeed.

After only a few weeks after the new term, news began to filter in from Corellia about Vice Admiral Dayton, Dayton finally let his mind wander from his studies as the reports flowed freely. His father had perished in a shuttle explosion over Commenor after departing a business meeting for his Import and Export Business. While the news didn't seem to have an impact on him from a visible outward stance, the news devastated him internally. His father was one of the last few living family members he had left... and despite the almost non-existent relationship they had, it had been an argument that had provided the last words he would have with him. After hitting rock bottom, his scores slowly began to drop as his grief began to get to him, his outward composure beginning to sag. The discipline, the demeanour he was known for slowly fading, Dayton embarked on a darkened path.

Coming to an intersection in his Academy training and at the lowest point he had been in quite a considerable amount of time, Dayton came close to being discharged from the Academy for conduct unbecoming of an Imperial. Faced with impending discharge, Dayton began to furiously claw his way out of the darkened hole he found himself, he came to the realisation that he needed to shape up. As a son of a Vice Admiral, he was not some wash out, or some two-bit no-good person who turns tail at the first sign of adversity. Beginning his slow crawl back from darkness, he began to get back to his previous level, his sights set on surpassing the standard he had set before by two-fold.

Over the next few years, Dayton proved that he had it in him to raise the bar a multitude of times and the fruit of his work became evident as he graduated from the Academy. Having scored in the top 1% of Class 04-02, the attainment of everything his training cadre officers had seen in him from the first step upon Obroa Skai. Graduating from the Academy after 4 years, he is immediately assigned to the 3rd Sector Fleet, otherwise known as the 'Kuat Naval Guard', and advanced to the rank of Flight Corporal (E-4). Riding on a wave of self-confidence and pride after accomplishing such a distinguishing feat, the feeling would last only very briefly before another dark cloud would appear over him.

Tragedy Strikes Again

Armed with orders to report to Kuat to begin active duty within the Imperial Navy, Dayton would take the two week furlough to return to Corellia to spend time with the only remaining member of the Dayton family, Colyn Jensen Dayton. Obtaining civilian transport from Obroa Skai to Corellia, the trip would take a relatively short few days to arrive at it's destination.

Stepping off of the cruise liner he had booked, Dayton began to make his way through the windy and twisty corridors of the spaceport of Tyrena, a town on situated on the coast of the southernmost continent of Corellia. Quickly arranging transport for himself to his family's estate on the extreme farthest 'reaches' of Coronet City, Dayton receives a communication from family friends. Colyn, the youngest Dayton brother, had committed suicide a few days prior after an outpouring of outrage from his girlfriend's family. Confused and unsure of the situation, he rushed his transportation to get him there as soon as possible.

Arriving at the Dayton estate, he slowly began to let his own composure unravel. After 4 years of preparation and training, he had failed to even secure his brother's own comfort and well-being. Struggling to deal with the resurgence of his own inner-demons, he began, with the assistance of family friends, to get to the bottom of the whole situation. As the two week furlough was about to end, he finally came to know most, if not all, the details surrounding his brother's suicide. Finding out the death of his brother was because of a pregnancy scare with his girlfriend, Dayton struggled to come to terms with everything that had occurred over the past. Finally declaring that he could no longer bear to return to the estate with the taint of so much tragedy looming over it's dominion, Dayton swore off Corellian all together. Signing legal paperwork for the funds in a trust setup for his brother and himself, he made arrangements for the credits to be used to maintain the estate for a later date when he could bring himself to bear the pain within it's walls.

Departing the estate, Dayton traveled to the Sector Fleet's garrison upon the planet. Speaking with the logistics officers, he arranged military transport from Corellia to Kuat to begin his service within the grand Imperial Navy.

Beginning of the End


Arriving on Kuat at a military spaceport on the outskirts of Kuat City, Dayton progressed through the massive city upon the planet's surface. Taking note of various places within his city as it would soon become his home, Dayton proceeded throughout the city before making his way to the military headquarters. Reporting in for duty with the logistics officers of the Kuat Naval Guard, he is quickly introduced to others he would be serving with. Lieutenant Eric Jackson, Commander Quisitor, and even the Moff of the Kuat Sector, Mak Davar, were introduced to him. Names, unbeknown to him at that moment, would become forever etched in his mind in the coming months.

