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Elarain Belleraux

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Elarain Belleraux
Biographical Information
Born Year -7 D 256
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Father Raymus Belleraux
Mother Tia Ismaren
Siblings Tarrik Belleraux
Spouse Single
Children None
Signature kROIKIP.png
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png

Ministry of Industry

Part Time Services compnor.png
  • Dean of Imperial Basic Training
Prior Service ISBlogo.png

Imperial Security Bureau

  • Amber Region Liaison

Imperial Army

  • 1st Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
  • 1st Brigade Commanding Officer
  • 1st Brigade Executive Officer
Qualifications Infantry-S-S.png
Awards 8980_belleraux.png

Elarain is currently serving in the Ministry of Industry

"the worst calamities that befall an army arise from hesitation"
— Sun tzu

oRmqZpu.png Early Life

Born in the city of Aldera on Alderaan on Day 258 in Year -7, Elarain had an easy beginning. Her father, Raymus was quite the accomplished builder of spacecraft and its systems, while her mother Tia, worked for the Royal Family of Alderaan. Eventually, due to the diligent work of the couple, they were ennobled as Lord and Lady Belleraux, despite Tia keeping her maiden name after marriage. They became apart of the aristocracy, despite finding difficulty mixing with other Alderaanian Nobles due to humble beginnings.

The City in the middle of the Lake. Aldera, Alderaan.

Elarain was only young at the time, but she was able to notice the shift in her education towards more stately affairs being the only child. Almost five years later, and her parents were blessed with another child, a brother for Elarain named Tarrik. Elarain grew to be a caring and dedicated sister in her later years of childhood. But as time went further on, she would slowly grow apart from her brother Tarrik due to the differences in Gender.


Although Elarain’s Education did not change, her future did. The system favoured Male Primogeniture rather than absolute primogeniture, but she continued with her studies. They ranged from Diplomacy and statecraft to, mathematics and customs. She was brought up to be in government, but it was not going to come to pass. While her brother had similar education expectations, they also ensured he focused on warfare and trades. Some things that Elarain would’ve preferred to learn about. In her early teens, Elarain had wanted to expand her knowledge and learn the spacecraft trade, or more specifically the technologically advanced ships systems that her father used for the craft he built. Elarain had promised that she would work on entering the position she was destined for with her mother after a few years of trying out in the family business. With Elarain and her brother usually close, their lives started separating as she had gotten older and was no longer considered a child. In her mid-teens, she would be told to follow and assist her mother, Tia, in the royal house as she promised she would do a few years prior.

oRmqZpu.png Prior to Service

Elarain had moved out of her family home, by the time she was twenty-five, her brother, at the age of twenty, returned home to find nothing much had changed. Elarain’s parents had motioned for Tarrik to come to a festival, held in Aldera, where Elarain would be waiting and rejected the idea. His views had become more worrying for the family. He often spoke of destruction and death, something the family wouldn’t even think about. To Elarain, he had taken a more serious view while displaying contempt for Alderaan and all the core planets. He left soon after once again, but accompanied another group to the festival, where Elarain had spotted him in the crowd with his friends.

A bomb had exploded down the road, capturing a few hundred people within its blast zone, Elarain had been outside of the radius but was pelted with bits of debris. The explosion had sent Elarain into shock and was transported to the nearest hospital after the severely injured people. Here she received treatment for the shock, and received stitches, from here on, Elarain has a long scar on her right shoulder down to the bottom of the upper back. Her arm movement was restricted due to the pain until it healed. As she slowly recovered in the hospital bed, her brother had been coming in and out to check on her, something Elarain thought was sweet at the time. It wasn’t until she was discharged that she was told, her parents were caught in the blast zone and was told they were deceased. With their deaths, Elarain would return to the family home to prepare it for sale along with the dying company. She was clearing out the home, when her brother and friends came in to see what was left. Elarain had caught on to a few things they were saying, sounding as if it was their work that killed people in the hundreds.

