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Kal Eysar

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Kal Eysar
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Auren Eysar
Father Rath Eysar
Spouse N/A
Siblings Shadra Eysar (Y -8)

Iella Eysar (Y -8)
Cander Eysar (Y -7)

Children N/A
Born Year -4, Day 2
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Imperial Academy
  • Assistant Dean

Imperial Scenario Modding Committee

  • Deputy Director
Prior Service Ministry of Industry

Imperial Navy

  • Pilot

Imperial Academy

  • Recruit
  • Training Officer

Imperial Scenario Modding Committee

  • Moderator
Awards 8819_eysar.png

Administrator Kal Eysar (b. Year -4 Day 2) is a Corellian male, currently in service to the Empire, by serving in the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order.

jBASvfh.png Shards of the Seeker

u6EfJry.png General Dossier

Appearance Profile

Height: 183 cm
Weight: 89kg
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Black
Formal Dress: Imperial Uniform
Casual Dress: Polo shirt, cargo pants or jeans, usually in grayscale colors

Personality Profile

By most people, Kal is initially regarded as a cold, distant figure, though professional. This stems from the severe emotional gap he separates himself. However, the Ministry of Industry and the Imperial Academy have left him with lasting changes. Both, in their own ways, have defrosted the icy chasms, which lets Kal occasionally join in on fun times, even if he still remains (very) awkward.

During his time in the Imperial Navy, in combat, a much different side of Kal emerged. In combat, he is fiercely competitive, unable to tolerate anyone being better than him. He also immensely cares about his direct subordinates, doing everything to try to keep them alive However, this personality is often 'air-gapped' from other people, as Kal usually does this silently (atleast silent on the radios) within the confines of the iconic TIEs of the Imperial Navy



Kal first chose "Seeker" as his callsign. Over the course of his service in the Imperial Navy, the term Seeker became oddly prophetic due to Kal's abiding love of the TIE/sr scout fighter for its sensors. It also was suited to his basic personality, where he sought information about everything he could get his hands on. Some people contended "Stalker" might be a better nickname in this regard, however.

BFAMWAL (Brother-From-Another-Mother-Without-An-L)

More of a joke, but shortly before his Ministry transfer, Kal and Lirri Elysar (a forever-Ministry member) were bugged a few times about their eeriely close names. While there was no (known) relationship between them, Lirri--as a joke-- began to claim that they were from different mothers, one with an L, one without an L. In the spirit of the joke, Kal fully embraced the joke and the nicknames BFAMWAL/SFAMWAL.

2ny7FDD.png Private Life Dossier



Kal came in possession of the ownership codes to the T3 unit from a random person who was unable to secure the T3 from a junkyard on an Imperial world. Kal cheaply bought the codes and rescued the T3 from the junkyard using his position as an Imperial officer to good use. Over the first few weeks, Kal quietly restored the T3, bringing it up to modern standards. Once Kal was satisfied with his repair, T3-Z1 became Kal's personal assistant in full. Z1 matches his master in personality, often sarcastically quipping back at his master, as well as having an uncommon ability (in droids) to skip over tedious, nonsensical contradictions. Over all, Z1 is a very valuable droid for Kal, helping him with nearly every aspect of his work and personal life.


When Kal came back to the Academy as a Training Officer, the Imperial Academy security offices balked at the thought giving a random, salvaged droid access into the Academy systems. Knowing that an astromech would be infinitely useful to keep on top of Academy paperwork, Kal acquired an official Magnaguard-manufactured R3 unit, which he christened "R3-A5". Armed with a blaster to motivate Recruits, the droid was an especially useful resource to help Recruits, able to answer questions and relay communications to his master promptly.

In the hierarchy of droids under Kal, A5 most definitively plays second fiddle to Z1. The R3 has an unholy love of protocol and things done the proper and official way. Kal often skips the finer points, leaving A5 and Kal's relationship a paradox of being both good friends as well as bitterest rivals.