Being assigned to a space superiority squadron assigned planetside, Dayton began to get to know the other pilots of the Black Squadron. Their primary medium of contributing to the defence of the Sector was in the form of the TIE/Ln. Informally known as 'tin cans strapped to your rear', over the next few months, Dayton would come to love the fighter, both for it's strengths as well as it's flaws. Becoming quite involved with the general maintenance of the fighter, Dayton began to spend most of his free time in the maintenance bays. At first rejected by the technicians as they made their way around the grease stained bay, Dayton persisted, his eyes watching out for anything that would further his knowledge of the TIE fighter. As time went on, the atmosphere between pilot and technicians would slowly begin to change, and more information slowly was gleamed from their over-swollen minds, only to be applied to his operation of the fighter in action.

After a few months worth of service to the Imperial Navy, a shockwave was sent through the Empire. Watching as the Empire that welcomed him with open arms over 4 years prior as he entered the Academy slowly began to be betrayed, Dayton stood in astonishment as corruption and greed slowly began to seep through the Empire. Led by a force comprising of the Executor, the Sith Lord pulling at his strings and forces loyal to both, the Empire was seized and Charon forced off the Throne.

Unsure of how to proceed with the changing state of the Empire, Dayton is transferred from the 3rd Sector Fleet to the 1st Sector Fleet along with Black Squadron. As time goes on, the general atmosphere of the entire Empire slowly began to change as veteran Imperials slowly began to depart the Empire as a result of the removal of Charon; Dayton becomes disillusioned with the pace and the general state of the Empire.

Searching for a way to cope with the changes that had occurred in such a short amount of time, Dayton would come to find an unexpected solace in form of an Imperial Engineer. Over the coming weeks, the two would come ever closer. Inspire of all the chaos and dust that seemed to never settle, an unsettling ease would slowly come to reside within him.

Searching for answers, Dayton began to explore other avenues of maintaining his service to the Empire outside of the line of fire. Eventually coming into contact with a few members of Imperial Intelligence, Dayton is inducted into the training pipeline for the intelligence agency in a part time facility. Frustrated by the blockages readily put in front of him, Dayton put his nose to the grindstone yet again, focusing fully on his training with a nagging feeling at the back of his mind telling him things to the contrary.

Coming towards the end of his Imperial Intelligence training, Dayton began to explore the possibilities of a life outside of the Empire. Having come into the means to contact those outside of the Empire as a result of his training and limited access to data within Imperial Intelligence, Dayton could feel his back slowly beginning to be pushed up against a wall. Beginning to claw for any kind of relief from the stress that was weighing in on him, Dayton could feel the final rod begin to break and the downward slide began to pull his feet below.

Rushing back to the apartment that he shared with his significant other, Dayton began to make plans to depart the Empire that had slowly changed from the strong and well efficient one he had known for so many years. Making motions to flee, the Corellian born Imperial would eventually be persued by agents of the Imperial Security Bureau. The ensuing chase would cover 5 sectors of the closest quadrant to the 1st Sector Fleet's planetary garrison before the chase took to the atmosphere; The vacuum of space eventually became the battleground through the use of a 'borrowed' Sentinel shuttle, courtesy of a one certain... female friend.

Making motions to jump to hyperspace, a broad-scan message sent out on a known Imperial frequency addressed the Deputy Director of the ISB, the Imperial who had been responsible for his pursuit. Making a promise to make sure that the agent would meet their end, the Sentinel shuttle, and Dayton, jumped to hyperspace. With the a system in the Outer Rim as the final destination of his travels, Dayton programmed in various 'stops' along the way, being careful to cover his tracks along the way as his life as an Imperial seemingly came to an end.

