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2nd Imperial Legion

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2nd Imperial Legion
Abbreviations 2IL
Motto "Guarding the Gates of the Empire"
Active Y6 D31 - Present
Branch Imperial Army
Garrison/HQ Kuat Sector
Corporate Sector
Legion Command
LCO BGEN Alexander Darthmoor
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Campaign and Mission Awards

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The 2nd Imperial Legion, comprised of the 2nd and 5th Brigade, is one of the Galactic Empire's most feared and effective assault units.



Late in Year 4, the Army was composed of units known as Regiments (equivalent to modern-day Legions). At this time the 2nd Assault Regiment was divided into three battalions.

On Year 5 Day 153 the former Regiments and Battalions were reformed into Legions. The Second Legion, responsible once more for the Corellian Sector, was commanded by Major Paul Kosh and First Lieutenant Jacen Boshuu. However this formation existed for a mere 18 days before being split into the Corellian and Thyferran Brigades.


The 2nd Brigade was raised on Year 6 Day 31. Captain Anian Aksun was appointed Commanding Officer, while Second Lieutenant Deana Branson was the inaugural Executive Officer. The newly formed brigade absorbed personnel and equipment from a number of disbanded units. The reorganization was part of a plan to consolidate the Imperial Army's assets into two large, self-contained combat units that would be available for deployment throughout the galaxy as needed.

Year 8

The Second Brigade distinguished itself from among the Army's legions during an operation on Thyferra when, under the command of Captain Mintaka Kyuzo and Command Sergeant Mark ein Arton, they brought down a third of the opposing forces despite heavy losses, forcing the rebels into a hasty retreat. The units deserving mention were the Maelstrom Heavy Mech Brigade and the Protectors Stormtrooper Squad. The campaign saw the first recorded use of coded communication in real-time operations among Imperial Army units. The Second Legion was granted its official nickname, the Hellhounds, for its soldiers' renowned determination to crush enemies of the Empire.

After several months helping the Empire expand through engineering and material transportation, the Second Imperial Legion was sent on an offensive mission on the planet Myrkr. Using advanced techniques learned from previous missions, the Hellhounds were able to scan and effectively cleanse the planet of enemy activity in record time, surpassing even the Navy scouts. Captain Arton, 2nd Lieutenant Adams, and Corporal Krall secured a grassland strip in the southeastern part of the planet, nicknamed "Hellhound's Strip".

Major General Dale Chambers and Brigadier General Alan Steel led an operation to defend Coruscant against the forces of the New Republic and the Alderaan Mining Corporation. When the Sorosuub Corporation rose as a threat, the Empire sent the Second Legion to their capital planet of Sullust in a show of force. The Hellhounds performed with courage and ingenuity, successfully coordinating Full Walker and Infantry formations and keeping a close hold on the planet for several weeks, storming buildings and performing mass arrests.

Year 9 to 12

Zenchi Senkusha, who would be the last commanding officer of the Second Brigade, objected to the changes brought by the Imperial Army reformation of Year 8. Among these changes were the reclassification of Brigades into Legions. Senkusha was arrested for treason and his successor, 1st Lieutenant Graeda L'Annan, was the first commander of the Hellhounds to hold the position of Legion Commanding Officer.

2nd Imperial Legion in action.

The Hellhounds flourished under her command and, less than a year later, the Second Imperial Legion were selected to be merged with the Seventh Imperial Fleet to form the experimental military unit known as the Assault Force. Captain L'Annan and Captain Rex Corwyn commanded the Assault Force until Corwyn retired and was succeeded by Markus Saretti. The Assault Force participated in high-profile missions such as Operation Stellar Aegis, Operation Pirate Cleansing, and Operation Dumbo Drop.

Year 12 to 14

On Y12 D152, Lord General Seele ordered the formation of six Brigades to fall under the command of three Legions, with each Legion having two Brigades each. The Hellhounds were restructured into the 2nd Legion, so named because of its assignment to the 2nd Sector, and made up of the operationally independent 2nd and 5th Brigades. The 2nd Brigade inherited the nickname and history of the Hellhounds and the 5th Brigade, to complement her sister brigade, revived the nickname Inferno from the defunct 5th Army Battalion.

