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Thaelos Kolarr

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Thaelos Kolarr
Biographical Information
Born Year -2 D 210
Race Human
Homeworld Kuat
Father Edward Matlock (Deceased)
Mother Prim Kolarr
Partner Elarain Belleraux
Children None
Signature 𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓼 𝓚𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓻
Imperial Service
Branch None
Prior Service

  • Academy Training Officer
  • Senior Recruitment Officer
  • Writer
  • Academy Commandant
Imperial Army
Tresario Star Kingdom
  • Petty Officer
  • Tresarian Navy


Thaelos Kolarr (Born Year -2, Day 210) is a Human male originating from the planet Kuat.

He formerly served as Commandant of the Imperial Academy within the Ministry of Culture

"Deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised."

Early Life

Within Kuat City of Kuat on the 210th day of Year -2, Thaelos Kolarr would be born to Prim Kolarr and Edward Matlock. His parents were both employed within the regional government of Kuat where they had met and would eventually fall in love. Edward hailed from Coruscant, from where he would choose to move from the cluttered and dense Ecumenopolis in favour of a more natural and flora rich environment. Prim was a native to the lush garden world of Kuat, from where her upbringing led to prosperity and the securement of an administerial career.

Due to the importance of Kuat and the Orbital Drive Yards, The family would maintain a financially secure life as well as enjoy the safety of the Imperial Navy stationed there. As he matured, Thaelos would be nurtured and cared for by his parents often, shaping him into a rather caring and compassionate individual.


Thaelos's early education would be a mixture of home studies and tutoring sponsored by the Regional Government. These studies focused on local history, establishing early literacy comprehension, and standardized mathematics, all intended to establish the basics needed to be an effective member of society.

When he had reached his early teens, Thaelos would be enrolled in a local Sub-Adult Group boarding school to help set the foundations for a career. He displayed a welcoming aptitude in his studies, gaining the recommendation and support of his instructors all throughout his tenure at the boarding school on Kuat. Eventually, he would use this education as a platform to rise further, taking part in many extracurricular activities and opportunities to build his vitae. While his parents had hoped this education would bring up Thaelos into a similar line of work in administration, he would be more interested in the glory of the Imperial Army. After reaching the age of maturity, he would take his recommendations, study, and academic prowess further and enroll within the Imperial Academy on Prakith.

oRmqZpu.png Joining the Empire

Imperial Academy

On Year 18 Day 25, Thaelos Kolarr was accepted into the Imperial Academy on Prakith to then take part in officer courses for the Imperial Army. While there, He would be assigned to studying under Academy Training Officer Faraday Euler, a Lieutenant Junior Grade at the time. Faraday was a kind and intelligent officer that commanded respect, inspiring Thaelos to win his approval and do his best in his academic courses. During his attendance at the academy, Thaelos had met expectations in precision fire and overall protocol, which along with his high test scores would secure a Graduation Ribbon with an Honours Oakleaf.

After his graduation, Thaelos would be promoted to a Second Lieutenant within the Imperial Army and be sent through RADE processing prior to his unit assignment.

Imperial Academy on Prakith.

Blossoming Career

After the thorough processing by RADE, Thaelos would be assigned back to his homeworld as apart of the 2nd Brigade. Here he would serve and learn under the recently promoted Brigadier General Kaiden Halcyon before being thrust into his first operation. Operation: Banshee.

Operation: Banshee was a joint training exercise between his Brigade and the corresponding Naval group of the region to ensure coordination and efficiency was maintained in the event of a real deployment. The goal of this Operation was to simulate the rescue of a downed pilot, one Nesota Kynnovan, with the Navy providing reconnaissance and logistics while the Army conducted a grid sweep and eventual extraction of Miss Kynnovan. They would spend a few weeks marching through the cold tundra environment of the planet Glithnos before Thaelos would finally reach his objective and extract the package. Due to the timely success of the exercise as well as being the one to rendezvous with and locate the pilot, Thaelos would earn the commendation of his commanding officer. This operation would help to blossom Thaelos’s career, providing necessary experience within his role as a support infantryman.

A group photo taken with the fellow officers of his brigade involved in Operation: Banshee.

oRmqZpu.png Continued Service

Attacking Cerberus

Despite the timely completion of Operation Banshee, however, the 2nd Brigade would not have much time to rest upon return to Kuat. After a few days and several trips to the mess hall, the 2nd Brigade would take part in a training exercise preparing them for a soon-to-be operation. Here they would learn procedures and tactics of advancement in an engagement, utilizing Heavy Armor as a protected deployment for infantry, and maintaining a strong position to prevent an attack at exposed flanks.