Smoke and Mirrors

Coming out of hyperspace on the outer edges of the Republica system in the Outer Rim, Dayton took time to make sure that he was not followed by his persuers. Carefully studying the various communication frequencies various departments of the Empire routinely utilised, the young Corellian fugitive set a course for Adbatar, the capital planet of the Rebel Alliance. Coming into a geosynchronous orbit around the planet, Dayton began the daunting process of establishing communications with his contact within the sworn enemy of the Empire.

After hours of time spent at the cockpit of the Sentinel, his fingers flying across the communications console, clearance codes suddenly sprung up on the display. Accompanied with coordinates to a landing pad somewhere on the planet, Dayton proceeded to pilot the 'borrowed' ship towards his destination. Landing the ship gently on the landing pad, Dayton could see various soldiers gathering on the landing pad, weapons drawn. With a typical Corellian swagger, he disembarked the relic of his Imperial service and into the waiting arms of the Rebel Alliance's Center for Rebel Intelligence.

Escourted deep within the facility adjacent to the landing pad, the next 10 minutes were as silent as the 2 recent two day trip from Coruscant. The silence was suddenly shattered as agents of CRI led him into a seemingly sterilised room. Sitting down at the simple metal table, Dayton sat straight up, his posture as crisp as he was taught in the Imperial Academy. Over the next 4 days, question upon question were thrown at him, the intricacies of the words designed to probe deeper into the Corellian's intentions. Deflecting the questions to the best of his ability, and being eerily truthful with the Intelligence agents, Dayton was surprised at the result of the unrelenting questioning. He was to be denied entrance into the Alliance due to information pointing to him being an Imperial Intelligence agent bent on infiltrating the growing Rebellion.

Being escourted off of Adbatar in a rushed manner, Dayton debated his options he had left. Unsure of where he should turn to, and unable to return to his roots, Dayton uncovered a message addressed to him by one of his first commanders in the Imperial Navy. Commander Quisitor, a former member of the Kuat Naval Guard, had left him a message in his personal holomail, to which his decision was made quite fast. Not venturing far from his current position in the Republica system, Dayton established contact with the Commander, a member of the Praxium Defence Forces. Turning to the Jedi Praxium, his focus was re-established.

Windows Open, Doors Close

Finding himself in a recently familiar situation, Dayton underwent a thorough debriefing by the Centre for Information for the Jedi Praxium, an experience that, ironically, went much smoother then his previous one with the Centre for Rebel Intelligence. Divulging everything he had witnessed and experienced since the abrupt removal of Charon from the Imperial Throne, Dayton waited patiently over a period of time for the intelligence agents to decide upon his fate.

Having taken to sitting in the small quarters that he had been assigned in one of the buildings within the same complex as the headquarters of the Praxium Defence Forces, Dayton began to reflect on everything that had occured in his years prior to the point he departed the Empire. Attempting to digest everything in his own manner, Dayton was surprised to have received a guest... Commander Quisitor. Intrigued by the massive flight bag that the Commander brought with him in addition to a rebel style flight helmet, Dayton warmly welcomed his friend he had served under back in the Kuat Sector. Being briefed that he had been cleared for duty within the Defence Forces and that he was to be assigned to the 2nd Defence Wing, Dayton accepted the new opportunity in front of him. Diving wholeheartedly into his task, Dayton began to grow closer to those who surrounded him.

While pouring all of his energy, focus, and concentration into proving himself among the other pilots that made up the Wing, Dayton couldn't help but feel somewhat unnerved. He had been raised in an Imperial household, educated in some of the best schools Imperial culture could offer on Corellia, but here... everything was different. One of the unofficial mottos of the Praxium had been "Defending those who can't defend themselves," and to Dayton, it didn't sit with him; The humanocentrism that had been held in high regard among the society elite within him seemed to clash with his environment. He was an Imperial, down to the bone, and believed in the superiority of humans, but couldn't help but feel betrayed by the own system that he had sworn to protect. Even though his outlook on life clashed with his current situation, he saw aliens pledging themselves fully towards something they felt needed their all.

Finding himself being merged into the meshing of the 2nd Defence Wing, Dayton was assigned to the Hellfire Squadron, a Y-Wing unit. Configured for escourt and defence roles, Dayton would begin to to bring the foundation that he had learned as a TIE fighter pilot in the Empire to the pilots under his command. With efficiency rising within his unit, Dayton slowly began to maneuver his squadron in for more high profile roles, eventually finding his squadron utilised in missions such as the rescue of a stranded Dreadnaught heavy cruiser as well as coming to the aid of a remote colony.

Returning back to the 2nd Wing's base of operations, further surprises were in store for him. Finding a representative of the Centre for Information in his office, Dayton found a datapad sitting on his desk, the contents displaying the various forms he had filled out upon his admittance into the Praxium. Cocking an eyebrow at the agent sitting across from him, eventually the story would come out. His service in the 2nd Defence Wing had gone up the chain of command and attracted the attention of the intelligence army of the Praxium, and after a thorough investigation into him, offered him a position within their ranks.

Transitioning out of the 2nd Defence Wing to working in the Centre for Information, Dayton found himself reporting directly to the Director of Information, Kyp von Exodus. Knowing of the former Colonel's name due to his former unit's presence within the Kuat Sector, Dayton came to regard the veteran Imperial as a friend.

Doing Business... the Old Fashioned Way?

Beginning his duties with the Centre for Information, Dayton would further his own training from his time in Imperial Intelligence with the training that had been set by previous members of his new branch. Taking great care to further his own knowledge in information gathering, Dayton would begin to mold his own manner in obtaining information.

Slowly getting involved in missions for the Centre that resulted in him departing the Republica system, Dayton would pass through various cantinas and startports within the Outer Rim. During one such trip through the Outer Rim to generate intelligence contacts and assets, Dayton would be accosted in a random cantina on the planet of Socorro. As the male would slowly reveal to have an in-depth knowledge of his history of employment, and some lesser known facts from his past, Dayton would begin to slowly query the man for some indication of a reason for his 'conversation'.

Eventually finding out that the man was a representative of the Kiner Corporation, an intergalactic corporation with it's fingers in various businesses across various industries. His work, both within the Praxium Defence Forces and the Centre for Information had brought him onto the radar of the Corporation. Further pressing for how they found him, Dayton would eventually extract a name from the normally tight lipped acquaintance. Marquis de Seele, a Charonist and a former Intelligence Director within the Empire, had obtained information about him. Unsure of the true connotations of the conversation, or what it was leading towards, Dayton would attempt to dismiss himself from any kind of scrutiny. Departing the cantina, Dayton would return to the starport to depart the smuggler's haven. He would gain further insight into the situation at hand hours later as he jumped into hyperspace. Retiring from the cockpit to get some rest, the weathered Imperial would find a datapad resting on his bunk. Cautiously activating the object, Dayton's curiosity would get the better of him.

Within two weeks, Dayton departed the Republica system for the final time, coordinates to a sector of space he had never visited were queued into his ship's navcomp. Setting a course for the Bothan Sector, Dayton bid farewell to the Outer Rim and any ties he had to the Rebellion.

From Tin Cans to Frying Pans

Exiting hyperspace a few days after departing Republica, Dayton was thrust deep into the operations of Kiner Corp from the get go. Being immediately assigned to the Merchant Marines and attached to the newest addition to the Kiner Corp family, Dayton began to transport, as well as defend, the interests of Intellifish. Serving again as a fighter pilot, the Corellian again was given the responsibility of leading a fighter squadron. This gig, however, was short lived as he was requisitioned by another portion of the Merchant Marines to round up assets from far corners of the Galaxy. Resulting in a humourous, and neverless daunting, 2 week trip from one side of the galaxy to the other in a Marauder Corvette, Dayton became acquainted with the game of djarik. Taking most of the 2 week journey to study up on the game and it's intricacies, Dayton would distract himself from the drone and otherwise quiet environment of the bridge.

Upon returning back to the Bothan Sector, and staving off Marauder Corvettes for their lack of 'creature comforts', Dayton would get another interesting opportunity. Being transfered from the Merchant Marines to the newly renamed Corellian Engineering Corporation's Special Operations department, Dayton would report directly to Marquis de Seele. Diving deeper into the darker side of the Galaxy, he would continue his travels around the Galaxy as he did during his time in the Centre for Information in the Jedi Praxium.

