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Blaise Tchakova

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Blaise Tchakova
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Kseniya Tchakova
Father Jarua`jei Tchakova
Spouse Single
Siblings Kral Tchakova (b. Year -2)

Taima Tchakova (b. Year 0)

Children None
Born Year 4 Day 259 (BCGT)


Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Legionnaire


COMPNOR - Imperial Centre for Recruitment

  • Director

COMPNOR - Imperial Academy

  • Training Officer
Prior Service Imperial Academy
  • Recruit
  • Military Academy Adjunct

Imperial Centre for Recruitment

  • Recruitment Officer
  • Deputy Director
Awards 8758_tchakova.png

Blaise Tchakova (b. Year -4, Day 259) was a Kiffar Imperial Officer holding the rank of Major in the Imperial Army, Director of the Imperial Centre for Recruitment and Training Officer at the Imperial Academy.


Kiffar Clan Tchakova

Clan Tchakova came into a more active role on Kiffex during the Black Sun intervention of the Kiffar race. Unlike most neutral clans who were forced to choose their allegiance during the Civil wars, Clan Tchakova held firm with their belief of neutrality. Less skilled in militaristic strategy other than hunting for food or for sport, Clan Tchakova excelled in their medical practices. Even before record keeping began the clan had been using the natural resources of Kiffex to aid them in their everyday tasks of hunting and cooking, but most importantly their medicine. The dense forests saw to that, offering the clan a rich abundance of indigenous plant life from which they learned to utilise. A millennia of refined bush craft and minor technological aid enabled the clan to excel in the field of medicine to which they are now known for. During the wars they offered their expertise freely to both sides, without discrimination. Since then they have returned to being isolate and no longer aid those who persist in the fighting. They recognise the end of the wars and believe in harmonious coexistence throughout all of Azurbani.

Blaise Tchakova was born into the clan in Year 4 (BCGT) to the wife of the now Clan Chief, Jarua`jei Tchakova. The clan originated on Kiffex many years ago and most likely precedes the old Republic. First founded by Nakht Ptahshepses Tchakova, the clan is still in the hands of the original family and is expected to be handed down to Blaise. This expectation placed Blaise in the forefront of upholding the clan's values and traditions. All eyes were on him before his younger brother Kral was born and then a little while later when his sister Taima became the newest addition to the dynasty in Year 0.

As the trio grew up together, they formed a strong bond with Blaise being the protective wall that held the siblings all together. This bond still remains today despite the fact Blaise and his brother have been off world for some time. The retention of this strong bond is a testament to all three siblings and shows how important each one means to the other.

There is no formal education system within the clan territory, however a temple which acts as the clan’s holy place, morgue and medical centre is also used to train the Kiffar people in the use of traditional and advanced medical practices. Medical training has always been important to clan Tchakova and certainly had its uses during the clan wars where the clan acted as neutral healers, aiding both sides of the fight. Blaise and his siblings didn’t escape the training procedures put on all young Kiffars and all of them have an advanced knowledge in the field of medicine. Although he and his brother haven’t continued on with medicine in their careers, Blaise’s sister in on her way to becoming a clan healer.

Blaise’s mother and father had created a strong offspring to pass down the responsibility of leading the clan but it was always going to be Blaise who would inherit the title of Chief. They boy’s destiny was sealed the moment he was born. Now that Jarua`jei’s eldest has joined the Imperial ranks, this destiny has been put into doubt. Even though Blaise is in constant contact with his family through deep space transmissions, the topic of succession has not been discussed in length.


During Blaise’s childhood he had seen the effects of war and the chaos it brought to people’s lives. This in some way moulded the young Kiffar into always searching for peaceful resolutions to everyday things, especially when dealing with heated arguments between his siblings. Blaise’s father picked it up early on, and always said it was his son’s greatest quality to which he utilised often when dealing with diplomatic negotiations with fellow clans, often sending Blaise as a representative of the Chief himself.

When the time came in Year 15, Blaise was given the chance to succeed his father as Chief and start his reign over Clan Tchakova. The chance came and went with Blaise abstaining to ascend into his father’s position. Blaise had stated that he saw no reason to ascend to the throne whilst his father was fit, well and more than capable of leading. His father, who was supportive of Blaise’s decision to wait and learn more from following had no idea that Blaise had different intentions entirely.

In Year 16 the time came for Blaise to leave his clan, his homeworld and his old life behind him. All his life he had been by his home and now he was leaving the reality of it all sank in. Before leaving Blaise informed his father that he was pursuing an Imperial career and that he was unsure about when or if he would come back to permanently lead the clan. As always Blaise’s father was supportive with his son’s decisions and expressed to his son that he should do as he wanted and not let anything get in his way. In this emotional moment Blaise had discovered a new side to his father, one that contradicted his strict chieftain persona. It allowed Blaise to leave his home on good terms, comfortable in what choices he was making.

The young Kiffar received many tokens from his friends and family but there is one he considers most precious. His mother had presented him with a small box and inside were hair cuttings belonging to Blaise, his brother and his sister from when they were children. The contrasting brown, blond and auburn hair were platted together in a long braid and tied at each end, signifying the bond they shared at the beginning and the bond they will share forever.

“You can take the Kiffar away from Kiffex, but you can't take Kiffex away from the Kiffar. That is very much impossible to do indeed.”
Academy Staff Member.

Finally the time had come to leave his home and begin his search for his future which he already knew would be Imperial. A shuttled that was used in the clan wars had been uprooted from the forest of Kiffex to allow Blaise transport. On day 150 of Year 16 the ship was met by Imperial officials who escorted Blaise to the nearby world. Here he would get on a shuttle that would transport him to his future. Kiffex seemed so far away to him now, but that didn't matter at the time - for Blaise it was the start of a new chapter which excited him greatly.