Apart from the droids, a mysterious, dark-haired Diathim (referred to as "Raven" or "Raven Angel" in communications) manages Kal's assets. Not much is known about the Diathim, nor is Kal forthcoming with answers on the exact role of the Raven ("a good friend" is all he'll say). That being said, Z1 often couriers physical messages between them, so her exact relationship to Kal remains a fascinating mystery that a few people are determined to find out

Eysar's Exhibits

One of Kal's more well known talents is his ability to provide paint schemes for many ships, as well as novelty item blueprints. Though the client must pay extra to get the painting done, Kal is the start of such things. The shop Kal runs is named "Eysar's Exhibits". As Kal operates with very, very low operating cost, Eysar's Exhibit turns a profit almost every month.

Specialties include ship/vehicle paint schemes, as well as GNS image creation and artistic portraits.

SWGOw4V.png Cast Adrift Among the Stars

XCKFSK7.png Crystalline Mold

At the time of his birth, Kal's parents, Rath Eysar and Auren (née Brishen) Eysar owned a small starship and vehicle mechanic shop. Rath generally dealt with most mechanical repairs, whereas Auren dealt with many of the calibration and software errors. Their lack of affiliation with any larger group kept them from expanding their business and hiring employees, forcing the two of them to work almost both day and night, with little-to-no time for their children.

The elder siblings, the twins Shadra and Iella, were inseparable and ambitious. Both talented in boloball and in studies, they were the rising stars of the Eysar family. With the resources that Rath and Auren provided them, nothing was out of the sisters’ reach. Choosing the same difficult subjects, studying together into the night, and graduating as the undisputed tops of their classes, they recieved almost identical jobs as accountants for a rising Corellian company. The pride and joy of the Eysar family, their fame was not limited to the family. Seductive, charming, and yet innocent, Shadra and Iella were quite popular, with dozens of friends and innumerable admirers.

The middle sibling, Cander, was the opposite of the driven twins and would become the disgraced branch of the family. In his younger days, he dedicated his life to try to outdo the elder twins, despite a lack of talent. Though excellently talented, Cander never held the ability to outshine his elder sisters, even if he was only a fraction of a second slower, a smidgen less charming, or a tad bit unlucky. Repeated failures threw wood onto the fire that led to his would only fuel a burning fury to defeat them with the next accomplishment. This would culminate in a fateful boloball match. On an sweeping attacking play, Cander was accidentally hit in his thigh, crushing his femoral artery. By the time he recieved medical care, his right leg had undergone significant tissue damage. Bacta treatments restored normal walking lifestyle, but left him with a permenant limp. His boloball career - and any chance of outshining his sisters - was dead. Within his now-purposeless life, Cander fell for the easy thrills in life, gambling, alcohol, and other more ilict activities.

The youngest of the four, the immature Kal resented the fame (and infamy) of his elder siblings. This resentment left the childhood Kal with a burning drive to somehow show he was better. He chose to do this by trying to win the approval of his parents, working in their shop. Quickly, he became an indispensable helper in the shop. At first, he learned from the basics of mechanics from his father. On the rare times Auren could take a break long enough from her work, she taught Kal some computer operations, but these skills never truly developed. A few years after starting, Kal developed his niche within the shop by testing and delivering vehicles to customers so that his parents could begin their work on their next project without delay. This eventually made Kal indispensable in the shop, producing a marked effect and winning some measure of affection that had been never shown to his siblings.

While Kal had started off as a brash, immature child who simply wanted petty revenge on his siblings’ fame, he eventually mellowed out somewhat. As he matured and began dealing somewhat with customers, he learned to create an impersonal mask, carefully controlling his emotions on his face. However, behind this mask, he classified people with swift (and often harsh) judgement, caring not if he was incorrect. One simply needed to look at his actions and not his face to glean what he truly thought of somebody. This harsh judgement often disconnected him from people he did not know, making him hard to approach.

pVi3uN7.png Illusions Shattering

Eventually, reality inevitably snuck up and separated the family that was held together by the thinnest of strings, The illusion of a family broke apart when the twin sisters split apart. In a violent physical confrontation, Shadra was left permanently crippled by Iella by breaking her sister's clavicle (resulting in paralysis of the right arm), L2 vertebrae (causing a paralysis of both legs, and various stab wounds to the abdomen region. Though bacta quite easily healed the stab wounds, requiring only a few days dunk in a bacta tank, the severe nerve damage from the bone breakages (and in the case of the arm, necrosis from blood loss) left Shadra crippled, even if the bacta helped a bit to restore a shadow of the charismatic star. In the aftermath of the attack, Iella would evade capture from various security forces and would disappear into a group of pirates.