The White Angel

"I remember one run for CEC when Seele and I visited the Underground, a bar I had visited once or twice as a fairly new Imperial back in the day. It had become a darker place then it previously was, and nonetheless, I later found out why. I didn't know the true meaning for the visit, but some of the places that we "visited" were for the furthering of the goals of the Corporation.

It seemed like it was just going to be a job of standing around and watching for any thing out of place, but before I knew what was going on, there was a voice asking things of me. When I turned around, I saw the face of somebody I had seen only very briefly in the archives during my training with Imperial Intelligence. Unsure of how to answer, I found myself with the business end of an unactivated lightsaber pointed straight at my chest. It was at that point that my acquaintance with Tara Tylger began." - Coral Dayton during an interview about his time in the Corellian Engineering Corporation

Management Sucks/Tenloss

After the departure of several key figures in the Corellian Engineering Corporation management departed, Dayton found himself being thrust into the boardroom. Unsure of what he was to do with his newfound responsibilities, Dayton would fight as hard as he could in learning the ropes fast. After eventually settling into the position and pointing CEC in the direction it needed to go, Dayton would eventually depart CEC management to going back to his old responsibilities.

Eventually becoming disenchanted with the rigors of his employment within the Corporation, Dayton would part ways with CEC and point his ship towards the Outer Rim once more. Returning to Socorro, Dayton would again be accosted by another. Eventually recruited into the Tenloss Syndicate, Dayton would take up a position as an "Asset Recovery Specialist". Specialising in the procurement and transportation of assets, the Corellian would again fall in line with former Imperials. With the tempo being almost the same as CEC, Dayton would watch as his travels took him from planet to planet.


With his duties taking him again across the galaxy, Dayton found himself stepping foot upon the planet that he vowed to not return for years. Having departed Corellia with doubts of his ability to face the spectres of his past deep within the walls of his childhood home, Dayton would witness himself returning to lands haunted with unresolved issues.

Deciding to visit a random bar close to the the Hotel Imperial, Dayton would eventually meet a woman who he would slowly begin to strike up conversation with. After introducing himself properly, he began to weasel his way into information about her, the Corellian would determine her identity to be that of Kimberly Tylger, daughter of Lord Alexander Tylger. After a night spent drinking and having amicable conversation, Dayton would eventually retire to his hotel, much to the surprise of the Lady Tylger. Finding she was staying at the same Hotel, Dayton made plans to stay on Corellia a bit longer, finding something stir within him. Having been years since he felt any semblance of anything for a member of the opposite sex, Dayton could feel his pace wearing at him.

Over the course of the next two weeks he spent on Corellia, Dayton would come to feel quite close to the woman who had been an medical officer in the Rebel Alliance Marines. Coming to odds with the values of Imperialism and the general distrust for those who called allegiance to the Alliance, Dayton fought internally with the differences between the two. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, he proffered everything about himself to her, his sleeve clearly visible upon his sleeve. Eventually being rebuked by the woman, Dayton would take his leave, intending on departing Corellia as soon as possible. Making his good byes to the woman, he would be given an interesting departure gift - information as to why he was declined entry into the Rebel Alliance. She had been given information labeling him as an enemy spy from the Empire attempting to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance.

Making great haste as he blew out of the atmosphere of the planet that he grew up on, his pace was one of confused haste. He had to get as far away as he could, the thoughts flowing through his mind threatening to overwhelm him. Who had spread such rumours about him? A spy? He might have been training to be an Intelligence analyst, but a spy? That was something he could never be...

Searching for Answers

Departing towards the Mid Rim in a search for answers, Dayton was at a loss for words over everything he had come to know. The sudden gleaming of information from Kimberly had awaken something within him. If he had been betrayed by somebody, then had his father been betrayed? He had always suspected that something was amiss regarding his father's death, but he could never bring himself to look into it. Deciding to do just that, Dayton began to dive deep into the records of his father's import/export business. Pouring over any bit of information he could come into possession of - from business transactions, memos, orders - no leaf was left unturned in his search for answers.