The confrontation soon after erupted into a brawl, but Elarain was outnumbered and outmatched by her brother, two other males and a female. The female seemed to want a fight, whereas the other males would not dare when it’s a sister of their friend. Elarain had no associations with any political party of government except that of which she couldn’t hold contempt for the Royal family of Alderaan being in their service.

The woman almost begged for a fight after the men and her brother had gone outside, and with adrenaline pumping through her veins, Elarain obliged. Elarain would come out victorious, though not without pain. This woman marked Elarain’s first kill, although it wasn’t intentional, until it became a fight for her life. Elarain left the house, and walked past the men, before she started running. Elarain had gone back to her own place, and packed her stuff, thinking that they, including her brother, would come after her for revenge of killing their friend. She had slept a few nights on the street with everything she could fit into a backpack, before realising that she was stuck, no home, cant turn up to work like this, so she was relieved of her duties within the week from being absent. She had come across a recruitment centre while she was a vagabond and applied. The recruitment centres promised, a home, a job and some cash. So, to get her life back in order she had signed up to start the Imperial Academy on Prakith

oRmqZpu.png Imperial Service

The Imperial Academy

In year 18 D159, Elarain was transported to Prakith to start her Imperial Basic Training, she learned all she needed to know, but was grateful that the tests and exams were not as horrible as the ones she took back home. She needed to decide what branch of the Galactic Empire she would go into after she finished her training, and it was a difficult choice. Her upbringing had prepared her for more of a Regional Government lifestyle. But after the fight, she had decided to go with the Imperial Army knowing that the Army would be the best branch to teach her how to fight, and stand her ground, if she ever had to come across her brother and his friends again.

On day 300 of Year 20, Elarain had become a Junior Training Officer, after years of being solely for the Army, she gathered a Part Time Job, teaching new recruits the ways of the Empire.

The Imperial Army

Rank and File

Elarain was quickly placed in the 1st Brigade under Vladamiur Veselov which would see her into her first Operation. Elarain would then be promoted to First Lieutenant. Within two months, the 1st brigade would undergo a command change and would fall under the Leadership of Alex Rinose. As the newest recruit in the Army Brigade, she wars charged with Installing and upgrading locks for the Brigade assets. She became disillusioned in the first few months of joining, wondering if she would get anywhere. The tasks were repetitive and demeaning to her after coming from working in the Royal house of Alderaan. She persisted with her efforts which quickly started becoming known to a more senior Army Command General Emillio Peares

Executive Officer

It is under Brigadier General Alex Rinose that Elarain would be elevated to Captain, and within 3 months, was elevated to Brigade Executive Officer of the First. This saw her first taste of command, taking over for a temporary Leave of Absence from the Commanding Officer at the time. She enjoyed leadership and knew that she was born to be a leader. Despite the confidence she had tried to exude, she would walk in with no training and no experience. Too new to her position, she declined applying for the 1st Brigade Commanding Officer Position and stayed a loyal Executive Officer to Major General Yaln Baluu.

During her time as an Executive Officer, she served diligently in the Delta Company of the Infantry Corps and was awarded for her ever-expanding knowledge of Infantry tactics with the Bronze Infantry Qualification Badge that she wore proudly.

Many months later, she would be left without a Commanding Officer again. Thinking about the stability of the Brigade and the 1st Imperial Legion she asked about giving in her candidacy for leadership. She promised that she wouldn’t go so quickly as others did previously. She remained dedicated to brigade leadership for many years. On Day 179 of Year 19, she was granted a new Secret Clearance and started making changes in her tenure as Commanding Officer of the 1st Brigade

1st Brigade Commanding Officer

Upon her posting as Commanding Officer, she was immediately thrust into operation after receiving new orders. Her first action while in command was to ensure an organized and effective leadership, choosing a new Executive Officer to work under her, Magnus Ironside.

Stealth Testing

After stabilizing and cementing her command, they immediately set off on their orders. The Imperial Army was developing experimental stealth technology that required urgent testing. Direct orders were dispensed to the 1st brigade to see its effectiveness and its useability against the enemies of the Empire.

To Elarain this meant the survival of other personnel, or it meant the lives of the citizenry could be saved against those who would use them for their own purpose. The testing however proved unfruitful and eventually was returned to the warfare laboratories for further enhancement.