Imperial Academy

Tchakova arrived at Academy City in Prakith on Year 16 Day 151 via a shuttle bus which shipped several aspiring recruits at any one given time. After touching down in the campus starport Blaise was assigned to Training Officer and Naval Commander Tine Delirium quickly and was expected to report to her once he had settled down in his student dorms.

It wasn’t long before the young Kiffar was thrown into the academia that surrounds not only service to the Empire but what it means to be an Imperial. Blaise felt himself conform to what he was studying, agreeing with most lecture topics and finding time to look closer at the Imperial Archives. His world had become Imperial very quickly but Blaise stood firm and accepted this lifestyle change.

“The sun will probably be coming up soon and I’ve just put my datapad away. I’ve got my exams in a few hours which will determine if I have a future here or not. It’s happened so fast I can still hear the Academy shuttle’s engines powering down. I’m prepared, I think…I’ve never really taken any formal exams before. I’ve studied enough, hopefully I’ll be fine.”
From Recruit Tchakova's Academy Diary

Blaise took his examinations on Day 154 and soon found out from his Training Officer that he had passed at a high level of 96.4%. He had achieved the Imperial Academy Honour Graduate award, one of his greatest achievements ever. Along side the theoretical studies, Tchakova took part in practical examinations during his stay at the Academy. After acing those he was finally able to officially graduate. Soon after he became a commissioned officer in the Imperial Army.

Blaise soon found himself packing up his few belongings such as his new Imperial uniform and leaving the system with a fellow Lieutenant, both already being assigned to a mission. His studies had ended and his career begun.

Imperial Army

Time of Service: Year 16, Day 152 - Present

Military Academy Adjunct - Year 16 Day 224-346

Not long after settling into his brigade, Blaise volunteered to return to the Academy as part of a specialized program to assist the Central Government with various tasks surrounding the organization of Academy assets. The operation is shared between the two military branch representatives who remain working for the Academy over a three month period before being replaced with new Adjunct's.

Blaise took the assignment in order to gain further insight in how other parts of the Empire operate. Although not an official member of the Academy staff, Blaise could learn a great deal about what it would be like to work for the Academy.

Throughout the coming weeks Tchakova would be tasked to transport various entities around the Deep Core and neighboring territories. Occasionally duties would send him further afield, sometimes as far as the Sith Worlds. The exposure to Hyperspace took its toll on Blaise despite the extensive training he acquired during his early Academy days. He missed having his feet on solid ground and craved being back with his Brigade, despite his craving Tchakova would in no doubt perform to the best of his abilities.

In a rare occurrence Blaise was kept at the Academy longer than the normal tenure of that of a Military Academy Adjunct. Extending from Day 316 of Year 16, it was at first unclear when he would be able to return to his Brigade. Reassured by Army Command and Academy staff, Blaise - without any doubts remained focused on the task at hand. He had become a rather versatile asset to the Empire, having recently acquiring a new role with COMPNOR as a Recruitment Officer. This was the product from working temporarily at the Academy as Blaise wanted to remain somewhat connected to the introduction of fresh faces within the Empire.

Finally on Day 346 of Year 16, Blaise left Academy space - finalizing his role as an Military Academy Adjunct. This day also marked the young Lieutenant's 6 month of Imperial Service. He returned to his original sector to take up his normal duties as a Legionnaire


On Year 17 Day 138 Blaise unexpectedly retired from the Imperial Army and now lives a comfortable life on Kiffex with his friends and family.

Imperial Service Record

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade Promoted By
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 16 Day 152 - Year 16 Day 154 Imperial Academy
[O-1] MO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Year 16 Day 154 - Year 16 Day 286 Imperial Army
[O-2] MO-2.png 1st Lieutenant Year 16 Day 286 - Year 17 Day 12 Imperial Army
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Year 17 Day 12 - Year 17 Day 101 Imperial Army
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 17 Day 101 - Year 17 Day 138 Imperial Army


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate [IABG-H] Year 16 Day 154 Imperial Academy
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 16 Day 295 Imperial Army
IMM.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal [IMM] Year 16 Day 206 Imperial Security Bureau
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 16 Day 352 Imperial Army
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Year 16 Day 355 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx2] Year 17 Day 82 Imperial Army
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM] Year 17 Day 83 Imperial Centre for Recruitment
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx2] Year 17 Day 89 Imperial Army
EAM.jpg Exercise Achievement Medal [EAM] Year 17 Day 114 Imperial Army


Badge Description Date Awarded Awarded by
Armour-M-B.png Basic Armour Qualification Badge Year 17 Day 22 General Zhaff Orikan

Positions Held

Department Full/Part Time Position Time held Appointed by
Imperial Academy Part-Time Training Officer Year 17 Day 3 - Present Executive Director Syrialus Dantere

Director Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Preceded By:
Walter Watts
Blaise Tchakova
Year 17 Day 108 - Year 17 Day 138
Succeeded By:
Aves Selanno

Prior Positions

Military Academy Adjunct Personnel
Preceded By:
Blaise Tchakova
Year 16 Day 224 – Year 16 Day 346
Succeeded By:
Jett Blackheart

Deputy Director Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Preceded By:
Walter Watts
Blaise Tchakova
Year 17 Day 19 - Year 17 Day 108
Succeeded By:
Aves Selanno

Department Full/Part Time Position Time held Appointed by
Imperial Centre for Recruitment Part-Time Recruitment Officer Y16 D294 - Y17 D20 Lieutenant Colonel Walter Watts