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Krogane Sakurazuka

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Krogane 'Krog' Sakurazuka
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Michelle Sakurazuka
Father Subaru Sakurazuka (dead)
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -11, Day 336 (31)
Imperial Service
Branch IA_mini.png
Imperial Army
Positions Training Officer, Artist
Prior Service
Awards 9124_sakurazuka.png

Krogane Sakurazuka is a member of the Galactic Empire, he is currently in the Imperial Army.

A Young boy dream

"A boy has the right to dream... There are endless possibilities stretched out before him."

Michelle & Subaru Sakurazuka

Krogane was born in the Year -11, Day 336 on Kiffex where his mother served as a Government official on Kiffex and his father was a military officer within the Galactic Empire both parents believed in the Empire way of life. As a child, Krogane always wanted to explore or want to go into the woods and hunt with his father, he never liked studying or school despite his parents constant nagging for him to do well and concentrate on his education, despite this he somehow seems to pass his classes with low A's to high B's. With his mother working in government Krogane would always get scolded if he did anything that might seem bad to the family or their clan, his father being in the military would do the same but the punishment was more stern then a scolding. One thing the young trouble make hate was from time to time his mother had to make public appearances which meat the family had to 'dress up' stay together and take a crazy amount of pictures for the local news.

At the age of 10 Krogane admire both of his parents for the work they do though he was more interested in shooting, fighting and dressing up in a military uniform as his father then politics, he found the idea borning and could never pay attention during political discussions. One day he begged his father to teach him how to use a blaster so that on their next hunting trip he could help, his mother was against the idea of allowing her child run around with a blaster shooting things. His father manage to talk her into letting their son learn how to use a weapon and some hand to hand combat stating that Krogane could defend himself if the need for it arises. At the age of 15, Krogane became a bit of a marksman able to shoot a target from quite a distance, hand to hand fighting was decent though he knew that he had more to learn. Around this time his father was gone more and more attending to missions he wasn't allowed to discuss with the family through both Krogane and his mother knew it had to do with something about the rebel rising that was being talked about on Kiffex and the news. His mother tried her best to get her son interested in politics even though she knew it wasn't going to work in the end, Krogane already had his dream seat to someday join the Galactic Empire despite her hope that he would stay on Kiffex and not end up on missions that would take him far from his family as his father. A few months later they were visited by few Imperial officials with news of Subaru's death by the rebels, the two was devastated, the head of the Sakurazukamori clan was dead and now Michelle was the new leader of the clan until she either died or hand it over to Krogane. The two were already close but the news of Subaru's death seemed to bring them even closer.

Freelancer for Hire

Krogane:"Wouldn't say I'm mean, I just get paid to do mean things"

Local:"But you like it.."

Krogane:"It's important to enjoy what you do."

- Conversation between Krogane and local on an unknown planet.

Krogane working along side two other Mandalorians

With his lack of interest in politics, Krogane decided that at the age of 18 it was time to leave Kiffex to find his own way in the galaxy. Thanks to him learning how to use a blaster when he was young it didn't take long for him to get a job as a freelancer. After three years Krogane was approached by a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor, who seems to been looking for the young man he had heard about some of the jobs the young boy did, he wanted to convince Krogane to join him and be a bounty hunter. It didn't take long for Krogane to agree to join, seeing that he would be able to pick his job and the credits were better than that of being a freelancer, he join the Mandalorian to begin his new career. When he finish learning what he needed and finished his armor Krogane started out with small jobs and soon made a name for himself, thanks to this he was able to get more jobs that werw dangerous but had better pay.

Deadly Hunt

Krogane looking at his new robotic arms

Over the years he and a few Mandalorians became close as they continue to take job after job. One particular job Krogane and a friend took on a bounty, they were to look for rouge Chiss that had a skill in explosions and upsetting the wrong group. It took them a few weeks to find the Chiss in question, their trail led them into a building where their target was hiding. Entering the building the two bounty hunters search each and every room, unknown to them the Chiss knew about the build and had already set up explosives beforehand. Krogane and his friend were able to capture the bounty but not before the Chiss set off his explosives causing the building to collapse around them. The last thing Krogane remembered before blacking out was that he felt pain all over though the most intense pain was coming from both of his arms.