After serving with distinction and growing into a commendable officer over the course of a year, Magnus would eventually step down as Executive officer to take up command in the 2nd Brigade. With his success, she hoped she could continue the trajectory and asked for another Executive officer. Coming hot off of Operation Swiftsure Elarain selected Sierra Rhea from the 6th Brigade to serve under her.

Operation Hunters Nest and Operation Thunderstruck

Elarain completed many operation training exercises in her time as the 1st Brigade was effectively training to be of maximum efficiency during the coming build wars as systems went under changes and war broke out against the enemies of the Empire. These two Operations, named Hunters Nest and Thunderstruck were monumental in teaching her about other skills necessary in the war rather than just Infantry as she was originally trained in. This further expanded her skillset in modern warfare where she started becoming an all-rounder of war.

The 1st Brigade took on other operations and participated in a two more war games. She was placed into a team of two others, for Part two of the Exercise Operation Thunderstruck. This is where she would meet Eliana Nicabre of the 13th Group of the Imperial Navy and work closer with her Executive Officer Sierra Rhea

At the end of the second phase of this exercise, Elarain knew her team would secure victory. This was her first taste of a build war scenario. This activity also cemented the relationship between Elarain and her new Executive Officer. Knowing that she picked right for the second time in a row. After a few weeks, her team finally emerged victoriously and began their journey back to HQ for a wind-down.

During her time as Brigade Commanding Officer, Elarain focused on marksmanship and warfare tactics, rather than hand to hand combat and front-line strategies which would come later during her time as Legion Commanding Officer.

Operation Lightning

Arriving back to the home base, Elarain would then be promoted to Major General. However, no time to wind down would be granted, as the 1st Brigade had been called out to react to an emergency. Operation Lightning came into being soon after Operation Thunderstruck, due to an illegal alien building structures on an Imperial World. The fugitive enslaved citizens to build his empire, which was unsuccessful with thanks to the quick action and the efforts of the brigade. Shields were quickly erected, and the planet was swept for any further insurgents. Halfway through the offensive, The Legion Commanding Officer Emillio Peares would step away from command to take up a new career within the Empire. This vacancy in command would prematurely elevate Elarain into Interim Legion Commanding Officer, and gave her a chance to prove to her superiors that she was a capable and effective leader. After weeks of securing supply lines and maintaining rescue operations, the criminals would finally retreat and leave the planet.

1st Imperial Legion Commanding Officer

Elarain had thought she had plenty of leadership experience as years passed leading the 1st Brigade, and figured she will need to keep moving. She applied for the Vacant 1ILCO Position, but it would be about a month long wait until she heard back for the successor. It was on Day 235 of Year 20 that she was promoted beyond Lieutenant General, to General, and made a 3rd Tier Commander in Commanding the First Imperial Legion.

Operation Reditus

It wasn’t long before she would be asked to join in on Operation Reditus. She was ordered to head towards Froz III with a member of the 1st Brigade Krogane Sakurazuka. Upon arriving, she was placed quickly into building structures for the Empire against the traitorous Flower Company that had infiltrated CorSec. These enemies were tasked at building on planet surfaces to gain control, but no one would work harder than the Imperials that came to protect the citizens. Public Opinion on the planet was up and down with the war going on, as could be expected. In the end the population of multiple planets preferred the idealised Galactic Empire over another faction with lower stability.

Operation Howling Torton

Even though Elarain would not participate in many more generalised operations, she ordered her brigades, the 1st and 4th onto many of their own operations. The 4th Brigade, underneath the Leadership of MGEN Cornelius Tuspin would help the Galactic Bank secure their worlds, erecting shields and planning planetary safety.

Operation Helmit

Working once again, alongside the Imperial Navy, the 1st Brigade was tasked to check and make sure selected planets were secured. A generalised Patrol operation began when shields had stopped working to allow non-imperial entities through where these people started causing chaos against working Imperial Civilians. Numerous Individuals were caught and apprehended and taken to facilities to be interviewed and Processed. The operation further showed that the two branches, though different in how they work, were able to work towards the same goal. Further cementing joint relations between Elarain and the other commanding officer Fenris Soontir.