Serroco Spearhead

Again, the 2nd Brigade would have little time to wind down, following the completion of Exercise Attacking Cerberus. After a very brief calm before the storm, Thaelos and the rest of his brigade would be shipped off to Sorroco. A very pivotal moment in Thaelos’ career and life. Their purpose here was to participate in wargames with the Tresario Star Kingdom. The engagement, dubbed Serroco Spearhead, would test the combat capabilities and tactics of both nations for their ground forces in an all-out offensive. However, the Tresarians primarily utilized Battle Droids as their ground forces, rendering the engagement more about testing the strategy and capability of their troops.

On the dawn of battle, both sides would begin landing their forces on opposing sides of the battlefield. Thousands of battle droids marched over the crest of the Tresarians start point, a formidable and terrifying sight that would churn a sickness inside Thaelos’ belly. The engagement would mimic the battles of old of the Clone Wars as both sides clashed, albeit with non-lethal weapons. The combined effort of Thaelos’ brigade in this operation would strengthen cohesion and provide many lessons to learn from.

-Tresarian Battle Droids deploying for wargame exercises-

Post of Executive Officer

On Day 83 of Year 19, Thaelos was selected to take up the newly vacant position of executive officer left by Yaln Baluu. Within this role he would begin learning how to take a hold of a leadership position, valuable skills to prosper in the galaxy. Thaelos took pride in his advancement, with a fire burning within him to make the most of it. This fire would ensure his passion for seeing his Brigade succeed. Here he would serve dutifully and ensure the proper handling and rigorous training of green officers and enlisted men alike for 6 months. This would hopefully be enough for what was about to happen.

Hosnian Campaign

On the 188th Day of Year 19, the location of the Hosnian system in the Byblos Sector was discovered by a member of the Tresario Star Kingdom through an accidental detour. Though, they failed to realize that the system did not yet exist on any known star charts. A week after the discovery, it was quickly revealed to the galaxy at large when the data of the system was synced to a public starports network. In the following few weeks, Hosnian would soon become a heavily contested and bloody combat zone between the Empire and the Galactic Alliance, including other anti-Imperial groups. The Galactic Empire broadcast a proclamation across the galaxy declaring the Byblos sector Imperial territory under the governance of the Ruby Region.

The Battle of Hosnian, also known as Operation Swiftsure would prove to be one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the civil war, providing Thaelos a baptism in the blood of an all-out offensive. His experience with the War Games against Tresario ensured that he could keep his confidence in the face of the combined Rebel assault. Despite several months of entrenched engagements, the battle downsized to small pockets of resistance thanks to support from the Faerytail Kingdom and the tenacity of the Imperial Legions. Once a firm foothold was established, the 2nd Brigade would resort to logistical support for the Ruby Region’s military, allowing Thaelos the opportunity to grow his influence and experience by stepping down and transferring to another Imperial Union Government.

Tskstarlogo.png Transfer to Tresario

After nearly 2 years of service in the Empire, Thaelos Kolarr had decided to transfer over to the Tresarian Navy in an effort to better understand his allies, visit the exotic Outer-rim, and acquire a small fortune of assets. Having saved up more than enough funds to purchase a nimble freighter. Setting out on his journey, Thaelos would detour through several systems and planets, eventually acquiring an old set of Clone Armour on Nimban which would serve as his personal combat armor. Several hours from Bak`rofsen and eager to begin his service within Tresario; Arriving in the orbit and from the cockpit, he could see the bustle of ships within the system, Bak`rofsen was a center of trade and commerce to the rich Tresarian kingdom. Communicating with the ship port officials he made his way down towards the planet to begin a brief course within their academy.

Thaelos Kolarr wearing the Tresarian Naval Uniform.

Brief Vacation

Completing his brief stint of service in the Tresarian Navy, Thaelos felt like he gained the necessary experience within multiple roles, to broaden his skills. However, due to the Dissolution of the Galactic Alliance and the victories in Krmar on behalf of Faerytail and other Union Allies, Thaelos felt that his service within the Imperial Union was no longer necessary. At least for a time. Despite choosing to seek a private life, Sometime during his brief retirement, he would be contacted by an Imperial Operative pulling him back into service.

oRmqZpu.png Return to Imperial Service

Almost a year after his transfer, Thaelos would return to Imperial service and take his place back in the Imperial Army. He would regain his previous rank of Lieutenant Colonel and retain his awards and commendations. Upon another evaluation by RADE on where he would be assigned, It was decided that he be stationed within the Emerald Region. This assignment would now place him under the command of one Elarain Belleraux, one of the most effective commanders he has ever served with. While in transit to his new unit, the 1st Brigade had been called out to react to an emergency. This emergency was dubbed Operation: Lightning.