Coming to a dead end after exhausting almost all the available directions he could explore, frustration seemed to bite at his nerves. He had been holding so much hope that he would find some information, some shred of evidence to prove his father's death had been nothing but a freak accident. Crossing off all the other avenues off his list, Dayton couldn't help but stare at the handwritten list, the flimsiplast note creased and worn from extended handling. The final option he had brainstormed as an option to attempt to gather information, Dayton had saved the most riskiest option for last. Diverting to a system where he could hack into the Commenor Security Force's secure database, Dayton was undergoing considerable risk for the chance for something to be found. Toiling for what seemed like hours for any sort of information, Dayton set a search parameter into the system to search for anything to help with the search. Tabbing through screen after screen of information, it wasn't long till the exhausted Corellian would fall asleep at his console, his head resting against the console's keyboard.

It would be a relatively short period of time before he was suddenly awaken by a loud beep, and with a startle, Dayton snapped straight awake, his eyes locked onto the screen in front of him. His eyes struggling to come into focus, it would take a few minutes before the look of recognition would flash onto his features. Having come across the Commenor Security Force's investigation into the accident, Dayton would slowly begin to put together a picture of what had happened that day years ago.

Surprised at the details of the investigation and what had occured, Dayton began copying all the information that the CSF had on the incident to his own network before disconnecting hastily, hoping to cover his tracks. It was time to regroup, recover, and plan his next course of action... and the only place that he could think he could do that was one place he new Imperials very rarely dared go.

The Smuggler's Moon.

Nar Shaddaa

As the nimble YT-2000 decanted from hyperspace in the Y'toub system, Dayton shielded his eyes as the cockpit viewport polarised, reducing the glare from the massive sun way off in the centre of the system. Letting his eyes adjust to the view, Dayton began to make the preparations to traverse the system to come into orbit of Nar Shaddaa. Inputting the commands into the navigation system to start the ship on its course,

Arriving on the Smuggler's Moon a few hours after arriving in system, the Corellian would begin to meet with various people who could point him in the direction he needed to go. Surging forward on what was slowly beginning to become an obsession, Dayton set off to find the whereabouts of the only person who, based upon information he had previously unearthed, more than likely had information into his father's death. Within hours of beginning his search on the Smuggler's Moon, Dayton would come to know only a portion of the scope his obsession was slowly beginning to evolve into. Slowly coming to uncover a path of lies, deception and outright hostility, Dayton seemed to be uncovering the rabbit hole into the world of corporate greed and corruption.

Chasing after every lead as it came to his purview, no true discernible progress was at hand after a period of 3 months had come and gone - and no wiser than he had been at the onset of his search. Every bit of information that had been uncovered was chased down with ruthless efficiency - as much as the dangerous environment of the Smuggler's Moon allowed. As the days on a calendar began to be ticked off, and as stubble began to take its place on the jaw of the Imperial, Dayton would slowly lost his grasp on his original intentions.

As the toils of the path he had embarked on began to present itself upon him, the veteran Corellian would eventually depart the smuggler's moon, instead heading deeper into the Middle Rim.

Kothlis and the New Imperial Order

Traveling to the Kothlis system looking to tap into the Bothan Spynet to attempt to get more leads, Dayton would intercept various propaganda transmissions submitted by the New Imperial Order. Taking the time to review the information he had stumbled on, Dayton slowly become intrigued with the premis of the New Imperial Order. Instantly recognising both James Stratus and Marquis de Seele from the propaganda reels, Dayton made a snap decision to throw his chip in with the rest of their lot. Recognising the opportunity that had seemingly been tossed into his lap to reclaim his life from the obsession that had overtaken him over the past 6 months, Dayton found himself feeling redeemed.