Imperial Victory

On Year 21 Day 16, the long-awaited victory against the New Republic, underneath Chief of State, Galen Darksol, manifested when the Galactic Empire accepted their terms of Surrender. Elarain had been thrilled, as a General, her duty had been completed and she survived it. As the Immortals were renowned through out the Galaxy, it was her legion that had arrived to Republica to oversee the preparations for the Emperor’s arrival, and to secure the planet for his entourage. A week later, the Emperor, Seele, had arrived at the New Republic Senate building as he gave his speech to the masses. Those senators who were in attendance, were either supportive of the regime or they were caught after her Legion locked down the planet. After the address on day 30 of Year 21, numerous anti-imperial senators were taken into Imperial custody after the disbanding of the New Republic Senate, some were even held at blaster point to face the justice of the citizens enraged at the poor quality of life that had befallen them.

While the Emperor made his rounds to the local populace under tight security, there were small uprisings which Elarain and her unit had addressed quickly and efficiently. Notions of not enough security had reached the far ends of the Galaxy but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Within the 1st Legion, soldiers had improved local law enforcement officers with due training and implementing standards across the board. A local police officer was grateful for the speedy training in handling misled sentients about the effect of the disbanding of the senate after the surrender. Those senators who were not on Republica had fled the systems in order to create another Resistance government to the Empire, now known as the Rebel Alliance [1]

Operation Maynard

After the fall of the New Republic, the amount of pirates in the region around Coruscant soared. Pirates had started gathering in asteroid fields outside of imperial space attacking any ships that came close. In response, both the Imperial Navy & Imperial Army formed a joint operation, heading into the asteroid fields to put a stop to the attacks with no loss of life. With the Navy, and its effective use of firepower, ships were quickly disabled ready for highly trained Imperial Army boarding unit crushing any resistance on the ships. While Elarain did oversee this operation to a degree, she had less command over it as she was training her Executive Officer Fletcher Welks in Brigade command. With the Absence of a Commanding Officer and the leaderships slowly taking their toll on her physically. She had started to wonder about a transfer to somewhere new. The brigade had depended too much on her leadership to be effective if she had went missing in action or worse. She found that they could almost not function. Because of this, she had applied to be transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau

The Imperial Security Bureau

The Imperial Security Bureau had accepted her transfer with ease. Elarain was a proud servant of the Law sometimes enforcing it in the Army, and greatly admired the Bureau. She was excited to be a part of it. Upon being granted the rank of Special Agent, Elarain had underwent strict training, learning law enforcement protocols, arresting procedures, the writing of Laws as well as other courses that remain classified.

After her training was completed, for which she had shown her proficiency, she assumed the role of a Probationary Agent and was immediately charged to the Amber Region. Elarain would remain out in the Corporate sector of the Amber region for most of her probation, doing her checks over the Military that were stationed out there, and coming across numerous challenges that she did not think she would face so soon out of her training. This would be the first time she experienced the isolation and remoteness that the Corporate sector had to offer.

Her investigative skills were enhanced when during the routines of her position, Elarain was able to effectively promote and incorporate further security measures due to uncovering security leaks and eliminating threats that were unbeknownst to most in the Bureau. While needing to be public and seen, she was often found roaming after sunset while she was planet side, knowing that peace was found after most officers, and the rank and file had returned to their own quarters for the night.

While on an Imperial Ship with others, she was never found where she would be. She slowly started harboring suspicion towards everyone due to the knowledge she acquired and will acquire during her time.