Operation Lightning

Finally arriving after the beginning stages of the operation had been completed, Thaelos would be moved in to relieve and support his engaged comrades on Ockbur. His primary duties during the engagement were security and reconnaissance while the rest of the unit was prioritized on securing their supply lines. This is where they would remain for the next few months as the criminal enterprise was being pacified by the 1st Legion.

Transfer to COMPNOR

As the situation in Operation Lightning was reaching a stable point, Thaelos was approached by Minister of Culture, Elaine von Veritrax, to be offered a place within COMPNOR. However, due to necessary logistical issues, and a request to hold back the transfer, it would be nearly a week before he was accepted into the position of Commandant of the Imperial Academy.

Squaring away his final duties, he parted ways from military life and would begin his commitment to the New Order within the central government.

Utilizing the skills provided by the administrational background of his parents, Thaelos would aspire to assist the development, administration, and maintenance of COMPNOR’s Ministry of Culture under the Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax. As Commandant his position placed him directly within the upper tiers of the Central Government and landed him a covetable seat within the COMPNOR Party. Thaelos’ natural ability to network and influence people to develop positive outcomes exponentially enhanced Academy operations.

oRmqZpu.png Service in COMPNOR

Commandant of the Academy

On Year 20 Day 274 Thaelos Kolarr was officially transferred and assigned to COMPNORs Imperial Academy as Commandant. Since taking over the academy, Thaelos has made the organization, and smooth running of the academy his main priority. On top of this, He would also take on other projects to help expand the educational programs within the Empire. After the victory over the New Republic, the task of supporting the construction and overhaul of Sub-Adult groups on the newly integrated worlds fell to Thaelos, with the support of Minister Veritrax behind him. While having served as Commandant for a year, Thaelos was then promoted to Senior Secretary on Day 275 Year 21


While maintaining his daily duties as Commandant, Thaelos had also worked hard for several months to ensure that an efficient organizational method was set in place. Once completed, the new administration had provided self-sustainability in many aspects of running the Academy, as well as a new form of record-keeping for academy assets and students alike.

Through this modernization of the Academy, the position of Assistant Dean had become obsolete and subsequently abolished Day 200 of Year 21. Together with his Dean of the Academy Elarain Belleraux, Things would continue to function as productive as an insect hive.

Imperial Victory

Imperial Victory Celebration

"Ladies and gentlemen," announced a voice, calming yet official. "The parade will begin shortly. Please make your way to your preferred viewing area."

A few minutes later, allowing those present to take their places, the parade began with the roaring of Y-Wing engines as a wing of Y-Wings came over the horizon. Captured rebel fighters had been brought over for the parade to display the spoils of war to the gathered citizens. The starfighters had been painted in Imperial Grey, the logo of the Galactic Empire on clear display on the wings and hulls. Following the Y-Wings was a wing of A-Wings, then a wing of X-Wings. The three wings of captured starfighters flew in close formation, the Imperial pilots displaying their expertise with minimal room for error. Underneath the starfighters were several smoke generators and as the three wings came over the middle of the parade route, the smoke generators began. In less than ten seconds of flying time, the smoke display was concluded and the logo of the Galactic Empire was formed in thick smoke. The wind would slowly disperse the logo over several minutes, as the marching element of the parade began.

Each civilian element of the Empire had been allocated a spot in the parade demonstrating the civilian effort required to achieve the victory of the rebels. Leading the civilian element was the SA Group, the young Imperials gleaming with pride at being involved. The top member of the SA Group carried the standard of the Empire, the massive flag catching the wind and waving in the air. Behind them was the standard of COMPNOR, followed by the standard of the SA Group, each standard-bearer was an Imperial destined for great things. Behind the SA Group was other elements of COMPNOR, the adult Imperials of each Ministry and Department wearing their finest uniforms. Regional Government followed the march of the COMPNOR staff, each Sector represented behind the massive standard of their Region. The staff of Imperial Intelligence came next, technical and support staff wearing the scarlet uniforms of their branch.

Next came the military, more professional in the ways of drill compared to the previous civilians. The rhythmic marching of the Stormtroopers was impeccable. If it wasn’t for personal experience within the Empire, one would suggest that they were droids with how well-timed each trooper was. The Imperial Army had sent a company from each brigade to participate and it created a sea of white down the parade route. In front of each company was their brigade’s standard, an officer proudly holding their standard for all to see who had been involved in the Galactic Civil War.

Following the infantry march were the vehicles of the Imperial Army organised from smallest to largest. In front were the speeder bikes, acting as pacing vehicles to maintain the flow of the vehicles at a good pace. The LAVr Chariots followed behind, their repulsorlifts pushing a small puff of dust on either side of the speeders. Next was the TIE Crawlers, their tracks barely vibrating the road compared to the AT-STs that came behind them. For those on the ground, the teeth became gently rattling as the Juggernauts entered the parade route, brigade standards flapping in the wind from their top hatches.

Then the AT-ATs came, a company’s worth rattling even the topmost floors as their legs pounded into the parade route. Towering over the gathered crowds, those watching the parade at ground level were craning their necks to take in the mighty vehicles that served as a symbol of the Empire. With their heads already looking up to the skies, they didn't miss as the first starships of the Galactic Empire began their flypast.

The Lambda shuttles of the Empire lead the way, serving as a connecting vessel for the rest of the Empire. Their tri-wing setup cut through the last smoke wisps leftover from the start of the parade. Sentinel shuttles finished the job, the skies now completely clear for the deep drone of the AT-AT Barges to come in.

Starfighters were next on the flypast, each type represented by a wing from the Imperial Navy and within the wing, a squadron from each Fleet. Starting with the Star Wing, the gunboats came at low attitude for all to observe the details of Imperial Engineering. TIE Bombers came in next, their ion engine drone beginning the sounds that many recognized as being only Imperial. Behind them were the TIE Fighters, wings almost touching as the maneuverable starfighters showed off their pilot's talents. Finally, the TIE Interceptors came with their piercing wingtips showing their intimidating silhouette to those watching.

On the very edge of the atmosphere, the capital ships of the Empire began their flypast. The crews navigating the finest line between space and atmosphere, the size of the ships were clear to see. Starting with Nebulon-Bs, then the Carrack models, the smaller capital ships flew past mimicking the formations of the starfighters. Then the Indictor-class Cruisers came into view, their thin silhouettes guiding the Victory and Imperial-class Star Destroyers behind them. The Star Destroyers, in formations of threes, casting shadows over the parade as they flew past the sun's path. Finally, the Super Star Destroyers came in, four of them escorting an MC-80 Home One, one on each side of the rebel's famed capital ship. The Home One had been given the same Imperial Grey colour scheme as the captured starfighters of the rebellion, although not visible from the parade.

As the Super Star Destroyers left the view of those in attendance, the scream of four TIE Fighters could be heard. The four TIE Fighters flew over the parade route, flying in a V formation. As the squadron reached the mid-point of the parade route, one TIE Fighter veered upwards and shot towards space, symbolising the memory of fallen Imperials and ending the victory parade with remembrance.


OOC: The Imperial Victory Celebration Parade

On Year 21 D16, Recently Elected Chief of State, Galen Darksol, had surrendered the New Republic over to the Empire. This event had signaled the De Jure end of the war.

On Year 21 D180, after a period of stability and the pacification of rebel dissent and resistance groups cut off from reinforcements, a victory celebration was held on Coruscant to which Thaelos would attend with Elarain Belleraux and Marius Moto.

FFqqGfO.png Unknown Regions

Transfer to the Chiss

On Year 21 D187, Thaelos Kolarr would resign from his position in good standing and apply his services towards the recently liberated Chiss Ascendancy. From here, he would assist in strengthening the autonomous protectorate, gaining a sponsorship, and joining, through House Amals.

oRmqZpu.png Imperial Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y18 D26 - Y18 D32
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-1] MO-1.png Second Lieutenant Y18 D32 - Y18 D125
[O-2] MO-2.png First Lieutenant Y18 D125 - Y18 D242
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Y18 D242 - Y19 D83
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Y19 D83 - Y19 D233
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Y19 D233 - Y19 D268
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[N-2] NAVY-02.png Petty Officer (Tresario Star Kingdom) Y19 D268 - Y20 D143
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Y20 D214 - Y20 D274
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Y20 D274 - Y21 D275
[C-5] PGC-5.png Senior Secretary Y21 D275 - Y22 D187


Expand this section to see Awards issued.

Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate - Honors [IABG-H] Year 18 Day 32 Academy Commandant Angelus Devaron Imperial Academy Graduation [95.87%]
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS] Year 18 Day 46 ACO Nathaniel Durane For their exemplary demonstration of cohesiveness during a first exercise with no prior experience, consistently high activity, and exceptional leadership driven from the front, 2BDE is hereby awarded the [UDS]
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 18 Day 125 BDE CO Kaiden Halcyon While serving as an Infantry Company Commander during Joint Operation: Banshee , 2LT Thaelos Kolarr distinguished himself on the battlefield by decisively engaging and destroying the enemy, providing timely and accurate reports, and performed a successful extraction of a down Naval aviator. 2LT Kolarr's exemplary performance contributed immeasurably to the unit's overall success. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the 2BDE, and his majesty's Imperial Army
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 18 Day 168 ACO Nathaniel Durane For excellent conduct during Exercise Attacking Cerberus. Communications exceeded expectations and standards, with impressive professionalism and quick reaction
UDSx2.jpg Unit Distinguished Service x2 [UDSx2] Year 18 Day 202 ACO Nathaniel Durane Throughout Ex "REDACTED", Imperial personnel were consistently on high readiness and were able to execute tactics and doctrine to a high degree, despite overwhelming odds and an often insurmountable number of Battle Droids, and with a high level of professionalism. Commanders were quick to issue directions, react to unfolding situations, and adapt.
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 [MIDx2] Year 18 Day 224 ACO Nathaniel Durane Impressive activity during lock installation.
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Year 18 Day 350 ISB Elaine von Veritrax Time served, 6 months.
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 [MIDx3] Year 19 Day 54 ACO Nathaniel Durane For continued high activity in supporting the directives of their Brigade Commander during holiday downtime.
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 year [ISM-1] Year 19 Day 59 ISB Navarro De Molay Time served, 1 year.
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Year 20 Day 110 Executor Graeda Lannan Operation "REDACTED" (recieved while serving in Tresario, qualified for award from imperial service prior to the transfer to Tresario)
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM] Year 21 Day 36 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan Nominated by Minister of Culture Veritrax and ratified by Grand Vizier Meridan, added as a member of the COMPNOR political party.
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 years [ISM-2] Year 21 Day 164 ISB Eliana Nicabre Time served, 2 years.
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 [LOCx2] Year 21 Day 206 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax Secretary Kolarr continues to exhibit sound leadership and decision making, Significantly impacting the performance of the Academy in a positive manner. His tactical and organizational decision continue to exceed expectations for his grade and his position.
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award [CSA] Year 21 Day 242 Executor Graeda L`annan Time Served within COMPNOR as a member of the Cabinet within the Ministry of Culture.
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Year 21 Day 246 Emperor Seele For service with the Galactic Empire during the period of the Galactic Civil War with the New Republic.
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 [LOCx3] Year 21 Day 341 Minister Veritrax For significant commitment, dedication and contribution to the publication of the Year 21, Issue 1 Iron Will.
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 years [ISM-3] Year 21 Day 341 ISB Eliana Nicabre Time served, 3 years
CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress [CMP] Year 22 Day 38 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan For dedication to duty and execution of his duties with near never-ending energy, his drive to develop draft lesson plans for advancement and expansion of the Academy has become a pillar on which to build.
CSA-1.jpg COMPNOR Service Award - 1 Year [CSA-1] Year 22 Day 38 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan Time Served within COMPNOR as a member of the Cabinet within the Ministry of Culture.

Positions Held

Expand this section to see former positions.

2nd Brigade Executive Officer, 2nd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Yaln Baluu
Thaelos Kolarr
Y19 D83 - Y19 D263
Succeeded By:
Ivy Yethoron

Training Officer
Preceded By:
Thaelos Kolarr
Y18 D199 - Y18 D295
Succeeded By:

Recruitment Officer
Preceded By:
Thaelos Kolarr
Y19 D163 - Y19 D247
Succeeded By:

Senior Recruitment Officer
Preceded By:
Thaelos Kolarr
Y20 D284 - Y21 D58
Succeeded By:

Preceded By:
Thaelos Kolarr
Y21 D212 - Y22 D46
Succeeded By:

Academy Commandant
Preceded By:
Beric Staghorn
Thaelos Kolarr
Y20 D274 - Y22 D187
Succeeded By:
Faraday Euler

Personal Life


Nenya Plaure

At some point during his travels towards Tresarian Space, Thaelos met and fell in love with a young Zeltron woman in service with the Mandalore Government. This romantic attraction would soon become a marriage between the two (albeit due to young stupidity and a shared desire to form a family of their own).

At some point, Thaelos had met a Vigo of Black Sun, One Thrall Lothbrok, who had agreed to officiate their wedding in his intoxicated state.

However, this marriage would not seem to last longer than a year. Upon her return to Mandalore after having attended an Imperial Navy Ball with Thaelos, there would be a silence in contact. After several months with no word on her well-being, Thrall Lothbrok would send word of her supposed disappearance in a hyperspace accident, leaving Thaelos devastated.

Elarain Belleraux

A short time after the Imperial Victory Celebration, Thaelos Kolarr and Elarain Belleraux would grow closer, forming a romantic relationship with one another.