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Castiel Angelos

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Castiel Winter Angelos
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Elyena Rose Pendragon - Age 32 (Deceased)
Father William Kassiax Angelos - Age 36 (Deceased)
Spouse None
  • Lily Carter Angelos - Age 7 (Deceased)
  • Simon Richard Angelos - Age 10 (Deceased)
  • Children None
    Born ~Year -6 Day 170
    Imperial Service
    Branch navy.png
    Imperial Navy
    • 2nd Imperial Fleet, 1st Group Commanding Officer
    • Imperial Intelligence, Amber Region Liaison
    • Imperial Scenario Moderator Committee, Director
    Prior Service
  • 1st Group Executive Officer
  • 2nd Fleet Training Officer
  • Imperial Academy Recruit
  • Awards 8223_angelos.png


    Castiel Angelos

    “You'd be surprised how lethal a pretty smile can be. Dazzle them with a particularly endearing one in the holovid and it'll never cross their minds that your ship's weapons had the safety off.”
    Castiel Angelos, Discourses On Hunting Pirates - Section 08 - Observations Of Successful Protocols When Performing An Ambush

    Castiel "Archangel" Angelos is the cold eyed ace of the 2nd Imperial Fleet and a steadfast loyalist of the Galactic Empire.

    Currently 2nd Imperial Fleet 1st Group Commanding Officer


    2nd Imperial Fleet

    ZyN6zmZ.png Case Study: General Information

    4VyYcxD.png General Dossier

    Appearance Profile

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 147ib
    Eye Color: Violet
    Skin Color: Pale
    Hair Color: Blonde/White/Brunette
    Formal Dress: Imperial Uniform / Imperial Pilot Outfit
    Casual Dress: Fancy Gothic

    Personality Profile

    Cold, calculated, and borderline terrifying, Castiel is a starfighter pilot who's quiet cunning and complete disregard for her own safety if it means giving that hair's breadth of advantage that will lead to victory has earned her a notorious reputation as, even in the friendliest of circles, a sociopath with psychopathic tendancies. Countless hours spent in the cockpit of a TIE Interceptor and then her time marooned for two years have tempered the once fiery and wild pilot into a cold blade. When she's on duty her crew have learned that the more emotions she displays, the more everyone has to walk on egg shells to avoid setting off a time-bomb of dangerous rage.

    The off-duty Castiel is an entirely different character. While she's still cold it's only a canyon brook as opposed to a glacier. Without responsibilities immediately weighing her down a bit of the old fire can be seen flickering deep within those penetrating violet eyes, and she's even been known for quick humor and light-hearted sarcasm. With her shore-leave almost always being ordered before she'll take it however, the warmer side of Ms. Angelos is a rare sight to behold.



    Castiel took on the name of her family's Crest, the mysterious angels most often associated with punishment and death to the unworthy. Whether it's at the head of the Dark Soul squadron of TIE Interceptors, Alpha XG-1 Starwings, or even her Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser Autumn Harvest Castiel has more than lived up to the Angelos symbol of the angel of death. Rumor has it that in her Enlisted days she went by the much more merciful callsign "Angel" but with the notoriously short lifespan of TIE jockeys there's precious few who can confirm or deny this.

    Concerning OOC Game Mechanic Technicalities


    Castiel was originally created as a male character back in 2012. After a few months of service and then a two year ELOA however, for a myriad of reasons the character's author felt that being male just didn't suit the story and current service personalities to a degree that couldn't be ignored. Due to game mechanics making a gender-switch impossible however certain liberties had to be taken and were cleared with at the time Executor Seele before being implemented. Whether Castiel was retconned to being female, or whether Castiel was retconned to being transgender, no official decision has been made and due to lack of necessity likely never will.

    4VyYcxD.png Private Life Dossier


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