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Tine Delirium

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Tine Delirium
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Tine Darky (Sister/Clone)
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
  • 2nd Fleet Commanding Officer (Current)
  • 1st Group Commanding Officer
  • 2nd Group Commanding Officer
  • 2nd Group Executive Officer
  • 2nd Fleet Training Officer
  • Military Officer's Liaison, Aide de Camp
Prior Service
  • Top Secret
Awards 8643_delirium.png


Tine Delirium

Imperial Naval Officer: "Tine Delirium"

- - - Y15D334 - - -

Tine Delirium is a dedicated and loyal member of the Imperial Navy & Galactic Empire.

Currently 2nd Fleet Commanding Officer


2nd Imperial Fleet


As part of an interview held a while ago we recorded this:

"I began as a freelancer but wanted to join a faction because I lacked a purpose and I felt I wanted to make an impact on the galaxy. During my travels I met a lot of people and species, the first I really loved was a jedi, yes... a jedi named Terak Falcor and we got married a few years after. During that time I was in a faction called Sienar ran by Chiss Veers. When the time came to get more active in the galaxy I joined the security faction, The Antarian Rangers. They were considered the non force sensitive counter part of the jedi. After some years Ranger One disappeared and as 2nd in command I took over. My plan was for a big overhaul with more order and discipline but that didn't bode well with the rest of the faction. While I was leader of The Antarian Rangers I got brought in Black Sun as an "unofficial" member by my husband at that time. What the purpose was or what we did there will remain between me and the (former) members such Banquo Knox, Tara Tylger, Xya Howie and many others. Due to personal reason I went on a reflection journey for a few years to come back stronger I had shed myself from my previous life and attachments such as my former jedi husband. I knew what I wanted and my sole purpose was to pursue my destiny. Not long after I joined the NIO as they stood for everything I held dear to me. Obviously I joined the navy and got to know Zammit, Ridgeway, Blackrain,... as fellow pilots or commanding officers. The time there was marvelous and great thanks to our great leaders such as Executor Seele, Emperor Guinar and Lord Cherokee. After the merge with the Galactic Empire we accomplished our main goal and it was a joyous day!

Illness struck me but when I came back once again I came back stronger. Lord Seele was military commanding officer at that time and he offered me the position as his "Aide de Camp". During that time I roamed the galaxy where ever I got sent by Lord Seele. Several changes occurred over time and now I am here in the 2nd as Fleet Training Officer for the best fleet in the Empire."

Fighter Squadron - Death's Hand

Tine's elite squad of fighter pilots. These 7 are feared throughout the galaxy. Handpicked by Tine herself they have done missions together for more then a decade. They can fly all types of ships but their preference are the Alpha Wing's.

Service Record

...under construction

Ranks Held in the Imperial Navy

Non Commissioned Ranks (Not used anymore)

  • Recruit [E-1]
  • Crewman [E-2]
  • Crewman First Class [E-3]
  • Flight Corporal [E-4]
  • Flight Sergeant [E-5]
  • Staff Flight Sergeant [E-6]
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-7]
  • Chief Flight Sergeant [E-8]
  • Flight Officer [E-9]
  • Command Flight Officer [E-10]

Officer Ranks

  • Ensign [O-1]
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2]
  • Lieutenant [O-3]
  • Lieutenant Commander [O-4]
  • Commander [O-5]
  • Captain [O-6]
  • Senior Captain [O-7]

Command Ranks

  • Commodore [C-1]
  • Rear Admiral [C-2]
  • Vice Admiral [C-3]
  • Admiral [C-4]


  • As Tine has no need for a lot of non-practical equipment her collection isn't that great anymore.

She only has a handful of ships but only 2 of them she has for a long time and were called home during LOA's. Recently Tine got a hold of a Dreadnaught as her fortress and Sith stronghold.

The Sith Order

Tine recently, around Y16 D150, came out publicly as a member of the Sith Order. No further info.

Poem by Onasha regarding Tine:

"Twas the night before the Sign, all was dark and divine... then along came a freighter that landed so hard it created a crater... from the ruins of the fate came a woman who would know hate.... darken the skies and make her victims cry WHY..... for as her name bring chills up the spine, all will know it as a Sign.... for her name be Tine."

Bonus Section

  • Fight Sports:

Tine also practices MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in her free time. She trains whenever she can where she can. She has mastered Teräs Käsi, Echani, Hijkata and a few other unknown ones. As she progressed in her naval career she stopped fighting professionally but still trains daily.


Tine Delirium before a fight

  • Misc:

As her popularity as a fighter grew she gained popularity on her birth planet resulting in photo-shoots and magazines full with interviews


Tine Delirium on the cover of a Hapan magazine

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