Cander was eventually pruned from the family tree by Rath. Triumphantly gloating over the fall of his hated sisters in the aftermath of the sisters' fight, he was physically removed from the Eysar's house by Rath. In the immediate aftermath of the pruning, Cander was lost to the darker side of Corellia after days and nights of gambling. The Eysars never heard from him again, inadvertently causing a devastating second loss in their family.

Having just finished his formal education, Kal found himself trapped within a shattered house. The three remaining members submerged themselves into their work, being forced to care for the physically-crippled Shadra. However, Rath and Auren were plagued with doubts if Kal would also follow his siblings path. As much as they tried to hide it, some of the effects from the doubt eventually crept in and eroded the connection between Kal and his parents. Without that connection and without any goal to strive towards, Kal found himself drifting away from his parents.

DTZQNGO.png A Beacon of Purpose

In the end, his parent's concern become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As the trust was broken and nothing was left on Corellia for him, Kal found himself adrift. He yearned to find a new purpose and to discard the shattered hopes, the broken dreams, and the tattered remnants of Corellia. In the end, the vague uneasiness became full-fledged wanderlust.

One of the options was, of course, joining the Empire. With the Empire not only came the purpose, a way to fulfill his wanderlust, and a new history, but also the chance that he could hunt those who had become like his sister. It also helped that his parents were willing to let go of their last child to a place that they knew would give a good, righteous path in life. Nonetheless, despite the various reasons, Kal himself later would admit to not knowing the exact list of reasons that convinced him to join the Empire, citing the complex factors and turmoil in his life at that moment.

AOmsTqo.png Reforged for a New Purpose

academy.png Imperial Academy: Polishing the Edges

Learning the Ropes

On Year 17, Day 7, Kal joined the Empire, was given the rank of Recruit, and began Basic Training on Prakith. Under the watchful eye of his training officer, then-First Lieutenant Blaise Tchakova (whom he would greatly respect, even to present day), Kal put in meticulous effort to molding himself into a model Imperial officer. During his time as a Recruit, Kal rode a wild emotional ride as he trepidly stepped into Imperial service. From the common awe-fear that infects Recruits, the annoyance at distractions, the euphoria of passing his written exams, and, finally, to the pressure of making the correct branch choice for himself. In the end, he followed his love of ships and signed up with the Navy, becoming an officer--a mere [O-1], but an officer nonetheless--for the Navy, following his thrill for speed. On Y17 D11, he would graduate with honors and take his place within the Imperial Navy, with the rank of Ensign.

navy_emblem-61x50_zpse8fbc884.png Imperial Navy: Hunting Among the Stars

Classified Fleet, Classified Location

All events and details of this assignment are currently classified, due to the needs of operational security.

A City in the Stars

A rare holo-diagram of Ensign Eysar's initial deployments.

During his first assignment, Ensign Eysar and many other Imperial Navy officers would have a chance to showcase their skills in varied hypothetical scenarios of their choosing. Ranging from a planetary assault to deep-space interdiction, these challenges each brought their own complications and strengths. To be successful, an Imperial officer had to choose from a limited (and often disadvantaged) set of ships available before deploying his force against a strong Rebel force. Each scenario was further complicated by strict objectives that could not be failed, as well as providing secondary objectives that, if completed without sacrificing the integrity of the main objectives, made the plan much more valuable.

