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Kaiden Halcyon

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Kaiden Halcyon
Biographical Information
Born Year -17
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Father Alenio Halcyon
Mother Rainee Halcyon
Spouse None
Children None
Signature sig2.png
Imperial Service
Branch army.png
Imperial Army
Positions Reconnaissance Officer
Prior Service Stormtrooper Infantryman, 1st Brigade
Reconnaissance Officer, 1st Brigade
Executive Officer, 2nd Brigade
Awards See below

Kaiden Halcyon, is a Reconnaissance Officer in the Imperial Army.

Early life and career

Halcyon was born in Coronet City, Corellia, the second eldest of Alenio and Rainee Halcyon; A Coronet City Firefighter and Nurse, respectively. His eldest brother, Finnick, serves as a physician in the Meridian sector. His two younger siblings, Kaicho and Leena, both reside in Coronet City. Their family descends from a long and established family line dating back to nobility under the name House Halcyon.

Following in his father's footsteps, Halcyon became a Coronet City Firefighter/Paramedic where he worked during his entire young adult life. It was here he met Senior Captain K`Crydon Katana, who would go on to be his lifelong friend. With the combination of Katana leaving to enlist in the Imperial Army, and a trigger of "wanderlust"; a trait all too common with most Corellians, Halcyon left shortly after to enlist as well.

Enlisted Imperial Career

Halcyon as a Recruit

Leaving Coronet City and the Corellian system for the first time, Halcyon enlisted into the Empire on Y7 D231.

Initially serving as an Stormtrooper Infantryman, Halcyon served in leadership positions from the team, to the battalion level, peaking at one point as the Battalion Sergeant Major while serving in the First Imperial Legion. Halcyon was stationed in at least one post of every Imperial controlled sector, though the majority of his career was in the Coruscant Oversector.

Halcyon, drawing upon his experience as a Senior Firefighter, was known to have a relaxed temperament while in garrison. However, during training and even more so during exercise and combat operations, Halcyon was known to be extremely tough and aggressive. It was rare not to spot Halcyon forward of his troops, rallying them to seize the objective. His desire to lead from the front, set an example for his troops, yet have an unmatched level of concern to their welfare, would often gain him an immense level of respect from his subordinates.

After serving for nearly four years, the toll of combat began to take its toll on Halcyon. Despite being on track to receiving a commission as a Lieutenant, Halcyon decided to withdraw from Imperial service and return to a more peaceful life back in Coronet.

Commissioned Imperial Career

Official Command Portrait, Year 18

After learning of the death of his friend, Katana, Halcyon made the decision to return to the Imperial Army. Acknowledging his prior service, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on Y17 D233, and was the oldest graduating cadet of his Officer class.

Though previously an Infantryman, Halcyon choose to specialize in Reconnaissance where he is often tasked to move ahead of the forward line of troops (FLOT); gathering battlefield intelligence, performing shaping operations, and maneuvering to support the main effort, whether Infantry or Armor, in destroying the enemy. His first unit assignment upon returning was with the Brigade Reconnaissance Battalion in 1st Brigade, 1st Imperial Legion.

In an effort to place him towards more senior leadership positions, one with his time in service would normally be assigned, Halcyon was promoted to Major on Y17 D297, and on Y17 D353, was selected to serve as the Executive Officer for 2BDE, 2IL under then Major General Seresha Williams.

On Y18 D32, Williams relinquished command to Halcyon as she transferred her service to Regional Government. Upon assuming command, Halcyon selected then Lieutenant Colonel Rik Zoidic to serve as his Executive Officer. The two Officers previously served together under then Captain Inara Imperium as Enlisted Infantrymen in the 1st Legion.

Drawing upon his prior enlisted experience, Halcyon places the welfare of his Officers and Soldiers at the top as part of his command philosophy. The regard he has for his subordinates is often one that differs from other Commanders in the Army, where the ranks are often viewed as dispensable at the cost of achieving the objective. Oddly enough, Halcyon has been found to have no issues with accomplishing missions while mitigating risks of sustaining unnecessary casualties from his formations. Because of this, Halcyon's brigade is one of the most experienced, and highly trained group of Soldiers in the Army; many of the Stormtroopers having been veterans of numerous combat missions.

Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Date Earned
[E-1] mil-e1.gif Recruit Year 7 Day 231
[E-2] mil-e2.gif Private Year 7
[E-3] mil-e3.gif Private First Class Year 7
[E-4] mil-e4.gif Corporal Year 7
[E-5] mil-e5.gif Sergeant Year 7
[E-6] mil-e6.gif Staff Sergeant Year 8
[E-7] mil-e7.gif Sergeant First Class Year 8
[E-8] mil-e8.gif Master Sergeant Year 9
[E-9] mil-e9.gif Sergeant Major Year 9
[E-10] mil-e10.gif Command Sergeant Year 10
[E-2] MT-2.png Cadet Year 17 Day 231
[O-1] MO-1.png Second Lieutenant Year 17 Day 233
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 17 Day 297
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 18 Day 32
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Year 18 Day 177

Awards and Decorations


Basic Reconnaissance Wings

Awards, in order of precedence

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service Y18 D46 Nathaniel Durane
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal Y18 D103 Nesota Kynnovan
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Y18 D103 Nathaniel Durane
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Y18 D11 Nathaniel Durane
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 4 Years Y17 D339 ISB
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Y17 D233 Kal Eysar
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Y18 D31 Graeda L`Annan
IMM.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal Y18 D124 ISB

Positions Held

2nd Assault Brigade, 2nd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Mark Scott
Executive Officer
Y17 D353 - Y18 D32
Succeeded By:
Rik Zoidic
Preceded By:
Seresha Williams
Brigade Commander
Y18 D32 - Y18 D177
Succeeded By: