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1st Imperial Legion

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1st Imperial Legion
Abbreviations 1IL
Motto "Live with Courage, Die with Honor."
Active Y6 D31 - Present
Branch Imperial Army
Garrison/HQ Coruscant Oversector
Deep Core Sector
Legion Command
LCO BGEN Marquis Hamet
LSO {{{LSO}}}
BCO {{{BCO1}}}
BXO {{{BXO1}}}
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  • Operation Armor Haul
    (c. Y7D65 - Y7D90)
  • Operation Warsprite
    (c. Y7D103 - c. Y7D140)
  • RM Transport
    (c. Y7D172 - c. Y7D204)
  • Naboo System Patrol
    (c. Y7D217 - c. Y7D236)
  • Abrion Hidden City Scanning
    (c. Y7D238 - c. Y8D38)
  • RM hauling : Tax Planet
    (c. Y8D56 - Y8D191)
  • Marching Stormtroopers: Crollia
    (c. Y9D88 - Y9D210)
  • Tax Planet: Bastion
    (Y9D337 - Y10D183)
  • Operation Consolidation
    (Y10D202 - c. Y11)
  • Ithilivir Emergency
    (Y10D234 - Y10D253)
  • Operation Mad Hatter
    (Y10D289 - Y10D303)
  • Operation Soverine Canopy
    (Y14D207 - Y15D319)
  • Operation Minsk
    (Y15D319 - Y16D165)
  • Operation Overwatch
    (Y15D164 - Y15D173)
  • Operation Sway
    (Y17D92 - Y17D120)

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Campaign and Mission Awards

UDS.jpg - (UDS)
UDS.jpg - (UDS)

The 1st Imperial Legion is the premier unit of the Imperial Army. Throughout the years, it has seen considerable action and many great commanders have come and go. Since its inception, the officers and enlisted personnel of the 1st Imperial Legion have upheld the greatest traditions of the Galactic Empire, and the legion is home to some of the most skilled and brave Imperial soldiers.



A number of different units, typically based on Coruscant, have borne the first numeral. Late in Year 4, the Army was composed of units known as Regiments (equivalent to modern-day Legions). Each Regiment was split into two to four Battalions. At this time the 1st Battalion of the 1st Assault Regiment was an infantry unit that originally bore the nickname Pathfinders. This Battalion was successively commanded by Joshua Chamberlain, Plo Qaan and Jacen Boshuu. The future 1st Brigade Commander Alan Steel would be assigned to this unit upon joining the Army.

On Year 5 Day 153 the former Regiments and Battalions were reformed into Legions. The First Legion, responsible once more for the Coruscant Sector, was commanded by Captain Anian Aksun and First Lieutenant Maxamillion Power. However this formation existed for a mere 18 days before being split into the Kuat Brigade and the 1st Armoured and 3rd Armoured Divisions.


The 1st Brigade was raised on Year 6 Day 31. First Lieutenant Maxamillion Power was appointed Commanding Officer, while Second Lieutenant Alan Steel was the inaugural Executive Officer. The newly formed brigade absorbed personnel and equipment from a number of disbanded units. The reorganization was part of a plan to consolidate the Imperial Army's assets into two large, self-contained combat units that would be available for deployment throughout the galaxy as needed.

Year 6 to Year 9

Year 6 would prove a tumultuous time for the Imperial Army. Captain Maxamillion Power resigned from the Army to pursue his duties to the Sith Order, leaving command to Alan Steel on Day 166. For a period in the latter half of Year 6 Brigades was re-designated as Legions, however this change in terminology did not last.

By Year 9 the unit was known as the 1st Imperial Brigade. The unit was led by Major Cliff Chan, then Brigadier General Mintaka Kyuzo on an interim basis before Arbellason Saalar was appointed the commanding officer of the 1st Imperial Brigade on Year 9 Day 203. During his tenure, the units were changed back to Legions. Saalar was soon appointed as the Army Quartermaster; his executive officer, Ralkata Tyrran, succeeded him as the commanding officer of the 1st Imperial Legion on Year 9 Day 321.