Krogane and his friend both survived the explosion his friend had a broken leg and few scratches. While Krogane was injured to the point where he lost both of his arms, which were replace with artificial arms. While the Chiss died by his own explosions he had set in hopes of getting rid of the two that were after him. It took Krogane a several months to recover from his injuries and to get use to his new limbs, once out of the hospital Krogane went back to work for few more months until he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps. Even though Krogane enjoy his work he still wanted to fulfill his dream to join the Galactic Empire. With his mindset, he decided that he was going to go ahead and find a recruitment center. Leaving his now used armor and other belongings with his closes friends Krogane set off into town. It didn't take him long to find a recruiting center, soon Krogane was about to head off to imperial training.

Imperial Academy

On Year 20 Day 232 Krogane was accepted into the Imperial Academy where new, young or youngish Imperials go through rigorous training to be able to join the ranks of the empire. Krogane was one of these new Imperials that join the academy under the care of his instructor [REDACTED]. Required reading, arm/unarm combat training and lecture were the norm for the academy with the instructors demanding that their students give it there all.

Krogane was involved in an accidental arm combat training between recruit [REDACTED] and himself. Which landed him an injury and a stay at the Imperial Academy medical wing. Despite this setback, Krogane refused to stop his imperial training and press forward. On Year 20 Day 241 Krogane graduate from the academy with a passing grade and join the ranks of the Imperial Army

Academy Incident

Recruit Sakurazuka in the care of Imperial Academy doctors

Year 20 Day 235 recruit Sakurazuka and recruit [REDACTED] participated in a Vibroblade combat training. In which the two recruits were training how to deal with arm assailants and how to disarm them, the training was going well until the recruit [REDACTED] miss-step falling forward the recruit vibroblade catching Krogane right side of his face including his eye.

After the incident, Krogane was taken to the Imperial Academy medical wing for treatment. There the doctors examine his eye and found that the damage was too serious, they did what they could and wrap up his eye and part of the right side of the face. Krogane was told that they couldn't save his eye and they suggest that he should get a cybernetic one so that he could see with 'both eyes' even though one was cybernetic. Krogane refuse not wanting to stay in the hospital any longer then he had to, he wanted to continue with his academic studies in order to pass the academy.

  • Note: Krogane stated that he may get a cybernetic eye later on. When he will do this is unknown.

Imperial Army

Operation Reditus

Second Lieutenant Sakurazuka over looking a city on Froz III

Not long after joining his current brigade they were given orders to head to Froz III. Rumors begin to spread about what might be going on at there, they received word that some members of the Flower Company decided to infiltrate CorSec. The infiltrators began to illegally build on the planet surface. Several members of the [REDACTED] brigade were specially selected to join a group to head to the surface of Froz III to initially start a building war against the infiltrators for control of the planet for the Galactic Empire.

Spreading out across the planet each member begin building in their selective destination in order to sway citizens opinions to support the Galactic Empire. Thanks to each member hard work supporting the citizens and help them out by building important structures that the citizens need. After a while, they were able to switch public opinion to support there own faction winning out the building war against an enemy faction.

13th annual Imperial Ball

With the announcement of the 13th annual Imperial Ball, everyone was excited about its upcoming celebration and social event. Krogane join interacting with imperials and enjoying the spirits the celebration had to offer. After everyone had there fill with food and spirits they made their way to the viewing gallery to watch the Imperial Navy do there amazing fly by. The sight alone impresses a lot of Imperials as they watch them fly by over them in all there glory.

Operation Helmit

The unit was tasked to work along with a few Imperial Navy personal to check and make sure selected planets were secured. Working together they manage to make sure that shields were secured of any unwanted guest and activated for the safety of the local citizens. The operation showed that the two branches though different in how they work were able to have a successful mission, with the two branches able to work together made room for further possible joint operation in the future.

Security Forces Suppress Uprisings Within the Senate

corrupt holovid of the adress

On Year 21 Day 16 the long-awaited victory against the New Republic when they surrender to the [Galatic Empire]. As the news spread across the galaxy it stirred up mix response, protest from supporters and ex-members of the now defeated rebellion while supporters and members of the Empire celebrated. For the next two weeks reports came in about riots breaking out while some decided to form an underground 'resistance' vowing to fight the Empire no matter what. While work continue in the empire, the emperor held a senate meeting with senators who supported the Empire while those who support the New Republic quickly left Coruscant before the planet went into lockdown to keep the peace by the 1st legion. During the emperor's address of what the future will hold troopers of the 1st legion enter the chamber to keep the peace of some of the more aggressive senators, tasked to escort them to face the justice of the many they have wronged.


Operation Maynard

Operation Maynard: First person cockpit view

Reports came in of pirates and other unauthorized personal, gathering in asteroid fields outside of imperial space attacking any and all merchant ships that enter the area. In response, both [Imperial Navy] & [Imperial Army] form a joint operation heading into the asteroid fields to put a stop to the attacks. With the navy quickly crushing any bandit or pirate ship's that dear try to attack them while taking care to disable the lead ships. Upon disabling the head ship's highly trained army personnel would slice through the door entering the entity taking care of the hostile enemies to take control of the ship. The joint operation was another success with the team able to not only secure several ships but bringing in pirates and bandits to face the justice of the imperial law.

Operation Vice Grip/Miami Vice

Krogane commanding an AT-AT squadron

Word got out that mayor of the city of Breeze had managed to convince the locals to declare their independents from the Empire. With some digging intelligence was able to revile that the local citizens were bullied by radical militants in order to go along with this. Seeing the planet located within imperial space the local army and navy group were called upon to form a joint operation to snuff out the current thoughts of rebellion before the idea spread to any other city. Arriving at Breeze with the brute force of the Tie bombers, AT-ST and few AT-AT the Imperial group was able to stop and claim back the city.

Through capturing the radical militants the Imperial forces begin interrogations, after a while, they were able to find out that a shadowy figure named Duke Rigellan a base on the planet in order to start a bid to take over the system. Finding this out the joint group head to stop this from happening, they were meant with heavy defenses some of which were taken out by Tie bombers and AT's. After several hours of fighting, they received orders to return to space where the city was meant with an orbital bombardment.


Krogane enjoys exploring the galaxy seeing new planets and locations throughout the galaxy. Despite being 30 he still partakes in hunting or any kind of training, he can keep up with the younger recruits and give them a run for there credits. From time to time Krogane can come off as strict by the book guy but in reality, he likes bending the rules or find another unethical way of doing things and deal with the consequences later. He can be a smart ass which seems to put some people off though he enjoys doing this and making what he likes to call 'horrible' jokes every so often. Despite this, he can be loyal to anyone he considers as his friends, comrades in the empire. Despite these traits, few believe that Krogane will ever be ready to take over the Sakurazukamori clan.


Subaru Sakurazuka was the head of the Sakurazuka clan which is known as the 'Sakurazukamori' clan, members of the clan could be identified by there red claw Qukuuf which is over there left eye. The Sakurazukamori have strict traditions and ceremonies, they wear kimono type outfits during these events. Due to Subaru's death while serving with the Galactic Empire the head of the Sakurazukamori clan is now Michelle Sakurazuka.


  • He enjoys the taste of whiskey and can be seen partaking of glass if he's celebrating or just relaxing.
  • Krogane loves hunting and can be seen doing this during his free time.
  • Has an odd interest in collecting/keeping certain creatures as pets.

Imperial Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y20 D232 - Y20 D241
[O-1] MO-1.png 2LT Y20 D241 - Y20 D338
[0-2] MO-2.png 1LT Y20 D338 - Y21 D70
[O-3] MO-3.png CPT Y21 D70 - Y21 D162
[O-4] MO-4.png MAJ Y21 D162 -

Awards & Qualifications

Armoured Corps: Basic Armour Badge Armour-S-B.png

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Y20 D241 Dean of Imperial Basic Training Beric Staghorn For graduating from the Imperial Academy.
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y20 D296 LCO Exemplary Service during Operation [REDACTED].
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Y21 D64 Chief Waymar Cliffton 6 Months Imperial Service
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Y21 D136 Lord General Arya Solus For excellent performance and dilligence during attachment to operation [REDACTED].
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y21 D164 General Elarain Belleraux Consistently active, taking part in his part time jobs and being a solid rock foundation for the brigade and its newer members.
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month [IOM] Y21 D175 Executor Graeda Lannan Sakurazuka has been described by a number of members of the Army to as being incredibly hardworking and will go above and beyond for the Empire. He is incredibly willing to help anybody in the Empire - whether helping teach newer members, to his participation in activites outside his primary branch, and through work at the academy or otherwise. His dedication to duty embodies the Imperial Spirit.