Making haste to get to the orbit of Kothlis, Dayton began the process of obtaining citizenship, and utlimately a comission in the Armed Forces of the New Imperial Order, Dayton would eventually come to find himself serving in another pro-Imperial faction in the Galaxy. Eventually being granted citizenship and a commission in the New Imperial Army as a full Colonel, the freshly shaved Corellian found him wanting a different challenge then what he had previously experienced both within the Corellian Engineering Corporation and the Tenloss Syndicate, Dayton took a transfer into the New Imperial Navy, taking a hit to his rank to return to flying starfighters.

New Imperial Navy

Returning back to his original field of study from the Imperial Academy on Obra-Skai, Dayton was assigned to command a Y-Wing squadron under the Vanquish Prime Group. Reporting under Lieutenant Katar Trilac, then-Commander Dayton would be assigned various duties and missions, but primarily focused on starfighter training of the Group's fighter pilots. Over the course of the next two months, as training missions were slowly being perfected by those within the Group, Dayton would come to notice a certain lack of discipline and organisation. Noticing the opportunity to help direct and mold the new age of Imperials within the New Imperial Order, the Corellian would transmit an application to then-Director Zarlock of the Imperial Security Bureau, looking to join the security group.

Continuing his training of starfighter pilots within the Group, Dayton would eventually find new orders being delivered to him. Being officially transfered into the Imperial Security Bureau, the new ISB-Major would depart from the Imperial Armed forces to embark upon his training on Kothlis.

The Bureau

Protecting the personnel, assets and goals of the New Imperial Order - one situation at a time. - Coral Dayton, then an ISB-Colonel, remarking on how his service in the Imperial Security Bureau impacts the New Imperial Order as a whole.

Eventually settling into his posting as the Chief of Enforcement, Dayton would be subjected to various training programes designed by senior Agents to push junior agents to the limit, various methods and procedures were drilled into the Corellian. From interrogation techniques, to investigative manners and information security, training within the Bureau was designed to cover everything that an agent would come into contact with. Eventually completing the training with distinction, the ISB-Major would be awarded his certification as an Imperial Security Agent. Taking his new found powers and executing his station of Chief of Enforcement, he would begin the process of securing various portions of the faction's security in addition to his primary assignment.

Chief of Enforcement

Having been assigned as the Chief of Enforcement, Dayton found himself tasked primarily with the execution of para-military operations that were, more often-than-nought, heavily hidden from public consumption. Working on the front lines of ISB operations the Galaxy over, Dayton would find his responsibilities coming to fruition constantly in the guise of operational mission capacities.

Working closely with security organisations known to the New Imperial Order, the many details of the operations he participated, and organised, were exclusively kept under wraps. It was here, that during his time as the Chief of Enforcement, that his span of contacts would be expanded in addition to the close working relationships with both Imperial Intelligence and members of the Imperial Storm Corps.


Service Record

Galactic Empire
Recruit (E-1) - Imperial Academy - Obroa Skai
Flight Corporal (E-4) - Third Sector Fleet (Kuat Naval Guard) - Imperial Navy
Flight Corporal (E-4) - First Sector Fleet - Imperial Navy
Trainee - Imperial Intelligence

Jedi Praxium
Lieutenant (O-3) - 2nd Defence Wing - Praxium Defence Forces
Agent (O-3) - Praxium Centre for Information

Corellian Engineering Corporation (Intellifish)
Lieutenant (O-3) - Merchant Marines
Specialist (O-4) - Special Operations
Chief Executive Officer

Tenloss Syndicate
Asset Recovery Specialist

New Imperial Order
Colonel (O-6) - New Imperial Army
Commander (O-5) - Vanquish Prime Group - New Imperial Navy
ISB-Major (O-4) - Chief of Enforcement - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
ISB-Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) - Chief of Enforcement - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
ISB-Colonel (O-6) - Chief of Enforcement - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
ISB-Brigadier General (C-1) - Chief of Enforcement - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
ISB-Major General (C-2) - Chief of Enforcement - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
ISB-Lieutenant General (C-3) - Deputy Director - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR

Galactic Empire
ISB-Lieutenant General (C-3) - Deputy Director - Imperial Security Bureau - COMPNOR
Lieutenant General (C-3) - Director of RADE - COMPNOR
Lieutenant General (C-3) - 3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer - Imperial Army