Year 9 to Year 12

Towards the end of Year 9 Ralkata Tyrran served as the 1st Legions Commanding Officer for nearly one year. Matrel Byden served temporarily as Tyrran's Executive Officer, and she was replaced by 1st Lieutenant Elysia Dragonsky upon her retirement. Under Tyrran and Dragonsky, the 1st Imperial Legion flourished. The unit earned several efficiency awards, and Tyrran was awarded the 1st Legion Cross for his influential work as its commander. When Dragonsky retired, Tyrran appointed 1st Lieutenant Inara Imperium as her replacement. Before too long, Tyrran was appointed to Army High Command to replace Colonel Mark ein Arton as the Army Adjutant under Major General Bacara Kex. He continued to serve as the 1ILCO for some time after his appointment, but Imperium now a Captain succeeded him as the Legion Commanding Officer on Year 10 Day 201. The 1st Legion, which had been engaged in Operation Consolidation, was called upon to secure the rebelling planet Ithilivir and was later praised for its immediate and effective response.

In the final days of Year 10, Captain Imperium was stripped of her position by Army Command, after which Imperium defected from the Empire, taking several members of the 1st Legion with her. Brigadier General Saalar served as the interim LCO for twenty days, and Califf D`Troit was appointed as the LCO on Year 11 Day 20. D`Troit has been credited with returning the 1st Legion to its former glory, and he went on to serve as the Army Adjutant under Major General Graeda L`Annan. He served as the LCO for nearly a year, with executive officers Elysia Dragonsky, Josef DeLaurel, Elvira Falston, and Dragomir Kies serving in quick succession.

On Year 11 Day 356, Kies succeeded D`Troit as the Legion's Commanding Officer.

Year 12 to Year 14

The 1st Brigade of the 1st Imperial Legion was put under the command of Major Akai Ai on it's inception on Year 12 Day 152. Major Akai Ai was assigned his command when he was transferred from the 3rd Imperial Legion (where he had previously earned the rank of Command Sergeant) after earning his Officer's Commission and being promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Under Ai's command, the 1st Brigade was at the forefront of all manner of active duty deployments and operations, from the Planetary Audit of late Y12 and early Y13, to the celebrated Imperialization of the Ralltiir System.

In this period of the 1st Legion's history it also participated in a service rotation to the Derra system, to keep it secure in the name of the Emperor.

Year 14 to Year 16

The 1st Legion participated in the Battle of Churnis which occurred between Year 14 Day 319 and Year 15 Day 165 in the Churnis sector. During the battle the 1st Legion repulsed the insurgent Zann Consortium, pretenders The Sith Order, and the Triumvirate Coalition.

During this same period the 1st Legion was also called into action and suppressed the 2nd Riot of Ralltiir which lasted between Year 15 Day 145 and Day 153.

Notable Officer appointment's of this period were Colonel Redme Schwarz who was appointed the 1st Legion's 16th Commanding Officer on Year 16 Day 54 and Colonel Emillio Peares who was appointed the Legion's 17th Commanding Officer on Year 16 Day 286.

Year 17

Elements of the 1st Imperial Legion participated in Operation Sway which began on Day 92 of Year 17. The participating elements received a UDS for their service during this successful Operation.

The 1st Imperial Legion was officially recognized for being the 1st Legion in the Imperial Army to complete Operation Lock Down. The announcement was made durring the Imperial Monthly Meeting on Year 17 Day 222.[1]

On Day 112 of this year Legion Commanding Officer BGEN Emillio Peares was promoted to General and became the first active Officer in the Legion's history to rise to this rank.

Year 18 to Present

On Day 55 of Year 18 Legion Commanding Officer GEN Emillio Peares was promoted to Command General and became the first Officer in 1st Imperial Legion history to rise to the rank of CGEN while being part of the Legion.

On Day 260 of Year 18 BGEN Istovir Chamsand became the 4th Brigade Commanding Officer after MGEN Fede Vonrico finalized his transfer to the 3rd Legion after becoming the 3LCO.

On Day 267 of Year 18 COL Alex Rinose received the IOM award and became the first recorded Officer of the 1st Imperial Legion to receive the prestigious award while serving in the Legion.

Operations and Missions

The 1st Legion has been at the forefront of many an Imperial campaign and training exercise, in joint taskings with the 1st Fleet. Most notably, elements of the 1st Legion were instrumental in securing the Ralltiir System in the Darpa Sector for the Galactic Empire in mid-Year 13, subsequently earning it the praise and recognition of the entire Empire, and, more importantly, the gratitude of His Majesty, Emperor Guinar Ndengin the First. For its actions in the Ralltiir theatre, every member of the 1st Brigade, the sub-unit deployed to secure the system, was granted the Unit Distinguished Service medal from Lord General L`Annan herself.

Marching Stormtroopers: Crollia

On Day 59 Year 9, the First Legion was summoned to the planet of Crollia where it took part in military maneuvers. Members of the "Immortals" rose to this challenge, completing the training of over eight squadrons of troops in record time. The training drills surpassed expectations, especially considering they used nothing more than infantry equipment. This mission ended on Day 190 Year 9.