The 2nd and 5th Brigades, commanded by Relena Vercet and Nathaniel Durane respectively, participated in Operation Frostbite from Y12 D180 to D230. The Brigades were deployed into the system of Corynth to conduct a full recon sweep of the planets within the system to aid the Regional Government under Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium in carrying out a full audit of planetary bodies within the Coruscant Sector, which in turn aided the full audit of all planetary bodies within the Galactic Empire. Military and civilian units were committed to undertaking ground-level planetary scans and reporting their findings to the Regional Government.

After the conclusion of Operation Frostbite, the 2nd and 5th Brigades were not deployed together for nearly two years due to the vast distance between their assigned sectors. They were reunited in Year 14 when the 2nd Legion was deployed to the violent and trying surface of Derra IV for Operation Sovereign Canopy.


The predecessor of the fearsome and ubiquitous Imperial-class, the Victory-class Star Destroyer saw the height of its production in the beginning of the Clone Wars, filling the need of the Galactic Republic for a capital ship capable of fulfilling multiple combat roles. The unique, dagger-shaped design of the Star Destroyer allows the Victory-class to concentrate nearly all of its weapons on its front firing arc. This ingenious design has since been copied in every subsequent design of the Star Destroyer by the Empire. While only little more than half the size of the Imperial-class, the Victory-class Star Destroyer mounts 120 turbolaser batteries and 20 proton torpedo launchers, giving it more offensive punch than its larger cousin. Both troop berths and hangar space were sacrificed in order to mount the additional weapons on the hull, making the Victory-class Star Destroyer a dedicated ship-to-ship combat vessel whereas the Imperial-class is able to serve many more functions in the Imperial Navy. After seizing galactic power after the fall of the Republic, the Galactic Empire kept the Victory-class in service and even continued to build the vessel, updating and refitting its secondary systems as necessary.

The commissioned flagship of the Second Imperial Legion was, for a number of years, the Victory-I Star Destroyer Cerberus. In the first decade of Imperial history, this vessel was the commissioned flagship of the 8th Imperial Fleet under the name Victory. It was then replaced by an Imperial Star Destroyer and became the personal ship of the fleet's executive officer. After about four years, it was reassigned to the Second Assault Fleet and given the name Abattoir. In c. Year 8, several Victory Star Destroyers were recalled and given back their original name to preserve their historical value. Therefore, the ship known as Cerberus may have had different ID numbers under various commanding officers.

Brigades of the 2nd Imperial Legion

2nd Brigade

'Ex Inferni Portae'
'From Hell's Gates'

Ex Inferni Portae ('From Hell's Gates') is an apt motto for the Hellhounds, as to the enemies of the Empire, the 2nd Brigade of the Imperial Army appear to be nothing short of the stuff of nightmares. An unrelenting cascade hell-bent on wiping their foes clean from the battlefield. Experts in close quarter combat and battlefield strategy, the Hellhounds have engaged in and accomplished victory in countless operations. They have earned their notoriety as one of the most feared and respected Brigades in the Galactic Empire's arsenal; its infamous, dogged determination ensuring a psychological as well as a physical victory over its enemies.

The Hellhounds, as members of the 2nd Imperial Legion, were formed within the ninth year of Imperial light and are one of two Brigades that make up the 2IL. During their long and dedicated service they have earned numerous citations as a whole and individually for their courageous acts and achievements. The Hellhounds are composed of several battalions with differing skillsets, making the 2nd Brigade an extremely versatile and deadly unit for all who oppose it. These battalions include armored formations and reconnaissance lances.

Although mainly an infantry force, the 2nd Brigade also makes use of mechanized units such as the AT-ST and the dreaded AT-AT vehicle that is not only capable of delivering both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weaponry but also a full company of infantry. While these units are freely available to them, the Hellhounds prefer a more 'up close and personal' approach and are often found disembarking en-mass from AT-AT barges, a transport designed to carry its namesake. Due to their size, however, these barges are also capable of delivering over a hundred troops like a spearhead to the heart of any battle-zone.

The Brigade remains strong and is tirelessly resolute in their goal to protect the Empire from the attacks of the insidious wherever they may be.

Where their Brothers in the 5th Brigade are swift and silent, the 2nd is unrelenting and ferocious.

No quarter is given, no mercy bestowed.

'...What is a Brigade? Where the Legion is your home, the Brigade is your Family.'
Excerpt from a speech given by the 2nd Brigade's commander to newly recruited troopers.