Operation Birdwatch

Settling within her new command as the Amber Region Liaison, she was thrusted into an operation codenamed Birdwatch. It was a military Operation with the 2nd Legion and the 2nd Fleet that she was instructed to observe and provide a report for the Imperial Security Bureau at its conclusion. Little did Elarain know, that she would play a much more critical part for the overall security of the mission than she realised. Elarain had been placed on the SSD Widowmaker and arrived at the ISD Vanguard 58 hours after embarking upon her first major mission. She gathered her report from ISB, which had extraordinarily little useful information, and it gathered she would start with the top Commander Max Corrino and his Lieutenant. Upon rendezvousing with the Vangaurd, she had met another ISB Agent, who was noted as Agent Adams. He was the ISB Officer assigned to the Vanguard and her subordinate. Whilst dealing with a bomb threat, Elarain went through several likely suspects associated with the bombs. Seb Jacobi was one of the first to be arrested and ‘Interviewed’. Utilizing her authority, Jacobi was placed in the brig until the investigation would come to an end. As she cleared others, one man by the Name of Henrik Jenkins had confessed to the planting of the bombs in the docking Bay. He was Interviewed and interrogated as per procedure. However, during the interrogation, Jenkins had deliberately mispronounced Elarain's name, much to her increasing annoyance and irritation. The man in question had played her bluff, and Elarain knew that the only way to get answers was to stop bluffing. Jenkins had eventually released the name of a woman, Signe Krag, yet continued to be an irritation. Towards the end of the interrogation, Jenkins and his attitude tipped her towards a darker side that had not been released since battle in the Army. Parts of the ship went dark, on decks 48 and 49. The weapons system had been hacked, and a pod had been jettisoned towards the planet Korriz. She ordered Adams to get a shuttle prepared as she tortured the man in her custody, providing her much release from the anguish she felt at the loss of Imperial lives. She had not stopped until Agent Adams pulled her off the now dead prisoner. The story became, that Jenkins had died in execution of his Duties. She left the ship with Agent Adams in pursuit of Signe Krag.

Due to an intense blizzard and a rough entry, they had crash landed within metres of Signe Krags Pod. As both agents made their way out of the wreckage, Elarain noticed a survivor and realised it was the traitor. She carried a sidearm, and Elarain prepared to give her the standard spiel. But before she could speak a word, Signe was peppered with holes from Agent Adams, and before she could ask, she was hit and knocked unconscious. As Elarain came to, she noticed that her hands were bound, and immediately confronted Agent Adams who had stood over her. Explaining his betrayal, he had told her that his daughter was kidnapped by the rebels for his cooperation. During his winded explanation however, she had managed to free herself, with a fight ensuing afterwards. Elarain emerged victorious in the struggle and Adams was secured alive, and in stun cuffs. As the snowstorm brewed, she secured the shuttle as she awaited help to arrive. Sending a message to the Vanguard, giving Corrino Orders to release Seb Jacobi. The 2nd Legion's presence on the planet had noticed the shuttle entering the atmosphere and had headed out to search for survivors of the crash. Upon seeing the deceased woman, Elarains’ ex partner and Commanding officer of the Second Legion Patrick Mueirech had grown cautious of Elarain upon seeing another ISB agent in cuffs. She tried to explain the situation, without too much detail, before they eventually managed to return to the facility. As everyone had settled inside they were briefed before the upcoming battle against rebels began. Adams had awoken and was placed in a makeshift brig in the facility until the battle was eventually won.

Waves of rebels had charged the facility with a semi pitched battle focused around the facility. Elarain focused on surviving battle, using her trained eye to target and eliminate enemy snipers. As she took out the last of the snipers holding down a section of the facility, she approached with one other stormtrooper as her backup to see the result of her shot. The enemy had indeed died and she managed to quickly retrieve a trophy knuckle from the deceased man.

The battle ended as the rebels were pushed back, with the Rebel General finally surrendering his troops. While Elarain was an ISB Agent, known as the Empires Justice, she thought to grow her newly founded knuckle collection by mutilating the surrendered Generals hand. With the sharp of her blade, she had severed two fingers and retrieved the knuckles from them. She then escorted both the Rebel General and Adams, to the briefing to present to the Executor Graeda L`annan. Only Elarain didn’t know, that almost everyone present, had been scorned by her and their lack of control over the situations that became present. The Naval battle was a sham, with a victory that had cost too much, and Elarain had personally been mentioned as the Agent who caused a death in custody.