Bastion Project

The 1st Legion was tasked to assist the Coruscanti Regional Government with their project of developing Bastion early in Year 10. They were involved in improving infrastructure for many cities throughout Bastion to adequately house the planet's 260 billion citizens. Bastion's economy boomed as a result of their efforts. The investment into developing Bastion has been considered a great success, and the Galactic Empire collects over 12 billion credits in yearly taxes from Bastion. Although the assignment was not considered traditional work for soldiers, the Immortals were honored to participate in work that they felt would support and strengthen the Empire for years to come.

Operation Consolidation

Mission details are classified presently.

Action at Ithilivir

The citizens of the planet Ithilivir revolted against the Empire. The Immortals, who were already engaged in Operation Consolidation, were called upon to recapture the planet. After a month's struggle, the Legion was able to secure the Planet. The soldiers of 1IL were highly praised for swiftly rising to meet the call of duty.

Operation Mad Hatter

Main Article: Conflict on Basho

Operation Sovereign Canopy

Every Imperial Legion had deployed and rotated at Derra IV for Peace keeping. 1st Legion had maintained public peace and order till outbreak of Battle of Churnis.

Operation Minsk

Main Article: Battle of Churnis

Operation Overwatch

This is second Riot of Ralltiir about Year 15 Day 145 — D153 and repressed clearly by the Legion.

Operation Sway

Operation Sway was a month long operation in the Uviuy Exen system in the Shuwy sector. The operation cumulated with the successful capture of the planet Uviuy Exen and the system joining the Empire. For their efforts in this operation members of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Imperial Legion received Unit Distinguished Service Medals.

Name and Motto

VSD Immortal - 1IL's former home

The 1st Legion is traditionally known as the 'Immortals' within Army circles. This nickname origins from the Victory-class Star Destroyer Immortal, which served as the unit's flagship before the Army-Navy integration. However, the Legion earned its nickname by other means as well. 1st Legion soldiers are typically thrust into the heat of battle as the Empire's vanguard. Only their exceptional skills and courage allow them to survive the rigors of the beginning of the combat theaters in which they participate. The members of the 1st Legion are said to never die, but simply go to hell and regroup. This is the basis for their eternal moniker, which they display with pride.

The Legion's current motto, Live With Courage, Die With Honor, was suggested by one of its former COs, Ralkata Tyrran, when the Legion was under the command of Marcus Aurelius and his XO, Cliff Chan. It outstandingly reflects the life and combat style of all 1st Legion personnel, from Commissioned Officers to NCMs. The Empire's enemies can be assured that the 1st Legion has a well-deserved reputation of being absolutely relentless in striving to achieve battlefield supremacy.

Brigades of the 1st Imperial Legion

1st Brigade

Live with Courage, Die with Honor.

The 1st Brigade is tasked with defending some of the Empire's most heavily populated worlds, coordinating military efforts with the Groups of the 1st Imperial Fleet, and safeguarding the honor, rule of law, and integrity of the territories that they are responsible for. In its inception on Year 12 Day 152, 1BDE was placed under the command of Major Akai Ai, who was assigned his command when he was transferred from the 3rd Legion (where he had previously earned the rank of Command Sergeant) after earning his Officer's Commission and being promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Under Ai's command, the 1st was at the forefront of all manner of active duty deployments and operations, from the Planetary Audit of late Y12 and early Y13, to the celebrated Imperialization of the Ralltiir System. Eventually, the 1st Brigade participated in a service rotation to the Derra system, to keep it secure in the name of the Emperor.

The 1st Brigade shares its history and honors with the Legion of which it is a part, as well as its insignia, a Fiery Phoenix embossed over the Imperial Seal. It is said that the Immortals do not die, but simply go to Hell, where they regroup to launch a counterattack against their foes, lending the Officers and enlisted personnel of the 1st Brigade a fearsome reputation on the battlefield.

4th Brigade


The 4th Brigade is the Imperial Army unit stationed in the center of the Galaxy, and is tasked with maintaining Imperial law, order, and security in that region of space, with the assistance and cooperation of the 5th Imperial Fleet. Like the 1st Brigade, its companion unit, the 4th was established on the 152nd Day of the Year 12, following the Army Reforms. Tamarynn Farr served as the Brigade's first CO, a position which she also held with distinction for some time, until her transfer to Imperial Intelligence. Santiano Salazar subsequently took command of the 4th, until he was elevated to the position of CO of the whole 1st Legion. The third CO of the Brigade was Kol Seraph, who previously served as Executive Officer of the 1st Brigade before assuming command. Aside from his position as CO of 4BDE, Seraph also held the position of Signals Officer of the 1st Legion. After Seraph stepped down as BCO, his XO, Icarus Carinae, assumed command as 4BDE's 4th CO. The 5th Commanding Officer of the Brigade was Brigadier General Gunther Rall, previously the Executive Officer of Army Command before adopting the mantle of Brigade Commander in Year 14. Also the 1st Legion CO has served as the 4th's CO: Colonel Redme Schwarz, a veteran soldier of the Legion and the Spectres.

Tasked with forging its own identity after the Reforms of Year 12, the 4th adopted a Skull device embossed over the Imperial Seal as its unit insignia, and its motto, "DEMISE!" (pronounced de-me-say), is used as an informal greeting between Officers and enlisted soldiers in the unit, as well as a battlecry in the field. The 4th has yet to engage an enemy in battle that has not fled before their call to battle.

To see the enemy while unseen, to learn what they know with them none the wiser, until its too late... that is power. - Only a special kind of soldier has the honor of calling himself a Scout Trooper.
1LT Seraph, 4BDE CO, on Reconnaissance in the Imperial Army.


Legion Commanders

CO: Plo Qaan
XO: Jacen Boshuu

CO: Paul Kosh
XO: Jacen Boshuu

CO: Jacen Boshuu
XO: Alan Steel

CO: Alan Steel
XO: Jamie Walters

CO: Max Power
XO: Mark Centurion
Marcus Aurelius

CO: Marcus Aurelius
XO: Cliff Chan

CO: Cliff Chan
XO: K`Crydon Katana
Arbellason Saalar

CO: Arbellason Saalar
XO: Wolfgang Rasolam
Graeda L'Annan
Ralkata Tyrran
CO: Ralkata Tyrran
XO: Matrel Byden
Elysia Dragonsky
Inara Imperium
CO: Inara Imperium
XO: Cyrus Minx
Igneus Esh

CO: Califf D`Troit
XO: Elysia Dragonsky
Josef DeLaurel
Elvira Falston
Dragomir Kies

CO: Dragomir Kies
XO: Morcha Drayson

CO: Morcha Drayson

CO: Santiano Salazar

CO: Akai Ai

CO: Redme Schwarz

CO: Emillio Peares

CO: Elarain Belleraux

Brigade Commanders

1st Brigade Commanders

CO: Akai Ai
XO: Dante Erinith
Kol Seraph
Joao Apa
Mordamen Bast
CO: Gunther Rall
XO: Mordamen Bast
Rik Zoidic

CO:Tec Vaan
XO: Emillio Peares

CO:Emillio Peares
XO: Jayden Gunnstar

CO:Wilhelmy Quel-Sara
XO: Jayden Gunnstar
Vladamiur Veselov

CO:Nikai Tonnak
XO: Vladamiur Veselov
Alex Rinose

CO:Vladamiur Veselov
XO:Alex Rinose

CO:Alex Rinose
XO:Sigmund von Ismay
Elarain Belleraux

CO:Yaln Baluu
XO:Elarain Belleraux

CO:Elarain Belleraux
XO:Magnus Ironside
Sierra Rhea

CO:Sierra Rhea
XO: Vacant

CO:Fletcher Welks
XO:Krogane Sakurazuka

4th Brigade Commanders

CO: Tamarynn Farr
XO: Santiano Salazar

CO: Santiano Salazar
XO: Icarus Carinae

CO: Kol Seraph
XO: Icarus Carinae

CO: Icarus Carinae
XO: Redme Schwarz

CO: Gunther Rall
XO: Redme Schwarz

CO: Redme Schwarz
XO: Treb Somar

CO: Elias Yog
XO: Treb Somar
Liam Conrad
CO: Liam Conrad
XO: Shiraishi Tadayoshi

CO: Shiraishi Tadayoshi
XO: Alex Rinose
Khajan Prax
CO: Fede Vonrico
XO: Phaeton Seth

CO: Istovir Chamsand
XO: Phaeton Seth
Cornelius Tuspin
CO: Sigmund von Ismay
XO: Cornelius Tuspin

CO: John Bell
XO: Cornelius Tuspin

CO: Cornelius Tuspin
XO: Laertes Yarrow
Seth Phifer

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  1. "Lock installation programs have continued, as well. The 1st Legion has been leading the way here, with all of the Legion's equipment now secured." by ACOMD Addresses to the Army on IMM