5th Brigade

'Nulla Clementia, Nulla Dedito'
'No Mercy, No Surrender'

'Nulla Clementia, Nulla Dedito' (No Mercy, No Surrender); the Infernos are known to be swift and silent in movement, and for their ferocity in battle. Their preferred tactic is to attack at the heart of the enemy, crippling them from the inside out, rather than a straightforward onslaught. No stranger to close quarters combat, the Infernos prefer to send in the smallest tactical team possible to eliminate the largest number of enemy forces with minimal loss. The Infernos are known less throughout the Galactic Empire for the grandeur of their missions, but more for the speed, precision, and efficiency in which they accomplish them.

The Infernos were formed within the ninth year of Imperial light and are the second of two Brigades that make up the 2nd Imperial Legion. Like their sister Brigade, they have earned numerous citations as a whole and individually for their courageous acts and achievements during their service in the Legion. The Infernos are composed of several units of differing skill sets. These battalions include heavy and light armor elements, infantry formations, and reconnaissance forces.

The 5th Brigade has many other assets available to them which include the renowned AT-ST, and of course, the fearsome AT-AT. Though such heavy weaponry is available to the Brigade, its role dictates that it be prepared primarily to engage in infantry and reconnaissance operations. The 5th Brigade is the primary defense force of one of the Galactic Empire's largest sectors, and works closely with the Imperial Navy's 6th Imperial Fleet to ensure the security of that sector.


Legion Commanders

CO: James Walters
XO: Mark Challanger

CO: Dale Chambers
XO: Mintaka Kyuzo

CO: Mintaka Kyuzo
XO: No Data Available

CO: Mark Ein Arton
XO: Deric Adams
Geno Krall
CO: Marcus Aurelius
XO: Dav Jenan

CO: Zenchi Senkusha
XO: Geno Krall

CO: Graeda L`Annan
XO: Geno Krall
Creg Loran
Michael Beckhart
Igneus Esh
Gunther Rall
CO: Gunther Rall
XO: Tremec Basir
Euna Miriel
Josef DeLaurel

CO: Josef DeLaurel
XO: Reinhold Gessler

CO: Ben Sereta

CO: David Terrio

CO: Agramon Kane

CO: Wyatt Gabriel

CO: Zhaff Orikan

CO: Liam Conrad

CO: Nathaniel Durane

CO: Nikai Tonnak

CO: Vladamiur Veselov

CO: Sigmund von Ismay

CO: Samual Johnson

CO: Tine Delirium

CO: Patrick Mueirech

Brigade Commanders

2nd Brigade Commanders

CO: Relena Vercet
XO: Calvin Fathing

CO: Calvin Fathing
XO: K`Crydon Katana

CO: Agramon Kane
XO: Draelor Nah`utal
Aluan Geli
Lane Rendell
CO: Lane Rendell
XO: Ivy Yethoron

CO: Wyatt Gabriel
XO: Ivy Yethoron

CO: Agramon Kane
XO: Ivy Yethoron

CO: Mikal Blak
XO: Julian Valendrift

CO: Julian Valendrift
XO: Nathaniel Durane
Mark Scott

CO: Saresha Williams
XO: Mark Scott
Kaiden Halcyon

CO: Kaiden Halcyon
XO: Rik Zoidic

CO: Rik Zoidic
XO: Ivy Yethoron
Yaln Baluu

CO: Phaeton Seth
XO: Yaln Baluu
Thaelos Kolarr
Ivy Yethoron
CO: Magnus Ironside
XO: Marquis Hamet
Jabis Ravenhawk

5th Brigade Commanders

CO: Nathaniel Durane
XO: David Terrio

CO: David Terrio
XO: Altair Ahad

CO: Altair Ahad
XO: Agramon Kane
Deryk Ysenm
CO: Deryk Ysenm
XO: Tec Vaan
Amne Zailyn
CO: Amne Zailyn
XO: Wyatt Gabriel
Bailley Zion
CO: Bailley Zion
XO: Sorn Davolt

CO: Sorn Davolt
XO: Saresha Williams
Aves Selanno
Fede Vonrico
Arya Solus
John Bell
CO: John Bell
XO: Samual Johnson

CO: Samual Johnson
XO: Vacant

CO: Castiel Angelos
XO: Julian Valendrift

CO: Tine Delirium
XO: Julian Valendrift

CO: Cornelius Tuspin
XO: Vacant

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