Elarain came out of the mission, a changed person. Her face had been left with some small scars, and a deep bite mark like scar on her left calf.

Nassau Exfiltration

To be comnpleted

Ministry of Industry

To be Completed

Personal Life

The Original Belleraux Crest

Personality and Attributes

To be completed


To be completed

oRmqZpu.png Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y18 D155 - Y18 D160
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-1] MO-1.png 2LT Y18 D160 - Y18 D249
[O-2] MO-2.png 1LT Y18 D249 - Y18 D313
[O-3] MO-3.png CPT Y18 D313 - Y19 D100
[O-4] MO-4.png MAJ Y19 D100 - Y19 D179
[C-1] MC-1.png BGEN Y19 D179 - Y20 D 10
[C-2] MC-2.png MGEN Y20 D10 - Y20 D235
[C-4] MC-4.png GEN Y20 D235 - Y21 D165
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-7] IIO-7.png Special Agent Y21 D165 - Y21 D263
[C-2] IIC-2.png Chief Y21 D263 - Y21 D307
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[C-1] MIC-1.png Line Manager Y21 D307 - Present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H] Y18 D160 Academy Director Angelus Devaron Graduating with honours from the Imperial Academy.
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Y18 D245 ACO Nathaniel Durane Maintaining a positive attitude during a rough-natured operation.
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y18 D288 BDE CO Vladamiur Veselov For exemplary work in completing assigned tasks quickly and effectively.
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Y19 D20 ISB Navarro de Molay 6 Months Imperial Service
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y19 D83 LCO Emillio Peares For performance her duty of acting CO, a Letter of Commendation is hereby awarded to Elarain Belleraux.
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 year [ISM-1] Y19 D179 ISB Navarro de Molay For 1 Year Imperial Service
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal [BCM] Y20 D21 ACO Nathaniel Durane For her command service during her tenure as Commanding Officer
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y20 D213 LCO Emillio Peares For Long time Serving and your loyalty, a Letter of Commendation is hereby awarded to Elarain Belleraux.
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Y20 D217 ISB Tec Vaan For meeting the IMM threshold
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 year [ISM-2] Y20 D217 ISB Patrick Bisson For 2 Year Imperial Service
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y20 D300 ACO Arya Solus For consistent levels of both activity and commendable service. Since assuming command of the legion has shown willingness and drive to improve both the legion and the Army
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y21 D112 Minister of Culture Elaine von Veritrax The efforts of General Belleraux has been one of driving momentum for progress.
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y22 D149 ACO Arya Solus For high levels of activity in exercises and assigned senior-level administrative work.
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 year [ISM-3] Y21 D165 ISB Patrick Bisson For 3 Year Imperial Service
AC.jpg Army Cross [AC] Y21 D173 ACO Arya Solus For meritorious service to the army across a number of command positions, including work relating to document and policy reform, update and change.
IAMx2.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y21 D205 Commandant Thaelos Kolarr For contributing towards the development and maintenance of the Imperial Academy and exceeding expectations and activity levels as a Dean of IBT
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Y21 D246 Seele For Service with the Galactic Empire during the period of the Galactic Civil War with the New Republic
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y21 D263 ISB Patrick Bisson Awarded for excellent work during her probationary period in the Imperial Security Bureau.
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y22 D27 CEO Marius Moto For dedication to learning the role of IMC CoO and for revitalization efforts within the Perma System with limited supervision.


Dean of Imperial Basic Training
Preceded By:
Drake Tovar
Elarain Belleraux
Year 21 Day 108 - Current
Succeeded By:
Amber Region ISB Liaison
Preceded By:
Faraday Euler
Elarain Belleraux
Year 21 Day 165 - Y21 D307
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay
1st Legion Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Emillio Peares
Elarain Belleraux
Y20 D235 - Y21 D165
Succeeded By:
1st Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Yaln Baluu
Elarain Belleraux
Y19 D117 - Y20 D235
Succeeded By:
Fletcher Welks
1st Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Sigmund von Ismay
Elarain Belleraux
Y19 D15 - Y19 D117
Succeeded By:
Magnus Ironside