For his own challenge, Ensign Eysar chose to plan a theoretical assault on a deep space installation that was developing a highly-dangerous experimental weapon which must not have left that installation unless it was in Imperial hands. While the station was heavily armed, this hypothetical deep space installation was also guarded by three MC-80b's and multiple supporting assets. Due to circumstances of the hypothetical scenario, an Imperial officer was given a unique challenge in only having two Star Destroyers on hand (though the officer could choose if the second Star Destroyer was to be an Imperial-class or a Victory-class). This forced the Imperial officer to try to exploit the battle through his or her supporting assets to turn the tide back in favor of the Star Destroyers. Taking the challenge to heart, Ensign Eysar drew up a plan that relied on duplicity, tactical mismatches, and speed to split open the Rebel defenses, completely neutralize Rebel supporting assets with minimal casualties, and assault the deep space installation with a powerful force before turning around to destroy the MC-80b's with a mostly intact force.

It should never be said that this plan did not have its flaws. One of the perhaps most glaring flaws was in asking two weakened Imperial Star Destroyers to go toe-to-toe with two fresh MC-80b's for a long length of time while the rest of the Imperial taskforce completed the mission. Another flaw was suffering high starfighter losses to Rebel starfighters in offensive maneuvers without capital support (which were used to fulfill dedicated anti-starfighter role in protection of other capital ships). Yet the most glaring of flaws was that the plan required absolute secrecy from within the Imperial ranks to allow this plan the chance to be effective. The slightest leak of information to the Rebels could allow them to see through multiple ploys, even if it was something innocuous as Imperial forces wanting to capture rather than destroy the experimental weapon. In the end, Ensign Eysar found himself unable to eliminate these flaws, especially as many of them related to the limited ship selection. Despite its multitude of flaws and stiff resistance from excellent plans drawn up by top-notch Imperial Naval officers, Ensign Eysar managed to win the competition and received the Tactical Essay Contest [TEC] Award from Lord Admiral Faol Sean.

Carrack/S Cruiser Varactyl

A promotional image for the memoirs

Sometime later, Ensign Eysar would also get a chance to sit down with Commander Kavis Ocheron and document the stories of an interesting Carrack/s cruiser, the Varactyl. While most of the stories could never be released as they pertained to the Varactyl's mission, which was primarily long-deep space voyages in hunt of hidden shipyards or outposts of enemies of the Empire, Ensign Eysar did take the time to write about the unclassified details about the major officers aboard the Varactyl. From the disjointed stories, Eysar wove a tale about how the Varactyl brought together the genius Commander Ocheron, the displinarian Lieutenant Commander Moonfall, the bright Ensign Tachi, the ambitious Lieutenant Verbeke, the fanatical Ensign Reese, and the mourning Lieutenant Manten. This tale was eventually passed around for the navy for the officers to read and understand, with Ensign Eysar earning some minor royalties from the story.

Ministry-of-Industry-Seal.png Ministry of Industry: Creating the Swords of War

In the end, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kal Eysar found that while his innate piloting skills served him well during his time in the Navy, an apple does not fall too far from the tree. Eventually, he found himself turning trading his red-and-blue rank plaque of a Lieutenant Junior Grade for the yellow of a Workman and trading his warships for the quintessential freighters that serve as the backbone of the Empire.

While there was pleasure and glory to be had in the cockpit of the nimble TIEs, there was something simpler about the civilian life. It was more casual, laid-back. "Results" were not as abstract for the Ministry. Whereas the "safety of Imperial territory" was the direct result of his countless hours in a TIE for the Navy, the physical sight that the Ministry offered him, with many tons of raw materials or the ship that had just rolled off of assembly lines, proved to be too sweet of a temptation.

Hub Manager Kal Eysar going over survey reports for a new mine

In the Ministry, Kal found himself far set apart from the clean, sterile, hyper-focused routine the Navy drilled into him. Grime-covered jumpsuits, friendly jokes, and nicknames ruled the culture of the Ministry. However, there were also the longer trips in the workhorse BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, the cavernous Tabder-class Heavy Hauler, or the nimble (relatively) Action VI. Friendly Shipyards, busy Research and Development Stations, and friendly Recycling Stations contrasted the highly-secured, sterile Golan of his former fleet. Yet, despite all the changes, the Ministry has never discriminated, always welcoming whoever was willing to join. It would be here that Kal would finally let his ceramic mask fall to the floor and shatter, as he let himself indulge in jocular, festive atmosphere, even if his people skills still... left a lot to be desired, to say the very least.

Hub Manager

On Y17 D350, Kal Eysar was formally given a Hub of Imperial Mining Corporation by General Manager Aurren Takla. From this new position, Kal oversaw a full fourth of IMC's operations. Surprisingly, Kal was unable hold a party commemorating his new position, only being on record as saying that "The Hub needs me, and the boss might let me keep my head if I get enough done before the New Year." There are unsubstantiated rumors that the Hub employees held a "Pray for CEO Takla's Sanity" drive in the wake of Kal Eysar's appointment. An official IMC investigation headed up by the Gamorrean Rifleman Darik Yavok turned up no proof of such an event. It should be known that such a conclusion was reached by a team of Hub employees by using the notes collected before Darik's unfortunate death, as the Rifleman proudly gave his life to defend an IMC security team from a Gizka attack at the Y18 Ministry Festival.

COMPNOR_Seal.png COMPNOR: Lighting Beacons for the Future

Imperial Academy

Academy Office, with its projected starfield

Training Officer

On Year 17, Day 120, Kal was given a rare opportunity to do something that he had wanted to do. Following in the footsteps of his own training officer, Kal Eysar came back to the Academy as a Training Officer, armed with the trusty R3-A5 to keep the recruits in line as they were trained to take their various places within the machine of Galactic Empire, as they dedicated their lives to the Emperor and his Empire. Under first Dean Syrialus Dantere, followed by Dean Angelus Devaron, Kal relived some of the funnest days of his life, the Academy days. After his transition to the Ministry, Kal markedly changed his teaching style, dropping the formality of the military. Rather, he now tried to focus on becoming a friend for the Recruits, their guide, their shepherd into the Imperial life.

Assistant Dean

On Y18 D92, Kal found himself drawn further into COMPNOR. Though he had taken up a position as Deputy Director of ISMC a few months previously, various departments of COMPNOR had always been a part of his career, starting from the when he first took up the job of a Training Officer. On D92, this slow, budding attraction with COMPNOR culminated in a transfer to the full-time position the Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy, after significant persuasion from the reigning Dean (and close friend) Angelus Devaron.

Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee

ISMC Moderator

On Y17 D142, Kal received an invitation into another department of COMPNOR, the Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee, from Director Arturia Paorach. Though he had always been fascinated with the Committee's elaborate and fun scenarios, he had never thought of joining ISMC staff. However, on a spontaneous decision, Kal decided to take up the invitation and join the Committee as a Moderator.

Deputy Director

Soon after Kal's joining, ISMC went through a tumultuous time after the departure of Director Paorach, which led to a exodus of much of the staff and the stalling of many projects. Eventually, though, ISMC rebuilt itself under Castiel Angelos. Partly due to his help in the rebuild, partly for his previous work, and partly for his ideas, Kal was recruited by Director Angelos to serve as Deputy Director of ISMC.

Service Summary

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 7 - Year 17 D11 Imperial Academy
Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 17 Day 11 - Year 17 Day 105 Imperial Navy
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 17 Day 105 - Year 17 Day 164 Imperial Navy
Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-2] MIO-2.png Workman Year 17 Day 164 - Year 17 Day 203 Ministry of Industry
[O-3] MIO-3.png Senior Workman Year 17 Day 203 - Year 17 Day 298 Ministry of Industry
[O-4] MIO-4.png Engineer Year 17 Day 298 - Year 18 Day 92 Ministry of Industry
[O-5] MIO-5.png Senior Engineer Year 17 Day 83 - Year 18 Day 92 Ministry of Industry
Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-4] PGO-4.png Administrator Year 18 Day 92 - Present COMPNOR

Awards Given

Ribbon Name Date Awarded
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate [IABG-H] Y17 D11
Ribbon Name Date Awarded
TEC.jpg Tactical Essay Contest Y17 D55
MID.jpg Mentioned In Dispatches Y17 D55
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Y17 D83
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation (x2) Y17 D134
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal Y17 D137
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Y17 D166
Ribbon Name Date Awarded
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation (x3) Y17 D294
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation (x4) Y17 D295
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal Y17 D358
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Y18 D77
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches (x2) Y18 D77