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Magnus Ironside

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Magnus Ironside
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Dwalet Ironside
Father William Ironside
Spouse N/A
Siblings Two
Children N/A
Born Year 0, Day 102
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Brigade Commanding Officer, 2IL, Recruitment Officer.
Prior Service Brigade Executive Officer, 1IL, Legionary
Awards Recon-S-B.png


Magnus Ironside is an officer in his Majesties Imperial Army.

Early Life

Born to two native Corellians, Magnus grew up in the middle-class region of Coronet City on Corellia. Both of his parents were employed by Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) as production foreman for their space craft. Allegiances to Corellia always outweighed that of the galactic conflicts that always seemed to swirl around them. This kept their station relatively low, making it difficult to rise from the typical foreman without aligning themselves to one of the “orders.”

Magnus grew up a loud and active child, always fond of running from his parents and getting stuck in precarious situations. Unlike the typical rank and file attitude of his parents, he acted out, resulting in several occurrences with Corellian Security (CORSEC) forces. He had many delusions of grandeur, looking towards the stars, having never left Corellia previous to his enlistment. He accompanied his parents to work, to the assembly line and saw the massive turbolasers and shield generators erected for the many warships of the Empire, dreaming someday of manning some of that fine machinery.

To the chagrin of his parents, Magnus at a young age confessed his want and desire to enlist, throw it in for the adventure of it. His parents were not thrilled but having excelled as a student and athlete they urged him to pursue the Imperial Officers Academy, get his commission and use all of his talents if this is what he wished. He toyed with the idea and spoke with the local recruiter.

In his senior year of intermediate school, Magnus was given the consent of the local officials in Coronet to join the Imperial Academy as a Cadet and begin his formal study to be an Imperial Officer.

Prior to Service


oRmqZpu.png Imperial Service

The Imperial Academy


The Imperial Army

CORUSCANT - Lorem COMMAND -The Hellhounds

"You are a good Imperial commander many should look up to on how to act in your role, whether in a command or not." - Lord General Arya Solus, Y20 D272.

KUAT - Lorem

Return to Correlia

The Outer Rim

Inseparable Duo

Magnus has kept very few close to his side throughout his service time, one in particular has stood the test of time and continues as his Chief Of Staff assisting in the command of the 2nd Brigade, Sullivan Wallace. Sullivan and Magnus both attended Imperial Basic and officer training, they were also both stationed with the 1st Brigade at the same time. Rather than be separated, on Ironside's promotion, Wallace accepted a position within his staff, keeping the duo within the same command.

What follows are several shots of both during several combat operations in support of anti-terror missions.

oRmqZpu.png Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y19 D63 - Y19 D70
[O-1] MO-1.png Second Lieutenant Y19 D70 - Y19 D159
[O-2] MO-2.png First Lieutenant Y19 D159 - Y19 D230
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Y19 D230 - Y20 D30
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Y20 D30 - Y20 D58
[C-1] MC-1.png Brig. General Y20 D58 - Y20 D272
[C-2] MC-2.png Major General Y20 D272 - Y21 D152
[C-3] MC-3.png Lieutenant General Y21 D152 - Present


oRmqZpu.png Awards

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H] Y19 D70 Academy Director Arya Solus Graduating with honours from the Imperial Academy.
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y19 D159 1BCO For exemplary performance, allowing the unit to meet its goals in due time and form.
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Y19 D231 ARMY CO For his tutelage of new officers, additionally never faltering in completing his duties in an efficient manner without drops to activity.
ISM.jpg Service Medal - 6 Months [ISM] Y19 D269 Imperial Security Bureau Time in service award.
ISM-1.jpg Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM] Y20 D69 Imperial Security Bureau Time in service award.
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x2 Y20 D73 ARMY CO For noted performance during Exercise Hunters Nest.
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Y20 D118 Imperial Security Bureau Imperial Monthly Meeting Attendance.
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS] Y20 D272 2LCO Actions conducted during a joint operation in command of 2nd Brigade.
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal [BCM] Y20 D272 ARMY CO For proficient command of the 2nd Brigade.
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM] Y21 D36 Minister of Culture For excellence in the field of recruiting; demonstrating continued dedication, reliability and success at all times.
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] x2 Y21 D42 2LCO For pragmatic performance both in leadership and teamwork.
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x3 Y21 D73 ARMY CO For consistent and noted excellence and willingness to assist their unit alongside noted effort during previous and ongoing exercises.
ISM-2.jpg Service Medal - 2 Year [ISM] Y21 D75 Imperial Security Bureau Time in service award.
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x4 Y21 D136 ARMY CO For excellent performance and diligence during attachment to operation *******.
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] x3 Y21 D232 GMOFF For outstanding leadership and performance in Operation: Birdwatch.
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Y21 D246 The Emperor For service
DDS.jpg Department Distinguished Service [DDS] Y21 D272 Minister of Culture For service within the ICR contributing to six perfect months of operation, greatly surpassing organization and strategic exceptions for operations

oRmqZpu.png Qualifications


Basic Reconnaissance Badge

Y19 D237